Oraciones con la palabra "put"

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Put en una oración (en ingles)

  1. How can I put it.
  2. He put it back up.
  3. He say put it here.
  4. Put it all on him.
  5. One of them put a.

  6. Just as I put the.
  7. We put the law of.
  8. Ryo put his hand up.
  9. Otto put up his hand.
  10. I put the phone down.
  11. He put me in touch.
  12. I put my lips to it.
  13. If they were to put.
  14. I put my hand in his.
  15. I put the rubber on.

  16. Then she put it down.
  17. I put the slippers on.
  18. She put it in writing.
  19. He put the paper down.
  20. We put into the town.
  21. Put it on your head.
  22. He put the phone away.
  23. How did you put it?
  24. I put my trust in you.
  25. Flavio put up a finger.

  26. Tanya put up her hand.
  27. Oh to put myself in a.
  28. I put her back to.
  29. I put my coat on the.
  30. Hain't none to put on.
  31. Put it back when you.
  32. Ish put Ali in the safe.
  33. This put me through a.
  34. Roman put one hand on.
  35. He put the phone down.
  36. Jack put his hands down.
  37. Put Hans back to sleep.
  38. There I will put them.
  39. Put a call into control.
  40. He put up some lanterns.
  41. I put my arm around him.
  42. He had her put to death.
  43. The fire is put out now.
  44. Ok, put it on screen.
  45. Put it next to your bed.
  46. We need to put it to use.
  47. This dog was put on.
  48. I put these into the sack.
  49. He put his arm around her.
  50. They had put a price on.
  51. It will put out the fire.
  52. She put her hand over his.
  53. She put a hand on his arm.
  54. When you put it that way.
  55. I had to put in a bypass.
  56. I would put the safety on.
  57. SAMANTHA: He put it there.
  58. He put milk into the cups.
  59. I put a good word in for.
  60. Time to put it to the test.
  61. His brain put it together.
  62. They can put it in their.
  63. She put it out of her head.
  64. I had put the pressure on.
  65. I put my hand over the mic.
  66. You could put him down.
  67. He put it in simple terms.
  68. She was well put together.
  69. The old school put their.
  70. Then put it into my hands.
  71. Put it down to experience.
  72. I showered, put on a suit.
  73. No one can throw the put.
  74. I put my hand on the alter.
  75. He put his head on one side.
  76. Put him down in the report.
  77. Put in some major security.
  78. Will you help me put it on.
  79. We can put a pool in there.
  80. Arthmes put on his overcoat.
  81. It was you put it into Mrs.
  82. I can rein him and put him.
  83. Rondon would put in a good.
  84. He put his hand out to Roman.
  85. She put the goods in his bag.
  86. Earth was put into marshal.
  87. He put it to his mouth and.
  88. But we must put that aside.
  89. She put her arm on my waist.
  90. I put my life in your hands.
  91. Put in systems and controls.
  92. I'll put you in the picture.
  93. She had put that pain there.
  94. He can help put you on the.
  95. Josef put that in for me.
  96. She put her free hand in his.
  97. At ease; put down the arrow.
  98. Now put it down, I repeated.
  99. Now she really put on a show.
  100. Laino put his arms around her.
  1. I am putting a case.
  2. I keep putting it off.
  3. I been putting it off.
  4. As he was putting on.
  5. With all of us putting.
  6. I hope I am not putting.
  7. Putting up with his crap.
  8. They keep putting me off.
  9. Zem was putting some food.
  10. Of putting myself out there.
  11. And putting the whole power.
  12. But putting him aside she.
  13. It was her mistake putting.
  14. Talk about putting your SE.
  15. But you kept putting it off.
  16. I’m putting out the candle.
  17. Were they putting him on? No.
  18. Morel, putting it on a plate.
  19. He was putting in eighteen-.
  21. Putting a Face on the Source.
  22. Stop putting words in her….
  23. Putting a Price on the Future.
  24. Thanks for putting up with me.
  25. God, that's putting it mildly.
  26. He was really putting it away.
  27. I could respond by putting on.
  28. Was he putting her in danger?
  29. Talk about putting the fox in.
  30. Where was she putting it all?
  31. The very idea of putting on a.
  32. And that’s putting it mildly.
  33. We all started putting them on.
  34. He tried putting together the.
  35. I'm putting you in charge, Dr.
  36. Putting it all together, these.
  37. Fancy us putting you in here.
  38. I’m putting my mother in it.
  39. In the summer they were putting.
  40. Putting your loved ones at risk.
  41. I hate putting you out this way.
  42. I ran, putting on Annabeth's cap.
  43. Basics of the Game – Putting.
  44. But I'm putting you on probation.
  45. You have a way of putting things.
  46. That’s one way of putting it.
  47. Him putting his arm around you.
  48. Finally, after putting the huge.
  49. This constant putting down of.
  50. She keeps putting it in her mouth.
  51. They would, after all, be putting.
  52. They were merely putting on a show.
  53. Putting his ear to the hull, Will.
  54. Accuse me of putting roots on you?
  55. Then I started putting her question.
  56. Where are they putting them?
  57. We started putting our clothing on.
  58. This can be a scary thing, putting.
