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Frasi con painting (in inglese)

1. He turns to the painting.
2. Chapter 8 - The painting.
3. I looked at his painting.
4. It was a strange painting.
5. I have signed the painting.
6. Jesus was painting with me.
7. It's got a lot of painting.

8. I did a painting for Paul.
9. Painting is a chemical trade.
10. He began painting houses as.
11. There's a painting down here.
12. Yes, I remember that painting.
13. Many painting in museums and.
14. Your painting in the flesh.
15. Lezura frowned at the painting.
16. I stared at the small painting.
17. Show me a painting by Matisse.
18. Ruth was painting water colors.
19. She began painting her toenails.
20. In painting we call that value.
21. Anthony was ready for painting.
22. I have my own style of painting.
23. He was studying for his painting.
24. The nose in the painting is fine.
25. Each room looked like a painting.
26. I look like a Norwegian painting.
27. He was a connoisseur of painting.
28. Ze painting is real, even if.
29. For Lea, painting was life itself.
30. One painting was quite disturbing.
31. Painting that is laid on painting.
32. The first painting doesn’t budge.
33. Are you painting today, Charles?'.
34. I mean, you just think of painting.
35. Daphne was the lady in the painting.
36. It’s a painting of Sun Palace.
37. Not painting but extending the line.
38. Above the desk was a huge painting.
39. My eyes were drawn to the painting.
40. Give me a painting with allegory.
41. You’ve been painting me for years.
42. The amount of painting was enormous.
43. Has she been painting regularly?
44. Husain painting was the sole witness.
45. You can't share painting with anyone.
46. Planes of tone, painting in the, 122.
47. Then she recalled the painting in Dr.
48. Caris looked at the painting of Christ.
49. She ate lunch looking at the painting.
50. Easton continued painting the skirting.
51. Darek placed his hand on the painting.
52. This time it opened to a painting of.
53. You will see the painting in this book.
54. You can read a book about painting, but.
55. She realized what she had been painting.
56. Spray painting? I never noticed that.
57. He kept reading it and she kept painting.
58. About his painting there is some question.
59. I pace the room and stare at the painting.
60. Joey took out the painting and held it up.
61. His mind was completely off the painting.
62. When I finished the painting and stepped.
63. The painting had suddenly become a puzzle.
64. Who has created this wonderful painting?
65. The frame of the painting is made of gold.
66. He had to forgo painting the ship, for one.
67. Alastair offers to help with the painting.
68. With the next painting, Jesus blew me away.
69. I even tried painting to exorcise my pain.
70. Stratos urged her to start painting again.
71. On the other hand, a painting of a scene.
72. Paul had mechanically resumed his painting.
73. I’ve been sketching and painting all day.
74. The next day he was painting in the bedroom.
75. Not painting, not even looking out, really.
76. The painting is missing now, she said.
77. Correct any such conditions before painting.
78. The title of the painting: Ultimate Control.
79. As he glanced at the painting, Preacher 51.
80. The French are the lads for painting action.
81. Henry sighed again, remorse painting his face.
82. Painting together made me ever more able to.
83. And our best painting is also understandable.
84. But I found him painting himself differently.
85. Beside the giant wheel was a large painting.
86. I cannot endure the modern school of painting.
87. The painting flew back, revealing a wall safe.
88. What is the painting depicting anyway?
89. I gradually discovered what the painting meant.
90. Kasatkin for examples of true art in painting.
91. He had done the painting and the wallpapering.
92. The next painting is the same as the one above.
93. These are not the oils of a beautiful painting.
94. Claire looked at the anniversary painting again.
95. Look at the painting of the dark ages in Europe.
96. I said wow, and put the painting on the.
97. You mean to make painting your profession? Mr.
98. It's just that painting means more to me than.
99. This is more seen on outside painting projects.
100. The painting of the The Last Supper measures 9.
1. Light on a painted wall.
2. The wal s were painted.
3. His body was painted a.
4. He had painted with me.
5. But all I'd painted was.
6. In the blue, painted blue.
7. When they were, he painted.
8. On the plane was painted a.
9. Zach had painted his machine.
10. The wheels were painted gold.
11. It was painted a light green.
12. The Wilton side was painted.
13. The painted head sang out ….
14. He painted them with elegance.
15. He had painted, in the alien.
16. To the painted composers names.
17. In 1927 he painted the Seated.
18. It was painted a bright green.
19. Painted by the Word of My glory.
20. That is why he painted her well.
21. We dined in the Painted Parlour.
22. Nor was it painted a pretty blue.
23. He is painted onto a thin crust.
24. Her shaped lips were painted red.
