sore frasi

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Frasi con sore (in inglese)

And then a bed sore.
She got sore when I.
Bear with a sore paw.
My hand was very sore.
My body was very sore.
Vai, am I ever sore.
I rubbed my sore neck.

I had hit a sore spot.
Plasters on a sore eye.
My behind was sore but.
They were tight and sore.
And my breasts are sore.
That was the sore point.
I was sore all the time.
She sounded sore as hell.
He washed his sore body.
I started out pretty sore.
The skin may become sore.
My balls were sore for a.
I feel pretty sore over it.
Sore tired of being scared.
And his tongue wagging sore!.
Heat is applied to the sore.
He felt ignominious and sore.
His heart was sore within him.
It began with a mild sore in.
At my praise of thee was sore;.
He arrived weary and sore, and.
His balls will be sore for days.
Whitton woke up with a sore neck.
She was so sore and tired that.
My knees were sore all the time.
The child may appear to be sore.
They stood out like a sore thumb.
My leg is gettin� a might sore.
I guess he’ll have a sore leg.
Sore mouths are caused by a virus.
Cause I am just nothing but a sore.
GRRRR still sore about that one!.
He got that sore lying in America.

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