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Frasi con contend (in inglese)

  1. It says: contend for the faith.
  2. Now she had two to contend with.
  3. I will have to contend with that.
  4. He will not contend forever nor will.
  5. You will never need to contend for Me.

  6. Let us pass or contend with our wrath.
  7. Mad as the sea and wind, when both contend.
  8. It is maritime rights for which we contend.
  9. Now, contend with Me, shoulder to shoulder.
  10. I now contend the war ought to be continued.
  11. Quite the reverse, they would contend: our.
  12. I contend that this is not a healthy balance.
  13. But now she had to contend with Jack as well.
  14. He has no wish to contend with Herod and his.
  15. Either way, we have a monster to contend with.

  16. I guess I have a wee cheetie to contend with.
  17. So now she also had a sore foot to contend with.
  18. One group of affiliates would contend that mass.
  19. Millennialists contend that it does in Matthew 24:34.
  20. She had never had to contend with the shells before.
  21. I’ve had a few problems of my own to contend with.
  22. So you think to contend with a scion of my loins?
  23. I contend that the embargo is ruinous and oppressive.
  24. We’ll still have his metal majesty to contend with.
  25. And I contend that we already have a make work society.

  26. Flee from this zone or contend with our stun bolts!.
  27. Oh, Miss Jane, you don't know what I have to contend with.
  28. It is no dishonor for finite not to contend with infinite.
  29. For example, would anyone contend that our leader isn't a.
  30. Buddhists who contend that he has kept them from worship-.
  31. O Lord, and listen to the voice of those who contend with me.
  32. He just began to contend, and eventually got a breakthrough.
  33. Q: There will be always this sorrowful world to contend with.
  34. Derek had had quite enough to contend with, without worrying.
  35. Not on this birthday--they'd had enough loss to contend with.
  36. Ray Smith: I do not even contend that this is bad scholarship.
  37. But, you still have a terrorist issue in Wales to contend with.
  38. At least inside the shed he only had one animal to contend with.
  39. Against that, we have three of the White Swords to contend with.
  40. The other great love interest that I shall have to contend with.
  41. Masteries, (strive for): To compete or contend; the act of mastering.
  42. But didn’t you have to contend with the bandits in the hills?
  43. Ray Smith says, I do not even contend that this is bad scholarship.
  44. But then, for them there is the Islam to contend with, isn’t it?
  45. They may have forgotten about her, once they had you to contend with.
  46. Not to mention that there is still the time factor to contend with here.
  47. But now there was this to contend with, and if Jeremy was guilty of any.
  48. But what I contend against is the way medical men are fouling their own.
  49. Trophy: Victory; to contend for a prize; winning in warfare of the Spirit.
  50. Hence, medical and skin experts contend that applying topical creams and.
  51. However, that still left close to two hundred enemy ships to contend with.
  52. Let us contend with the red-painted Leaders of this Stalactite Army!.
  53. Meddle: To act in the concerns of others; to contend and distress with others.
  54. The red dragon flew to the south to contend with Lord Taliesin and his allies.
  55. You have to arise, believe, and go and contend with it, and they'll fall over.
  56. Let us breach this Sod Stronghold and contend with the Denizens of Chaos within.
  57. However, critics contend that there is nothing new or all that interesting in Dr.
  58. Avery: I’d rather you not, but I’m far too exhausted to contend with you today.
  59. If they are guilty in the eye of justice, I contend they ought not to have relief.
  60. Deep down, the Canadian must have been overjoyed at not having to contend with him.
  61. Hence, medical and skin experts contend that applying topical creams and other skin.
  62. But even though we had a lot to contend with trying to navigate the town of Fremont.
  63. I contend that over the long haul, the option seller would still make money this way.
  64. Well, you know what we have to contend against, but we too, are not without strength.
  65. He jumped clear of it, giving his friends space to contend with whoever lurked beyond.
  66. You will then submit to what fate decrees for you without even attempting to contend.
  67. His neck, his shoulders, everything had to contend with the gee-loading in every turn.
  68. The difficulty with which you have to contend is to realize that mind is not individual.
  69. Ingrid still had to contend with other suicide ramming attacks on top of everything else.
  70. The South Carolinians contend that their famous dance is older than the Philadelphia one.
  71. By contrast, the UPA leadership had to contend with an openly adversarial media from 2009.
  72. She had, moreover, to contend with one disagreeable emotion entirely new to her, jealousy.
  73. Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.