25. I painted a picture of his mother.
26. I painted the hands and face blue.
27. The sky was painted with hues of.
28. It had a very faded painted front.
29. He painted a picture of drawn out.
30. DE can also be painted on the wood.
31. The picture he painted tortured her.
32. If I have painted Vice in all its.
33. As she painted she thought it over.
34. The white trim was freshly painted.
35. High walls, painted in apple green.
36. It is painted with faded pink roses.
37. Investigation painted on the side.
38. Barbara had painted her own portrait.
39. The room was painted white all over.
40. They rode painted horses single file.
41. The il ustrations were hand painted.
42. His words certainly painted a dire.
43. The thin clouds seemed to be painted.
44. Who painted that? the man asks.
45. Even murals painted on the sides of.
46. All painted in bright primary colors.
47. The storybook face of the painted men.
48. Jean stared at the white painted wall.
49. I had a closing door painted sky blue.
50. She smiled with her pink painted lips.
51. He painted beggars, prostitutes, and.
52. Like stars in the sky, the painted men.
53. Some envoy of that painted faced fool.
54. Thick, pillowy lips, painted vivid red.
55. This masterpiece I have painted of you.
56. It’s painted on the back of the boat.
57. So he painted Jesus as a rich European.
58. The woman’s face painted with disgust.
59. The bar that is painted is the 10:30 a.
60. If it wasn’t painted pink, it could.
61. These painted components are insulated.
62. I brought my painted stone into my mind.
63. Corning Painted Post Historical Society.
64. The barn hadn’t been painted in years.
65. Her lips were full and painted very red.
66. It all painted a pretty damning picture.
67. We had painted it blue - the colour of.
68. Her lips were painted with the lipstick.
69. How glad I am it is still painted yellow.
70. This shield is all painted up like death.
71. I’ll wear this painted face forever.
72. The morning sun painted the quayside in.
73. On the walls, artwork painted by friends.
74. I cringe at the picture she just painted.
75. Q: Who painted the picture of the world?
76. It was a note, painted on a tin square:.
77. You painted her looking like a tart?
78. It was already painted with a small seal.
79. The red diamond emblem had been painted.
80. He had the sub painted a rainbow color -.
81. Snow painted the freezing landscape white.
82. Sharon now a painted sea-lioness on her.
83. I will always love the you I have painted.
84. Painted with fancies of malignant power!.
85. It's shut up and the door newly painted.
86. After all it was a smile painted with red.
87. The front desk was painted black and lit.
88. The canvas of nature painted to completion.
89. Apelles had painted Campaspe, alsocalled.
90. In painted chambers loaded with tilebooks.
91. I moved within an inch of his painted face.
92. Here too the walls were painted turquoise.
93. He painted the house and dredged the well.
94. As ever, we are in a magnolia painted room.
95. He painted my heart with my favorite things.
96. Los Angles, painted on the side door panels.
97. Some were brightly painted, and shone with.
98. They had a red eye painted on their shields.
99. A painted panel lay in tatters on the floor.
100. A pretty picture TJ painted, for her that is.
1. For use with all paints.
2. Can be used in all paints.
3. You will not need paints.
4. Best in oil based paints.
5. He sits by the hour and paints.
6. They used no adornments or paints.
7. At one time lead was king in paints.
8. In years past, paints were lead-based.
9. The paints were red, yellow and blue.
10. I—I didn't bring my paints with me.
11. The Lambskin®: Can be used in all paints.
12. He paints a nude of his first love, Davina.
13. Being just another artist that paints the.
14. Duke paints over his mistake with white paint.
15. The list of paints available is almost endless.
16. When Michael Angelo paints the ceiling of the.
17. That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire.
18. Water based paints are used where binders are Organic.
19. Ever year they come out with better and better paints.
20. So he kills her, then paints that slogan on the walls.
21. The picture the artist paints for love (of his art) is.
22. He bought a set of paints and an easel and went to work.
23. An artist, for instance, paints a picture worthy of Gay.
24. In their paints and feathers, the natives were not hostile.
25. He was glad that he had left his paints and brushes there.
26. It paints a pretty clear picture: The storm’s north of me.
27. Willie paints the solid rock cliff and the ground below it to.
28. It was finished with two and the men cleared away their paints.
29. Best with oil and water based flat paints and full body stains.
30. John Grisham’s, The King of Torts paints a fine mosaic of it.
31. Whenever a word is heard - any word - the mind paints a picture of it.
32. They are given without charge on request wherever you buy your paints.
33. Next thing he'll tell me is that he paints landscapes in his backyard.
34. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming.
