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Frasi con preventive (in inglese)

  1. Some of them are preventive, other are surgical.
  2. A number of preventive measures may have been employed.
  3. It is more of a palliative and a preventive of relapses.
  4. Regular visits will be a powerful preventive to disease.
  5. Acne skin care is about being aware of preventive measures.
  6. Freedom of choice is a preventive medicine, and one that's.
  7. Generally, preventive care is essential for allergy patients.
  8. The best preventive maintenance is to periodically reboot your.
  9. These medications are called prophylactic or preventive therapy.
  10. Overall, TrustedID is a great preventive identity theft solution.
  11. Repeatedly in controlled trials, preventive supplementation with.
  12. Preventive Services Task Force, Screening for Ovarian Cancer: U.
  13. This type of medication is called prophylactic or preventive therapy.
  14. Too much attention is put on preventive measure in our present labour laws.
  15. Preventive Maintenance— A preventive maintenance program should be in effect.
  16. It is better to take preventive measures rather than wait to lose all your hair.
  17. Hence, it is still impossible for scientists to come up with preventive treatments.
  18. The benefits of this simple preventive strategy to you are enormous and long lasting.
  19. You need to determine the extent to which these preventive measures were successful.
  20. It happens to only 10% of women after hysterectomy, even if preventive antibiotics are.
  21. They can store the documents in a better configuration tool as part of preventive action.
  22. Here the preventive action is applicable, as the non conformance is still not yet occurred.
  23. A preventive maintenance program should be established to ensure that the water system remains.
  24. Michael Miller, director of preventive cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center.
  25. Libyan Preventive Security Service (LPSS) is a governmental agency that has overall control of.
  26. It’s ironic that this thought is serious while the health care system doesn’t provide for preventive care.
  27. Preventive Services Task Force Reaffirmation Recommendation Statement, Annals of Internal Medicine 157, no.
  28. She had better learn more about that Governor Zembelo and then, if need be, she could take some preventive measures.
  29. With that, it benefits other countries indirectly and it provokes great economy of resources in the preventive combat.
  30. TIP! Instead of treating your child's allergy symptoms only as they occur, discuss preventive measures with a pediatrician.
  31. Your report should detail the preventive measures employed by the investigator and the degree to which they were successful.
  32. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful by itself, but is especially helpful to patients who are also on preventive drug therapies.
  33. Many attempt to intervene in life and many will still fall ill and succumb to many diseases no matter what preventive measures are taken.
  34. This repulsive pillow was her especial property, being used as a weapon of defense, a barricade, or a stern preventive of too much slumber.
  35. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on screening for family and intimate partner violence which includes a review of screening tools.
  36. As a preventive measure, husbands and wives should have a strong foundation of respect for one another because these are conveyed to the child consciously and unconsciously.
  37. Having been forced into prostitution has put Ziyi at high risk of catching some of those diseases, so I performed a preventive body-wide healing on Ziyi, using my mental powers.
  38. Doctors of preventive medicine, men at the borders who look for fruit flies, for Japanese beetle, men who quarantine the sick trees and root them out and burn them, men of knowledge.
  39. Wherever money is received by tale, therefore, and not by weight, a seignorage is the most effectual preventive of the melting down of the coin, and, for the same reason, of its exportaticn.
  40. The President also intended to give to the commander of that joint task force a mandate strong enough to allow him to strike back or effect preventive strikes against any foreign military threat to Indochina.
  41. Thus, this makes the perfect setting to realize your drug abuse preventive measures by inculcating in the minds of these children the harmful effects of drugs to the body, your family, and the rest of the society.
  42. But the same day or the next they will lay a scheme for the increase of the armament before their legislative assembly, saying that these are the preventive measures they take for the very purpose of securing peace.
  43. At present we are more aware of various ailments that affect dogs than we did several years ago and with this knowledge dog-owners can detect the initial indications of the ailment and be able to take the necessary preventive actions.
  44. Stateco, in a similar cost savings via death rate increase, invites its citizen-prisoners to pay fifteen to eighteen percent of their budget on health insurance, when that should be going towards their preventive self-care via whole foods.
  45. You, favorites of Almighty God, while all the rest of the world are scourged, and ravaged, and desolated by war, are about to enter into a policy called preventive of war; a policy which comes into this House in the garb of peace, but which must end in war.
  46. Patients should have choices, and as long as those choices are evidence based, our medical insurance should cover them—just as it covers prescription drug remedies, surgical remedies, lifestyle remedies, preventive remedies, and combinations of these for every other disease.
  47. The citizens of Kentucky, whom I have the honor to represent, feel its effects in common with their fellow men throughout the continent; but their patriotism is such that they bear it with cheerfulness, and magnanimity, and very justly consider it as a preventive of greater evils.
  48. Fortunately, air reconnaissance by our planes alerted us to that invasion force, which allowed us to effect preventive strikes along the border… Those airstrikes in turn destroyed the tanks, artillery pieces and vehicles, all Soviet, of that force and also destroyed the enemy logistical depots near the border.
  49. They could see nothing outside through the few Plexiglas windows, the Sun not being up yet, but they could hear distant explosions and cannon fire as the AH-1S attack helicopters escorting the big twin rotor transport helicopters swept the ridgelines and summit of the main islet with preventive rocket and cannon fire.
  50. Benjamin Rush wrote in the nation’s first text on war medicine, Fatal experience has taught the people of America that a greater proportion of men have perished with sickness in our armies than have fallen by the sword, and prescribed some of the earliest forms of preventive care, including one of the first mass vaccinations for smallpox.
  51. As among the different provinces of a great empire, the freedmn of the inland trade appears, both from reason and experience, not only the best palliative of a dearth, but the most effectual preventive of a famine; so would the freedom of the exportation and importation trade be among the different states into which a great continent was divided.
  52. SAN FRANCISCO (April 30, 2013) – Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM), a Futures Without Violence program that seeks to reduce dating violence and sexual assault, is proven effective to reduce abusive behaviors among male athletes towards their female partners, according to a study that will appear today in the online version of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
  53. Management Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Management Representative), which identifies changes needed in QMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, Non conformities in product, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in QMS, product related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Review is recorded and maintained.
  54. Management Security Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Information Security officer), which identifies changes needed in ISMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, threats to Information Security, Security incidents and events, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in ISMS, Control related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Security Review is recorded and maintained.

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