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Propose en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is what I propose.
  2. I propose that we date.
  3. Here is what I propose.
  4. What I propose may not.
  5. I propose we do a split.

  6. So here's what I propose.
  7. Propose the oath, my lord.
  8. Yes, I propose the motion.
  9. And thus I propose that Mr.
  10. I wanted to propose to Lily.
  11. Secondly, I propose a joint.
  12. What limit would you propose?
  13. I have a solution to propose.
  14. Here’s what I propose then.
  15. What do you propose to do?

  16. Come, I tell you what I propose.
  17. He heard himself propose a deal.
  18. He was going to propose to Sarah.
  19. I propose then, that the answer.
  20. So what do you propose to do.
  21. Was he finally going to propose?
  22. Who could he propose as bishop of.
  23. We propose to pay you a set amount.
  24. I wonder my son did not propose it.
  25. Rushworth then began to propose Mr.

  26. What do you propose that we do?
  27. I propose a straight forward attack.
  28. Here is what I propose we do….
  29. I propose a toast to mirth; be merry.
  30. Who the hell created PROPOSE DAY!!!!.
  31. I guess she’ll going to propose me.
  32. I propose that we reconvene in seven.
  33. What do you propose we do now?
  34. I’m going to propose to Amber soon.
  35. I propose to sent two spies to Jericho.
  36. I don’t propose to quote exact figures.
  37. Isn't the man supposed to propose?
  38. And how do you propose to do that?
  39. What then do you propose we should do, Mr.
  40. I propose gentleman, that the government.
  41. I propose Namibia allows Dual Citizenship.
  42. But we propose this year to excel the past.
  43. I would also like to propose something else.
  44. He was planning to propose, Reed said.
  45. You know Sid is going to propose you soon.
  46. Which only made it worse that he’d propose.
  47. What do the two of you propose then?
  48. What do you propose we do? Thelma asked.
  49. I propose we spend our time exploring the.
  50. I think he went there to propose to Bonnie.
  51. What is it that you propose that Kirk and.
  52. How did Matthew have the nerve to propose it?
  53. Now, I propose that you create an association.
  54. Come, gentlemen, let us all propose some place.
  55. How could he propose such a thing? I’d been.
  56. He'll try his hand at it there, if I propose it.
  57. There are four things which I propose to do:�.
  58. I would propose it is because we have lost the.
  59. This is what I propose through Sophia-Analysis:.
  60. Are you trying to propose to me? she asked.
  61. I asked Eric to call her, propose a distraction.
  62. However, I sensed another urge to propose to her.
  63. If I thought you’d accept, I’d propose in a.
  64. Wonder he had the gumption to propose to any girl.
  65. That's why I propose that we return to the skiff.
  66. This said, here is the plan I propose to take Lae.
  67. What I want to propose is a joint North American.
  68. I propose that we add Winchesters to our armament.
  69. In the coming months, EPA is expected to propose.
  70. And what would you propose us do? Trini asked.
  71. What do you propose to do about it? she asked.
  72. I propose we postpone the election, she said.
  73. And how do you propose to do that? Doran asked.
  74. I knew Raj would propose me someday, but in that way.
  75. I shall then say what I have done and propose doing.
  76. These admeasurements I now propose to set before you.
  77. This is what I propose and it is for your ears only.
  78. Then, go ahead! Propose to her during the next exams.
  79. Sir, I propose that you rule the Treasurer OUT OF.
  80. This is what I intend to propose with Sophia-Analysis.
  81. And how do you propose to do that? Rancid asked.
  82. I decided to propose this idea before it was too late.
  83. We propose the following procedure of data processing.
  84. What do YOU propose? It was all too easy, Jack thought.
  85. What is your goal? How do you propose to achieve it?
  86. What do you propose to do about that, General?’’.
  87. I think you will do well to persevere, as you propose.
  88. Where exactly do you propose building this store?
  89. Miriam dared not propose anything for the three of them.
  90. And whom did you propose to? he asked impatiently.
  91. What Spell dost thou propose? askt the Grandmaster.
  92. And how could she propose to him ? What did she say ?
  93. Ross rose to propose another amendment to the resolution.
  94. I propose that you join our council of war, which I chair.
  95. Recollect what I told you when you asked me to propose you.
