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    1. Chewing food well in the mouth is vital to generate saliva, which in turn stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach

    2. the choice to generate energy, so you have the energy that you need to get to where you want to go

    3. Then the muscles have to have enough strength and there has to be enough range of motion to generate the required action, whether it’s stepping or grasping

    4. We each have within us the capacity to generate hope

    5. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    6. It went only to enough circuitry to provide the instruments on the male side with the inputs they would generate if there really was a female side to the ship

    7. generate adverse reactions once there are some components that they cannot tolerate

    8. "He couldn't generate all the scenes in his universe if he wasn't there," Heymon said

    9. "The power available from starlight is so low that they couldn't generate visible photons

    10. “What else could generate them? The power involved in that drive

    11. onsultation is another great way to generate decent

    12. It will generate a fear of uncertainty

    13. powerhouse inside of you to generate al the electricity you need

    14. legs generate the power of my punch, but it can only be transferred through my

    15. She could imagine several ways the biology lab could have been sabotaged already, but no way to generate a danger to the continued existence of the ship

    16. For some of us, the surface merely stirs, while others, such as those of the Magi bloodline, they generate disruptions that travel deep within the waters and are often capable of altering the streams course altogether

    17. Positive words generate positive responds

    18. Good marketing will not only help generate new prospects, but

    19. This type of promotion could be used spontaneously to generate customers

    20. promoting, and the more ways they will generate traffic for you

    21. to find the most effective one or two forums that will generate you the most

    22. The type of traffic you generate will depend where you place your ad

    23. The highly successful movie, Sixth Sense and the two hit TV series, Medium and Ghost Whisperer probably helped generate much awareness and interest in paranormal activities

    24. Just generate a copy of that, now,” Martin said to her as they stood beside each other

    25. These thoughts and emotions generate negative energies and attract more of the same

    26. Now Torbin, who’d been entrusted with the various access codes, was attempting to generate another wormhole

    27. It was laughable, really, to believe that anyone could generate even the remotest bit of enthusiasm for the job of grafting together digi-recorders

    28. In this next section I am going to discuss 4 ways to generate great content that will help you in the monetization process of your blogging efforts

    29. Supply and Demand cuts both ways, and in most instances will (actually) generate higher salaries for workers in conjunction with their job‘s specific skill requirements

    30. Imagine the rippling effect on a number of industries that are tightly inter-woven, nor to mention its own impact on the nation‘s ability to adequately fund its own entitlement programs that, in turn, would subsequently trigger higher inflation resulting from higher (consumer) prices precipitated by lower productivity levels that would (likely) lead to higher taxes that would (more than likely) discourage investment that would (most likely) generate even lower revenues than before

    31. “The government puts all kinds of obstacles in the way of wind developments, and shut down guys who tried to use methane from their farms to generate electricity

    32. ’ With more powerful engines, tuned to run at high altitude, we would go faster, generate more lift, and have more positive control

    33. The circuit will give generate sound as

    34. They can also generate many ugly results – roid rage, like what I was witnessing, acne, extreme thickening of the jaw line, prostate cancer, unwanted hair

    35. It occurred to him that it made sense, that a thing without a soul indeed smart enough to make assumptions and generate ideas of its own, would arrive at such a conclusion

    36. Now he again walked slowly forward, hoping to generate a similar reaction

    37. In my apartment somewhere I have one of those gimmicky wind-up torch radios, you know, those things that don’t use proper batteries but have a little handle you turn to generate electricity

    38. This forgetting has cost us very dearly indeed, not just in terms of enormous amounts of money but much more seriously in terms of the enormous amounts of pain and suffering we have generated and continue to generate for ourselves

    39. Hermann and Helga took long walks on the beach, and into the village, where Colling was certain their presence would generate gossip

    40. Eons ago we learned how to keep a wood fire going for warmth but it was messy and polluting and we didn’t know how to generate useful non-heat energy from wood

    41. Still later we learned to generate electricity for work and light, from coal, oil, and gas fired turbines

    42. concluded that between 2005 and 2015, the Forbes Flat Tax Plan would generate $56 billion more in