35. The Paints, so far it seems that we have talked a great deal about paints.
36. Never trust any body’s material ( such as sleeves, mould paints, metal.
37. Thinner based paints are used where a binder is likely to react with water.
38. The cost on these new paints is about 20% higher than regular latex paints.
39. It's my birthday, and they've bought me a fine lot of paints, all the girls.
40. Tracing the relationships of those involved often paints the clearest picture.
41. A good artist, who paints the best pictures, is the one who knows when to lay.
42. The above is just an example of what most all labels will tell about the paints.
43. On July 28, a month later, I get a reversal signal that paints the July 24 bar.
44. I’m not some Punk ass Bee-otch that spray paints on someone else’s property.
45. He used a brush and mixed some of the paints together to obtain more realistic hues.
46. When Angelo paints even God the Father in human form, mark what robustness is there.
47. The book of Revelation paints some of the most graphic pictures of hell found in the.
48. So far I have only seen this technology in the latex paints and not the oil based ones.
49. Revelation paints some of the most graphic pictures of hell found in the Bible Page 93.
50. Corrupt to the Core paints a disturbing picture of the internal machinations of a.
51. There has been over the past couple of years, more development in the water based paints.
52. The high-dividend yield full decile analysis paints a somewhat different picture, however.
53. The name of Mondetour paints marvellously well the sinuosities of that whole set of streets.
54. Just recognize that the picture management paints, isn’t necessarily reflective of reality.
55. He looked lovingly at the paints and brushes and swallowed a pain that had risen at the back.
56. This distinction applies as well to the purchase of securities as to buying paints or watches.
57. He and Tom made toys with scraps of wood and paints, and Ginnie and George came round to help.
58. Their shapes, arrangement, and gradation of tint made me think of a box of water-colour paints.
59. After lunch, Hedy took her easel and paints into the mews, picked a spot, set up, and began to paint.
60. There were boxes of colored crayons and wax, lead pencils and paints in colors he never knew existed.
61. Others - Give exact color (call nearest Asian Paints dealer if U dont know the color of your teeth).
62. Today lead is not used in paints and it has become a large issue to remove from homes and businesses.
63. There were vertically no premixed paints in those days and it all had to be mixed by hand and on-site.
64. The reason for this is that in small doses faux finishes and textured paints are novel and spectacular.
65. Take a listen to the way she paints the scene of betrayal in these lines and you will know what I mean.
66. A box of paints, threepence: a sixpenny tea service, a threepenny drawing slate, and a rag doll, sixpence.
67. He puts half the bun on top of the meat, paints the other half with melted butter, with thin pickle relish.
68. Another paint that I would like to tell you about is a little different from the more common interior paints.
69. He paints them with his color of choice, labels them and throws them into the space of his subconscious mind.
70. As we moved in to the twentieth century with paints, things didn’t get that much easier for our common painter.
71. The most common paints that I have already mentioned are the ones that we will mainly be covering in this chapter.
72. Peterson says, "The book of Revelation paints some of the most graphic pictures of hell found in the Bible" Page 93.
73. Peterson said, "The book of Revelation paints some of the most graphic pictures of hell found in the Bible" page 93.
74. Primers, the paints, and stains are all made up of chemicals that interact with each other to produce the paint film.
