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Put in una frase (in inglese)

i put the.
To put it.
He put the.
’ I put in.
He put his.
Put this on.
He then put.

She put her.
While we put.
Put this idea.
You could put.
’ Bill put in.
' Graham put in.
Could put the.
Roman put his.
He had to put.
I even put my.
We need to put.
’ Betty put in.
11 Then he put.
Put this to use.
He had now put.
Put it in your.
’ Joris put in.
Just put it there.
Fred put in two.
Yassap put four.
Put out the fire.
Of putting it.
by putting the.
putting it in use.
Putting off the.
Putting the self.
I was putting my.
Then putting the.
putting up with it.
The key: putting.
Putting on a glove.
Putting me in more.
Putting more soap.
Putting the piece.
By putting out the.
Before putting the.
Putting it differ-.
I am putting a case.
For putting him here.
ble putting on weight.
As he was putting on.
I been putting it off.
putting me in the boot.
I keep putting it off.
Putting on the armour.
Are you putting Mr.
Joseph was putting on.
asked putting on a robe.
putting his cap back on.
putting His trust in me.
5 puts at $1.
It puts 197.
They buy puts.
This puts the.
Toomb puts his.
As he puts it:.
It puts them at.
40% for long puts.
Puts you into it.
He puts on a pout.
5 puts (47 cents).
She puts it down.
This now puts us.
puts to shame the.
12 puts the RPTDATE.
He puts every star.
He puts on his coat.
Puts down the skull.
Type = calls or puts.
Short puts, cash and.
Bebida puts his away.
God puts on your heart.
She puts her arms out.
A boat puts to sea on.
puts forward as truths.
Lynch puts on her hat.
puts your body at ease.

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