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    1. mother but blessed with a good, manly physique

    2. As he walked he could feel his hard and defined physique ripple under tight, figure-hugging cloth

    3. Jackson stood erect, not hunched over; he walked with more confidence; his physique was stronger, leaner

    4. He left out her actions, her physique, her attire and her accusations regarding Ava, but replayed the remainder as well as his memory allowed

    5. physique and sultry looks that turned girls’ heads

    6. His physique and his winning smile were all that stood

    7. What was not in 'common view' were Chloe's tanned and toned forearms and near ideal physique well-covered by the elaborate custom of extensive dress

    8. Gem couldn’t help but marvel at his physique, and the many layers of corded muscles covering his body

    9. It simply meant that because he had only seen the passing of twenty-four sun stones, he lacked the rock-hard physique that could only be earned through a lifetime of rigorous work

    10. lurched at his black hair, curling at its tips, and his muscular physique

    11. With his inner garments plastered tight against him, Nerissa could see that Homer possessed a fine physique

    12. Before he could stop himself his eyes had traversed her naked physique from head to toe

    13. His black hair and gray eyes with the lustful look in them constantly, more than made up for his lack of physique

    14. The gender, physique, location of birth and lessons of life (which are tied to karma) are some of the details being considered in this stage

    15. He admired his toned physique

    16. We can’t stress enough that you can have a great physique, but

    17. Larkey was about half a foot taller than him, with broad shoulders, deep-red hair tied back, and, as noted, a curvaceous physique

    18. Since his usual black shirts were fitted, the sculptors-would-pay-me-to-model physique wasn’t a surprise, but it was

    19. They were marched at all hours, invariably during the heat of the day, and suffered severely; only the splendid physique of the American army made marches possible under such conditions

    20. His flair for laughter and his extrovert personality certainly made up for his lack in looks and physique

    21. It was a bit of a laugh actually, realising that all those quaint depictions of evil demons were actually true, but it wasn’t as funny when that demon stood twelve feet tall, with an impossibly inhuman but overly developed physique, the stink of rotten eggs and stale blood emanating from him reaching hundreds of feet away, and a very real, shiny, and quite sharp-looking set of serrated bone claws of the sort that made visceral death a most literal notion

    22. His ferocity was abundantly evident; his supernatural physique left no doubt about the extend of his strength, speed, and agility

    23. I wanted my new, healthy physique to

    24. whatever on his lean physique

    25. He was a short, dark man; handsome though his physique evidenced that he habitually ate better than any dozen of his tenants

    26. As he laid me back with the power of his physique, I felt myself falling into my cushions and mattress deeper with his body pushing into mine, resting on top of me

    27. * Look at your womanly physique in the mirror and stick out your gut so that you can complain and whine even more about how you're getting fat

    28. Like Quinn he had an imposing physique, although he looked younger and less menacing

    29. By the time Simon caught sight of him, the figure was already in the middle of the stone flags, and he could see grey beard and a stooped physique

    30. physique, and even when you have the best and

    31. >> Have an overall more toned physique

    32. She was relaxed, even though her clothes hugged her tighter than usual, accenting her unusually beautiful physique

    33. Ambassador’s chauffeur, had a fantastic physique, was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and

    34. He had inherited his physique from his father and his brains from his mother

    35. to reveal his perfect physique

    36. What happened was this: you flitzed out of your head into this—my—Charles Atlas physique

    37. We shall have to improve our physique by getting rid of infant marriages and luxurious living

    38. “Who will bid for this slave,” the slave master shouted, “look at his excellent physique

    39. more gratifying physique by the majority of accounts

    40. Sonja took in Wisdom’s physique as well

    41. All the scars and bruises that canvasses his physique and the two bullet wounds that were lunged in his right side by his abdomen turned her even more

    42. Fortunately, a naked little kid going shopping for his mummy in a tropical beach suburb was considered cute, although my manly physique drew a few odd looks

    43. He had always maintained that his physique was not compatible with distance

    44. A well-proportioned body is the correct type of physique not only because of its attractiveness but because it balances the body’s overall strength

    45. The Pressroom Boss had the face and physique of a

    46. This time, with great difficulty, he succeeded in heaving himself up into the tree, and he made a mental note to make a greater allowance in the future for his aging physique

    47. Musafir observed his physique in the full length mirror, he thought he needed to bulk up a bit

    48. The difference was their slimmer physique, dark blue skin, large circular eyes off bright orange and their small, flat noses

    49. Nancy didn’t however take offense at Krysten’s curiosity: she after all had been the talk of the studio since her arrival on set, thanks to her impressive physique and her risk-filled other jobs

    50. On the other hand, your powerful but feminine physique, with some CGI remodeling of course, would be perfect to play the She-Hulk

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