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Pathetic in a sentence

It was pathetic.
This is pathetic.
Make it pathetic.
He felt pathetic.
God, I was pathetic.
It's pathetic really.
You’re pathetic.

A brave pathetic attack.
It is pretty pathetic.
pathetic it still looked.
Crummy, pathetic seconds.
The results are pathetic.
It was pathetic to watch.
I felt stupid and pathetic.
I’m not that pathetic.
The experience was pathetic.
He looked weak and pathetic.
I gave it one last pathetic.
at best a pathetic insecurity.
He's kind of pathetic, really.
What a pathetic friend he was.
I told him how pathetic he was.
Very sad and rather pathetic!.
I'm the world's most pathetic.
His voice was weak, pathetic.
I’m not that pathetic!.
You are nowhere near pathetic.
eventually, starving and pathetic.
That’s pathetic, she said.

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Synonyms for pathetic

pathetic ridiculous silly pitiable pitiful hapless miserable misfortunate piteous poor wretched