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Frasi con postulate (in inglese)

  1. It was a postulate.
  2. That they manipulate and postulate to gain.
  3. A conversational postulate is simply where.
  4. This led him to postulate a healing principle:.
  5. So, which is it? If we accept the postulate given to me by Ms.

  6. Now, she recognized that this particular postulate didn't exist.
  7. Therefore, I postulate a process that has three phases, as follows:.
  8. Similarly, they postulate that when the temple was destroyed in 70 A.
  9. One postulate of the bigbang theory is formed by an actual observation about.
  10. Yurgelun-Todd (1999) postulate that a washout period of 3 days is the minimum.
  11. Some researchers postulate that this theory also forms the basis for market intuition.
  12. Locke could easily postulate whom Hamilton wanted to make his fifteenth and sixteenth victims.
  13. He laid out paper and a number of fine pens at his side, but he could never come on his postulate.
  14. They also cited increased market activity as a reason to postulate that gaps were becoming less frequent in the market.
  15. Therefore, physicists postulate that there should be some structure between 10-15 cm and 10-33 cm which is the Planck length.

  16. The system of Descartes was causing a stir among learned men, and James Flower, too, determined to reduce all philosophy to a basic postulate.
  17. The Governor as President of the Council would open the new session and would review the last series of sittings and postulate on the future.
  18. So, in order to justify current valuations one has to postulate that earnings and dividends will begin to rise faster than they have in the past.
  19. I speculated with a kind of wonder on the strength of the individuality of journeys and stopped on the postulate that people don’t take trips—trips take people.
  20. This leap, like us, will have its parallel crisis of identity and purpose and will fail and try new solutions, postulate new attractors that will bend the gravity of its evolution.
  21. To keep things simple we postulate the following general principle of criteria creation: The higher the criterion value, the better the profit potential of any given option combination.
  22. Universalism has no locus standi in dogmatics until it has established its psychological postulate: and this is precisely the work, which its psychologers steadfastly decline to undertake.
  23. Gentlemen, it would not be an exaggeration to postulate, to prepare ourselves for the possibility, that the Western economy could effectively collapse on Monday, when the Market will reopen.
  24. One of O’Neil’s overwhelming traits is his intense dedication and passion for the markets, something that led us to postulate the Tenth and Final Commandment, Always maintain insane focus.
  25. It is not entirely without logic to postulate that since we have witnessed only one sun, this is perhaps the reason for its inability to move, and hence the standing shadows and the continuous light.