  96. But I also propose that Shamen and Enlightened Saints have.
  97. AT THE END OF MARCH, I decided I wanted to propose to Amy.
  98. I propose that we at least negotiate with the Mohawks first.
  99. What kind of contest do you propose then? Bohdan asked.
  100. The night she was killed, I was going to officially propose.
  1. What I am proposing is.
  2. In proposing the amendment, Mr.
  3. Elijah: What are you proposing?
  4. Are you proposing to go alone?
  5. This is the project I am proposing.
  6. She will do the proposing herself.
  7. What exactly are you proposing?
  8. I am proposing social rest, not unrest.
  9. I think you know what I’m proposing.
  10. Business Plan was completed proposing the.
  11. Are you proposing to abandon them?’’.
  12. I’m here for whatever they’re proposing.
  13. Secretary Ryland, proposing the mission, &c.
  14. Just what are you proposing? she asked.
  15. Was he proposing something? She couldn't tell.
  16. You can’t seriously be proposing we jump.
  17. But what are you proposing to do, exactly?
  18. Butterfield did not feel guilty proposing a change.
  19. And he was serious about everything he was proposing….
  20. It was clear she wanted no part of what I was proposing.
  21. Sorry, I thought you were proposing a toast, he said.
  22. Never could I have imagined what this new idea is proposing.
  23. So, did you hear about Narayan proposing to me? She asked.
  24. The scale of what Brandor, Hosan and Woole were proposing was.
  25. What you’re proposing to do here is exactly – exactly –.
  26. We must give our reasons for proposing so drastic an exclusion.
  27. The Bush administration (July 2008) is proposing to reduce the.
  28. He drove to the Karagins’ with the firm intention of proposing.
  29. So what are you proposing? asked Sam, now fearing the worst.
  30. Liam scoffed, Are you proposing that you’re willing to be my.
  31. He drove to the Karágins’ with the firm intention of proposing.
  32. I do not feel that what you are proposing is entirely necessary.
  33. With Matt proposing that I bend over and let him shove it in like.
  34. Nietzsche, he was proposing that good and evil are not what they seem.
  35. On the other hand, what she was proposing was quite far fetching indeed.
  36. With this said, here is the contract I am proposing to you, Mister Gross.
  37. When they found out what we were proposing for the European Union, they.
  38. Now, Curran was proposing a 50-50 split when they found the Romanov gold.
  39. Don’t tell me that I am proposing a new religion, because it would not be.
  40. Dover's stock, though he shrank from the idea of proposing this to Rosamond.
  41. An embarrassed Napoléon sent a letter to the czar proposing peace –but he.
  42. I do not consider this as proposing to give a premium to violators of the laws.
  43. Specifically, EPA is proposing to strengthen the 8-hour "primary" ozone standard.
  44. But that was what he was proposing and he added, obviously I favor this option.
  45. It was clear they were completely confused as to why we were proposing Moon Traveler.
  46. I do not believe what you are proposing, the Hite’s mood echoed the others’.
  47. Models proposing that psychological balance can be achieved by introducing the father.
  48. The book you're proposing is a gardening book: how to grow your own organic vegetables.
  49. Another important difficulty is that the feminist theorists who are proposing a change.
  50. But what are you suggesting? What is this thing you are proposing to me? she cried.
  51. I should’ve befriended her before proposing, and she couldn’t have refused for sure.
  52. This is quite useful when one is proposing their business idea to investors and lenders.
  53. With the way we feel about each, him proposing was inevitable, the only question was when.
  54. What we are proposing to you is that you seven form a new Council of Wizards for your realm.
  55. It suddenly dawned on Imbrahim that she was proposing the very thing they’d come all this.
  56. And therefore you had better decide at once with which of the two you are proposing to argue.
  57. With my new staff and expanded agenda, we were also writing and proposing more legislation.
  58. It is no new thought with me, and, in proposing it, I feel that I am walking on solid ground.
  59. She's proposing that he has sexual relationships with someone else, so they can get the child.
  60. Weaving was a deception, proposing the competition with the bow and arrow was the winning action.
  61. Proposals should speak for themselves; they do not need the persuasion of the proposing party.
  62. A concert of approving comments greeted those words, with Anthony Eden proposing a first suggestion.
