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    1. "The entangled photons should be reaching the target very soon, then we will have another five minutes for any effect to propagate back here

    2. One to propagate it

    3. There was a rushing sound for a moment as he felt the air rush past his skin, tugging at him as it did so, then a total silence descended as there was no longer any atmosphere for sound to propagate within

    4. When the authorized teachers of religion propagate through the great body of the people, doctrines subversive of the authority of the sovereign, it is by violence only, or by the force of a standing army, that he can maintain his authority

    5. tranquillity, however, and his own security, may frequently depend upon the doctrines which they may think proper to propagate concerning such matters

    6. European culture is going to be killed, country after country, due to the fact that the leaders hide their collective head in the sand and tax their people to death in order to provide social services for an invading army of which they are terrified, and of course do not bear children enough to propagate themselves, let alone catch up with their Moslem additions to their populations

    7. Those few in the beginning who were able to become aware of the possibility of a presence beyond their ability to sense it directly many times survived to propagate another generation

    8. In general, the orchards of that “dioecious” plant, which means that it needs a male and female plant to propagate

    9. We must propagate the message

    10. can propagate as loops of string that don’t need a surface to stick to So

    11. version" that the social establishment will seek to propagate and defend

    12. “Those who believe in the simple truths I have laid down can propagate them only by living them

    13. Just the same, though all religions propagate the word that God created the world, nevertheless their scriptures differ about the way He went about it

    14. All those who propagate the holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities

    15. I didn’t know either that different kinds can’t mutually propagate

    16. What would she do inside in a whole day? Comb her gray hair in front of the big mirror? Propagate all the plants? What if she gets tired and wants to take a rest? Would she sit or lie on the ground and fall asleep? These questions helped us stick on the first assumption

    17. myth they propound, indulge in or propagate

    18. long as they propagate unclean thoughts

    19. The radar waves were able to propagate through the hull of the battleship and soon gave Tom an approximate map of the inside of the aft portion of the enemy ship

    20. to enhance and propagate itself,

    21. Because, the simplest processes with the least causation or input variability are more likely to propagate independently than processes of increasing

    22. an intolerant, hateful culture are very likely to propagate the same hate and intolerance

    23. by design to propagate the

    24. If we assume he was converted to energy and beamed from the nearest star to us that energy would propagate through space at the speed of light and would take over forty years to arrive here

    25. To propagate the plant, use small pieces of bent wire or hairpin to secure the plantlets

    26. And what about the ‘FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation’ that the constitution provides for! What of the individual dignity of those Hindus who fall prey for the inducements, known to be offered by the Church, for them to embrace the Son of an alien God! Thus, is not the creed of the Church to propagate its faith that causes the poor of the land to lose their dignity is at odds with our constitutional spirit itself?

    27. The blame should rather be appor-tioned among those who propagate delusions in the name of dharm

    28. Then what about those who propagate more than one

    29. That actually took place in the middle of the last century, when the atheistical communistic ideas set to sneak into these societies and propagate such poisonous thoughts

    30. They reproduce and propagate from one another and nobody is distinguished from another concerning this side

    31. So, what is wrong with those who believe this superstition of ‘one step’ and believe the charlatans who propagate it?! Are they brainless?!

    32. So, with this lie which has been fabricated against a venerable companion, those who propagate it countermand the words of the messenger (cpth)

    33. the DNS to propagate

    34. (core)side ,crack formed would propagate to the periphery, very easily, as the

    35. On the other hand, the lush vegetation reminds us that the Hero's vitality is the force of life itself, striving to preserve and propagate itself and its kind, for Mars also fortifies and protects domesticated plants and animals

    36. grid looking stuff used in ceiling lighting to propagate these zoanthids

    37. Shadows can be born of memory, light the means of confidence, destruction the fruits of consequence, and nature, once given the greatest of meanings, can impose upon the world flora and fauna that can propagate the world one time over

