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    1. That would be the next refinement, the boat needs to get much thinner to deal with the city

    2. Annie was amazed to find herself in a most elegantly appointed salon, stuffed full of finely embroidered soft furnishings and antiques of obvious quality and refinement

    3. Balanced refinement is often

    4. The position of apprentice it seemed was more a proving ground for an individual's dedication and perseverance, than a refinement of talents and skills

    5. In a later refinement, he created man

    6. The refinement process has removed the parts of the wheat kernel that provided fiber,

    7. At other times, manufactures for distant sale grow up naturally, and as it were of their own accord, by the gradual refinement of those household and coarser manufactures which must at all times be carried on even in the poorest and rudest countries

    8. Quintus, who had been sitting by admiring the Praefect in all of his quiet, contemplative refinement, found his turn to once more interrupt the musings

    9. Though posterior in their establishment, yet all the arts of refinement, philosophy, poetry, and eloquence, seem to have been cultivated as early, and to have been improved as highly in them as in any part of the mother country The schools of the two oldest Greek philosophers, those of Thales and Pythagoras, were established, it is remarkable, not in ancient Greece, but the one in an Asiatic, the other in an Italian colony

    10. In the progress of refinement, when philosophy and rhetoric came into fashion, the better sort of people used to send their children to the schools of philosophers and rhetoricians, in order to be instructed in these fashionable sciences

    11. After all, it is only a refinement on the engramatic reading process

    12. Neither are polite manners nor social refinement nor moral righteousness (Egads!) readily perceptible to individuals possessing limited insight into the essential Nature of Things

    13. The Day of Refinement is here!

    14. Had I been a Jew, (referring to Barry Stanton) I should have felt ―naked, mortified and outraged‖ over the insensitive comments made by an individual lacking cultural refinement

    15. then I say this is not constructive criticism, or refinement

    16. Where there is refinement

    17. She was a vivacious young lady of great refinement

    18. His speaking denoted the refinement of long study hours, good for the expansion of the culture, for social conventions or for some other motives that were not coming to the case

    19. boisterousness, the moment that it ceases to be perfect in its refinement, we

    20. beautifully, for that leads to refinement inwardly as well as outwardly

    21. The importance of accuracy and refinement in speech

    22. perfect state of health, orderly functioning and refinement, so as to enable the ego using it to attain as much as is possible for him in the present incarnation

    23. means of shearing one of al semblance of culture and refinement?

    24. Vladimir and Stephanie Remington Schultz collaborated on the development and refinement of those recipes

    25. We are looking at the most significant technological advance in the history of space warfare since the refinement of the short hyper jump

    26. intelligence, of refinement, of grace and beauty

    27. With a previously hidden refinement he cut into it, and with equal refinement the steak oozed blood onto his plate

    28. She treasured their refinement of right and wrong, importance and unimportance, and their glue to reality

    29. I’ve already honed in on the recipe copyright issue, so let me add that any recipe that you encounter is a refinement of some existing recipe

    30. One refinement I prefer is the use of the tar command instead of the zip command

    31. Of course, its beauty was further enhanced when worn on the fine, soft neck of his wife, herself a goddess with respect to exquisiteness and refinement

    32. “I have a refinement to my suggestion as well

    33. Seeing not only how life’s outward expressions of genes progressed, but the refinement of its molecular complexity was the thought exercise that showed me what lay ahead in the road

    34. automatic writing is a refinement of the technique of Active Imagination, but it’s by no means the only way to do it

    35. When Mercury is located at either one of its elongation points (within five days of exact GWE or GEE) it is furthest from the sun, so the natives’ inner dialogue is developed to a high degree of refinement, embellishment, and decadence

    36. 1: You should use the search refinement features when doing keyword research if

    37. But everybody who was present saw in him something special, some charm, found some features that attracted them by simplicity and at the same time by their refinement

    38. In February 1996 the Brickman Group began its "refinement process" using TOC

    39. “Why, it’s a refinement of the Casanova logic you had talked about; how sad it was given that you were such a sensitive lover

    40. refinement after this, the worshipper is slowly elevated to the category of a Brahmin

    41. But even this is not needed when there is yet further refinement

    42. stant refinement there is awareness of the essence that is God, only then,

    43. refinement, sages also come to abide in that state

    44. But the other higher kalp, which bestows refinement on the Soul, is fash-

    45. In this way, it derives mercy, tenderness, justice, and favor from Al’lah, and its tongue will utter nothing but words which bring blessings and refinement

    46. Harald wondered if this unexpected touch of refinement had been done for Sir Hugh's benefit

    47. Despite differences in class, there was a common feeling amongst people of refinement and education

    48. The old manor was a place of refinement

    49. I believe in England goose eating is held to be of doubtful refinement, and is left to one's servants

    50. Here roast goose stuffed with apples is a dish loved quite openly and simply by people who would consider that the number of their quarterings raises them above any suspicion as to the refinement of their tastes, however many geese they may eat, and however much they may enjoy them; and I remember one lady, whose ancestors, probably all having loved goose, reached back up to a quite giddy antiquity, casting a gloom over a dinner table by removing as much of the skin or crackling of the goose as she could when it came to her, remarking, amidst a mournful silence, that it was her favourite part

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