75. You see, I am a painter by training, and as such, am quite skilled at grinding mineral powders to create my paints.
76. On this daily chart of the S&Ps, a signal fires off on June 28, 2004, which paints the June 24 daily bar (see Figure 14.
77. A spiritual meaning that paints the truest possible picture of Christ’s life, teachings and purpose while on this planet.
78. It's the foggy mind, the mind that's attracted to an object and paints a distorted projection onto it, that makes you suffer.
79. It was several weeks before he ventured as far as the tiny patch of front garden overlooking out his paints and brushes on it.
80. After the fibers are put through the backing, the backing is then sealed with a latex finish for use in all paints and finishes.
81. The next bar that closes above the high of this trigger bar paints this previous low bar, which now becomes the swing low point.
82. He stared into his hands, admiring the calluses built up over years of hard work with canvases and cauldrons and paints and vines.
83. The word from the men of his Hold that pass thru here occasionally paints a picture of a man obsessed with his own self-importance.
84. Another no less gifted writer, Edouard Rod, paints in still more vivid colors the cruelty and madness of the present state of things.
85. For years the Lanorians had crushed up trinial and blended it with other minerals to make different colored fluorescent body paints.
86. A French abstract movement as art of painting, paints a new picture out of elements that have been created by the artist himself.
87. On this daily chart of the mini-sized Dow futures, a long signal occurs on August 10, 2004, which paints the August 6 bar (see Figure 14.
88. Instead of the dirty off-white paints and scratched up vinyl tile that I had usually seen there was a greater sense of contemporary design.
89. The beauty of red poppies and yellow and white daisies looked like an artist had been at work with his paints and brushes on a giant canvas.
90. The picture which follows is interesting, it is overdrawn, however, since Algeria never was, and certainly is not today, as bad as Daudet paints it.
91. At the same time the master paints all the letters that the young man has carved with different colors, this time using his cat’s tail as his brush.
92. If you were thinking of an alterative to using the oil-based paints in a kitchen or bath, and wanted the durability of oil this would be a good choice.
93. The profit margin essentially paints a portrait of the competitive landscape in that industry, as well as how the business is competing in that industry.
94. I often followed him in his long walks, burdened with his tools, canvases, stand and paints, in search for the right view or seascape to put on the canvas.
95. Thus the poet is like the painter in two ways: first he paints an inferior degree of truth, and secondly, he is concerned with an inferior part of the soul.
96. And she could see far away the lights of the lighthouses so picturesque she would have loved to do with a box of paints because it was easier than to make a man and.
97. Whenever an erroneous representation is made of the nature of gods and heroes,--as when a painter paints a portrait not having the shadow of a likeness to the original.
98. Charcoal is not on the whole the medium an artist with a pure love of form selects, but rather that of the painter, who uses it when his brushes and paints are not handy.
99. The painter paints, and the artificer makes a bridle and reins, but neither understands the use of them--the knowledge of this is confined to the horseman; and so of other things.
100. A huge painting, well not actually painting, a huge white canvas with three strokes of blue and red paints occupied the entire wal of the subway leading to second half of the house.