    43. This current economic model possesses serious systemic errors because it is based on the destruction for the consumption to generate income and mistakenly to move the economy; this destruction is corroborated in any country because it was built in a botchy way, which creates economic fundamentals with harmful results

    44. The new system creates design or shell that acts on the current system to generate the social and economic power through integration and Third Sector’s participation, without injuring existent laws and without generating additional costs

    45. The Project besides applying the solution, will maintain the process in a continuous way, because all will participate of way active or passive in the activities to generate wealth with equable distribution through the income

    46. Therefore, there is need of change of the economic model, because the reality exhibits that the cause of the problem is systemic and structural in that the current system with base in the consumer society generates the myopia of the economic growth that needs to consume to generate employment and tributary revenue for state-owned need even causing the destruction of the planet

    47. Therefore, it depends on the savings and loans that generate the continuous cycle of the indebtedness

    48. Its relation is of total dependence, it has to follow drastic and unjust orientations to generate commercial superavit, obtainment of loans or rolling of the debt, even it has to sell its wealth at banana price

    49. Besides, it lives at the expense of sinecures of the State; it fights for pharaonic contracts; it struggles for tax incentives or subsidies to be competitive; it makes political agreements to obtain public concessions; it uses lobby to generate casuistical laws that benefit its interests; it applies the terror of the unemployment to obtain the worker’s productivity and the support of the governmental authorities in the trade questions and work to satisfy its revindications

    50. Therefore, the current Banks or credit societies run behind the popular savings to generate the force of the accumulation for the multiplier effect of the money in the banking industry, besides the investments with remuneration to the investors

    1. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    2. Those screens did not block her view of the latest boat Ava had generated to play with

    3. Clones, it turns out, however generated, wind up treating each other as identical twins, however different their lives and platforms may be

    4. She has a signal from the ground, that is how she believes that signal is generated

    5. The blind at the window is pretty manky too – not surprising I suppose with the amount of steam which gets generated in here sometimes and the fire in the range creates a fair amount of soot

    6. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music

    7. " he agreed, he knew the silicon plates ran at a little over two hundred Kelvin, and it was mostly internally generated heat

    8. “Is there any way the Pink Dawn could have generated that startup signature?” Kelvin asked

    9. “We can accept that the signals are real,” Ava said, “but we know nothing other than those signals have been generated

    10. “If it is spreading in all directions, but if the signal is generated by something small and local and sent in a tight beam toward us, not much energy is used

    11. was generated by the fetus or by the mother’s body

    12. of all the emotions, is both generated by the heart and

    13. what was generated elsewhere to allow quicker availability of what is newly

    14. generated, granted that space is needed for “stationary regeneration” and not

    15. Not surprising with the heat that is generated between you

    16. Love Generated and Received by, 254

    17. When self-‐love is generated, seen and

    18. love you experience is generated from within, it is stable, safe and secure,

    19. When love is generated from within, external love can be experienced in

    20. Roman’s head was steaming from the heat he generated

    21. He rarely got splashed by that and better yet, the jet stayed under water and generated thrust all the time instead of half the time so he could cut thru it instead of wallowing in it

    22. Could the human mind be connected to a higher intelligence that is sending its commands wirelessly? Are human minds receiving messages from superior intelligence entities? Do we all have in our brain or mind a voice/text mail box that is operating so silently that we do not perceive it? We don't know for sure but it looks like a very good explanation to some of the following questions: Where do our thoughts come from? How are our ideas generated? Who is the creator of life that is capable of reproducing itself while developing and improving? What is the purpose of life?