  63. What I am proposing as an alternative is that we begin to consider a return to the world of the soul.
  64. That is not what I meant, replied Robin, sensing the growing opposition to what he was proposing.
  65. He had almost spoiled her plan by proposing to show her Dick Brewer’ s house, but she had improvised.
  66. Yaf is proposing having me shot by a sniper from across the road and thinks Shap couldn’t stop him.
  67. You’re not proposing time travel and that we have been beamed into bodies in ancient Atlantis?
  68. What I am proposing is that in actuality the reverse of that simple phrase is true: believing is seeing.
  69. It is not at all what you suppose; but that is what the German Tugendbund was, and what I am proposing.
  70. I am now proposing a new law, stating that government positions will never again be open to the priesthood.
  71. Exactly what are you proposing, Brother Godwyn? He had not been to Oxford, but he knew enough to press.
  72. Nevertheless, a man did not want even the most admirable of women around when he was proposing to another woman.
  73. Good Night, and Good Luck that I myself have been proposing for a long time is that not every story has two sides.
  74. This was probably the first time he had heard her voice since he had asked her for advice on proposing to Aazuria.
  75. Opened meeting by explaining his reasons for proposing a reconstitution of Jordan as the United Arab Kingdom (UAK).
  76. She had come to the manse to propose a certain thing to the minister and she meant to lose no time in proposing it.
  77. Bush shrewdly avoided even proposing a draft, for it had been such a huge rallying point against the US-Vietnam War.
  78. Because the seller is often proposing answers to problems, several services or products are submitted as the solution.
  79. Nick is merely proposing, Leff cut in, that other possibilities do exist for who could be behind these crimes.
  80. Norris thought it an excellent plan, and had it at her tongue’s end, and was on the point of proposing it, when Mrs.
  81. A theory that seems to be more reasonable than the animistic approach many of the other human cadets are proposing.
  82. I before proved to you the absurdity of a single woman of your age proposing to accompany abroad a single man of mine.
  83. My dad had been proposing bills for national health insurance since the early 1970s—it was his legislative holy grail.
  84. I am proposing to use this to set up and fund a teaching facility attached to the Entertainers Guild that you are forming.
  85. And now Laura was proposing a move into the unknown, and all the security Ashley held was with a newfound canine, Graisse.
  86. The plan I’m proposing offers you the opportunity to change and save lives by effortlessly giving away your spare change.
  87. First he yells at me for proposing to kill his daughter, then he complains when I don’t put her first in line for the procedure.
  88. Prince Vasili had brought his son with the evident intention of proposing, and today or tomorrow he would probably ask for an answer.
  89. Your bio must be slanted so that it relates to those experiences which make you the perfect person to write the book you're proposing.
  90. It was only the day before yesterday that this bill had been introduced into the House, proposing to alter one part of the ordinance.
  91. Prince Vasíli had brought his son with the evident intention of proposing, and today or tomorrow he would probably ask for an answer.
  92. He took rejection better than Edgar, who was still plaintively proposing we flee to the colonies and start a touring theatrical company.
  93. Grady’s betrayal and his suggestion—which had been offered as casually as if he had been proposing they take a day-trip into Denver.
  94. This dilutes the very objective of the debate, and the ‘liberal’ thus avoids the necessity of proposing positive ideas and discussion.
  95. When proposing to exercise this general power, in any case not expressly mentioned, we have to consider whether it be necessary and proper.
  96. Rhea called up for consideration the resolution which he laid upon the table yesterday, proposing an additional duty on coarse hemp and flax.
  97. But, sir, what will be the inference drawn from this measure proposing a repeal of the embargo, as it does, after it shall have been adopted.
  98. Clearly Homer is proposing a path towards immortality that is superior to any other type of immortality that humanity has ever invented before.
  99. The most visionary enthusiasts would scarce be capable of proposing such a measure, with any serious hopes at least of its ever being adopted.
