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Frasi con preventative (in inglese)

  1. As with preventative.
  2. Another preventative measure is to ensure that your cat.
  3. American doctors looked at it as a viable herbal preventative for.
  4. It can be also be used as a preventative measure against brown rot.
  5. Until now we have increased our awareness and understood temporary and permanent preventative.

  6. With his head somewhere else, he automatically shoots a pair of preventative pulses into the carnivorous leaves.
  7. The aches and pains are a natural part of aging and so are the regular preventative visits to the doctor’s office.
  8. She explained that this was a preventative measure that helped strengthen bones and would help keep the cancer from coming back into that area.
  9. Then, the treatment of all pathological illness would become a losing proposition, while all forms of preventative care would become profitable.
  10. Washing your hands with hot water and soap before meals or cooking is considered one of the greatest scientific advances in preventative medicine.
  11. Does it feel as if you are seeing your doctor more often as the years go by? And suddenly, each week you are heading back to get another preventative exam.
  12. Used as a preventative, Echinacea is reported to help strengthen the animal’s resistance to infections and is helpful in times of competition and stress.
  13. The scams are getting better and the preventative measure are staying ahead by using expert knowledge with one object in mind and that is to create Justice for you, the client.
  14. For a typical network environment, unshielded twisted-pair provides sufficient protection against interference because the twisting of the wire pairs itself is a preventative measure.
  15. Getting back to those blisters, one preventative measure favoured by many bushwalkers is to wear two pairs of socks: a thin pair nearest the feet, with a thicker outer pair to fill up the boot.

  16. Hopefully the home remedies for heartburn mentioned here will help to relieve the painful symptoms of the condition in the present, while the preventative measures work to keep you free from heartburn in the future.
  17. The best preventative approach to this problem (as outlined in the chapter on dealing with clenching/grinding) is to recognize the effects of stress on the mouth and jaw system and to take steps to minimize the problem.
  18. Then Victor tried to explain that “prophylactics” means “preventative care” and doesn’t automatically equal birth control but I was too busy to listen because I may have just been forcibly impregnated by a murder of swans.

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