  74. We must conserve our energy to contend with the creatures that guard the passages ahead.
  75. All that I contend for is this, you must know what it is to "enter into your closet" (Matt.
  76. She had, moreover, to contend with one disagreeable emotion entirely new to her—jealousy.
  77. In fact, most employers contend that job listing is the most effective way of landing a job.
  78. In addition to the internal jobs there is also often a garden to contend with, and a lot of.
  79. As a defensive weapon, however, in any kind of numbers, it would be a force to contend with.
  80. If one were to contend life is but an educational process in the long continuum of eternity.
  81. Fortunately, it was a new, expensive house so we didn’t have to contend with noisy stairs.
  82. Not only are we burdened with the nanny state; we now have to contend with the nanny society.
  83. Do you yet contend that the object is to protect commerce? Your commerce is not worth the cost.
  84. I also contend that a true advocate of the Almighty would not ask that you take his or her word.
  85. The inspector could not contend against this accusation; he simply wrote,— Nothing to be done.
  86. He would have to contend with Molly, and his two daughters and four sons for the rest of his life.
  87. At that time England had to contend with the navies of Russia, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, &c.
  88. And talking of escape possibilities, Travis would also have to contend with the killer-eagle, Borka.
  89. To this day, there are those who contend that the ghost of Ronald Reagan is present on the property.
  90. But first, there is a war of the spirit to contend with that has spilled over into the lives of men.
  91. My guess is that whoever is responsible was able to contend with them or somehow simply got lucky.
  92. Another chore that Michael had to contend with was the mounds of medical bills that arrived each day.
  93. We shall travel with the red dragon into the heart of the Realm and contend with those who oppose us.
  94. Today, most parents contend that it is okay to let college students obtain their very own credit card.
  95. Corn farmers, however, do not have to contend with a large worldwide competitor as far as exports go.
  96. In this manner the revolutionists had to contend with contentious factions both foreign and domestic.
  97. I contend that the pressure on the people is caused by the embargo, and not by the Orders in Council.
  98. This is usually done to initiate players who have different capabilities to contend on an equal level.
  99. There’s also bloating and cramping to contend with, both of which also range from the mild to severe.
  100. Some contend that a successful Bitcoin system would be harmful because it could destabilize governments.
  1. It was no use contending about the matter then.
  2. Pitkin,) he said we were contending for the employment of foreigners.
  3. When he had reached the schoolhouse voices again contending called to him.
  4. Contending with adolescents was bad enough, but Nyshifters this far south.
  5. Always remember that your letter will be contending with perhaps tens of other.
  6. Thank You for contending with me today for the souls of my students and co-workers.
  7. And what are they contending over? pulsed like a GPS nearing its crosshairs.
  8. On this occasion he taught them the three ways of contending with, and resisting, evil:.
  9. It was constructed long ago and speaks of a lasting conflict between contending magics.
  10. That is, by contending that it is not a sight for women they admit that it is a sight for men.
  11. The contending claims of the different concords render it impossible that this ratio should hold exactly.
  12. It was through this dense and dark forest that Uncas was still contending with the main body of the Hurons.
  13. What, then, was the position practically taken up by the Lord of Glory between the two contending factions?
  14. After contending with the gridlock traffic of downtown Miami, he eventually pulled into the parking lot at 12:58 P.
  15. I remember I heard the preacher every Sunday put God in his statements, As contending against some being or influence.
  16. For many moments the elder sister looked upon the younger, with a countenance that wavered with powerful and contending emotions.
  17. And as to contending for a reform short of that, it is like asking for a bit of an avalanche which has already begun to thunder.
  18. I refer him to Playfair's tables for the year 1781; there he will find the very principle proven, for which we are now contending.
  19. She seemed to have been worried small by her position, like a bone among contending dogs, in the middle of different indignations.
  20. Having endeavored to show the importance of Canada to both of the contending nations, I I will only add that it is within our power.
  21. The good temper and moderation of contending factions seem to be the most essential circumstances in the public morals of a free people.
  22. Her principal object in contending for the right of impressment is to have, in a great measure, the monopoly of the sailors of the world.
  23. He would never have been easy to call his action anything else than duty; but in this case, contending motives thrust him back into negations.
  24. But, sir, we are now contending for the restoration of our rights, the deprivation of which strikes at the very foundations of our prosperity.
  25. It was the last yearning for life contending with the resolution of despair; then his dungeon seemed less sombre, his prospects less desperate.
  26. As a consequence of the concurrent struggle in Rome for supremacy, Palestine was a battleground for some of the contending forces in Rome itself.
  27. A woman who could betray me for such a rival was not worth contending for; she deserved only scorn; less, however, than I, who had been her dupe.
  28. And yet we are contending for principles which, if successful, will bring a host of foreigners in competition with them to elbow them out of employment.
  29. As to the grower it is immaterial in point of interest into what ship or wagon his produce goes; but he is contending for the interests of his mercantile brethren.