  100. There are men who individually can do nothing but as a group can change nothing into something combining the good spirits proposing solutions.
  1. I have proposed to Mrs.
  2. But he had not proposed.
  3. The proposed buy at $1.
  4. To what he proposed to do.
  5. It was she who proposed it.
  6. He proposed two nights ago.
  7. This 1942 tax, proposed by A.
  8. The amendment proposed by Mr.
  9. Among techniques proposed by C.
  10. The lane I was proposed to on.
  11. He was the one who proposed it.
  12. Has he proposed to her yet?
  13. The proposed buy of December.
  14. To do this he proposed two modes.
  15. Some of the girls proposed a game.
  16. The proposed buy on December.
  17. An armistice was proposed by them.
  18. In July 1970 when Nepal proposed.
  19. The proposed buy September 15.
  20. He has proposed to Sónya!.
  21. Tyke is proposed to supersede him.
  22. They proposed a game of bouillotte.
  23. Proposed the minister of industries.
  24. The proposed buy of January 1.
  25. She proposed a walk in the grounds.
  26. A Proposed Definition of Investment.
  27. In fact, he hadn’t even proposed.
  28. Even Swift proposed eating children.
  29. Yes; it was proposed for the Museum.
  30. Ltd by the town, was to be proposed.
  31. The proposed buy of November 9.
  32. I approve your proposed chart as is.
  33. Though only 8 I had already proposed.
  34. He’s actually proposed to me twice.
  35. And the solution proposed was hatred.
  36. Macon's proposed amendment, and lost.
  37. The proposed designee, as mentioned.
  38. Leave him to me, proposed Surya.
  39. He proposed that Einstein's dream of.
  40. He had proposed! Their night together.
  41. The proposed LVP Regulations defined.
  42. I proposed as we kissed off the coast.
  43. Did you know that Rosalie proposed to.
  44. Soon, Kennedy proposed to her, and in.
  45. And in 1976 Gorbachev proposed a plan.
  46. It was also the night that he proposed.
  47. He proposed to explore another passage.
  48. Joseph proposed we should wait no longer.
  49. It is to the size of the proposed State.
  50. Questions will be proposed both by the.
  51. What was the proposed punishment?
  52. Here, the defense’s initial proposed.
  53. Here, a proposed password has been made.
  54. He proposed to her, and they were married.
  55. It was five months after he had proposed.
  56. The architect proposed that the building.
  57. This was a risky plan, this man proposed.
  58. Someone proposed a toast to John Holland.
  59. Everybody's health was proposed, form Mr.
  60. Markowitz first proposed it many years ago.
  61. He raised it and proposed the loyal toast.
  62. Wyckoff proposed a four-stage market cycle.
  63. The public option was also never proposed.
  64. He even proposed to me, but I rejected it.
  65. It is proposed that the shape and volume (i.
  66. That night I proposed and gave her the ring.
  67. Proposed Functions of Dopamine in the NAcc.
  68. It was first proposed to include something.
  69. Smith in lieu of those originally proposed.
  70. She also invited us to attend the proposed.
  71. Any changes proposed in this group will be.
  72. How about we split up? Donald proposed.
  73. If the church proposed to itself to be the.
  74. This was the type of file that Dave proposed.
  75. Hm, what could it be? He had already proposed.
  76. But he proposed to ask me one instead: Mr.
  77. The next figure shows these proposed changes.
  79. The time came when my present husband proposed.
  80. This would eliminate the need for a proposed.
  81. This is the perspective proposed for level 6.
  82. I proposed, she said yes, jumped into my arms.
  83. Her mind went back to the day Narayan proposed.
  84. He hasn’t even proposed, or met the parents.
  85. Tony explained what happened and proposed to.
  86. He was back in a time when he proposed to her.
  87. A more interesting version is proposed by the.
  88. I saw the four contracts that Terry proposed.
  89. Thomas Jefferson once proposed that the United.
  90. Although it was his birthday, he proposed me to.
  91. There are two ways an amendment can be proposed.
  92. What he proposed to Nicholas was a kind of wager.
  93. And even one night I saw that I had proposed her.
  94. The new law you proposed was very interesting.
  95. Stenarch proposed a charge of treason against me.
  96. Kennedy on some points proposed to her by Miller.