    23. has generated a major schism in the

    24. This kind of fear is generated by our own species, against our own species

    25. Compare that figure to the company’s annual generated revenues

    26. They also learn that the ideas generated by two or more people in a group are sometimes more creative and better than just their idea; and they learn to collaborate, adjust and go with the flow

    27. The physical brain and the body contain the Ideas that are generated by the spirit and Soul and mind in association with each other

    28. These are all emotions that are inwardly generated and unreasoning

    29. It was a good plan as the power generated was used by the local agri-businesses

    30. Space around the field generated by the spherical device was being altered, hundreds of millions of stars thrown back tens of millions of years by the main temporal eradication wave

    31. These days a home could be isolated from the power grid, relying on self- generated electricity, the solar and wind generators always worked on a reserve, so even in those dark winter days there would be enough, but as a safeguard his car – their car – could sacrifice it’s own power store

    32. Alternatively, it could be that what your device generated was not exactly identical to the real wave

    33. ‘You are not all powerful,’ he said to the TE device, which probably couldn’t hear him outside of the bubble, and in any case would not likely be listening once the temporal eradication wave was being generated

    34. His first words: ‘A dual generated field

    35. The field generated slowed down time by a factor of two thousand and seventy

    36. Here is a possible explanation of how this could have occurred: Firstly, if we consider the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field strength has been scientifically proven to have diminished by 10% over the past 150 years, we know that if we extrapolate this weakening tendency backward into the past, the magnetic field generated by the Earth’s geo-dynamo would have been stronger the further back one goes in time

    37. 38 If we now have a strong magnetic field, generated by mechanics within the Earth that are different to what we have today - considering that through extrapolating back in time, we arrive at a stronger magnetic field, using the mechanics inside the Earth after the Flood, and also keeping in mind that the core would probably have had more mobility within the Earth (provided by the additional water lubrication from the fountains of the deep, before the Flood) what would be the outcome? If this layer of water existed homogenously between the crust and the mantle, it may have prevented contact between the inner and outer layers of rock and aid in the mobility of the core inside the Earth – just as one would have with a present day ball-bearing for example

    38. The ozone molecules have specific properties that are impacted by gravity, the electromagnetic field that is generated by the Earth, as well as the current composition of the atmosphere

    39. We know that today our atmosphere and a thin layer of Ozone alone, consisting of gases only, in conjunction with the magnetic field that is generated by the Earth, protects us from a reasonable amount of the harmful effects of the sun

    40. The sheet peeled away and his limbs began to form again in a way that only made them appear computer generated: no feeling in them until they were completed and he was back in his clothes, and the illusion of the physical returned

    41. What remained of his environment was a cold reminder that he was in no more than a computer generated reality, the basic framework that wasn't even real, only a conceptual background bereft of an image-feed

    42. Gerrid had only observed the generated data from the monitor program that used to be L-Seven-Six but remained a cycled set of algorithms, which barely qualified as a conventional AI

    43. This was only one person that the expert team – among the resistance – had studied, and only sketch-like images could be generated to give any kind of coherence

    44. and came into a large open room, totally crammed full of desks, filing cabinets and trash cans which were overflowing with the paperwork that seems to be endlessly generated by

    45. But the only force was gravity, a generated graviton pull which should have accelerated it massively, which surely did just that

    46. There had been little flogging, and that only in flagrant cases; and in consequence of the respect generated by the white officers, there had been no desertion, and no disaffection among the thousands of men of various tribes employed as bearers, and in other capacities

    47. The tear-gas canister itself was cleverly designed to melt from heat it generated as it spewed the tear-gas

    48. Three times he screamed, and each scream generated a renewed strength, a renewed resolution

    49. The hard Left‘s calculated undermining of liberal values and common sense for its own political reasons, reinforced by its own self-loathing, has generated a leery perception of (supposed) Western arrogance and intolerance for other cultures that felicitously plays into the hands of our nation‘s mortal enemies

    50. This unfortunate event— unfortunate because it was morally repugnant—has generated convulsions among antiwar protestors and professional agitators alike who have never properly supported the war effort to begin with

    1. The string generates the shape of the wave but the block actually does the pitch

    2. A normal person generates an uninterrupted flow of thoughts all day long

    3. this generates a zero reaction

    4. Or they could go to the “Y” and play some racket ball, and this generates a detectable positive reaction

    5. Step4: Switch On the circuit probably in some dark room, bring a light torch over to LDR and see if the LED glows and melody circuit generates some music

    6. Indeed this can result in feelings of hopelessness and despair, which generates the most horrible of psychological suffering

