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Frasi con propose (in inglese)

This is what I propose.
I propose that we date.
Here is what I propose.
What I propose may not.
I propose we do a split.
Propose the oath, my lord.
So here's what I propose.

Yes, I propose the motion.
And thus I propose that Mr.
I wanted to propose to Lily.
Secondly, I propose a joint.
What limit would you propose?
Here’s what I propose then.
I have a solution to propose.
What do you propose to do?
He heard himself propose a deal.
Come, I tell you what I propose.
He was going to propose to Sarah.
I propose then, that the answer.
So what do you propose to do.
Was he finally going to propose?
Rushworth then began to propose Mr.
I wonder my son did not propose it.
Who could he propose as bishop of.
We propose to pay you a set amount.
Here is what I propose we do….
I propose a straight forward attack.
What do you propose that we do?
I propose a toast to mirth; be merry.
I guess she’ll going to propose me.
Who the hell created PROPOSE DAY!!!!.
What do you propose we do now?
I propose that we reconvene in seven.
I’m going to propose to Amber soon.
I propose to sent two spies to Jericho.
Isn't the man supposed to propose?
I don’t propose to quote exact figures.
And how do you propose to do that?
What then do you propose we should do, Mr.
I propose gentleman, that the government.
What I am proposing is.
In proposing the amendment, Mr.
Elijah: What are you proposing?
Are you proposing to go alone?
She will do the proposing herself.
This is the project I am proposing.
What exactly are you proposing?
I am proposing social rest, not unrest.
I think you know what I’m proposing.
Are you proposing to abandon them?’’.
Business Plan was completed proposing the.
Secretary Ryland, proposing the mission, &c.
Just what are you proposing? she asked.
I’m here for whatever they’re proposing.
Was he proposing something? She couldn't tell.
You can’t seriously be proposing we jump.
But what are you proposing to do, exactly?
Butterfield did not feel guilty proposing a change.
And he was serious about everything he was proposing….
It was clear she wanted no part of what I was proposing.
Sorry, I thought you were proposing a toast, he said.
Never could I have imagined what this new idea is proposing.
So, did you hear about Narayan proposing to me? She asked.
We must give our reasons for proposing so drastic an exclusion.
What you’re proposing to do here is exactly – exactly –.
The scale of what Brandor, Hosan and Woole were proposing was.
The Bush administration (July 2008) is proposing to reduce the.
He drove to the Karagins’ with the firm intention of proposing.
So what are you proposing? asked Sam, now fearing the worst.
I do not feel that what you are proposing is entirely necessary.
He drove to the Karágins’ with the firm intention of proposing.
Liam scoffed, Are you proposing that you’re willing to be my.
With Matt proposing that I bend over and let him shove it in like.
Nietzsche, he was proposing that good and evil are not what they seem.
On the other hand, what she was proposing was quite far fetching indeed.
When they found out what we were proposing for the European Union, they.
With this said, here is the contract I am proposing to you, Mister Gross.
Now, Curran was proposing a 50-50 split when they found the Romanov gold.
Don’t tell me that I am proposing a new religion, because it would not be.
Dover's stock, though he shrank from the idea of proposing this to Rosamond.
I have proposed to Mrs.
But he had not proposed.
To what he proposed to do.
The proposed buy at $1.
It was she who proposed it.
He proposed two nights ago.
The amendment proposed by Mr.
This 1942 tax, proposed by A.
Among techniques proposed by C.
The lane I was proposed to on.
He was the one who proposed it.
Has he proposed to her yet?
The proposed buy of December.
Some of the girls proposed a game.
To do this he proposed two modes.
The proposed buy on December.
An armistice was proposed by them.
In July 1970 when Nepal proposed.
He has proposed to Sónya!.
Tyke is proposed to supersede him.
The proposed buy September 15.
A Proposed Definition of Investment.
The proposed buy of January 1.
They proposed a game of bouillotte.
Proposed the minister of industries.
She proposed a walk in the grounds.
In fact, he hadn’t even proposed.
Ltd by the town, was to be proposed.
Yes; it was proposed for the Museum.
Even Swift proposed eating children.
The proposed buy of November 9.
I approve your proposed chart as is.
Macon's proposed amendment, and lost.
And the solution proposed was hatred.
The proposed designee, as mentioned.
Leave him to me, proposed Surya.
He’s actually proposed to me twice.
Though only 8 I had already proposed.
He had proposed! Their night together.
He proposed that Einstein's dream of.
A mind proposes and disposes.
He proposes to her in November 2154.
One proposes that it be called God's Drop.
First, he proposes to come and live in my house.
C++ proposes a new feature called inline function.
One who frequents it proposes to call it Virid Lake.
Brooke proposes that I should stay in this neighborhood.
One idea he proposes involves a deep examination of the.
The hypothesis proposes that the internal clock of a steep.
Marxism proposes the existence of a monopoly of power by an.
What Sophia-Analysis proposes is to look for wisdom, not the.
This is what Homer teaches and this is what Cosmo-Art proposes.
Amando proposes to his girlfriend, Fiona, during his junior year.
I am in sympathy with the narratives that Postman proposes: they.
The 80/20 rule essentially proposes that a small amount of effort.
Sophia-Analysis, however, proposes that already at the time of the.
John proposes to his girlfriend of three years, who has earned her.
Can any of you tell me the name of someone who proposes to do so?'.
Interpretation: The Three of Cups proposes intoxicating height s of.
Pierre proposes to his girlfriend, Brittany, during their senior year.
Another important idea that Sophia-Analysis proposes with regards to.
The fourth law that Sophia-Analysis proposes has to do with a new way.
A gentleman proposes a tax on manufactures of cotton, another on salt.
Americans see him as he proposes; the Pope claims to be the oneandonly.
Photograph of the customer who proposes to open the account as also his.
We will see what sort of society he proposes for us in the next chapter.
So, a belief that proposes dogs came from rocks and does not keep laws of.
In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes," "money disposes.
He proposes that we recognize these gods as false, and that we try to re-.
It proposes stripping regional and provincial ANC structures of their pow-.
The ideal that Sophia-Analysis proposes is the realization of the power of.
The path that Sophia-Analysis proposes to free oneself from false guilt is.
Nevertheless, some of the things that Cosmo-Art proposes will never be wrong:.
Waiter proposes a choice of hot beverages with a smile and eye contact by saying:.
But then, what if the person who proposes to you wasnt real y what you had in mind?
Headwaiter proposes second drink within 1 minute of empty glass/cup by saying: Mr/s.
A work of art proposes its own truth, its freedom and its love, which is universal and.
The bill proposes that 20,000 men should be added to the existing Military Establishment.
Bland have his say about our present operating system and what he proposes to replace it?
A bill, which proposes an augmentation of the army for the express purpose of conquering the Canadas.

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