  97. Possible solutions were proposed, including the.
  98. He could not abandon something he never proposed.
  99. Jack then grabbed the glass and proposed a toast.
  100. Until you proposed a look at the stamp collection.
  1. A mind proposes and disposes.
  2. He proposes to her in November 2154.
  3. One proposes that it be called God's Drop.
  4. First, he proposes to come and live in my house.
  5. C++ proposes a new feature called inline function.
  6. One who frequents it proposes to call it Virid Lake.
  7. Brooke proposes that I should stay in this neighborhood.
  8. One idea he proposes involves a deep examination of the.
  9. Marxism proposes the existence of a monopoly of power by an.
  10. The hypothesis proposes that the internal clock of a steep.
  11. What Sophia-Analysis proposes is to look for wisdom, not the.
  12. This is what Homer teaches and this is what Cosmo-Art proposes.
  13. Amando proposes to his girlfriend, Fiona, during his junior year.
  14. I am in sympathy with the narratives that Postman proposes: they.
  15. The 80/20 rule essentially proposes that a small amount of effort.
  16. John proposes to his girlfriend of three years, who has earned her.
  17. Sophia-Analysis, however, proposes that already at the time of the.
  18. Can any of you tell me the name of someone who proposes to do so?'.
  19. Interpretation: The Three of Cups proposes intoxicating height s of.
  20. Pierre proposes to his girlfriend, Brittany, during their senior year.
  21. Another important idea that Sophia-Analysis proposes with regards to.
  22. A gentleman proposes a tax on manufactures of cotton, another on salt.
  23. The fourth law that Sophia-Analysis proposes has to do with a new way.
  24. Americans see him as he proposes; the Pope claims to be the oneandonly.
  25. We will see what sort of society he proposes for us in the next chapter.
  26. Photograph of the customer who proposes to open the account as also his.
  27. He proposes that we recognize these gods as false, and that we try to re-.
  28. So, a belief that proposes dogs came from rocks and does not keep laws of.
  29. In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes," "money disposes.
  30. The path that Sophia-Analysis proposes to free oneself from false guilt is.
  31. The ideal that Sophia-Analysis proposes is the realization of the power of.
  32. It proposes stripping regional and provincial ANC structures of their pow-.
  33. Nevertheless, some of the things that Cosmo-Art proposes will never be wrong:.
  34. Waiter proposes a choice of hot beverages with a smile and eye contact by saying:.
  35. But then, what if the person who proposes to you wasnt real y what you had in mind?
  36. Headwaiter proposes second drink within 1 minute of empty glass/cup by saying: Mr/s.
  37. A work of art proposes its own truth, its freedom and its love, which is universal and.
  38. The bill proposes that 20,000 men should be added to the existing Military Establishment.
  39. Bland have his say about our present operating system and what he proposes to replace it?
  40. A bill, which proposes an augmentation of the army for the express purpose of conquering the Canadas.
  41. Assessment which has led to the Wildlands Project which proposes to convert one half of the land area.
  42. An Irish emigré in the US causes consternation in the city of his ancestors when he proposes to name.
  43. How can we manage this? The next section proposes one way to manage the situation with an Ant build file.
  44. Novel research proposes an alternative foundation based on salience while using standard risk preferences.
  45. Suppose that a customer comes into the casino and proposes to bet $2,000 on one number at the roulette table.
  46. In spite of that, it is something the average guy might serve his girlfriend on the day he proposes marriage.
  47. This paper proposes that the visible Earth is sitting inside a low density halo of dark plasma, within which.
  48. Hayden proposes to call this mineral (should it prove to be a new one) Necronite, from the Greek Νεκρος.
  49. But it is said that the proclamation of the President has declared the same principle that the amendment proposes.
  50. The kindling hypothesis proposes that heavy alcohol use with repeated withdrawal episodes is associated with.
  51. Hendersen goes up to the members of Sela, thanks them for giving the audience a great show, and then proposes that they.