    7. Our great purpose is complete substitution of the current monetary system for the new Computational Monetary System that generates income and it creates universal unique coin with support in computation without being physical coin and utilization as fundamental Usuarist Principles

    8. Therefore, it causes the circulation of the wealth, it generates the abundance instead of the scarcity and it eliminates the waste and the idleness

    9. It generates innovative operational process that guarantees the obtaining of proposed results by the agreed organizations through its goals or accomplishment compromises with the investors and its beneficiaries, without there is finality deviation or inadequate utilization of the collected resources

    10. Therefore, there is need of change of the economic model, because the reality exhibits that the cause of the problem is systemic and structural in that the current system with base in the consumer society generates the myopia of the economic growth that needs to consume to generate employment and tributary revenue for state-owned need even causing the destruction of the planet

    11. For instance, the State generates economic recession that puts an end to the productive park that it was built by private investment, it increases contracted debts in dollars for companies when monetary authorities devaluate country’ coin, it causes high indebtedness when it forces high interests to avoid inflation

    12. It burns billion of organizational resources to produce thousands of products that stay idle or stored awaiting customers, it executes production under intention that generates expenses and they inflate its prices for later to place at the market with intensive propagandas, promotions or prizes to attract customers for the inflexibility of the retrograde economic system that obligates it to have fixed cost

    13. This a lot of money generates the force of the capital financier in a concentrated way for the current financial system in any country

    14. This happens because immense values circulate in the documental forms among the involved agents with the information technology utilization that generates rapid power to make decisions in the application of resources for gain or strategic flight of the loss

    15. Besides, the current system decimates the planet, it abandons most of the people, it conduces other people to make illicit acts to survive, it generates a garbage trash and it transforms our Earth in enormous garbage can, if we don’t stop with the consumerism, we will pollute until the sidereal space

    16. Now, so expected dream can take place! It is enough that the collaborating altruists and social sponsors believe that is possible to build something new that it generates accomplishment power, it is only enough the change of the systematics or current procedure, so much of who invests socially as those that accomplish the social benefit

    17. The new systematics generates abundance instead of the scarcity with to total circulation of the wealth, advantage of all the products that are idle or stored in the homes and in the companies, without the waste or need to produce billion of products to maintain the production or the employment

    18. The Project eliminates chain of possessions on the production process, it generates automatic income as working capital, without any cost and it puts an end to the lack of money for wealth production

    19. o) Elimination of the million of labor processes that involve questions of payments of wages or labor laws because the new systematics generates income the all the people without the need of the vinculum to the employment, consequently the employers are liberated of the need of this payment

    20. The systematics generates immense economy of organizational resources because it eliminates the cost of the bureaucracy and idleness of the applied resources

    21. Its application generates billion of opportunities for generation of income with distributary justice, as well as the production of products or services with quality, completeness and ecological conscience, without excluding any human being

    22. generates income to the agreed organizations (economic agent) so that they accomplish the production of the goods, products and services with payment of its transactions through the Price “Real” to validate the process of its suppliers

    23. This generates the continuous cycle of the economic prison of the countries or in debt organizations in an eternal rolling of the debt with payment of accumulative interests

    24. Finally, the solution of the foreign debt and national debt interests for all sectors of the economy and of the human society, it can be creditors, debtors, citizens, producers and governments, because it pays with very little investment what was considered priceless, it generates benefits for 100% of the population, it eliminates the misery, it puts an end to the lack of income and it activates the economic development, without favoritism and without being privilege for minorities

    25. For this reason, the XUSING Project accomplishes so necessary change of the current economic model through new systematics that generates the abundance of income and of products, without the need of overproductions and without the countries lose its autonomy and wealth

    26. It causes the international involvement with immediate action, it solves global problems, it generates conditions for the payment of the foreign debt and it avoids the isolation of the countries

    27. Its systematics generates full and continuous income for all the people to enjoy the wealth in the form of products and services, it also generates abundant income for the public and private corporations produce the wealth

    28. This new System generates CAPITUS: Universal Pattern Virtual Coin without being physical that facilitates the transactions anywhere in the world, where individual and corporation receive income and they pay its commitments national or international with the Virtual Coin, without needing of exchange or reserves in dollars or other coin to guarantee the purchasing power or of trades