    38. The media in the United States exists under the protections of the First Amendment to propagate speech unfettered by government control

    39. For the most part that is okay provided their resources are used to actually propagate speech rather than erect artificial barriers hindering alternative forms of media as embodied by the decision requiring audio websites to pay fees not extracted from traditional radio stations

    40. And aren’t we lying to the children when we propagate the illusion that their parents care for them? By giving them a gift with the parent’s name on it, aren’t we in effect saying, “Well Susie, daddy might be an ax-murder, but he’s still a swell guy

    41. While this analogy is not absolute, it is not without merit since the Saudis propagate an ecclesiastical influence beyond their kingdom by sponsoring mosques and religious schools around the globe

    42. I used the term “spherical” (that is, limited by a sphere) to form a qualitatively new Conception of “spheroidicity” — any type of creative wave Configuration dynamics of Forms of Collective Intelligences; the dynamics propagate duvuyllerrtly, uniformly and simultaneously in the entire multidimensionality of infinite Directions of interquality force interrelations typical of this Universe

    43. Why does it happen? As we know, any force interrelations between Collective Intelligences of different types have the property of slloogrentness (holographousness) and propagate themselves into infinity

    44. It is because slloogrent VVU-Configurations of the Formo-Creators of the brain — simultaneously and in a single moment — propagate into all biological realizational Forms used by You, including the ones, through which other biological analogs of the NUU-VVU-Formo-Types of your LLUU-VVU-Form also manifest simultaneously with you in their “now”, irrespective of the Time Flows where they perceive themselves “now”

    45. a position to propagate the truths that the collectivity needs to face

    46. Now I see that the face of our dear Uksstukkullur has an expression of obvious perplexity and I imagine how arrogantly and haughtily all physicists will object my statement saying that even schoolchildren know that sound and color have different nature: sound is longitudinal oscillations of dense-material medium, which propagate in the form of sequences of as if “moving” bunches of this medium (as waves at sea), and color, that is, electromagnetic radiation, is the propagation of an electromagnetic Field

    47. gives more people the opportunity to commit that very same violation as they propagate the

    48. uphold those values, and would then propagate them through their interactions with others,

    49. Particles with mass propagate at a speed which is lower than light speed and cannot become equal to it, because at relativistic velocities their mass increases up to infinity when approaching light speed

    50. For example, excitations of such field structures of RRGLUU-VVU as flakses, which, being creatively activated on their typical Levels of the 4th-5th dimensions of Space-Time, not only propagate within their own (flaks) space-time structures (iskon Fields-Consciousnesses) but also spheroidally penetrate into other Levels of dimensions and retransform in borderline resopasons into elementary particles typical of each of these Levels, — in 3

    1. But she had been pulled into this universe at the instant the tangler beam reached the dark body, not five minutes later when the effect had propagated back to Gordon’s Lamp

    2. unleashed this calamity and propagated their

    3. Among all the absurd speculations that have been propagated concerning the balance of trade, it has never been pretended that either the country loses by its commerce with the town, or the town by that with the country which maintains it

    4. That it was the spirit of monopoly which originally both invented and propagated this doctrine, cannot be doubted and they who first taught it, were by no means such fools as they who believed it

    5. ” One should rationalize that if suffering could be propagated, then by the same token, happiness too could be cultivated

    6. For a very long time we have propagated an environment of separation

    7. To prevent the breed of our sheep from being propagated in foreign countries, seems to have been the object of this law

    8. But should the sovereign attempt irregularly, and by violence, to deprive any number of clergymen of their freeholds, on account, perhaps, of their having propagated, with more than ordinary zeal, some factious or seditious doctrine, he would only render, by such persecution, both them and their doctrine ten times more popular, and therefore ten times more troublesome and dangerous, than they had been before

    9. They were propagated with all that enthusiastic zeal which commonly animates the spirit of party, when it attacks established authority

    10. Shri Maharaj propagated the path of devotion and Love on the largest

    11. Apostle Bartholomew (Apostle Nathaniel of the Gospel for India) Preached in several countries and having translated the Gospel of Matthew into the language of India he propagated it in that country

    12. Who could have predicted that the ‘relativism’ of morals and history now propagated by

    13. Who could have predicted that the ‘relativism’ of morals and rewritten history now propagated by ‘liberals’ and their influence in our schools could have such far-reaching and negative effects upon the policymaking of those now in big government or upon the perception of so many citizens?