  52. Market lets his enthusiasm or his fears run away with him, and the value he proposes seems to you a little short of silly.
  53. He proposes that a declaration of war should be a kind of popular festival with entrance-tickets and bands, like a bullfight.
  54. Instead the scientist proposes a theory to explain observed events and then carefully compares it with the empirical evidence.
  55. Henry George proposes to declare all land the property of the state, and to substitute a land-rent for all taxes, direct and indirect.
  56. It abjures what it recommends; it declaims, in heroics, against submission, and proposes, in creeping prose, a tame and servile subserviency.
  57. However, I had thought differently; my mind tells me I should need her advice, her superior guidance, in the event Austin proposes marriage to me.
  58. To be buried by a person with a theological qualification proposes that all your earthly sins are suddenly forgiven and you are set on your path to heaven.
  59. The Emperor proposes to give all commanders of divisions the right to shoot marauders, but I much fear this will oblige one half the army to shoot the other.
  60. It is in this manner that the mercantile system proposes to enrich the whole country, and to put money into all our pockets, by means of the balance of trade.
  61. The bill proposes substantially a revival of that system of commercial restrictions, under which the people of our country have so long and severely suffered.
  62. If a broker or finder believes he has a doable deal in terms of control, he has no trouble finding potential buyers to look at the company he proposes to offer.
  63. He must have been indeed an inattentive observer of mankind who proposes to himself such a course without being exposed to difficulties and dangers from every side.
  64. The budget presented in the British Parliament the other day proposes to increase the death duties; and, most significant of all, the new tax is to be a graduated one.
  65. Paul proposes? He tells us to "hold fast our profession," and not let it go, because "we have a great High Priest that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God.
  66. The recent education review, nevertheless, proposes a revision to this – an inclusion of special courses that would lead students to different fields of specialization.
  67. After observing the ad hoc communities of practice that have formed in CGF, he proposes a computer-based collaborative system for key knowledge workers and senior managers.
  68. In Kissinger’s memo he proposes that Nixon send a letter to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who was acting as an intermediary with the North Vietnamese on peace negotiations.
  69. The bill proposes giving authority to the President of the United States to raise twenty thousand regular troops, in addition to the thirty-five thousand already authorized by law.
  70. For traders brave enough to try it, Mauboussin (2010) proposes an interesting solution: can you lose deliberately? At first, you will think the answer is obviously yes, but think deeper.
  71. Peace, however, was still a good way off really for him, because the moment was at hand, as he well knew, when the host proposes a little walk, and takes the guest round the greenhouses.
  72. Should he stroll guilelessly into the Exchange he proposes to benefit, he is set upon, mobbed, hustled, mussed and finally ejected from the door with a battered hat and torn coat collar.
  73. The bill proposes to raise twenty thousand men only, and that for one year; and surely there is nothing in that calculated to lay such strong hold of the jealousy or fear of the community.
  74. Part of this fund parliament proposes to raise by a tax to be levied in Great Britain ; and part of it by a requisition to all the different colony assemblies of America and the West Indies.
  75. It will be seen, sir, that the bill proposes to annex that portion of West Florida in dispute between this and the Spanish Government to the State to be formed out of the Territory of Orleans.
  76. Minsky proposes, indeed, ‘that the construction of each higher level of the mind during childhood and adolescence is accompanied by the development and application of new critics and selectors.
  77. Mainstream Science proposes that the brain integrates the patchy and fragmentary bits of information on the retina available in successive fixations into a stable, detailed model or representation.
  78. The "Church" now-a-days means the "clergy;" and when some young man proposes to be ordained, his friends tell you that he is "going into the Church," as if he had not been in the Church long ago!.
  79. And what are they doing, all these courtiers? Pfuel proposes, Armfeldt disputes, Bennigsen considers, and Barclay, called on to act, does not know what to decide on, and time passes bringing no result.
  80. The Gap Theory proposes that God created a first Heaven and Earth, that these were somehow destroyed and became empty and that he then had to recreate it in the 6-day period as described from verse 2 onwards.
  81. The education which he proposes for his citizens is really the ideal life of the philosopher or man of genius, interrupted, but only for a time, by practical duties,--a life not for the many, but for the few.
