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    1. ―I wasn‘t focusing on the thorns, I was telling myself not to!‖ So the magician explained ―Don‘t look at the thorns‖ presupposed that there are thorns and that you can see them and touch them

    2. ‗I will not get cut or scratched by the thorns‘ presupposed that not only are there thorns, but they have the ability to cut and scratch you

    3. Why? Because his syllogism, in its major premise, presupposed the conclusion

    4. “Our members understand the study must be conducted in such a way that the results are not presupposed

    5. “cure” – presumably because the need to search for a cure presupposed an accep-

    6. � It's not that they and we don't live with qualities and choices we might want to rethink and renew, but calling any quality of self a "weakness" presupposed its near if not absolute permanence

    7. An impression widely prevails that the life spoken of by the Apostle John, zw~sa does not include the idea of existence, which is always presupposed, but signifies only a moral condition of holy union with God, carrying with it the result of heavenly joy, in 'life eternal

    8. ―I wasn‘t focusing on the thorns, I was telling myself not to!‖ So the magician explained ―Don‘t look at the thorns‖ presupposed that there are thorns and that you can see them and touch them

    9. ‗I will not get cut or scratched by the thorns‘ presupposed that not only are there thorns, but they have the ability to cut and scratch you

    10. realistic imagination when the foundation had been once presupposed; and before they had ridden a mile she was far on in the costume and introductions of her wedded life, having determined on her house in Middle-march, and foreseen the visits she would pay to her husband's

    1. To presuppose, however, that parents 39

    2. presuppose the coachee's values, outcomes, best dreams and which

    3. What we presuppose to be true, protecting ourselves in case it

    4. In NLP we presuppose that all behavior has a positive intent, and so we are always looking for the positive intention, and finding that positive intention in each

    5. Both of Them — Space and Time — cannot be manifested separately because the “ways” of Existence of one of these primary mechanisms of “the Operating System” presuppose an obligatory presence of the other complementing mechanism

    6. “I presuppose that there are three kinds of thoughts in me: that is, one

    7. presuppose there is a therapist who corrects actions of his patient and

    8. I shall have to presuppose your attachment to her; and to enter on the subject as you wish me to do, will be asking her to tell me whether she returns it

    9. But marketability must presuppose not only a place where they can be sold but also an opportunity to sell them at a fair price

    10. Every one understands that the satisfaction of our taste cannot serve as a basis for our definition of the merits of food, and that we have therefore no right to presuppose that the dinners with cayenne pepper, Limburg cheese, alcohol, etc

    1. Q: Still, all this presupposes some faith

    2. Chastity is connected and cultivated in an ascetic atmosphere and state of mind, which presupposes effort, and is followed by the consolation of the

    3. In civilized society and in an organized universe the administration of justice presupposes the passing of just sentence consequent upon fair judgment, and such prerogatives are vested in the juridical groups of the worlds and in the all-knowing administrators of the higher universes of all creation

    4. That the relation of Son and Father presupposes equality of communication and mutuality of sympathetic understanding; that Jesus and the Father were one

    5. Every effort to change what is being felt or seen presupposes and confirms the illusion of the independent knower or ego, and to try to get rid of what isn’t there only prolongs confusion

    6. “That presupposes there is somewhere to land, of course

    7. a list of knowledge to be taught by schools that presupposes that there

    8. This concept of faith presupposes that Allah is the provider to the faithful He being their Master

    9. Presuppositions are an interesting way of using language that presupposes that

    10. By being able to use abstract symbols-sounds-words in order to represent something, this automatically presupposes that whatever is represented is absolutely separate from anything else in its environment, (hand, arm, shoulder) and that these symbols-words come to signify all other similar objects-phenomenon

    1. “Are you angry at me?” (Wife to husband, presupposing that he was angry in the

    2. “Still trying to lose weight?” (Friend is presupposing that you were already trying to lose weight, when you may not have been at all – at least not before they said anything)

    3. The mind read is a very clever use of language, presupposing that you already

    4. It defines a situation in which the existence or identity of a thing (or situation) depends on the co-existence of at least two conditions which are opposite to each other, yet dependent on each other and presupposing each other

    5. The banker was always presupposing that he could count in general on Lydgate as a coadjutor, but made no special recurrence to the coming decision between Tyke and Farebrother

    6. Brooke had continually, in his talk with Sir James Chettam, been presupposing or hinting that the intention of cutting off the entail was still maintained; and the day on which his pen gave the daring invitation, he went to Freshitt expressly to intimate that he had a stronger sense than ever of the reasons for taking that energetic step as a precaution against any mixture of low blood in the heir of the Brookes

    7. (This is the chart presupposing we started with £30,000 of cash in the account, which of course none of us have

    8. And in my own case I have found, that for my own welfare, and for the satisfaction of these needs of mine, all that I require is to cure myself of that folly in which I had been living, in company with the Krapivensky madman, and which consisted in presupposing that some people need not work, and that certain other people should direct all this, and that I should therefore do only that which is natural to man, i

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