  30. Upon such occasions, each political party has either found it, or imagined it, for his interest, to league itself with some one or other of the contending religious sects.
  31. They assert that the war is unnecessary and not justifiable, because the pecuniary expenditure and loss will exceed in value the commercial objects for which we are contending.
  32. While they have been contending for the mastery, we, with such naval force as we ought to have had, and a strict course of neutrality, might have pursued a lawful and gainful trade.
  33. Jud 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.
  34. Perfectly acquainted with this state of things, we have been perpetually negotiating between the one and the other, and contending with each that it was his duty previously to revoke.
  35. And what injury has the Emperor of Russia done to him? For what was he contending? For national existence; for a bare existence; for himself and the people who are subject to his sway.
  36. A strange sadness rested upon her features, like icy tears upon the robe of December, as she pointed to the contending elements without, and bade me contemplate the two beings presented.
  37. In a karmic-unconscious paradigm, we see we're contending with an ongoing, self-created – or, at very least, self-reinforced – process, not a thing, as the term "the unconscious" suggests.
  38. As a faction grows, disagreements widen to the point of eventual separation into two or more competing and antagonistic parts, each contending that their view is superior to the others, or all others.
  39. Luke 22 says that as He prayed, it's like He prayed in agony; or literally, He was contending with a spiritual adversary so strongly, that sweat came off Him - and it was a huge emotional spiritual ordeal.
  40. Serious situations would arise every few days, but Andrew, with the assistance of his apostolic associates, managed to induce the contending parties to come to some sort of agreement, at least temporarily.
  41. But, circumstanced as Great Britain is, contending for her existence against the most formidable power on earth, and resting her last hopes upon her navy, I presume she will never relinquish the principle.
  42. It ought to be recollected, also, that a generous people, contending in their own defence, are actuated by far different and more worthy motives than an army of soldiers can be who attempt their subjugation.
  43. One day when I went out to my wood-pile, or rather my pile of stumps, I observed two large ants, the one red, the other much larger, nearly half an inch long, and black, fiercely contending with one another.
  44. For a few minutes the struggle was intensely critical; for while they still slacked out the tightened line in one direction, and still plied their oars in another, the contending strain threatened to take them under.
  45. They had now attained colossal statures, and it seemed to him that he beheld within himself, in that infinity of which we were recently speaking, in the midst of the darkness and the lights, a goddess and a giant contending.
  46. So far as they are fighting for the right of self-government, God send them speed; but at this peculiar crisis I think it extremely important that our sympathies should not be enlisted on the side of either of the contending parties.
  47. But just before the close of my second provostry, Providence was kind to Mr Hirple, and removed him gently away from the cares, and troubles, and the vain policy of this contending world, into, as I hope and trust, a far better place.
  48. He worked it himself at the police-office, day after day for many days, contending against even a committal; and at the trial where he couldn't work it himself, sat under counsel, and—every one knew—put in all the salt and pepper.
  49. The baby policeman, Constable MacFadden, summoned by special courier from Booterstown, quickly restored order and with lightning promptitude proposed the seventeenth of the month as a solution equally honourable for both contending parties.
  50. In the first place, such a force as would be capable of contending with that which any other nation is able to bring on the ocean—a force that, boldly scouring every sea, would challenge to combat the fleets of other powers, however great.
  51. Seeing the stubbornness of his marshals, and Russia’s unwillingness to take the hand which he had proffered too late, Napoleon showed remarkable consideration for the happiness of the two contending nations, and resolved to secure peace at any price.
  52. Here let me remark, that to those two contending powers, whenever their interest, or the interests of either of them come in contact with the interests of my own country, I feel no preference, I make no discrimination; my first best wishes ever are at home.
  53. The question as to resisting or not resisting evil by means of violence appeared when there arose the first struggle among men, since every struggle is nothing but a resistance by means of violence to what each of the contending parties considers to be an evil.
  54. I mention this to show that where parties are contending against each other, where there is a majority on one hand and a minority on the other, that which appears on paper proper for the protection of the Government, turns out to be for the oppression of the minority.
  55. The distance of those provinces from the capital, from the principal seat of the great scramble of faction and ambition, makes them enter less into the views of any of the contending parties, and renders them more indifferent and impartial spectators of the conduct of all.
  56. I know not whether the feelings of shame or indignation predominate in my breast, when I see gentlemen constantly laboring to place their own Government in the wrong; and, in contradiction to the official records of this House, insist that we are contending for the employment of foreigners.
  57. Previous to Christ's teaching it appeared to men that there was but one way of solving a struggle, and that was by resisting evil with violence, and so they did, each of the contending parties trying to convince himself and others that what each of them considered to be an evil was a real, absolute evil.