  82. Ulysses proposes the pact and he does obtain one result: Helen will end up returning to Sparta, but for how long? With the help of Ulysses’ cunning, the Greeks conquered Troy and broke through its high walls.
  83. Plate tectonic is a theory that proposes, the earth crust is divided into seven large rigid plates and several smaller ones moving relative to each other by the earth mantle underneath which is composed of liquid rock.
  84. I need but mention one fact to make all the ladies in Paris court his notice, and that is, that he has come to take up his abode in Paris for a year, during which brief period he proposes to spend six millions of money.
  85. It proposes in due time to open a gallery of paintings, and thus offer to the lovers and cultivators of the fine arts, a few of those models which are absolutely necessary to the gratification and improvement of their taste.
  86. The bill on your table proposes to raise an additional military force of twenty thousand men, and it has been objected to on account of its expense, and the consequent danger growing out of it to the liberties of our country.
  87. The truth is, that the only real property, in the labor of others, which exists in the Northern States, is that which is possessed in that of minors—the very class of which, at its most valuable period, this law proposes to divest them.
  88. A faint allusion to the doctrine of reminiscence occurs in the Tenth Book; but Plato's views of education have no more real connection with a previous state of existence than our own; he only proposes to elicit from the mind that which is there already.
  89. He proposes to call the structures which resemble each other in distinct animals, owing to their descent from a common progenitor with subsequent modification, "homogenous"; and the resemblances which cannot thus be accounted for, he proposes to call "homoplastic".
  90. When, sir, I recur to the resolutions reported by the Committee of Exterior Relations, I find one which proposes resistance to the edicts of Great Britain and France; and another which recommends a system of non-intercourse between the United States and those countries.
  91. At the same time we must remember, that what Plato would have called the charms of poetry have been partly transferred to prose; he himself (Statesman) admits rhetoric to be the handmaiden of Politics, and proposes to find in the strain of law (Laws) a substitute for the old poets.
  92. Bhagavad Gita, a conversation between divine Krishna and Arjuna, proposes that true enlightenment comes from growing beyond identification with the Ego, the little Self, and that one must identify with the Truth of the immortal Self (the soul, or Atman), the ultimate Divine Consciousness.
  93. He falls in love with her, but, imagining that this girl consciously talks that insinuating nonsense which she has learned in her mother's company, and which she repeats like a parrot, without understanding it, he imagines that the girl is corrupt, and coarsely proposes a liaison with her.
  94. To lay extraordinary restraints upon the importation of goods of almost all kinds, from those particular countries with which the balance of trade is supposed to be disadvantageous, is the second expedient by which the commercial system proposes to increase the quantity of gold and silver.
  95. Having demonstrated some of the flaws in the Theory of Evolution and showing that it has no proper scientific foundations for its standpoints - considering facts that go directly against what the Evolution Theory proposes - the only other option available today would be that of Creationism.
  96. The two sorts of restraints upon importation above mentioned, together with these four encouragements to exportation, constitute the six principal means by which the commercial system proposes to increase the quantity of gold and silver in any country, by turning the balance of trade in its favour.
  97. I have given it, if not a thorough, at least a candid and impartial examination; and the result has been, a full conviction that we have no right to incorporate a bank upon the principles of the bill on the table, or rather, upon the principles of the original charter, which this bill proposes to renew.
  98. Taking up this question, the original resolution of my colleague is that remuneration should be made to those people who suffered under it; but seeing that the question with respect to the constitutionality of the law had always been matter of dispute, it proposes that a committee shall inquire into the subject.
  99. Though the encouragement of exportation, and the discouragement of importation, are the two great engines by which the mercantile system proposes to enrich every country, yet, with regard to some particular commodities, it seems to follow an opposite plan : to discourage exportation, and to encourage importation.
  100. Columella, who reports this judgment of Democritus, does not controvert it, but proposes a very frugal method of inclosing with a hedge of brambles and briars, which he says he had found by experience to be both a lasting and an impenetrable fence ; but which, it seems, was not commonly known in the time of Democritus.

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