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    1. ‘As you command, Sire

    2. “Two years ago, the cursed beast that guards this vineyard, the very sire of Cerberus, it

    3. “I needn't have been coated as Enthilesté, but Sire Alviss wasn't taking any chances

    4. The farmer bowed, and with his head down, he replied, “Barrin, sire

    5. They respond to the order of their sire only

    6. “Yes, Sire,” Jeddah said

    7. “How are you feeling, Sire?” He held out the cup

    8. “Good night, Sire

    9. “Of course! What can I do, Sire?”

    10. “I’ve identified some of Hollowcrest’s cronies, Sire,” Dunn said

    11. “Are you sure you don’t want to start with one of the lower ranking traitors, Sire?” Dunn asked

    12. “That was well played, Sire,” Dunn said

    13. "Yes Sire," was all he could muster

    14. Without thinking, the words "Yes, Sire," spilled from his mouth

    15. "Yes Sire, it's true

    16. Joseph rose and responded, "I'm sure she will Sire

    17. "Sire, I'm always honest and forthright with my opinions

    18. Sire, we all have thoughts but non of us really know what's causing this or even how its spreading

    19. "The Baroness may inadvertently become a danger to you and Ruby Sire

    20. "No Sire, we don't have any firm evidence

    21. "Yes Sire," Arlen knew it was not going to work, but he wasn't going to be the one who said so

    22. “It is, sire, along with his sister and her family

    23. “You may be right, sire, but I recall he resigned rather than unjustly arrest his friend, your ancestor Juchi, as ordered by the Khan

    24. “I have decided to return to the old land, sire

    25. “Theodore has always been scrupulously honest with me, sire

    26. “Thank you for your concern and advice, sire

    27. “What is that, sire?”

    28. “There are three ships, sire,” I continued

    29. “What will you do with them, sire?” I asked

    30. “I’m sorry, sire,” I quickly said

    31. “The titles are honors without meaning, sire,” I told the Khakhan

    32. “I must tell you, sire, you are the first sovereign to dine with me in this way

    33. My eyes closed tightly and I remembered my Sire, and the day that he had turned me like it was yesterday

    34. However my sire said there was no proof of the story’s validity

    35. Had Levi brought me here as a ritual gift for his sire, was Adrinius close by?

    36. Connor must have watched his sire in awe as he gallivanted across town in his silks and satin robes, planting his seed in every corner, being loved and adored by women everywhere without ever loving

    37. I wavered, wishing to walk to where my father desired to lead me to at a slower pace, increasing the longevity of my dream but my sire wouldn’t have it, he was never one for wasting time in laziness and he pulled me with him

    38. My sire peered upon his daughter adorably the way only a father could, all too aware of the harshness and cruelty of the world we lived in

    39. My sire smiled at me, leading me to it

    40. I hadn’t mastered the art yet; my sire was robbed from me before he could ever teach me

    41. Only my sire had this power

    42. My brother was a lost cause, his being had been consumed so violently with revulsion against our common sire, defending his own father to him would have been a wasted effort

    43. But for my new birthday, my sire had designed a dress which weighed more than me, or at least that is what it felt like when our maids first put it on me

    44. “Your father knew just when to sire you, at your most sensual, didn’t he Mallika?” the women giggled, running their fingers playfully across my neck and back, all over my satin skin

    45. While I cried uncontrollably, I felt like I had all those years before, after my Sire had ordered Jacques to take me to India following the ordeal that had befallen him

    46. Had our Sire known of the consequences earlier, he would have been more careful in his selection of drinking buddies back in the old days

    47. sire, fear, anger, and the mind says — this is me, this is mine

    48. My mind drifted back to last night as my eyes burrowed in confusion at what had transpired between us when I had tried to sire him

    49. sire to hold on to it, that creates the problem

    50. sire and fear, there is not much hope

    1. It was true that 'Virgin birth sired by God himself' had been a popular tale told by girls in ancient times on this planet and many thousands were documented and hundreds had significant numbers of followers

    2. born to a lair-witch, and sired by a Daemon Lord of

    3. sired them, but showed little interest beyond that

    4. ‘Did you know that your husband had sired a child by

    5. ‘We have evidence that he sired a child by one of

    6. After all, Polyphemus wasn’t sired by a ram

    7. Elenir nodded but added, “It so happens that in one of our myths it's suggested that Lúthien was sired by the creator, Eru Ilúvatar, and the great Pantheress, Bast---the supreme Huntress and protector of women!”

    8. and then, they sired a child

    9. But Brock's greatest shock came when he learnt that Skelda was not only Soffen's father, but had also sired Darkburst and Broshee as well

    10. No need to have sired help

    11. “Someone in love with a vampire who has sired three vampires in the last twenty years

    12. Chloe should have known he wouldn’t have just let the sired vampies brush to the side

    13. George knew from living under the wing of the house that sired vampires were to see their maker as their family; because they were connected by blood just like real biological family

    14. Nolan didn’t see them as important and doubted he would care much about them yet felt a connection to them never the less by the fault- due to his beliefs on the link of those sired

    15. She found that she was making allies, spirits of people who had worshipped vampires in another realm, not hers or the earth where she sired George

    16. their own protection and to assure that any children born are sired by the supporter

    17. “I was sired by Adrinius and Jiva here”, he noted pointing at his sister

    18. Could it be? I mentally pondered, hoping against hope that it wasn’t, that he hadn’t been turned, because if I hadn’t sired him they were only two options left, and TJ wouldn’t believe either of them