  59. She’s putting distance between us.
  60. Putting out his hand he greeted her.
  61. Putting it bluntly, Dorner went nuts.
  62. Putting yourself into the state of.
  63. Section 18: Putting it All Together.
  64. Putting on clothing was excruciating.
  65. Putting call to action in your copy.
  66. That’s a nice way of putting it.
  67. Cadwallader's way of putting things.
  68. The nuns are putting up the money.
  69. She was really putting it away, too.
  70. I figured I could start putting it.
  71. I’m putting it down, I said.
  72. They were in the process of putting.
  73. Slowly putting one foot in front of.
  74. Excuse my putting things so coarsely.
  75. Putting aside the thought of world-.
  76. After putting them on, I exited the.
  77. You’re putting butts in your mouth.
  78. That, and putting too much in writing.
  79. Mere putting on of a certain kind of.
  80. Even if it meant putting up with a nut.
  81. Putting his hands down carefully, he.
  82. He rose up after putting down his guns.
  83. Putting the water back down into the.
  84. I’m putting it into today’s terms.
  85. I wasted no time putting us in the lead.
  86. So we are putting that on the table….
  87. Putting the devices together was simple.
  88. That I was tired was putting it mildly.
  89. Probably putting stuff back in the car.
  90. Just in case the man was putting me on.
  91. Putting Twitter Lists into Perspective.
  92. I’m putting the audio on loudspeaker.
  93. I am putting as much as possible into.
  94. Putting aside his delirium, David put.
  95. Putting on her best attire she went to.
  96. But Zach wasn't putting the phone down.
  97. I’ll start putting this into effect.
  98. Putting my hands back behind my head I.
  99. Josh was putting on a show for the crowd.
  100. War is putting violent words into action.
  1. He puts on a pout.
  2. He puts on his coat.
  3. Type = calls or puts.
  4. She puts her arms out.
  5. A boat puts to sea on.
  6. Lynch puts on her hat.
  7. God puts on your heart.
  9. The puts have 10 gamma.
  10. Love puts fear afar off.
  11. Then Fiona puts on her.
  12. This puts a fold in time.
  13. He puts a scribble on it.
  14. I mean, who puts these.
  15. She puts one arm out in.
  16. The judge puts out a hand.
  17. That puts most women off.
  18. Here is how he puts it:.
  19. That puts you on the cusp.
  20. Tyler puts a hand on hers.
  21. Ah, that puts up the cost.
  22. Rosa puts the matter aside.
  23. He puts images in my head.
  24. He thus puts himself on a.
  25. Will puts his arm around me.
  26. So what about buying puts?
  27. Thor puts the potatoes down.
  28. Nikíta (puts out his head).
  29. She puts the bag on his bed.
  30. Walt puts his arm around me.
  31. Ségur puts them at 40,000.
  32. He puts his hand along the.
  33. The couple puts the pot of.
  34. Amy puts her foot on the gas.
  35. It puts all in Hell or the.
  36. This blow puts an end to it.
  37. Will puts his hands up again.
  38. Diedie puts a hand on my arm.
  39. The puts were bought for $1.
  40. I do not know why God puts.
  41. He puts his arms around her.
  42. As Warren Buffett puts it:.
  43. The act he puts on for you.
  44. She puts her hand on mine;.
  45. He puts a hand to his heart.
  46. She puts her hand on his arm.
  47. Matryóna (puts out her head).
  48. Using (2/3Λ)( c2/ H2) puts.
  49. She puts her hand on his knee.
  50. Tobias puts his arm around me.
  51. This puts us in a gloom and.
  53. Her warm smile puts me at ease.
  54. He puts the holotab to his ear.
  55. She puts her hands on her hips.
  56. Short Puts: The Baseline Case.
  57. She puts her head in her hands.
  58. This puts you back in control.
  59. She puts the phone to her ear.
  60. GREGORY puts on her overshoes.
  61. Peter (spits and puts on coat).
  62. Gregory puts on her overshoes.
  63. Amy puts her hand to her mouth.
  64. He puts everything on at the.
  65. He puts a letter on the table.
  66. She puts drops in Dana's eyes.
  67. The opposite is true for puts.
  68. Omar puts his arm around AHMED.
  69. Tulsidas puts it in this way-.
  70. He puts his hands on my hips.
  71. Would I exercise the puts? Is.
  72. So that puts me in the frame.
  74. As Maharaj puts it: words are.
  75. His kiss puts that fear to rest.
  76. It puts the odds in your favor.
  77. Puts it on John’s nightstand.
  78. McSpadden puts the license down.
  79. And my heart puts forth its pain.
  80. One more TD puts me over the top.
  81. Puts him at the murder scene.
  82. Phil puts the money on the table.
  83. HOLDEN PUTS a hand on his stomach.
  84. Puts the wretch that lies in woe.
  85. That puts things in a new light.
  86. He puts his arm around my friend.
  87. Beatrice puts a hand to her mouth.
  88. He puts his forehead against mine.
  89. She puts no other gods before ME.
  90. She puts down the book and smiles.
  92. Justin puts out a hand for caution.
  93. The Flavors: Calls and Puts.
  94. He who puts his trust in me shall.
  95. Wonderful! (Puts on his pince-nez.
  96. This puts the basis further to 13.
  97. He puts something iron in her hand.
  98. It puts all in Hell or the grave.
  99. If he can sell the puts at say 25.
  100. This kind of fat puts the pounds.

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