  58. As to the first, we need not trouble ourselves about it; and the second, the United States have not acknowledged; and we are now contending against impressment; and permit me here to observe, that the republicans have always considered the impressment of citizens a more serious injury than the spoliation of property.
  59. This is nothing less than FRAUD-a Christian HOAX! Show me where else in historic academia we find such reckless abandonment of the facts? I am not contending for my personal preference in translating the scriptures, but to merely translate accurately and consistently what we find in all the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.
  60. So strenuous, sir, had been the contest—so hot the spirit of rivalship between the two contending parties—that, after the Revolution of 1801, a curious spectacle was presented to this nation and to the world—a spectacle which, I am bold to say, never did before make its appearance in any Government, and never will appear again.
  61. Milton's genius has filled the atmosphere with a brilliant phantasmagoria of contending angels, at once too human and too divine—a vision of chivalry which has resulted in creating either a sympathetic interest, as in Robert Burns’s verses, on behalf of the hero of the song—or an unconquerable skepticism with regard to the whole subject.
  62. At this embarrassing moment, when they began to think the whole of the hostile tribe was gradually encircling them, they heard the yell of combatants and the rattling of arms echoing under the arches of the wood at the place where Uncas was posted, a bottom which, in a manner, lay beneath the ground on which Hawkeye and his party were contending.
  63. The present condition of Russia, although her people groaned under a despotism of the most unrelenting nature, must excite the sympathy of every man in this country, because she was contending for her independence, and he would wish her complete success in the war in which she was now engaged, but that her triumph would protract the restoration of peace to his own country.
  64. I feel all the sympathy for that interest now, which was felt for us then; but I ask if it is not sound policy to encourage the patriotism of our merchants to support still longer the sacrifices, which the public exigencies call for, with spirit and resolution? If they should suffer most from our present situation, it is for their immediate advantage that we are contending.
  65. We have remonstrated, we have appealed to the justice, to the interest, of the two great contending powers of Europe; every effort proved abortive; our calls for justice were drowned in the declaration that their measures were merely retaliatory, and not intended to interfere with neutral rights; thus, sir, the matter rested, when specific propositions were submitted to each.
  66. Nor is it unworthy of reflection, that this revolution in our pursuits and habits is in no slight degree a consequence of those impolitic and arbitrary edicts, by which the contending nations, in endeavoring, each of them, to obstruct our trade with the other, have so far abridged our means of procuring the productions and manufactures of which our own are now taking the place.
  67. We surrender to her what many say she has been contending for—the commerce of the world—by giving her an opportunity of supplying us with her merchandise under the flag of her friends; and, in the first onset of this war, implicitly acknowledge our dependence upon them; that we cannot do without their manufactures to clothe the nation, nor without their commerce, to raise a revenue to carry on the war.
  68. For he, Adeimantus, whose mind is fixed upon true being, has surely no time to look down upon the affairs of earth, or to be filled with malice and envy, contending against men; his eye is ever directed towards things fixed and immutable, which he sees neither injuring nor injured by one another, but all in order moving according to reason; these he imitates, and to these he will, as far as he can, conform himself.
  69. He invited Tutshkof to constitute a sort of tribunal of arbitration to decide which of the contending parties had more chance of victory, and if that question was decided in favour of the Russians, to appoint a rendezvous for a battle; if for the French, then why shed blood in vain, and why not discuss terms and conclude peace? It was also through Berthier that he called upon the Emperor Alexander to instruct the governors not to leave their posts.
  70. But what we do know, is that, amidst the seeming chaos, the Spirit of Order ruled; and, through incalculable ages, that Spirit moved upon the surface and through the mass, condensing, combining, solidifying, separating land and water and air; till at length the natural forces, acting out the volitions of orderly Eternal Thought, created an earth on which organic life was possible; and the long battle of fire and water, the strife and attraction of contending elements, ended in a habitable world.
  71. Randolph) has said the Government would not, on a former occasion, go to war, when their trade, which consisted in carrying the produce of one foreign country to another, was annoyed and cut up; and why not, he says, be pacific now, as well as then? While I agree that our national rights extend to both alike, admitting, however, every Government to make her own municipal regulations, I must be allowed to consider our direct export and import trade much better worth contending for, than what has been denominated our carrying trade.
  72. Sir, have we not been for years contending against the tyranny of the ocean? Has not Congress solemnly pledged itself to the world not to surrender our rights? And has not the nation at large in all its capacities of meetings of the people, State, and General Government, resolved to maintain at all hazards our maritime independence? Your whole circle of commercial restrictions, including the non-importation, embargo, and non-intercourse acts, had in view an opposition to the offensive measures of the belligerents, so justly complained of by us.
