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Painful in a sentence

It was painful.
* Very painful.
Wild and painful.
Painful as it is.
But it be painful.
A painful one too.
It is painful to.

It was a painful.
It’s too painful.
It looks so painful.
It had been painful.
a painful, slow death.
As painful as their.
Very painful for her.
A painful, pounding.
It is a little painful.
Now that was painful!.
This is too painful.
It’s painful to read.
Swallowing was painful.
It was painful to live.
Painful to be that Fat).
6 -Weak, but not painful.
Is it painful? .
be painful to leave them.
Painful, but irrelevant.
05 painful years and.
It was painful pleasure.
It was still too painful.

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Synonyms for painful

irritating painful abominable atrocious awful dreadful terrible unspeakable afflictive sore