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Project in una frase (in inglese)

Project has a.
If the project.
The project was.
to the project in.
project was back on.
If the project is.
the project on time.

date on the project.
working on a project.
We tend to project.
We can’t project.
Create a new project.
Week on the project.
Others can project.
She hated Project X.
He was my project.
And my next project.
project on the docket.
of the entire project.
going into his project.
■ Scope the Project.
hiring for the project.
It was quite a project.
It was a family project.
became a sister project.
so I began that project.
to correct this project.
Projecting a superb.
projecting to the NAcc.
you are projecting at the horse.
Were you projecting to others.
vibration that you are projecting.
Are you projecting a reflection?.
Q: Which is the projecting power?.
of the feelings you are projecting.
projecting a blue tunnel to the sky.
she was, as instructed, projecting,.
Shapes ever projecting other shapes,.
It was projecting the images of the.
The thing is projecting emotions now.
Apparently he was projecting out an.
In career terms, it means projecting.
myself by projecting myself onto others.
and the projecting of their anti-matter.
Danger in Projecting Trends into the Future.
In career terms, it means projecting your.
This is what psychologists call projecting.
Projecting them along that substantial life,.
Not the pole projecting from between his legs.
By projecting your self-hate out: onto others.
knew their voices were projecting words of love.
projecting, it is centre for the psychic ability.
individual’s psyche is projecting onto his body, W.
projecting the previous projectile with such accuracy.
On the other side of the bushes a shoe was projecting.
I was probably projecting my feelings for my own kids.
16 but projected to be $2.
projected onto his wife?.
You see is projected off.
he had projected to write.
energy projected to herself.
The past is projected into.
projected on the physical body.
image projected by the mirror and.
3 trillion and is now projected to.
concept projected by the human mind.
`polarity` to be projected over here.
projected visual acoustic experience.
our brain has projected out there.
be distinguished from the projected.
He projected his own human form, too.
Projected cash flow on monthly basis.
projected to be in the same situation.
also been projected outside the ovoid).
projected onto the majority of the clan.
structures but the images projected on.
jections within the ovoid or projected.
projected to Maton to cleanse the planet.
the place he had projected them to come.
The projected time period is one year,.
Projected backward by the impact of the.
The projected cost to reduce warming by 1.
projected over Frankie now surrounded him.
can be projected from one body to another.
She was heavy-set and projected a quiet,.
has also been projected outside the ovoid).
see my opportunity the voice projected in.
projects to the home.
all kind of projects.
No real new projects.
in scores of projects.
projects and our cause.
And projects to start.
Murders in the projects.
I have my own projects.
All ongoing projects.
projects were so massive.
talk about book projects.
viability of the projects.
donation to such projects.
any another projects also.
do with all your projects.
projects to which he had.
Lots and lots of projects.
an alignment with projects.
It's a name that projects.
projects need to end when:.
These projects should take.
The mental demand projects.
have multiple projects in it.
projects within the factories.
big projects for high stakes.
struction and repair projects.
roughest projects of the city.
iC based projects that follow.
focused on literary projects.