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    1. "What are they going to do with the disease they're carrying?" she asked, glad to avoid a discussion of how 'ex' they were

    2. Stephen stares at the screen as though completely immersed in the subject under discussion

    3. This site has a forum for discussion on topics relevant to Hinduism and current affairs

    4. Drunk’s not the discussion here

    5. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    6. After some discussion yesterday, it had been agreed that I would use the main front door for the time being, while Stephen organises a spare set of keys for the flat, as we are now calling it

    7. "And that old torch made it?" he said, seeming to file the previous discussion under 'later

    8. This special series of studies lends itself to a fuller discussion of the work of the preacher in the local congregation

    9. Moamar didn't want to turn this into a technical discussion

    10. Many years ago there was interest and discussion concerning the building of a new

    11. church as has been amply documented from Scripture in the discussion above

    12. informed me that he had been in a religious discussion with a Catholic co-worker

    13. would go, but I would rather have a public discussion where the Catholic priest could tell what they believe and why for about twenty minutes and I would do the same thing and

    14. She came up with the discussion of

    15. After a somewhat heated discussion between us, Gilla got her way, this time persuading me to pack several skirts as well as the sensible hosen and shirts which have accompanied me on my journeys so far

    16. We can introduce him to them, and have a full conference discussion with Jake present

    17. We’d dragged Drens along to join in the discussion; after all he knows the island much better than we do

    18. ' This arrangement was not for discussion

    19. “Separate discussion,” Elmore said

    20. “Actually,” Alan said, “It is Ava that holds those controls,” Elmore looked at him funny but Alan didn’t respond to that, it was too deep a systems discussion for him

    21. "No," Ava said, "It wasn't a discussion I had in mind

    22. She held up a dainty hand, “No discussion, the air here is a thinner than you are used to, and you will need a short time to acclimate yourselves to it

    23. If it was allowed, the discussion phase right here would have been longer than his allotted time

    24. He might discuss her with Ava, but he was still forbidden to speak of her and even if he could, he couldn't use any of the nonsense Yellelle spouted in the upcoming discussion

    25. But the captain came to the podium and said, "This is all very interesting and sounds like it may well be significant, however, we still have a possible enemy warship on our flank and my senior officers and I need to continue our discussion of that situation

    26. that was more conclusive than discussion oriented

    27. Can't have a discussion around here

    28. There was a little more discussion with Alan and Thom

    29. "We're having a discussion," Kelvin said

    30. "Excuse me, I think this is a matter for a moment's private discussion

    31. He started out with a technical discussion of his experiments

    32. He didn't want to get into a general discussion of that, but he needed to know what his senior people thought about it

    33. As soon as Thom was done with his direct presentation, he went to the podium and said, "This is all very interesting and sounds like it may well be significant, however, we still have a possible enemy warship on our flank and my senior officers and I need to continue our discussion of that situation

    34. After some discussion it was decided that the wolf should

    35. They adjourned to Duncan’s office and a serious discussion was held as what to do with the creature

    36. There was a discussion of Ava and the three women looked at her wide eyed and shook their heads

    37. Dave manages to find a parking space without too much trouble and after discussion about whether I am up to going for a walk or not, we decide to walk around the lake then get something to eat in the cafe

    38. The discussion concerned a woman on death row, and she was going to be executed by lethal injection for murdering her husband

    39. There were other doodles on the page, some were the simple geometric ones that meant her mind was on the discussion and not her doodling

    40. White Feathers's supply of ice blocks was nearly exhausted before the last week of August, which prompted discussion of an alternative plan to the tedium of retrieving the blocks from beneath their scattered holding buoys in the lake

    41. Intrigued, he followed the sounds to the commons deck where his family was sitting, evidently enjoying themselves in discussion

    42. Allcock laughed and continued to lead their discussion from when Harry was first aware of their approach and for as long as he kept notice of them

    43. He was asked his opinions on topics under discussion, deferred to in matters of a practical nature, and generally respected as an equal

    44. his back on his wife to indicate that the discussion was

    45. Spelman with a hint of a sigh, and that concluded the discussion

    46. All that was plain, was that Olivia Allcock seemed to lead the discussion

    47. He began a discussion of their inner construction, constantly mapping their previous experiences onto the schema illustrated

    48. Yet there was a previous discussion which had not been so accessible and he very much wished to have it all clear in his head before going any further

    49. Had their focus at some earlier times been upon the proper raising of those 'symbols of their future,' this current discussion would be moot

    50. Among the topics under discussion were the twins' participation in the daily instruction at the school

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