  73. Whether that God, or that natural law by virtue of which men exist in the world, has acted well or ill, yet the position of men in the world, ever since we have known it, has been such, that naked people, without any hair on their bodies, without lairs in which they could shelter themselves, without food which they could find in the fields,—like Robinson [167] on his island,—have all been reduced to the necessity of constantly and unweariedly contending with nature in order to cover their bodies, to make themselves clothing, to construct a roof over their heads, and to earn their bread, that two or three times a day they may satisfy their hunger and the hunger of their helpless children and of their old people who cannot work.
  74. The President of the United States, in his Message, which was read on yesterday, has, in terms eloquent and appropriate, made mention of an engagement which has taken place between an American frigate and one of His Britannic Majesty's, which has rendered to the officers and crew of our frigate that justice which they so justly merited; an engagement in which American tars have proven to the world, that when commanded by officers of skill, valor, and fidelity, they are capable of contending with, and of vanquishing, those of any nation on the earth, upon any element—even on that element where British skill has so justly acquired so much celebrity, and that the American flag, when authorized by the constituted authorities of our country, will command respect on the high road of nations.
  75. How often it happens that for years one sees a family cover themselves over with a conventional cloak of decorum, and preserve the real relations of its members a secret from every eye! How often, too, have I remarked that, the more impenetrable (and therefore the more decorous) is the cloak, the harsher are the relations which it conceals! Yet, once let some unexpected question—often a most trivial one (the colour of a woman’s hair, a visit, a man’s horses, and so forth)—arise in that family circle, and without any visible cause there will also arise an ever-growing difference, until in time the cloak of decorum becomes unequal to confining the quarrel within due bounds, and, to the dismay of the disputants and the astonishment of the auditors, the real and ill-adjusted relations of the family are laid bare, and the cloak, now useless for concealment, is bandied from hand to hand among the contending factions until it serves only to remind one of the years during which it successfully deceived one’s perceptions.
  1. To the government, he contended.
  2. It is often contended that the mind.
  3. The principle contended for is not new.
  4. Rauros contended with Heartsing, the seraphim.
  5. Then I contended with the nobles of Judah, and said.
  6. Cook contended strenuously in favor of a naval force.
  7. I contended with my inward dimness of vision, before.
  8. For ten minutes Jack stared at the door with a contended.
  9. Bors and Lady Sharon contended with their massive opponent.
  10. She then contended against the dismemberment of her Empire.
  11. Democrats also contended the cost of repeal is more than the.
  12. You further contended that they were pumping at a hundred pounds.
  13. The shift manager contended that if I was it would have never tied up.
  14. Restadicus and the Lore Masters contended with the levitating beholders.
  15. Revelation were under discussion my respondent stoutly contended that Mt.
  16. Starfling and Flamering flew into the night air and contended with Tiamat.
  17. A navy was vociferously contended for as the most efficient means of defence.
  18. They strode at the core of the firbolgs and contended with their fiery claws.
  19. Each square was a volcano attacked by a cloud; lava contended with lightning.
  20. The friends of the prisoner contended that it was probable that at that time Dr.
  21. After consuming the whole contents of the plate, I sat back with a contended sigh.
  22. A battalion of transparent skeletons and zombie knights contended with the warriors.
  23. He literally contended with what was against Him - fervent, strong, believing prayer.
  24. Our Government is, he contended, a peculiar piece of machinery, an imperium in imperio.
  25. But the definition of the term retrocession, contended for by the other side, is denied.
  26. But it has also been contended that Limnae and Lemaeum do not refer to the same locality.
  27. Those that made it through their line contended with the axes and hammers of the dwarves.
  28. The Coast Guard, Stubbs contended, was not a good fit in the Department of Transportation.
  29. He furthermore contended that Lieutenant James was trying to perform his duties correctly.
  30. I contended that I was watching the stupid thing when it jammed up and tried to add water.
  31. They too knew the battle tactics of their Chaotic Kindred and contended with them tactfully.
  32. Aristotle however, contended that the value of a play was determined by the audience, not the.
  33. I do really delight in your society, and I only want to show you that I contended for a principle.
  34. If it is contended that this sum has been paid exclusively by commerce, nothing can be more incorrect.
  35. But gentlemen have contended that, in point of fact, it did produce a repeal of the Orders in Council.
  36. It appears to me that the latter restriction excludes most emphatically the construction contended for.
  37. And yet, sir, it is contended that the bank has nothing to do with the collection of the public revenue.
  38. Remember, sir, that the honorable gentleman from Georgia has contended that this charter is no contract.
  39. For the first thousand meters, the three boats settled in and contended more or less evenly for the lead.
  40. They have contended long and hard with the gorgons and firbolgs that run rampant through their Home Plane.
  41. Our forefathers have long contended with the oppressive borders and picket lines of the troll folk of Gaea.
  42. Orb contended the world’s famine was caused by population increase combined with limits of food production.
  43. He contended that the mode proposed by the bill now before the House was very imperfect in all these relations.
  44. Listhew and Smithforge stepped in their path and contended with the surging bull-trolls with their broadswords.
  45. It seems to us as if the sacred writers had exhausted their vocabulary in order to convey what is contended for.
  46. They have historically contended with each other over the land of Canaan and others around it, and do so to this day.
