pathetic frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con pathetic (in inglese)

  1. It was pathetic to watch.
  2. I felt stupid and pathetic.
  3. He looked weak and pathetic.
  4. I gave it one last pathetic.
  5. He's kind of pathetic, really.

  6. What a pathetic friend he was.
  7. Very sad and rather pathetic!.
  8. I'm the world's most pathetic.
  9. I told him how pathetic he was.
  10. You are nowhere near pathetic.
  11. Thomas forced out a pathetic laugh.
  12. The count is pathetic, they say.
  13. Heterosexuals are pathetic like that.
  14. Even to my ears, that sounds pathetic.
  15. And pathetic, added his comrade.

  16. I was as pathetic as she was with men.
  17. This pathetic weapon would have to do.
  18. In real life he’s pathetic and messy.
  19. The security of this place was pathetic.
  20. Such is the pathetic nature of Exhibit A.
  21. This pathetic girl is still your problem.
  22. We are pathetic creatures to some extent.
  23. Those found on the internet are pathetic.
  24. Damn it! This pathetic self-imposed exile.
  25. It was pretty pathetic actually, Kent.

  26. He is just a pathetic Huldu-Darkálfar mix.
  27. She looked so pathetic I almost felt sorry.
  28. You’re pathetic Brea, this is a new low.
  29. It is pathetic in its complete dream-fantasy.
  30. Oh! What a grim and pathetic day it was for us.
  31. Her aloof attitude for attention was pathetic.
  32. Pathetic and heartrending incidents were many.
  33. Ah, but they're still pathetic savages, sir.
  34. He flushed red, embarrassed at this pathetic.
  35. The whole scene was absolutely pathetic Mitch.
  36. I hate myself for crying, it’s so pathetic.
  37. He had never felt more pathetic in his life.
  38. His condition looked like a poor, pathetic man.
  39. I don’t want to listen to pathetic excuses.
  40. For once in your pathetic life, face the truth.
  41. Marilyn shook her head at his pathetic presence.
  42. It only demonstrated how pathetic he really was.
  43. It was pathetic whichever color side you picked.
  44. My parents are so homophobic, it’s pathetic.
  45. It’s not that pathetic if you know what I mean.
  46. It was pathetic the way people acted around here.
  47. He quit complaining about our pathetic condition.
  48. I set about unpacking my few pathetic belongings.
  49. He seemed altogether so thin, small, and pathetic.
  50. I couldn’t see their pathetic conditions anymore.
  51. The dog looked so pathetic as he cowered there in.
  52. So that I don't have to live another pathetic year.
  53. There was something pathetic in it that touched me.
  54. The case of Cindy Sheehan was a sad and pathetic one.
  55. It would be funny if it was not so sad and pathetic.
  56. Obeast, atop the pathetic creature, looked around him.
  57. We should leave those pathetic priests to themselves.
  58. And the new leader, not that old pathetic one….
  59. What a pathetic understatement that was! We did not.
  60. There has to be words to explain my pathetic situation.
  61. He was too insecure – too pathetic – to go that far.
  62. He was so pathetic, so absurdly anticlimactical, so dead.
  63. How pathetic to play the blame game to begin with I say!.
  64. He taunted us, called us pathetic losers and incompetents.
  65. I give a quick thought to this pathetic insane individual.
  66. I rejected all three of Louis’s pathetic excuses to stop.
  67. The pathetic dignity returned as Smythe met Rafferty's eyes.
  68. Pathetic indeed was his ignorance as [to] how things were.
  69. Somehow that seemed more pathetic than his life already was.
  70. And I bowed to Isleen as Conary translated my pathetic words.
  71. To the Son of Man this performance was pitiful and pathetic.
  72. Does this worthless turd realize how truly pathetic he is?
  73. We have to change the shocking laws in this pathetic country.
  74. Smartest move of your pathetic life Ted, I said quietly.
  75. That is the pathetic, sick secret of Greek Courage in battle.
  76. The mother and her consumptive son seemed especially pathetic.
  77. Monica, I promise, nothing will make me think you're pathetic.
  78. Still tattooed in my pathetic brain was the label, married man.
  79. But enough of my pathetic tale of our self exiled existence.
  80. Joey told me that I was almost as pathetic and ugly as his ex-.
  81. Stand up there before the red pad on the wall, you pathetic.
  82. A pathetic magician struck again as he produced out of nothing.
  83. A pathetic ambience filled the place as Cleo narrated the story.
  84. It is no wonder that society is in a pathetic situation overall.
  85. Yet to my perception it was never more than a pathetic pretence.
  86. It was pathetic to hear a victim talking about his many victims.
  87. He rose to his feet and continued this pathetic self-flagellation.
  88. He would not send me back on their pathetic little ships, however.
  89. You will learn nothing whatsoever by staying with these pathetic.
  90. There was a pathetic expression of sorrow, prayer, and hope in it.
  91. Boy I’ve never heard three more pathetic, lame excuses in my.
  92. It was a pathetic show, but without anyone around it didn't matter.
  93. In order to arrange for this he wrote his mother a pathetic letter.
  94. Jack was shaking his head as if embarrassed by this pathetic figure.
  95. Who the hell sits down to script a phone call? Pathetic! I heard Dr.
  96. If I kill you and your pathetic friends, you lose…and they lose.
  97. Stu groaned at his pathetic attempt at humour but Spock didn’t care.
  98. He looked rather pathetic, like a scared child more than a grown man.
  99. Karan could not help but laugh at their pathetic attempts at cooking.
  100. We interviewed several, some were pathetic and who’d murdered their.

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