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1. I paint to love it.
2. A tin of white paint.
3. I shoot a paint bomb.
4. Paint can be used in.
5. The house paint, a nice.
6. I have to paint her nails.
7. I had to let him paint her.
8. The paint on the wall was.
9. Paint pictures in the sand.
10. Paint, the vitality of, 114.
11. Then he could paint no more.
12. Latex and oil based paint.
13. I don’t paint and burn it.
14. We could have a paint party.
15. And nobody had her paint job.
16. Saint of the red blood paint.
17. Splat, the paint spread out.
18. It takes paint well once the.
19. With colored shades and paint.
20. She poured some of the paint.
21. The paint store will have them.
22. I needed to paint again, I saw.
23. Paint shined on the windowsills.
24. I jes' wants to draw and paint.
25. Paint a room in an unusual color.
26. The doctors paint a grim outlook.
27. Her mind drifted to the paint tin.
28. Demolishing the old paint store.
29. She needed to paint and soon too.
30. Bombs left in paint cans no doubt.
31. Finally he gave up paint entirely.
32. She has paint all over herself.
33. Could you paint me a picture ?
34. There was no extra paint anywhere.
35. There’s no way the paint seeped.
36. It does not paint a pretty picture.
37. The floor was covered in wet paint.
38. Old paint had chipped off and the.
39. Paint, effect of oil in thick, 191.
40. She really enjoyed seeing me paint.
41. So Jesus continued to paint with me.
42. Paint and solvent fumes can cause.
43. But we continued to paint together.
44. What does he paint? she asked.
45. Home Decorating with Textured Paint.
46. Into a pail of red paint so that if.
47. His blood to paint our sacred walls.
48. I paint things that I see inside me.
49. Retouch with paint brush when needed.
50. The paint was running, said Ned.
51. I paint what I see with my inner.
52. Nothing a coat of paint wouldn't cure.
53. I paint things that are like stories.
54. They both had a similar paint scheme.
55. They neither paint a correct picture.
56. The only thing new was a coat of paint.
57. Well I’m here, aren’t I? Paint me.
58. Jesus wanted me to paint more with him.
59. Bring the paint, be said to her.
60. This modified latex will accept paint.
61. Are you going to paint it? remarked.
62. Paint the wreath base in gold or silver.
63. It had a new coat of fresh white paint.
64. Paint additives are thicker than water.
65. It was probably used to paint the dolls.
66. The paint had a somber mid-century tone.
67. While the Paint Dries: Keeping Informed.
68. Who are the paint monitors this week?
69. It was two stories and had a blue paint.
70. She had never tried to draw or paint a.
71. Without a Muse the words, paint and clay.
72. The apartment also had paint and brushes.
73. Before I started to paint, I thought we.
75. Well no wonder he had time to paint us.
76. One guy loved to paint murals on the wall.
77. The paint was cracking off the terminal.
78. In your Paint program, write a sub heading.
79. She kicked a rock-solid paint can at the.
80. They charge by the burn rate of the paint.
81. I noticed Ronnie always smelled like paint.
82. He didn’t help when it was time to paint.
83. The sun reflecting off the white paint on.
84. I kept smearing the paint, making mistakes.
85. Bright red paint flew up and hit her thigh.
86. Jesus asked me to paint him and me together.
88. Most of the big paint manufacturers these.
89. And you must paint it white, she said.
90. In some places, the paint is chipping away.
91. And I have signs to paint, Sarah said.
92. Paint the Home Decorating Tool of Champions.
93. From the rain – the paint had streaked.
94. There are sites that take paint and burn it.
95. SendDialog can handle only the paint event:.
96. But still, not a speck of paint was visible.
97. Is that war paint I see on his face?
98. The stars are the bodies who paint the sky.
99. Look for the red paint, for Christ’s sake.
100. Paint the picture in your own style, furry.

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