    29. 44 million inhabitants, it also generates the income that puts an end to vicious cycle of poverty and of the social abandonment, turning the sovereign and independent country, without hurting vested rights

    30. 288 billion dollars, however it generates fantastic results

    31. These current archaic models induce the concentration of the wealth and it generates the financial prison, which always protects the interest of the profit, without solving the social problem of all

    32. Our Project economizes those trillion dollars annually and it generates socioeconomic power to benefit the immense Chinese population, without excluding absolutely anybody

    33. PART that generates guaranteed income to the

    34. systematics generates income for this activity and

    35. that generates income in agreement with temporary

    36. result of that process generates income in a linked

    37. systematics so that it generates the power of actuation of the

    38. It generates abundance of organizational resources, products and services through the circulation of the wealth, without there to be its definitive possession as property

    39. The divine intelligence called Karma is responsible for this plan and generates experiences according to our learning plan and the time that we require to learn each lesson that comes with it

    40. The interesting point is that this systematics builds the wealth of the nations and of the people; it generates partnership in the competitiveness to the organizations with effective control of the goals and the certainty of the conquest of fantastic results for the development and individual and collective progress

    41. It’s that wonderful divine program that generates the time and type of reincarnations, as well as our lives’ teaching and experiences according to our spiritual weaknesses or to our next lesson in our learning schedule

    42. This System does with that the wealth appears and generates its abundance, without waste for market lack, without there are the anonymous possessions and transfers of the money among the people

    43. Also, it generates gain opportunity and development to the entrepreneurs of the country that adopting

    44. Therefore, this technology generates great opportunities with its application, besides to activate the market economy and to enrich countries that believe in this lucrative challenge

    45. It generates wealth to the countries, even those underdeveloped countries or totally excluded

    46. The second actuation happens when the value is subjective, that is, the system generates income that guarantees the usufruct of the total wealth of a country for any citizen or person, without generating inflation independently that the prices oscillate according to law of the supply and demand

    47. This avoids the consumerism and the burning of resources through the fixed cost with the storage of machines, materials and products whose large majority generates wastes and it annihilates Planet Earth’s wealth

    48. It generates results that cause bigger gains for the corporations with immense well-being for the whole population, without excluding anybody (something impossible of happening in the capitalism, communism or socialism)

    49. Our Project can substitute the whole state-owned system and to liberate any country of this immense social cost because it generates automatic income for all citizens, organizations and the State, besides satisfying all the socioeconomic necessities of the country with low cost

    50. Organ transplant’s which includes dental implants already generates more than 1 billion US dollars, just in the United States of America alone!

    1. Some insects help to improve the soil through aeration, while others help by generating compost from leaves and other decaying organic matter

    2. "That could mean it went from one in a billion to one in a million, still not cause for generating increased adrenaline," doostEr said

    3. We have to know the truth, are these state changes conducting information or just random noise like energy produces? Or was Thom doing just what he had done, generating a false universe and pretending it is real data? Or was he generating a false universe and believing it was real data? Without understanding how those signals actually originated, there was no way to tell

    4. He was even more concerned about whatever was generating these signals interfering with this experiment

    5. "Could the Curitiba have left a decoy generating the signals you are using to track it?"

    6. “I think we are generating something more like an immune response than a conscious treatment program

    7. This case was still generating more questions than answers

    8. Different affiliates use different methods of generating traffic

    9. Grassroots marketing meant hitting the pavement, building relationships and generating a buzz

    10. generating more stress than they could handle - a wise decision on

    11. There are so many quite different ways of generating Traffic, that I could talk for ever about this alone

    12. additional steps for testing and improving the process, generating more traffic,

    13. Kurt also knew that the major farms and generating systems were monitored by Security, but so far he had not heard or seen any patrols in the air and on the water

    14. They used two huge half-gigawatt fusion reactors, generating a massive electric current to feed through the coils of its four jet ion-drive

    15. Yet, Evolutionists will not acknowledge the fact that a designer is required for generating a design and would argue that this process can occur spontaneously, by chance, if allowed enough time

