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Painting in una frase (in inglese)

He turns to the painting.
Chapter 8 - The painting.
I looked at his painting.
Jesus was painting with me.
I have signed the painting.
It was a strange painting.
It's got a lot of painting.

I did a painting for Paul.
He began painting houses as.
There's a painting down here.
Painting is a chemical trade.
Show me a painting by Matisse.
I stared at the small painting.
Lezura frowned at the painting.
Your painting in the flesh.
Many painting in museums and.
Yes, I remember that painting.
In painting we call that value.
Anthony was ready for painting.
Ruth was painting water colors.
She began painting her toenails.
He was studying for his painting.
I have my own style of painting.
I look like a Norwegian painting.
He was a connoisseur of painting.
Each room looked like a painting.
The nose in the painting is fine.
Ze painting is real, even if.
The first painting doesn’t budge.
One painting was quite disturbing.
Painting that is laid on painting.
For Lea, painting was life itself.
Not painting but extending the line.
It’s a painting of Sun Palace.
My eyes were drawn to the painting.
Are you painting today, Charles?'.
I mean, you just think of painting.
Daphne was the lady in the painting.
Above the desk was a huge painting.
You’ve been painting me for years.
Light on a painted wall.
The wal s were painted.
He had painted with me.
His body was painted a.
But all I'd painted was.
In the blue, painted blue.
When they were, he painted.
On the plane was painted a.
The wheels were painted gold.
Zach had painted his machine.
It was painted a light green.
The Wilton side was painted.
The painted head sang out ….
He painted them with elegance.
He had painted, in the alien.
To the painted composers names.
Painted by the Word of My glory.
In 1927 he painted the Seated.
It was painted a bright green.
We dined in the Painted Parlour.
That is why he painted her well.
Nor was it painted a pretty blue.
He is painted onto a thin crust.
Her shaped lips were painted red.
The sky was painted with hues of.
I painted a picture of his mother.
I painted the hands and face blue.
It had a very faded painted front.
If I have painted Vice in all its.
He painted a picture of drawn out.
The white trim was freshly painted.
DE can also be painted on the wood.
The picture he painted tortured her.
As she painted she thought it over.
High walls, painted in apple green.
The room was painted white all over.
Barbara had painted her own portrait.
They rode painted horses single file.
It is painted with faded pink roses.
Who painted that? the man asks.
For use with all paints.
Can be used in all paints.
Best in oil based paints.
You will not need paints.
He sits by the hour and paints.
They used no adornments or paints.
At one time lead was king in paints.
In years past, paints were lead-based.
The paints were red, yellow and blue.
I—I didn't bring my paints with me.
The Lambskin®: Can be used in all paints.
He paints a nude of his first love, Davina.
Being just another artist that paints the.
Duke paints over his mistake with white paint.
The list of paints available is almost endless.
When Michael Angelo paints the ceiling of the.
That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire.
Water based paints are used where binders are Organic.
So he kills her, then paints that slogan on the walls.
Ever year they come out with better and better paints.
The picture the artist paints for love (of his art) is.
An artist, for instance, paints a picture worthy of Gay.
He bought a set of paints and an easel and went to work.
He was glad that he had left his paints and brushes there.
In their paints and feathers, the natives were not hostile.
It paints a pretty clear picture: The storm’s north of me.
Willie paints the solid rock cliff and the ground below it to.
It was finished with two and the men cleared away their paints.
Best with oil and water based flat paints and full body stains.
John Grisham’s, The King of Torts paints a fine mosaic of it.
Whenever a word is heard - any word - the mind paints a picture of it.
Next thing he'll tell me is that he paints landscapes in his backyard.
They are given without charge on request wherever you buy your paints.
First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming.
The Paints, so far it seems that we have talked a great deal about paints.
Never trust any body’s material ( such as sleeves, mould paints, metal.
Thinner based paints are used where a binder is likely to react with water.
The cost on these new paints is about 20% higher than regular latex paints.
It's my birthday, and they've bought me a fine lot of paints, all the girls.
A good artist, who paints the best pictures, is the one who knows when to lay.

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I paint to love it.
A tin of white paint.
I shoot a paint bomb.
Paint can be used in.
The house paint, a nice.
I have to paint her nails.
The paint on the wall was.
Paint pictures in the sand.
I had to let him paint her.
I don’t paint and burn it.
Paint, the vitality of, 114.
Then he could paint no more.
We could have a paint party.
Latex and oil based paint.
And nobody had her paint job.
Saint of the red blood paint.
Splat, the paint spread out.
With colored shades and paint.
It takes paint well once the.
She poured some of the paint.
I needed to paint again, I saw.
The paint store will have them.
I jes' wants to draw and paint.
Paint shined on the windowsills.
Paint a room in an unusual color.
She needed to paint and soon too.
Her mind drifted to the paint tin.
The doctors paint a grim outlook.
Demolishing the old paint store.
Bombs left in paint cans no doubt.
Finally he gave up paint entirely.
There was no extra paint anywhere.
Could you paint me a picture ?
She has paint all over herself.
But we continued to paint together.
Paint, effect of oil in thick, 191.
It does not paint a pretty picture.
The floor was covered in wet paint.
What does he paint? she asked.
Paint and solvent fumes can cause.

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