  47. If, as is contended, all nations deny it, all nations at the same time admit and practice the right of naturalization.
  48. But their loss was our gain, wasn’t it? his memory contended against the loyalty that he once had for his former faith.
  49. There was a hurry, too, in all his thoughts, a turbulent and heated working of his heart, that contended against resignation.
  50. Not private enough, Carl contended, and they went instead to the Alley, where the sound of falling pins masked communications.
  51. How shall we best do it? It will not be contended that your population is insufficient; no, sir; the inducement is not adequate.
  52. By 1935 Moch wielded the megaphone in the JV boat that contended with Joe and the other sophomores for varsity status that season.
  53. Now in the present case Erskine contended that the examples of the whale and the lady were reciprocally illustrative of each other.
  54. And as a proof of it, the members on this floor from different parts of the Union have only contended which section suffered most.
  55. David had contended, and the novelty of the circumstance held him silent, in deliberation on the propriety of the unusual occurrence.
  56. Quincy,) who contended that form was essential to the repeal of a decree, he remarked that the gentleman wanted form and not substance.
  57. Congress cannot, according to this rule of construction, so warmly contended for, pass any law to provide for the punishment of such offences.
  58. The other warriors, including the Morphozoids, Qualinesti Elves and members of the Bengal Clan contended with their adversaries wholeheartedly.
  59. Michael, indeed, had a concealed pistol permit, he contended – although, as Edgar recalled, Michael knew nothing about it when he arrested him.
  60. It was not avowed at the time to be even a constructive blockade, nor was the right contended for of blockading without an actual investing force.
  61. The construction I have contended for gains additional weight when we consider the restriction which immediately precedes that under consideration.
  62. In the first place, then, it is contended that the right to incorporate a Bank of the United States is included in the power to lay and collect taxes.
  63. Again, sir, it is contended that the right to incorporate a bank is implied in the power to regulate trade and intercourse between the several States.
  64. He contended, however, that it was such as Congress ought to set about providing, and he hoped, in less than ten years, to see it actually established.
  65. Neither is it contended that they are incompatible with each other: the qualities of two or more of these points of view are often found in the same work.
  66. Simon contended that environmental conditions and living standards are getting better for most people in most parts of the world and will continue to do so.
  67. It is in violation of the principles contended for by every Administration under the American Government, from the period of Washington to the present time.
  68. Russell Boatmen: At a public forum in which chapter 24 of Matthew and chapter 20 of Revelation were under discussion my respondent stoutly contended that Mt.
  69. In 1984, Texaco acquired Getty Oil Company, but it was sued by Pennzoil, which contended that Texaco had interfered with its prior contract to buy part of Getty.
  70. It took ten years of keeping Troy under siege and then the cunning idea of the wooden horse to be able to break down the walls that held Helen, the contended woman.
  71. Smilie, said he did not think it proper to give this dispensing power to the majority, if they by the constitution did not possess it, as he contended they did not.
  72. The Samosa government, he contended, was just the latest manifestation in a long history of United States manipulation and imperialistic exploitation of their homeland.
  73. Paul, the most effective adversary with whom evil ever contended, lays the utmost stress on the 'wiles,’ the 'devices,’ the 'stratagems’ of the powers of darkness.
  74. He contended that this would be inefficacious, and maintained that to convert our merchants into privateers would be to turn them loose upon the seas as highway robbers.
  75. It doesn’t matter what the agreement is, it can be contended in court, it can cost a lot of money and a lot of time to resolve, and it is not fair in any sense already.
  76. It may be contended, however, that investment in foreign obligations is essentially similar to any other form of investment in that it requires discrimination and judgment.
  77. But I have never heard of any instance where she has contended that such a person is absolved from his natural allegiance, if he comes within the power of his original sovereign.
  78. Rodan readily accepted all that was presented to him regarding the attributes of God, but he contended that the Father in heaven is not, cannot be, a person as man conceives personality.
  79. The principle contended for by the majority (supposed abuse) will be found to justify the most odious usurpations recorded in history; liberty is abused, and chains are forged to restrain it.
