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    1. Those memories of the day he learned she had been an electric ghost were still painful for both of them

    2. What was that slut up to? And wasn't he saying he kept up with what Venna was doing since she left him? He seemed to be a lot more interested in Venna than he was in Ava, and that was a painful thought

    3. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful

    4. The daze you get when the news you've heard is just too unreal, too painful and too final to be true

    5. A little at a time he had revealed to her the painful memories

    6. face an insoluble or painful problem, the Lord will be there ahead of

    7. They were painful, but worth it

    8. It was a gentle thump against the hull, not painful at all

    9. Of course it is painful too

    10. His right hip and knee were more painful than usual

    11. him forward into the painful glare of the candles floating on their ledges

    12. He decided not to drop to his virtual death, undoubtedly painful, right away

    13. but it would be painful for you giving him up for adoption

    14. ‘Not as painful as living with the reminder

    15. Moving her head was getting more and more painful … probably just tired

    16. A nose rudder began to bite a little soft sand and they began to come around much more quickly, accompanied by painful groans from the coupling knuckles that joined the raft sections together

    17. The guard grabbed hold of MacKenzie’s frail arm, visibly bruising him as he hauled him forward into the painful glare of the candles floating on their ledges

    18. written in his lined face and the painful gait of angered joints,

    19. Even he could understand how this would be painful to a woman, being second best

    20. On the other hand, if I sit in studying every evening, this could be considered painful while I’m doing it, however in the long term I will have gained skills and knowledge and I could possibly go on and gain better employment

    21. You should have said something, they must have been painful, Lintze

    22. Nothing is more painful than a muscle spasm

    23. Sefir is a wonderfully smooth ride compared with the other equines I have ridden, but I am gradually finding the movement more and more painful

    24. He must not have, no doubt that had been a painful time for him

    25. He had many dreams, some of them painful, others hopeful; and the redheaded woman was there, coming his way

    26. Having said all of this, please understand that this is a very sad and painful experience, as you probably do not need me to tell you

    27. This new technology has replaced the painful rejections and the

    28. If you still think the traditional way is better, then go for it! When the pains of trail and error begin to pile up, reconsider using the online dating software, and help you avoid those painful

    29. "I know," Thom said, "It's painful for me to even say it but I'm just repeating what she said

    30. Does this sound like fantasy? Consider the fact that millions of people across America, the land of plenty, live unbelievably painful and horrible lives

    31. finished the painful task of counting the coins

    32. of painful or troublesome emotions, which involves one or more

    33. Most of us are so used to running away from painful emotions that the thought of embracing

    34. Tarak was taken aback by the admission of the old man; it was obviously still a painful subject for him

    35. will meet the ground with a painful thud, yet we could

    36. which previously had been very painful to the touch

    37. What he heard was harsh and painful

    38. Oh her wrists were a little chafed from the rope, the first day, but it wasn’t very painful

    39. “They say that when someone is hit like this that walking and standing is difficult and most painful the next few days

    40. He turned to her, holding her arm in a painful grip

    41. The slight movement was painful in several

    42. The needle wasn’t as painful as I expected

    43. ” Jorma had to face the painful arguments, even one in public at Heinrarg’s tap, about losing her by trying too hard to act like a parent

    44. Had there been any passersby, they would have observed only a beautifully choreographed dance by two elegant women which protected them from painful death at the hands of a master

    45. “I can see how that would be pretty painful

    46. seconds from his death, a painful death at that, screaming for his life

    47. a painful maneuver that I’m sure Ed Pentoch could relate to

    48. It was a painful

    49. memory – the most painful a mother could possess

    50. both sides, and grabbing his painful crotch and the still-open wound in his side

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    Synonyms for "painful"

    irritating painful abominable atrocious awful dreadful terrible unspeakable afflictive sore painstaking difficult tortuous laborious severe depressing distressing disturbing excruciating tormenting saddening throbbing burning hurtful biting stinging

    "painful" definitions

    causing physical or psychological pain

    causing misery or pain or distress

    exceptionally bad or displeasing

    causing physical discomfort