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    1. She gave the young man a moment to relinquish the sleeve still tight in his fingers then stated clearly and loud enough for his mates and anyone one else out at that time to hear, “You will keep a civil tongue in your foul little mouth, or there's more where that came from! Don't even begin to tell any one else about 'manners!' I don't know from whose foolish talk you picked up that misapplied epithet, but you will do well to remember this: you and your little friends are not even civilized humans yet and until you learn to treat others as you would be treated, I pity you the knocks and bruises in store for you, and not just at the hands of a 'woman' next time;” she glared at them one at a time, “Now get on back to your homes and don't even think of repeating such a foolish stunt!” she added

    2. day and that he could at last relinquish this self-imposed

    3. Uzbekistan was under Russian control and they will never relinquish that control

    4. choice but to relinquish all records

    5. You are so unwilling to relinquish your comfort that your selfishness drains you of humanity!”

    6. of any value and the heart is ready to relinquish all

    7. It gives us assurance that the dictators will be wise enough to know when to relinquish power and virtuous enough to actually do so

    8. I only ask for five days as a prudent margin against the unexpected, and if I cannot achieve it by then, I will gladly relinquish command to you, or to whoever this Assembly should choose for the responsibility

    9. Demons are always searching for more effective ways to relinquish humans from their souls with their permission

    10. only what one is willing to relinquish for the sake of growth

    11. And there was one evil spirit, furious that I wouldn’t relinquish the book

    12. with the potential to relinquish their freedom

    13. The demon laughed harshly as he relinquish control

    14. Out here in the higher dimensions, while high and happy on acid, or sad and blue on base, waiting for a homerun to bring you in, while the gods are masturbating up in their box office seats, spewing their holy jizz onto their worshipers below, possibilities exist in both fleeting and permanent states that are difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend or pin down and don’t make a whole lot of sense unless you completely relinquish control of your senses

    15. He might have known that the Angel wouldn’t relinquish her children to anyone else, and then there was the fact that the Angel had gone after Resa

    16. Pon had told Vitchae and Cenat that his love for Kim was too strong and he wanted to protect her, although he would always remain on the path to enlightenment, he would do this with his wife, but as it was forbidden for monks to marry he would relinquish his role as Tinju Prime Master, and no longer be a monk, however, he would remain the defender of the Monarch and protector of the relic, Pon would always remain a loyal servant of the Tinju and Royal Family

    17. Relinquish evil! was their cry

    18. him and eventually to other men should he decide to relinquish her, as Freud and

    19. relinquish their importance in this one arena? Should men be supervised in their

    20. pain he had to relinquish before he’d pass out

    21. will not influence Gravity to relinquish his hold, nor even to relax it

    22. But she had been a one-man band for so long, she could not relinquish that control

    23. relinquish my worries and just feel good at the moment, as if the moment was a

    24. When the time came, Greg would happily relinquish the seat to one of them as Timothy had insisted Greg take it when, too old and ill to properly manage the company, he had stepped down

    25. Whites can relinquish any sense of responsibility while waiting on the black middle class to mobilize itself and uplift the entire black race within missions structural barriers

    26. If Israel doesn’t relinquish these settlements back to the Palestinians we should cut off all aid and not come to Israel’s support militarily

    27. Especially as mothers, we tend to believe that we must relinquish

    28. His plans will never relinquish;

    29. to relinquish all fears of insecurity,

    30. all to march forward with a mighty triumphant air to relinquish the nether-mortals

    31. He was fully aware that Hitler would never be prepared to relinquish the supreme command officially

    32. moon has declined and took with it my spirit, I would relinquish

    33. They relinquish to you a pot of gold The power of their love unfolds

    34. ‘’I would never dream of asking Admiral King to relinquish to the Army control of even one of his precious ships, Admiral Mountbatten

    35. He was about to nod and agreed to relinquish command to her when Kletsova appeared

    36. As you may already know, the British, after clinging tenaciously to Palestine all these years despite the guerrilla war opposing them to the Jewish underground, have finally bowed to the pressure from various United Nations members, including the United States, and have announced that they will relinquish their mandate on Palestine

    37. Confident the battle was over, Garcia fought to relinquish the Kelvan interface

    38. He had some kind of problem with women in authority and he was about to relinquish control of his privacy to her; his female therapist

    39. wishing to join the AN must be willing to relinquish their sovereignty and

    40. States for refusing to relinquish the liberties that made the country so unique

    41. Given Zuma’s actions over his entire term as president and given the ANC’s wish for a two-thirds majority in the upcoming general election in order to be able to change the Constitution, it is perhaps time to ask the critical question: will Zuma be prepared to step down and relinquish power at the end of his final term, or will he finally complete the Zimbabwefication of South Africa, change the Constitution and stay on in the Presidency as one of Africa’s Big Men, the next Robert Mugabe, making South Africa his personal fiefdom?’