    14. Their point of view is propagated through our federalized school system in teaching distorted history and maligning the

    15. That unilateral point of view is reinforced and propagated daily by the media

    16. In a word, when Socialism’s worth is propagated through aspersions of individuals and Capitalism, as socialists do by maligning and trying to discredit the system of Capitalism, then Socialism’s weaknesses are masked and are harder to detect, but the results are still negative

    17. In the BZ experiment an acid was mixed with bromine producing fascinating geometric patterns such as concentric circles and Archimedean spirals that propagated across the medium

    18. is propagated through a moral code, like the Ten Commandments of Judaism or The Way of

    19. Every time I concluded my answers, the clamor of the room propagated with major intensity under the screams of magicians and enchantresses who were condemning my speech

    20. "But--that's just a common misconception propagated by literature and such," spoke Doug

    21. Given that the concept of Vishnu’s Avatars, propagated by the puranas, came to be a feature of the Hindu belief well before the advent of The Buddha, one might agree that the theory of evolution was not all that modern after all

    22. Thatch is actually the above-soil runner accumulation, which is propagated by the lawn’s grass

    23. and fraud who propagated an IQ fallacy that bedeviled British schools for

    24. propagated by individuals who are in the dog meat industry and

    25. All evidence points to subliminal learning being a hoax first propagated by a

    26. She probably owed that offer to her highly publicized shootout with the Taliban in Bala Buluk, captured live by a BBC news crew and then propagated on YouTube around the World

    27. The Japanese propagated that they were merely adopting the same policy as the Americans had in the previous century with their “Monroe Doctrine” (America for the Americans)

    28. Max and Carla were amazed at the speed the wave propagated across the ocean

    29. idea and propagated it

    30. The overall negative effects propagated dark times; society’s mood was bleak

    31. falsehoods propagated by the greed of breeders, pet sellers and registration organizations

    32. How it propagated its species

    33. That message was now being played every hour on the news channels in the Jovian System and had now reached Earth, starting numerous intense debates between various ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ but also doing a lot to disprove a number of alarmist warnings about the aliens that had been propagated by a number of xenophobic loud mouths

    34. As I look at it, at this moment, it may be safe to say that what I may have planted has already propagated many other healthy seedlings that guarantee enough surviving so that there may be many more successful harvests in the years ahead

    35. “And since sound is still propagated through

    36. have to wait a few days for your domain name to be propagated

    37. fault was only this that they provided shelter to those who propagated culture and

    38. known to have severely punished those who propagated pretence and

    39. It is not that only Charvak1 has propagated such a view; it will be there so long as the human psyche is subject to the rise and ebb of divine and devilish instincts

    40. Later, in the 18th century Maupertuis propagated the theory of biparental inheritance

    41. Instead of treating our unique traits as a disease or unfavorable mutation, they were revered, preserved, and propagated

    42. or induce a case of the dry heaves at the thought of fragging it, it can be quite easily propagated

    43. How to Frag Frogspawn : Most of the frogspawns nowadays are hopefully captively propagated,

    44. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Not sure if this species has been propagated in captivity

    45. Try to understand that ODS is not at all one Continuum but duvuyllerrtly propagated Continuums structured by various Time Flows

    46. Notwithstanding all these facts available to science it still is propagated that mass forms the allocated

    47. Science has propagated the idea that the Universe is a random series of events

    48. When the assault, propagated by lower mind, does not affect our consciousness then mind becomes confused and starts loosing its grip and force