  80. It is however contended, that that power is limited to the admission only of those States that may be established within the limits of the United States, as demarcated by the Treaty of Peace.
  81. Papp contended it was easier for illegal immigrants to come across the ice than to use the waterways where they could be pursued by Customs, Immigration, Coast Guard and Canadian patrol craft.
  82. The Huron chief, after casting the weapons he had wrested from his companions over the rock, drew his knife, and turned to his captive, with a look in which conflicting passions fiercely contended.
  83. If it was intended to refer to a physical touch, as is falsely contended concerning this noble messenger, the word in the original Arabic of the Qur’an would be ‘lamas’ rather than ‘mass’.
  84. But, while it is contended by some that it will not be in the power of the nation to establish an effective naval force, there are others who are opposed to it, lest we become too great a naval power.
  85. Christians, when they speak of hell, adopt the phraseology used about Sheol and Hades rather than Gehenna, though it is contended that Gehenna is the word which signifies the place of endless misery.
  86. The authority to establish a bank or corporations is only contended for so far as it can be fairly considered as a necessary and proper auxiliary to the execution of the powers granted by the constitution.
  87. Sarah Pocket and Georgiana contended who should remain last; but Sarah was too knowing to be outdone, and ambled round Georgiana with that artful slipperiness that the latter was obliged to take precedence.
  88. But those views of the ruin and redemption of man, for which we have contended, and which rest on the simpler rendering of the gospel, answer to the height and depth and length of the apostolic declarations.
  89. Most of the time he contended himself with a summary of past performances, a more or less general forecast of the future—with particular emphasis on the next 12 months—and a rather arbitrary conclusion.
  90. And so it came, after much roving of the eyes, that I determined to pry myself from the initial fear that held me at bay, and contended, at least for the while, to scour about the middle level of this haunt.
  91. It is not contended that this forms anything like a complete list of the numerous aspects from which a portrait can be considered, but they are some of the more extreme of those prevalent at the present time.
  92. If the right of incorporation was ever meant to be given, it would most naturally follow from the regulation of commerce; yet, no one has contended Congress could create insurance companies within the States.
  93. He, yielding under the pressure of a complicated something, long dreaded and long vaguely foreseen and contended against, and recovering after the cloud had burst and passed, I should hope that the worst was over.
  94. Farebrother contended on theory for the desirability of all games, and said that Englishmen's wit was stagnant for want of them; but Lydgate felt certain that he would have played very much less but for the money.
  95. Others contended that the stigma had not been produced until a long time subsequent, when old Roger Chillingworth, being a potent necromancer, had caused it to appear, through the agency of magic and poisonous drugs.
  96. But it is contended, that a right to incorporate a Bank of the United States is delegated to Congress by the constitution: and five or six different provisions of the constitution are referred to as giving this right.
  97. Poindexter, who contended that the population of the Territory was much greater than was represented; and even if it were not what it is, that a precedent was to be found in the incorporation of Ohio and of Louisiana.
  98. But it is contended, that if a bank is necessary and proper for the management of the fiscal concerns of the nation, yet Congress has no power to incorporate one, because there are State banks which may be resorted to.
  99. The right of creating States out of acquired Territories, was one which he had always contended for; and it had been stated by at least one of those who formed the constitution, that this article had reference to Canada.
  100. He contended that the Emperor of France had not fulfilled his engagement to the United States, inasmuch as the decrees, if revoked, which he denied, had not been revoked on the day on which he had engaged to revoke them.
  1. He also contends that Iran’s.
  2. Pitkin) contends ought to be made, has been made.
  3. Elder contends that the markets behave in a similar manner.
  4. The wise man contends with the foolish man, whether he rages.
  5. Tolle contends that you can create a gap in the mind-stream simply by.
  6. The defense contends, therefore, that the whole tragedy resulted from a.
  7. Toby Keith contends that Peter Jennings argued that a song with the lyrical content in question did not belong on his network.
  8. He contends the Goddess dominated preliterate cultures, and that the celebrations of her power as Mother, Lover, Creator and.
  9. But she further contends that her subjects cannot renounce their allegiance to her and contract a new obligation to other Sovereigns.
  10. He said he just wants the opportunity, but his lawyer contends that someone in the judiciary is messing with him and that’s why he’s still locked up.
  11. She avowedly contends that it is her interest to engross the commerce of the world; that she has the power to engross it, and, therefore, she will engross it.
  12. He contends that individuals cannot divest themselves of their allegiance; that the right of expatriation does not exist; that the practice of naturalization is wrong.
  13. Following the analogy of the other animals, he contends that all natural gifts are scattered about indifferently among both sexes, though there may be a superiority of degree on the part of the men.