    16. “Because the ship is generating the field,” the engineer said, as though that made it all clear

    17. No doubt they would be touring the area for a while, generating maximum glory for their respective services

    18. We had to build an entire generating complex to get that kind of capacity, especially as we preferred to remain anonymous

    19. They came to a tributary stream and followed it, moving fast and rather recklessly as far a generating noise was concerned

    20. "Importantly," the Maguire Energy Institute noted, "these are primarily high-wage jobs generating about $7

    21. electric utility regulations will subtract between 46 and 76 giga-watts of generating capacity by 2015…

    22. The new system creates design or shell that acts on the current system to generate the social and economic power through integration and Third Sector’s participation, without injuring existent laws and without generating additional costs

    23. With that, the Project eliminates the fixed cost and waste, besides generating the abundance of products and services

    24. With that, it corrects the flaw of the current economic model, generating income mainly for the billion of excluded human beings through the passive activities or active activities that exist in any country, without breaking its economy, without any capital loss or work and without there is vinculum to the employment

    25. This method does with that each Area of Activity participates in the project of execution of another Area of Activity in a dynamical way with only its principal task, without generating fixed cost

    26. It accomplishes all its control, installation of the structure and operation in the virtuality through the electronic computation, without generating bureaucracy or repetition of any document type in paper form or register

    27. How can anybody guarantee that the forgiven amount is invested at the own country, without emission of money or new loan? Only our Project guarantees, therefore it has the mechanism of incorporating that forgiven amount of 240 billion dollars in effective investment, without using the physical money, without generating inflation and without the transfer process to occur among people

    28. the consumption and new manner of generating

    29. checking account holder of Bank3Sector, without generating

    30. Each organization only executes its task and it acts dynamicalally, without generating fixed cost, that is, activates its activities when the customer appears and it disables its tasks when market doesn’t exist

    31. The book obtains the feat of exhibiting to the reader whole operation of this theory and how all areas of the human activity act for production and service through Usuarist Projects to act in a dynamical way, without generating fixed cost

    32. Its functions make possible the generation of income for all the people, independently that they are employed, without generating upset to the economy of the country

    33. The second actuation happens when the value is subjective, that is, the system generates income that guarantees the usufruct of the total wealth of a country for any citizen or person, without generating inflation independently that the prices oscillate according to law of the supply and demand

    34. The rest of the week was spent establishing a base line for her business by generating

    35. Corporate leaders see our young troops as expendable, as long as they keep generating wealth

    36. But what will our attacker experience from generating anger and harming us? Because we provided an object for his anger, he will find unhappiness in this life and plant seeds for a future hellish rebirth [if, for example, his anger persists and even becomes uncontrollable rage]

    37. Her hands had a faint pink glow about them, as if they were generating the heat themselves, and instinctively I wanted to jerk away, but I was paralyzed by her touch

    38. in generating additional cash or what to start a proven cash generator, either on the side or full

    39. Prefecture was the country’s first and began generating electricity in 1966

    40. terms, sex therapists call the art of generating sexual energy

    41. The terrain was forested with a kind of thorn tree and laurels and still rather dry so we had to be careful of giving ourselves away by generating a dust cloud

    42. Having a healthy body as well as a healthy mind Hamish could see would be the only way he could ever convince Rachael that he really loved her; some nights when he was alone he would sit in his wheel chair close his eyes, hold his arms out and then just concentrate on generating his energy, willing Rachael back to him

    43. generating all the traffic to the giveaway and there is a WordPress plug-in that you can use to

    44. The next way I want to talk about generating leads is using integrated cross-promotions

    45. “The UFO08’s body is generating heat as it passes through the air

    46. you that is capable of thinking, generating ideas, and

    47. 1Random numbers are used in both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography as a way of generating keys and for the random values used in the operation of some algorithms

    48. · Generating qualified leads will take time

    49. Generating quality leads requires constant interaction and engagement with your followers so that you are viewed as a credible professional and an authority or expert in your niche

    50. People now want instant gratification and making them do any kind of work will only put them off and defeat the objective of generating leads in the first place

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