    49. When our consciousness is alert and well trenched to safeguard its integrity, it starts ignoring the urges propagated by ego-mind and takes no action upon them, it simply ‘lets go’ all the traps thrown by ego-mind

    50. were also created and propagated by the Vatican’s secret cabals

    1. Be generous, spread happiness and see how it propagates in your neighborhood

    2. far, so a vibration results, generating an alfvén wave that propagates along

    3. “To the priest and nuns that propagates the devotion of adoration, I will grant many special graces, the complete recognition of their sins and the grace to amend them

    4. On the one hand, Li Hongzhi propagates that Dafa disciples shall cul-

    5. advertising that propagates itself the way viruses do

    6. As this authority figure, he propagates

    7. As for the one who propagates the scripture,

    8. that propagates itself the way viruses do”

    9. It propagates from cuttings or slips

    10. That which I say, do or think in my own (and in your) “now” propagates in hundreds of thousands of variants of very similar situations

    11. negative and back again as it propagates through space—kind of like a

    12. In this way a man gathers a domain in his neighbors' hope and fear as well as gratitude; and power, when once it has got into that subtle region, propagates itself, spreading out of all proportion to its external means

    13. The hub propagates the signals entering through any one of its ports out through all of the other ports so that the signals transmitted by each computer reach all the other computers

    14. A basic repeating hub is essentially an electrical device that propagates incoming packets to all available ports without discrimination

    15. The relay node simply propagates this transaction to other relay nodes, allowing the transaction to quickly propagate everywhere and to everyone

    1. (Read: Conservative Blacks!) Although it is not my intention to marginalize the organization‘s historical importance (or value) for peoples of color, its neo-radical, oftentimes racist agenda has long abandoned its intended purpose of advancing civil rights and equal opportunity in favor of consolidating a political power base in a manner that incorrectly defines the ―needs‖ of its ―constituents‖ by propagating the meanest forms of race-baiting that (otherwise) serve to advance political ambition by fanning artificial expectations that have lost much of their historical relevancy

    2. But what people forget is that he was insistent at propagating fear

    3. Socialist Tactics Infiltration of the institutions of public education has been a highly successful activity for propagating the false message of Socialism

    4. Indirect deaths as the result of his drug and prostitution rings and his role in propagating Latin American rebels are in the thousands

    5. ‘Tell John, he’s their slave; spends half his life watering and the other half propagating

    6. But Li Hongzhi is openly against the showing of filial piety and respect to parents, announcing that it's wrong to seek medical care for relatives , propagating that to respect parents is

    7. propagating equally defective offspring

    8. Those priests became early examples of “experts” with a biased interest in propagating their own position

    9. Propagating the unquestioned value systems of schools is one way

    10. useful tool in teaching for the status quo, for propagating unquestioning

    11. India is one country where the population is 100 crore , 80% are uneducated adults People are still propagating practices which are inhman

    12. Hence, one cannot possibly appreciate the mind of a Musalman without understanding the psyche of Muhammad, shaped by the trials and tribulations he encountered in propagating the faith he had founded

    13. Where, after all, will this race of supposed superior beings be, down the road, if its most important propagating part falls apart? Dolly, the unisexually-cloned sheep, proved that sperm’s not needed to replicate our kind (but you do need a womb!