  14. Was it such a repeal as the gentleman contends ought to have taken place of the Berlin and Milan decrees, viz: under the sign manual of the Emperor? No, sir, it was just such a letter as that of the Duc de Cadore.
  15. Clay) contends that we have attempted to give a degree of weight and force to what we are pleased to call precedents, to which they would not be entitled in those tribunals from which we derive all our ideas of precedents.
  16. The existing bank contends that it is beyond the power of a State to tax it, and if this pretension be well founded, it is in the power of Congress, by chartering companies, to dry up the whole of the sources of State revenue.
  17. Hayward contends that if the operators of the global warming apparatus can’t offer a similar percentage of probability that their predictions are accurate, which they do not, this should mean to a scientist that their predictions are unreliable and useless.
  18. The gentleman from Maryland admits expressly that the transmission of your public money for the payment of the Army and Navy must be effected through the agency of banks, but contends that that object can be effected as well by the State banks as by a Bank of the United States.
  19. Even so does the ignorant physician act, who, having placed his patient in the most unsanitary conditions, or having administered to him poisonous drugs, afterward contends that his patient has succumbed to the disease, when had he been left to himself he would have recovered long ago.
  20. If you give it the construction the gentleman contends for, to wit: that the second member of the passage is an extension of the description given by the first, then the second includes the first, and of consequence the first would be nugatory and superfluous; which would be doing violence to the gentleman's own rule of construction.
  21. Spring’s aim in creating this story was to give readers a vivid sense of the artistic, spiritual, and highly psychic nature of the much neglected, preliterate Proto-Egyptian culture that he contends gave birth to the complex spiritual concepts and practices that eventually came to maturity thousands of years later in Dynastic Egypt.
  22. And who is prepared to say that American seamen shall be surrendered the victims to the British principle of impressment? And, sir, what is this principle? She contends that she has a right to the services of her own subjects: that, in the exercise of this right, she may lawfully impress them, even although she finds them in our vessels, upon the high seas, without her jurisdiction.
  23. On the subject of impressments, for which alone the war is now to be continued, what, let me ask, is the principle for which our Government contends? It is this, sir: that the flag of the merchant vessel shall cover all who sail under it; or, in other words, that our flag shall protect all the foreigners our merchants may think proper to employ in their service, whether naturalized or not.
  24. The gentleman from Virginia contends that it is a dispute about the carrying trade, brought on us by the cupidity of the American merchants, in which the farmer and planter have little interest; that he will not consent to tax his constituents to carry on a war for it; that the enemy is invulnerable on the "mountain wave," the element of our wrongs, but should they violate the "natale solum," he would point all the energies of the nation and avenge the wrong.
  25. Spring’s aim in creating this story was to give readers a better knowledge of the artistic, spiritual, and highly psychic nature of the much neglected, preliterate Proto-Egyptian culture that he contends had a cohesive spiritual and intellectual center whose interests were totally different from ours, and yet powerful enough to give birth to the complex spiritual/psychic concepts and practices that eventually came to maturity thousands of years later in Dynastic Egypt.
  26. Spring’s aim in creating this story was to give readers a better feeling for and knowledge of the artistic, spiritual, and highly psychic nature of the much neglected, preliterate Proto-Egyptian culture that he contends had a cohesive spiritual and intellectual center whole whose interests were totally different from ours, and yet powerful enough to give birth to the complex spiritual/psychic concepts and practices that eventually came to maturity thousands of years later in Dynastic Egypt.
  27. Shourie’s book enumerates several illogical and regressive fatwas (though he has also ridiculed several fatwas, which may not be considered regressive by believers of any faith, such as those enumerated in pages 673 to 677 (which are about whether it’s appropriate to cut nails on a certain day or travel on a certain day, and by the way, as Shourie himself mentions, there are ulema (Muslim clerics) who themselves branded most of such queries to be baseless in the light of Islam, but there are indeed Hindus with such beliefs too), among several others mentioned in the book, and certain fatwas he has highlighted are based on the clergy’s own cultural notions – for instance, there is nothing in the Islamic texts prohibiting celebrating birthdays, but since Prophet Muhammad did not do so, a cleric has dismissed it as a European practice antithetical to Islam, though having said that, very many Muslims enjoy celebrating their birthdays, and different clerics also have different perspectives!), and though he acknowledges the existence of progressive clerics, he contends, like that apostate of Islam, that the latter are the ones who are not correctly interpreting Islam, while the regressive folk are.
  28. Again 'tis just at morning--a heavy haze contends with daybreak,.
  29. Sears contends that people are overweight because of insulin resistance; however,.

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