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Frasi con procreate (in inglese)

  1. I squirm at the word procreate.
  2. And couples all must procreate.
  3. He gave us the instinct to procreate, to multiply.
  4. That is why it is vital that you marry a Huldu and procreate.
  5. So maybe that’s the real goal of life: survive and procreate!.
  6. Man and women were created to procreate, to create civilization.
  7. Eventually over time, these tribes would co-exist and procreate to-.
  8. They had to choose according to the fact that they could not procreate.
  9. I know shes a mortal, and you allowed yourself to procreate with her.
  10. It's just so rare that we as the immortal get a chance to procreate that we.
  11. To correctly procreate more members of the family! This does not mean only by.
  12. There are insects that are born, mature, procreate, and the within a single day.
  13. Not all vampires choose to procreate and it's not an easy process to accomplish.
  14. And because your brain is set up to procreate, this is received as an extremely urgent instruction.
  15. Since the only purpose was to procreate, it was not called sex any more, it was called an Attempt.
  16. Sexual expression was forbidden except for the consecrated act of husband and wife in an effort to procreate.
  17. Mostly because it was rare for Vamps to go through the mating ritual that bound them together and allowed them to procreate.
  18. Leaving that aside, what does a wife ought to give her man? Of course, she should keep an amiable home for him to recreate and procreate.
  19. I know its rare for Fey men to procreate with women of other races but maybe it was becoming more common now that there were hardly any Fey women.
  20. For example, perhaps we should ask why such people are homeless or why they decide to procreate when they clearly cannot provide for their offspring.
  21. Now the problem is that, this therapy will obviously cost good money, and the less wealthy families will be left to procreate naturally, and have to.
  22. In the case of what we were just talking about, the tongue pollutes from the preacher to the pupil, to help them procreate their messages of idolatry.
  23. Wow! Thats pretty impressive! He is also credited with creating all life, giving this life the ability to procreate, gather food and continue its existence.
  24. Empress and the Captain both reject his offer, and we can assume the targ did, too, he chooses a female Q with which to procreate, saving the Q-verse for all eternity.
  25. Breasts would be logical for hermaphrodites, on top of both male and female genitalia, since all the members of that species could procreate and have to feed infants.
  26. With the qunamic evolution having acquired biological differentiation, there would have come into being male and female plunams that got together to procreate the preys for themselves.
  27. And the world prays for money, as we serve money, trying to procreate and raise more money, because the world is starving for money, needs clothes made of money, homes made from money, aches healed by money, wars ended by money.
  28. A creator is a creature somewhat resembling its old host form (in this case, a pudgy middle-aged man in a brown pin-striped suit) that exists only to procreate: to spread its seed, instinctively attempting to further its faulty code.
  29. They even have a complementary relationship with a lower-level species on the planet, whereby adults of the latter willingly offer themselves up as food, so that they might procreate via the biogens in the digestive systems of their consumers.
  30. We can so far take a prophetic glance into futurity as to foretell that it will be the common and widely spread species, belonging to the larger and dominant groups within each class, which will ultimately prevail and procreate new and dominant species.
  31. Were the spirits trying to tell him that he was to survive; he was to procreate and continue the life they had once had? Where was he to find the girl he was to bond with? They were to go into battle against evil, to fight and die so that others would live, yet his vision suggested he was not to die, he was to build anew.
  32. If their presence proved useful to the species which had seized them—if it were more advantageous to this species, to capture workers than to procreate them—the habit of collecting pupae, originally for food, might by natural selection be strengthened and rendered permanent for the very different purpose of raising slaves.
  33. Society has gone far from its humble origins of one man and one woman, but society at its barest level still relies on the ability to procreate and continue the species despite the cover story that beauty has many important purposes and diversions other than procreating and the responsibility that follows of raising one’s own offspring.
  34. Moreover, the apathy of the Musalmans for a planned family betrays their insensitivity towards their own women; won’t their persistent refusal to adopt the family planning methods that avert the health-hampering carriages and miscarriages render their fair sex into despondency? Oh how the Musalmans burden their women with a child in the lap and another in the womb till they can bear no longer, and as the moulvis aver they have a duty to procreate for the sake of Islam regardless that is.
  1. Albertans should be hindered from procreating.
  2. There should be a law against ex-husbands procreating.
  3. Procreating mature male mammals generally have the shortest life span of their species.
  4. Sex is for the purpose of procreating only, it is not something that is there to be enjoyed.
  5. After all, what was needed was a single male in their midst for the females to keep procreating in their numbers.
  6. It was thus all plunams, more so the weaker ones would have felt the need for procreating their own ilk for their prey!.
  7. Given that the Catholic population tends to be procreating faster than the Protestants, they will, in time, be in the majority.
  8. They didn’t even bother with a baby shower; their families were so sick of them procreating that the entire pregnancy was an embarrassment.
  9. What is a nigger machine? Pan Faith asked Faith's Pan Hope ASM in the voice of the Faith they had been dataing and in the I'magetar they were procreating.
  10. Although early Homo Sapiens had the same brain capacity as contemporary humans they had fewer neural connections, but were able to solve complex problems, make decisions and reasoning, whereas other primates have only limited brain capacity for more simple instinctual tasks such as hunting, eating, procreating and sleeping.
  11. Society has gone far from its humble origins of one man and one woman, but society at its barest level still relies on the ability to procreate and continue the species despite the cover story that beauty has many important purposes and diversions other than procreating and the responsibility that follows of raising one’s own offspring.
  12. For who is there who anything of some significance has apprehended but is conscious that that exterior splendour may be the surface of a downwardtending lutulent reality or on the contrary anyone so is there unilluminated as not to perceive that as no nature's boon can contend against the bounty of increase so it behoves every most just citizen to become the exhortator and admonisher of his semblables and to tremble lest what had in the past been by the nation excellently commenced might be in the future not with similar excellence accomplished if an inverecund habit shall have gradually traduced the honourable by ancestors transmitted customs to that thither of profundity that that one was audacious excessively who would have the hardihood to rise affirming that no more odious offence can for anyone be than to oblivious neglect to consign that evangel simultaneously command and promise which on all mortals with prophecy of abundance or with diminution's menace that exalted of reiteratedly procreating function ever irrevocably enjoined?
  1. Love always gives away, because that is what Love must do: let the other become Love, LAW, Hate, the everything that any choice procreates.

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