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    1. "The entangled photons should be reaching the target very soon, then we will have another five minutes for any effect to propagate back here

    2. One to propagate it

    3. There was a rushing sound for a moment as he felt the air rush past his skin, tugging at him as it did so, then a total silence descended as there was no longer any atmosphere for sound to propagate within

    4. When the authorized teachers of religion propagate through the great body of the people, doctrines subversive of the authority of the sovereign, it is by violence only, or by the force of a standing army, that he can maintain his authority

    5. tranquillity, however, and his own security, may frequently depend upon the doctrines which they may think proper to propagate concerning such matters

    6. European culture is going to be killed, country after country, due to the fact that the leaders hide their collective head in the sand and tax their people to death in order to provide social services for an invading army of which they are terrified, and of course do not bear children enough to propagate themselves, let alone catch up with their Moslem additions to their populations

    7. Those few in the beginning who were able to become aware of the possibility of a presence beyond their ability to sense it directly many times survived to propagate another generation

    8. In general, the orchards of that “dioecious” plant, which means that it needs a male and female plant to propagate

    9. We must propagate the message

    10. can propagate as loops of string that don’t need a surface to stick to So

    1. But she had been pulled into this universe at the instant the tangler beam reached the dark body, not five minutes later when the effect had propagated back to Gordon’s Lamp

    2. unleashed this calamity and propagated their

    3. Among all the absurd speculations that have been propagated concerning the balance of trade, it has never been pretended that either the country loses by its commerce with the town, or the town by that with the country which maintains it

    4. That it was the spirit of monopoly which originally both invented and propagated this doctrine, cannot be doubted and they who first taught it, were by no means such fools as they who believed it

    5. ” One should rationalize that if suffering could be propagated, then by the same token, happiness too could be cultivated

    6. For a very long time we have propagated an environment of separation

    7. To prevent the breed of our sheep from being propagated in foreign countries, seems to have been the object of this law

    8. But should the sovereign attempt irregularly, and by violence, to deprive any number of clergymen of their freeholds, on account, perhaps, of their having propagated, with more than ordinary zeal, some factious or seditious doctrine, he would only render, by such persecution, both them and their doctrine ten times more popular, and therefore ten times more troublesome and dangerous, than they had been before

    9. They were propagated with all that enthusiastic zeal which commonly animates the spirit of party, when it attacks established authority

    10. Shri Maharaj propagated the path of devotion and Love on the largest

    1. Be generous, spread happiness and see how it propagates in your neighborhood

    2. far, so a vibration results, generating an alfvén wave that propagates along

    3. “To the priest and nuns that propagates the devotion of adoration, I will grant many special graces, the complete recognition of their sins and the grace to amend them

    4. On the one hand, Li Hongzhi propagates that Dafa disciples shall cul-

    5. advertising that propagates itself the way viruses do

    6. As this authority figure, he propagates

    7. As for the one who propagates the scripture,

    8. that propagates itself the way viruses do”

    9. It propagates from cuttings or slips

    10. That which I say, do or think in my own (and in your) “now” propagates in hundreds of thousands of variants of very similar situations

    1. (Read: Conservative Blacks!) Although it is not my intention to marginalize the organization‘s historical importance (or value) for peoples of color, its neo-radical, oftentimes racist agenda has long abandoned its intended purpose of advancing civil rights and equal opportunity in favor of consolidating a political power base in a manner that incorrectly defines the ―needs‖ of its ―constituents‖ by propagating the meanest forms of race-baiting that (otherwise) serve to advance political ambition by fanning artificial expectations that have lost much of their historical relevancy

    2. But what people forget is that he was insistent at propagating fear

    3. Socialist Tactics Infiltration of the institutions of public education has been a highly successful activity for propagating the false message of Socialism

    4. Indirect deaths as the result of his drug and prostitution rings and his role in propagating Latin American rebels are in the thousands

    5. ‘Tell John, he’s their slave; spends half his life watering and the other half propagating

    6. But Li Hongzhi is openly against the showing of filial piety and respect to parents, announcing that it's wrong to seek medical care for relatives , propagating that to respect parents is

    7. propagating equally defective offspring

    8. Those priests became early examples of “experts” with a biased interest in propagating their own position

    9. Propagating the unquestioned value systems of schools is one way

    10. useful tool in teaching for the status quo, for propagating unquestioning

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    propagate broadcast circularise circularize circulate diffuse disperse disseminate distribute pass around spread promulgate transmit communicate reproduce generate engender father multiply procreate