  26. We know now that the structure of DNA and processes in a single cell are extremely complicated and that it cannot be ascribed to mere chance, even if the Universe was 100 times older than scientists postulate.
  27. Thus one cannot prove that love is a, b, or c (actualized knowns), but rather can postulate that it could be x, y, and z (idealized unknowns) and then try to manifest those beliefs in one's acts – making the impossible real.
  28. But it is very hard to postulate that without Leasco, or someone like Leasco, in the picture the market values attributable to Reliance common would have been in the 80s in the fall of 1968 and over 100 in late 1968 and early 1969.
  29. When you postulate your ideal world is it a heaven of equality or hell's caste of saved haves and damned have nots? It seems rather than choosing life for all, we prefer stealing from the tree of knowledge and calling what we've taken mineonly.
  30. What you postulate and how you live interact to recalibrate your true ideal – the one you are actually creating through compromise – away from your hypothetically predicted Game's End Winner's Reward, that is theoretically awaiting every l ive a ction r ole p laying hero questing for The iDeal.
  31. Crazy legal theories, have proliferated, exemplified by fraud-on-the-market lawsuits, which postulate that plunges in OPMI market prices are evidence of insider fraud because the common stock never would have achieved high prices in efficient markets in the first place if insiders had made full disclosures.
  32. If my mind is merely the accumulation of chemical chance and selection, why should I have any faith in its ability to calculate, evaluate and postulate upon reason? Selection may create a conscious that is suited for survival, but it does not necessitate a conscience that is reasonable or logically valid.
  33. The misapprehension springs from the fact that the learned jurists, deceiving themselves as well as others, depict in their books an ideal of government,—not as it really is, an assembly of men who oppress their fellow-citizens, but in accordance with the scientific postulate, as a body of men who act as the representatives of the rest of the nation.
  34. With that water removed, and the Earth’s electro-mechanical function adversely affected, and because we can today measure a continuous decline in Earth’s magnetic field strength, we can postulate that gravity would have overcome the magnetic field’s influence on the layer of water above the atmosphere as a result of the rotational core mechanics being altered.
  35. All in all, this is revolution! What I say may be called either idiocy (nonsense without any proofs), or axiom (the truth that doesn’t require any proofs), or postulate (a statement accepted as a true one although unprovable), or real sensation, that is, a form of conveying new Knowledge that can change the picture of the world and traditional conceptions of human capabilities.
  36. If it is the buying of institutions that carves out the bottom of a constructive base from which a stock may break out to new highs later on, then we can postulate that the clues of their buying and accumulation in the lower parts of a stock’s chart base should be evident, and could offer optimal, low-risk entry points to begin taking a position, particularly if the stock is a proven market leader.
  37. If we move upwards or forwards (positional metaphors implying improvement), it is more Brownian Motion jerking us to and fro from discovery, insight and conjecture to postulate something, to test that something, to pursue that something, to create that something, rather than being a sequential climb up a preordained ladder of hierarchical discoveries, inventions, and their rationally entailed intentions (how we should, must act, or what we ought to do).
  1. A child at school had the best idea, when postulating that they were producing toilet paper.
  2. In short, knowing (perceiving, postulating, framing) good and evil creates good and evil, i.
  3. Often the enemies of true religion attempt to elevate their position by postulating that the claims of religion have no place among the esteemed truths of history.
  4. It was effaced as easily as it had been evoked by an allocution from Mr Candidate Mulligan in that vein of pleasantry which none better than he knew how to affect, postulating as the supremest object of desire a nice clean old man.
  5. Postulating some generalization as the goal of the movement of humanity, the historians study the men of whom the greatest number of monuments have remained: kings, ministers, generals, authors, reformers, popes, and journalists, to the extent to which in their opinion these persons have promoted or hindered that abstraction.
  1. There were even those who postulated that.
  2. Freud who postulated traditional dogma of psycho-.
  3. Such is the character of varn postulated by the Geeta.
  4. So physicists have postulated quantum spin networks, while others have.
  5. I postulated that it should be none of those "ten minutes in the air" affairs.
  6. However, they postulated that time travel was possible but extremely hazardous.
  7. It was Einstein who first postulated the theory, with his famous E=MC2 equation.
  8. It is postulated that the Soviet Union would have capitulated if Moscow had fallen.
  9. When Gallileo developed classical relativity he postulated the laws of physics were the.
  10. It was postulated that the further k exceeds 1, the higher the criterion effectiveness is.
  11. The Great Old Ones postulated that such a society would be inevitable before maximum entropy were achieved.
  12. The Prefect kept on speaking about the benefits she would enjoy if she postulated like future missis Farfan.
  13. We believe the real roles of cash dividends tend to be different from those postulated in traditional theories.
  14. They postulated that if a society could achieve a healthy balance between order and chaos, it would develop and evolve effectively.
  15. Creditors, it is postulated, just want to receive back principal plus interest even if it bankrupts the company, but such a view is unrealistic.
  16. Dirac postulated holes in space stuffed with electrons of negative mass, and Heisenberg replaced determinism by uncertainty and causality by statistics.
  17. Is it possible for it to invoke some kind of condition that could render it capable of a separate existence beyond the brain, as has been postulated for the soul?
  18. Consistent with a somewhat later episode of this last deglaciation, it has been postulated, similar violence-related changes occurred in those other places as well.
  19. I'm thinking the Captain of this ship, Reia postulated, if it is in fact the same goof who tried to keep the Boss from her freedom, he may have an ulterior agenda regarding his little fleet's ultimate objectives.
  20. Sheelah Kolhatkar in an article for NY Magazine, What If Women Ran Wall Street? postulated that our banking crisis might not have happened if there were more female traders because they handle risk more responsibly.
  21. Early in the century, in 1809, Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Lamarck had presented a theory of evolution in which he postulated that plants and animals differed based on different environmental conditions shaping their development.
  22. Some of those splinter groups could easily see the evil nature of the Jewish God, Yahweh, of the Old Testament, and they postulated that the god called Yahweh was the evil creator god, and the New Testament god was the pure god of love.
  23. Finally, a cost of capital is postulated for each period, and the net present value of cash flows is calculated from today to eternity, using the second period parameters to calculate a terminal value at the end of the period of rapid growth.
  24. An event occurring now is a succession of past events, and it is impacted by the future: the teleologically postulated possibility that is an attractor effecting the present, like the gravity of past mind effects the trajectory of current act.
  25. Zeke postulated, ‘If this guard was floatin somewhere out in deepest outer space, a long way from anythin, it would start acceleratin, ever so gradually, even though it was only generatin the minutest amount of lift in the super cold environment of space.
  26. If required this can go on ad infinitum and never truly end, at least according to the postulated maxims of Zeno of Thrace who proposed that if you continue to halve the distance between yourself and your destination you will never arrive at your destination.
  27. Instead of the former divinely appointed aims of the Jewish, Greek, or Roman nations, which ancient historians regarded as representing the progress of humanity, modern history has postulated its own aims- the welfare of the French, German, or English people, or, in its highest abstraction, the welfare and civilization of humanity in general, by which is usually meant that of the peoples occupying a small northwesterly portion of a large continent.
  28. Instead of the former divinely appointed aims of the Jewish, Greek, or Roman nations, which ancient historians regarded as representing the progress of humanity, modern history has postulated its own aims—the welfare of the French, German, or English people, or, in its highest abstraction, the welfare and civilization of humanity in general, by which is usually meant that of the peoples occupying a small northwesterly portion of a large continent.
  1. This theory postulates.
  2. It postulates that the.
  3. This postulates a further point.
  4. So he postulates that ‘Quality’ has no definition.
  5. PT simply postulates the leaning S shape of the value function.
  6. Prizzi postulates that she may have taken shelter along the way.
  7. We use conversational postulates in our ever day communication, and they are.
  8. Corbit (1974) postulates that whenever there is a departure from a state of homeo-.
  9. They also conspire to hatch up counter postulates and float conflicting and diverting ideas.
  10. The genii postulates rather than angels under a conscious form in mistakes and unprotected form.
  11. One perspective in population genetics postulates that a concern for relatives is "really" just an.
  12. Some research postulates that sugar/fat combinations can lead to enhanced production of blues-busting endorphins.
  13. The general rule is that the best answer requires the least number of assumptions and postulates the fewest entities.
  14. But to arrive at these laws, resulting from the sum of all those human wills, man’s mind postulates arbitrary and disconnected units.
  15. John Hammaker, a research scientist in Massachusetts, postulates that each ice age in the history of the earth regenerated its topsoil.
  16. The Big Bang Theory postulates that in the beginning of this Universe there was a point of energy that burst into the expanding Universe we see today.
  17. The components of Absolute Truth consist of a collection of partial truths woven together to form a completed truth, much in the manner of working out the solution to a geometry problem consisting of postulates, theorems and axioms, each a mathematical law (or truth) in itself however an (incomplete truth) as each relates to a (higher truth) that having been brought together, however, provides the solution (Absolute Truth) to the problem.

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