    14. Frost formed across the walls of the apartment, propagating loudly with thunderous cracks, yet the centre of the room felt like a furnace

    15. You have a terrific page about all the tricks you have developed for propagating them

    16. The bartender said, “Well, it can’t relate to our propagating them by planting beds of flowers for their beauty because in the wild, where people have never before gone, great fields of beautiful wild flowers exist

    17. Often though, Christian organizations and ministries are the ones at the forefront of propagating the expectation in the mind of their respective supporters that sincere believers are --- in the words of the Washington Post --- to be uneducated and easy to command

    18. If a discrete wave moves in a circle, for example, in phase, then its Energy (mass) represents rest mass, because a closed wave may be at rest, that is, not propagating in Space-Time formed in definite frequency ranges, — it can manifest its energy-information activity in them in the form of the dynamics either of “quicker” flakses or “slower” doollses

    19. As soon as they discover different-qualitative force interactions, they will immediately need to introduce principles of mutual arrangement of all propagating flows of wave emissions, that is, concerning the way of their mutual polarization

    20. For the propagating of the gospel in foreign parts, and the enlargement of the church by the bringing in of many to it

    21. need, especially with regard to propagating the species

    22. designing, and propagating the founding symbols of the USA

    23. From whatever cause, of which the history is concealed, the kosmokra>topev, or world-rulers of this globe have revolted from God, and have succeeded in propagating their revolt to its human inhabitants, with the result of bringing them decisively under the law of death which has reigned during all past ages

    24. No scholar can doubt that the Greek language received in the hands of the Jews a certain Hebraic education, so to speak, during the three hundred years before Christ, which fitted it more completely for its highest use as the instrument for propagating Christianity; but it may be safely maintained that no part of that education of the language was directed to the overthrow and reversal of the signification of its most familiar words; or to the establishment of rare, idiomatic, and secondary senses, as the primary, leading, and established senses of the chief terms to be employed in offering the revelation of the gospel to mankind, and in making known the penalty for rejecting it

    25. Is it not that we are propagating both abroad and at home a Christianity which is half paralyzed in its two chief forces of hope and fear through the perversions of an unbiblical theology? We fail in thoroughly presenting God's love to the nations,—a love strong enough to melt even Chinese arrogance, and to develop the belief of a real and personal God among Chinese Buddhists,—because we have encumbered, Christianity with a doctrine of hell, so unjust, so indiscriminate, so hardening in its frightful propositions, that men’s consciences refuse to receive it

    26. It is a method of rooting and propagating plants

    27. Examples are Bonsai tools, pruners, extended reach tools, propagating pots, rakes, knives, hoses, shears and snips, power tools and other tools

    28. I certainly cannot think of a better state propagating a message stating that we are serious about containing the obesity epidemic

    29. By using packet filtering, the bridge reduces the amount of excess traffic on the network by not propagating packets needlessly

    30. Even if these take place only at long intervals of time, the young thus produced will gain so much in vigour and fertility over the offspring from long-continued self-fertilisation, that they will have a better chance of surviving and propagating their kind; and thus in the long run the influence of crosses, even at rare intervals, will be great

    31. As in most groups of animals, important organs, such as those for propelling the blood, or for aerating it, or those for propagating the race, are found nearly uniform, they are considered as highly serviceable in classification; but in some groups all these, the most important vital organs, are found to offer characters of quite subordinate value

    32. The belief in the essential identity of the process of alternate generation and of ordinary metamorphosis has been greatly strengthened by Wagner's discovery of the larva or maggot of a fly, namely the Cecidomyia, producing asexually other larvae, and these others, which finally are developed into mature males and females, propagating their kind in the ordinary manner by eggs

    33. The change in these conditions may be accomplished by serving the government and introducing liberal and progressive principles, by contributing to the development of commerce, by propagating socialistic principles, but, above all, by promoting the diffusion of science

    34. These things are trivial; for it is a matter of vital importance, instead of challenging the prevailing customs of the day, to conform to them, though they be contrary to one's convictions, satisfied meanwhile to try and liberalize the existing institutions, by encouraging commerce, propagating socialistic doctrines, and generally promoting soi-disant science and civilization

    35. The Mohammedans, though they appeared at first as conquerors, became at length Africans by their permanent residence on the soil, and they went forth afterwards in propagating their faith, not as warriors, but as fellow-citizens and brothers

    36. David Brainerd was propagating missions among the Indians with success in various places

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