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Frasi con pitiful (in inglese)

  1. She was ill and pitiful.
  2. It was weak and pitiful.
  3. It should have been pitiful.
  4. He was unconscious and pitiful.
  5. The sound was so pitiful that.

  6. Most pitiful were the children.
  7. The poor, pitiful son of a bitch.
  8. I must have been a pitiful sight.
  9. They appeared so sad and pitiful.
  10. Everywhere was those pitiful and.
  11. She really looked very pitiful now.
  12. It was too late to visit the pitiful.
  13. I just thought, the poor, pitiful man.
  14. And this made her particularly pitiful.
  15. The next morning dawned grey and pitiful.

  16. They are as pitiful as they are laughable.
  17. But his was so hopeless—his was pitiful.
  18. Why, the Son of the Blessed is very pitiful.
  19. He approached his pitiful face to my window.
  20. She is only a pitiful shadow, riding on the.
  21. It was a pitiful sight—it was, indeed!.
  22. With the pitiful reaction the first shot had.
  23. Hazard was a pitiful excuse for a human being.
  24. The Spanish bugles played a pitiful retreat.
  25. She was a pitiful caricature of her former self.

  26. Isn’t it laudable, pitiful and so wasted?
  27. He was a pitiful object with a face full of sorrow.
  28. Harry looked so pitiful in front of the dapper crook.
  29. It would be pitiful, he felt, to die of a 25-bullet.
  30. Ours has been a pitiful series of misunderstandings.
  31. He was a poor, pitiful creature who lived with hatred.
  32. He dropped his pitiful knife and clawed at his throat.
  33. It was pitiful to see them, boys, put in the dancer.
  34. This unusual and pitiful sight at once conquered Tussie.
  35. All that, as I had seen often before, was a pitiful lie.
  36. Help, was the only pitiful thought he could muster.
  37. Please forgive us for our pitiful lack of social graces.
  38. The mouse which had been caught was a pitiful specimen;.
  39. It's pitiful, especially being a believer for a long time.
  40. I could hear the low, pitiful whine of search dogs nearby.
  41. Gloria looked at the pitiful sight that lay in front of her.
  42. Your pitiful empire has reached the end of its wasted life.
  43. To the Son of Man this performance was pitiful and pathetic.
  44. Still, he was up in the air with a pitiful load of frightened.
  45. The pitiful sound invaded his head and his adrenaline kicked in.
  46. Noirtier the unwelcome meal that sustains his pitiful existence.
  47. Lov could see star shaped scars all over the pitiful soul's body.
  48. The position of the Wehrmacht had passed from critical to pitiful.
  49. Mother, I do not want to move, Avery said in a pitiful voice.
  50. I find the idea of a child spying on her classmates to be pitiful.
  51. Shivering, the pitiful parrot hopped in the direction of the chapel.
  52. He was in a pitiful state when he reached the safety of his cottage.
  53. Ilusha smiled a pitiful little smile, still unable to utter a word.
  54. The pitiful room looked as if it hadn’t been occupied in a while.
  55. Nancy’s face hardened on seeing the pitiful state the girl was in.
  56. Now listen to me; turn this pitiful rascal out—I BEG you to do it.
  57. She was being pitiful and self-pity was not one of her strong points.
  58. Andrea Malone’s pitiful expression was staring directly at Gloria.
  59. His pitiful condition elicited even more cruelty from his tormenters.
  60. It was only the pitiful wreck of a human being before us that he saw.
  61. She looked at me with such a pitiful face, I nearly felt guilty for.
  62. The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and.
  63. Then what about pills? That was a little slower, a little more pitiful.
  64. Wel , we found somewhere that was a pitiful down-trodden hovel of a.
  65. My pitiful father could not endure this shock and slowly become crazed.
  66. But in this moment, I just thought, the poor, pitiful son of a bitch.
  67. Setting her eyes on her pitiful granddaughter, Grandma Lucy cried at once.
  68. No doubt this was exactly the kind of pitiful excuse it expected to hear.
  69. She started crying then and it was the most pitiful sight I’d ever seen.
  70. That was when I turned away, trying to avoid myself in their pitiful eyes.
  71. The drama at the Gymnase seemed to me rather a pitiful effort at sensation.
  72. Her face was still as beautiful, but it was only the more pitiful for that.
  73. It is the pitiful acts of always trying to be a hero that caused you to die.
  74. Noting the pitiful look of despair on the wanderers face, Mochni prodded him.
  75. I looked at the crumpled, pitiful heap lying there and took her up in my arms.
  76. It dwarfed the pitiful ships being used by the space fleet of Earth and Dedov.
  77. Sometimes he would scratch such pitiful lines on a rock with his pocketknife.
  78. His pitiful expression and air of helplessness enabled her to make the decision.
  79. It had a pitiful endowment, a single farm ten miles away that was kept by the.
  80. Edmund Bertram so formal, so pitiful, so younger-brother-like, that I detest it.
  81. A strange smile contorted his face, a pitiful, sad, weak smile, a smile of despair.
  82. Of that he never spoke, and Lucy had been sure of the pitiful, the delicate reason.
  83. Someone was having a real go at the old man’s retirement fund; pitiful as it was.
  84. First to discover the incoming liner with her pitiful cargo was one of the tugboats.
  85. And, I have to admit, my attempts to stop its natural progression have been pitiful.
  86. Despite mutterings and listless gestures, he remained visible – and visibly pitiful.
  87. Are these pitiful beasts considered the dominant species of this planet? I said.
  88. I cannot think of another word that could best describe my opinion other than pitiful.
  89. As if I would ever befriend such a pitiful, pitiful fool_ But I should thank him¼.
  90. Actually, he was more merciful and pitiful than this father influenced of his sick son.
  91. The first pitiful words out of his mouth were: I don’t want to work; I want to die.
  92. She looked up at him, with almost pitiful, scared grey eyes, wondering what he was doing.
  93. Finally, his eyes that were filled with rage and hatred were now slowly becoming pitiful.
  94. Pitiful remnant, half devoured of death, you fill men with distress and aversion to life.
  95. They came in at the fag end of a tired season, dragging a load of pitiful dramatic bones.
  96. Their lack of vision and poor judgment have reduced our army to its present pitiful state.
  97. Actually, you should have seen the last bandits I had to tangle with, they were pitiful.
  98. Suddenly she chanced to look at him intently: he laughed a pitiful, helpless little laugh.
  99. And her rather red, nervous hands looked so pitiful, he was mad to comfort her and kiss her.
  100. And they hadn’t scavenged the pitiful family’s garments the way they usually did, either.

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