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Refinement in a sentence

Where there is refinement.
Balanced refinement is often.
The Day of Refinement is here!.
refinement of accumulated truths.
Compare it to the refinement of the.
In a later refinement, he created man.
The old manor was a place of refinement.

But, as if by a refinement of cruelty, Dr.
There was an air of refinement in both rooms.
I have a refinement to my suggestion as well.
intelligence, of refinement, of grace and beauty.
refinement, sages also come to abide in that state.
One possible refinement would operate as follows:.
She was a vivacious young lady of great refinement.
The importance of accuracy and refinement in speech.
music, which he felt was the highest refinement of music.
then I say this is not constructive criticism, or refinement.
rare refinement and delicacy and she was shocked at this remark.
But even this is not needed when there is yet further refinement.
perfection, and that anything beyond this is affected refinement.
At tea Clara felt the refinement and sang-froid of the household.
means of shearing one of al semblance of culture and refinement?.
The unsealing of The Apocalypse, the refinement of Doctrine of.
It is a refinement of our dynamic balance in both of these aspects.
You might say the same of landscape, of poetry, of all refinement.
BIDDY THE CLAP: He expresses himself with such marked refinement of.
After all, it is only a refinement on the engramatic reading process.
beautifully, for that leads to refinement inwardly as well as outwardly.
But the other higher kalp, which bestows refinement on the Soul, is fash-.

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