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Painful in a sentence | painful example sentences

  1. It is a little painful.
  2. It was painful to live.
  3. Painful to be that Fat).
  4. One of the most painful.
  5. It was still too painful.

  6. It must have been painful.
  7. Ah, how painful it is!.
  8. They will have a painful.
  9. That's painful I tell you.
  10. A painful swelling in her.
  11. It was painful and useless.
  12. In that painful moment of.
  13. Liam stifled a painful laugh.
  14. It was painful because she.
  15. This was going to be painful.

  16. Of course it is painful too.
  17. This next bit makes painful.
  18. I hope his death was painful.
  19. A painful groan came from him.
  20. A nodule may be very painful.
  21. Burying Toby was very painful.
  22. It is a painful part to play.
  23. It's actually a painful and.
  24. This is going to be painful.
  25. The work was slow and painful.

  26. A painful torment awaits them.
  27. Learning the truth is painful.
  28. For them is a painful torment.
  29. During these times of painful.
  30. This is not painful for a bird.
  31. Was not the most painful thing.
  32. Some were very painful as the.
  33. She took a deep painful breath.
  34. It was very painful to hear it.
  35. Now, that was incredibly painful.
  36. Paul said it was too painful.
  37. It will be very painful for you.
  38. They were painful, but worth it.
  39. Telling him no would be painful.
  40. A painful doubt filled her soul.
  41. That would have been too painful.
  42. That was painful, I moaned.
  43. To Mary it was every way painful.
  44. Of course it is a painful affair.
  45. Then he laughed, a painful cackle.
  46. That's the painful truth of life.
  47. In the most painful way possible.
  48. This idea of mine had a painful.
  49. I hope it won’t be too painful.
  50. With painful effort Mitya went on.
  51. And that was what made it painful.
  52. I meted out a slow, painful breath.
  53. They were just too painful handle.
  54. It had a huge, painful lump on it.
  55. Experiencing the truth is painful.
  56. It was too painful to think about.
  57. The kind of cold that was painful.
  58. Was it painful at the end?
  59. I guess that was the most painful.
  60. What he heard was harsh and painful.
  61. Barnes flushed a deep, painful red.
  62. She saw only a painful death there.
  63. It was painful, but he didn't care.
  64. We abstain from all painful truths.
  65. He has a painful smile on his face.
  66. It was painful to see her this way.
  67. His wait would be long and painful.
  68. It was just as painful as the breaks.
  69. It was as shocking as it was painful.
  70. They will have a painful punishment.
  71. He flexed it with a painful grimace.
  72. The slow thumps were almost painful.
  73. It was painful to me to look at him.
  74. Formation in the morning was painful.
  75. Q: Why should ignorance be painful?
  76. The thoughts of Dad were too painful.
  77. Thawed out frostbite will be painful.
  78. With painful embarrassment, I shook.
  79. This is all so painful and emotional.
  80. It was a painful moment for all of us.
  81. Announce to him a painful punishment.
  82. That’s the most painful thing ever.
  83. His Seizure is painful, (and) severe.
  84. Although she might not feel painful.
  85. So yeah, it was painful beyond belief.
  86. Her painful stories touched my heart.
  87. Today would be painful, but necessary.
  88. It had been painful, being two people.
  89. I have hurt it, and it's very painful.
  90. It was not in the least painful to me.
  91. It was painful, but she smiled anyway.
  92. A painful struggle went on in her soul.
  93. Painful in an abstract, nostalgic way.
  94. His grip is most painful, most severe.
  95. I had gained a new painful experience.
  96. There were many painful moments, and.
  97. And some are more painful than others.
  98. That must have been painful for you.
  99. So inform him of a painful punishment.
  100. Sometimes the best medicine is painful.

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