    19. I looked at Levi, studying his eyes sceptically, was it possible that Levi was a vampire and didn’t even know it? Had Adrinius sired him without his knowledge? I blinked my eyes in disbelief, holding Levi’s hands on my face with mine, entwining our fingers, peering into his worried eyes and analysing my situation

    20. “We could have sired amazingly” his eyes lighted up with the mischievous thought

    21. “I find it ironic that you may love the one I sired so passionately in my devotion to you” he mused

    22. He should never have sired us the way he did” my brother jeered

    23. Analysing them now, I could almost bet my top dollar, if I had one on me, that they were sired on drunken rampages when their fathers and mothers were so intoxicated they couldn’t care less about whose lives they were ruining

    24. And then as it was now, connected to Dracula, his sired children would end the only life I ever remembered having

    25. “You claim this child whom you sired against our sacred oath?”

    26. It‘s his turn to take care of the unfortunate youth he sired

    27. ’ Both body and voice seemed to shrink, as he added, ‘I’m ashamed to have sired him

    28. But he had bred Boirach, who sired his daughter Sjeen, a giant woman Muo, who led the new troops of nycarmans and vradruuks alike into Calquax

    29. her, and the child he had sired

    30. Something that Spock may have done, Garcia remembered, for he seemed to recall a tangent where Spock had sired a son on that planet

    31. There’s no telling how many kids I would have sired by now had I not been on birth

    32. was so obviously sired by this incredibly hand-

    33. of power, that superb human being who had sired

    34. “It is the common rumor, as you know, that Slovan is the illegitimate offspring of King Argon, sired prior to his marriage into my family

    35. In Greece, a man's worth is measured by the number of children he has sired

    36. The only small trouble is that most of us fail to achieve this de sired aims

    37. Any cubs not sired by him he kills

    38. He has already sired four strong,

    39. They were killed so the most healthy intelligent girls and women would never have babies sired by these millions of healthy boys and men and give birth to babies who were even healthier that they were

    40. We were sired and bred to be steel implements of destruction with intellects as hard as ice

    41. “Do you know who sired Leann and Leara?”

    42. She was a registered American Saddlebred, her official name spelled out in grandiose glory on the breeder’s association certificate that came with her: Stonewall’s Highland Nancy, sired by Stonewall Sensation and foaled by Mack’s Golden Queen

    43. Seven gods there are, and seven kingdoms, and the Black Dragon sired seven sons! Rise up, my lords and ladies

    1. sires to communicate with us

    2. sires and fears that make the mind restless

    3. sires and fears and inane blunders

    4. sires and fears not understood

    5. sires and fears and at once your vision will clear and you shall

    6. sires, and fears in another so that we can understand or predict behaviors with greater fulfillment

    7. Reality’s duality: delusion sires forgetfulness

    8. When money sires money, it produces the potential for greater ownership

    9. instinctual love of money as symbol of survival is elaborated into the art of making luv to money, which sires the evil child, ReveNuluv

    10. The rams had defended themselves better than the ewes and some would be able to perform their vital role as sires of his new breed of Dorset upland sheep

    11. bond, you might say, as do all vampires and their Sires

    12. sires the Union maintained and preserved intact by the

    13. Sons with mothers, sires with daughters, lesbic sisters, loves that dare not speak their name, nephews with grandmothers, jailbirds with keyholes, queens with prize bulls

    14. From that portion Bard will himself contribute to the aid of Esgaroth; but if Thorin would have the friendship and honour of the lands about, as his sires had of old, then he will give also somewhat of his own for the comfort of the men of the Lake

    15. of Isildur and Anbrion, my sires of old

    16. 'And this I remember of Boromir as a boy, when we together learned the tale of our sires and the history of our city, that always it displeased him

    17. sires; but for you in all the lands of the West there will ever be a

    18. Golden Hall for the great feast and put away sorrow; for Thjoden had lived to full years and ended in honour no less than the greatest of his sires

    19. But no longer snuffing in the trail of the wild beasts of the woodland, Tashtego now hunted in the wake of the great whales of the sea; the unerring harpoon of the son fitly replacing the infallible arrow of the sires

    20. Inasmuch, then, as this Leviathan comes floundering down upon us from the head-waters of the Eternities, it may be fitly inquired, whether, in the long course of his generations, he has not degenerated from the original bulk of his sires

    21. Speaker, there is another and a much more numerous class, composed of such as through defect of age can claim no share in the glories of our Revolution; such as have not yet been blest with the happy opportunity of "playing the man" for their country; generous sons of illustrious sires; men, not to be deterred from fulfilling the high obligations they owe to this people by the sight of foul and offensive weapons

    1. even being considered for the enormous role of siring the next generation of Nightchildren

    2. At least they could blame their gluttony as an excuse, unlike Adrinius and Zacchaeus who seemed to be on a mission to create the stupidest species that has ever existed, siring wherever and whenever with absolute disregard for the types of humans they were turning

    3. The jock was walking away, and all I could think was that someone else was going to be siring my Levi

    4. Devoted as he was to his wife, and siring her children, Muhammad began to spend his life amiably in relative comfort

    5. Henry the Eighth is another perfect example of how a genetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally diseased King: was unable to establish a dynasty because he was impotent… and conveniently blamed his wives for it, and killed them for the sin of not siring a male heir

    6. The lies spread about him siring babies are disgusting

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