    42. to relinquish the income and status of my position in the firm to set up a small business had

    43. He can relinquish material belongings

    44. Treaders on both paths have to relinquish desire and the outcome of the

    45. He asked her to relinquish her virginity in return for her rightful share of bread

    46. “It belongs to me in more ways than you might imagine---I would request that you relinquish it now

    47. Bear in mind that rogue imprisonment is a serious matter---you would relinquish all privileges and be set to labor in the culture vats

    48. His thirst to spend more and more time in the search for truth lead him to relinquish his college teaching job

    49. However, they don’t want to relinquish attachment since attachment comes cloaked in the blanket of love

    50. This is the reason that in spite of knowing that anger is bad, you don’t relinquish it

    1. Their boots crunched the snow underfoot and for a few seconds, it seemed as though the aerial beast had relinquished the chase

    2. All the girls liked him and wanted him; many had willingly relinquished their virginity to him

    3. Jeremy relinquished his hold on her and she clung to me, sobbing

    4. similar to those they had relinquished in the federal navy

    5. Florida relinquished command to Lieutenant C

    6. Captain Bigelow received three bullets before he relinquished his company

    7. Three times they entrenched, though without tools, and cheerfully relinquished the result of their labour to the Americans, when the lines extended to the right

    8. As Spain relinquished her sovereignty over Cuba, the Island passed under the military rule of the United States

    9. When he was satisfied I was wet enough he sat on the little bit of my towel I had not occupied and slowly wiggled his way sideways until I had relinquished half of it to him

    10. By having surrendered our inherent right to make personal decisions considered appropriate to our own particular lifestyles and needs, we have summarily relinquished our customary right to appeal such decisions made on our (own) behalf by government institutions that we‘ve provided with (reckless) authoritative powers far exceeding their intended scope and purpose; institutions that no longer pretend to be our servants but the masters, rather, of our own determined way of life

    11. If the Preceptor left his planned attack on Badachro Sett much longer, he'd be forced to postpone it until after the cold winter winds had relinquished their hold on the forest

    12. Patty neither rested Keela in her cot nor relinquished her from her arms; both were content within each other’s immediate space

    13. The Prison relinquished Mikael’s soul of its own volition so this assured the existence of the soul beyond the gates

    14. As she relinquished the energy she gathered from the titans, because she had used so much on Elijah and Mikael, she was left with less than what she had even before

    15. As a result of that transfer, the United States has governed the island of Puerto Rico, and the San Juan castles, which have never completely relinquished their constant vigilant status, are today principally custodians of five centuries of an inheritance rich in history and in culture

    16. ”6 As Adolph’s health weakened, he relinquished day-to-day control of the paper to Arthur (and Iphigene, the one who owned the stock

    17. the monk relinquished hold, raised his hands into the air in a

    18. "What's it say?" Calvin moved to the command position but did not sit down, even though Summers relinquished the chair

    19. This place… it's cursed!" He relinquished his resentment and joined in a weak chuckle

    20. When Calvin approached, Summers relinquished the command position and Calvin collapsed in the chair with a huge sigh

    21. "What's the situation, Mister Rose?" She asked as he relinquished the command position

    22. Summers relinquished her weapon without complaint

    23. It was me and me alone who relinquished my own freedom as a

    24. In the end I relinquished my favourite country, and he his homeland and family

    25. Finally, apparently satisfied, he relinquished the sword back to Jai

    26. The out-of-control appendage had relinquished its orbit around Richard’s body and re-entered the atmosphere in the region of his groin

    27. The Master could have relinquished the struggle this day on Mount Hermon and returned to his rule of the universe domains, but he not only chose to meet the requirements of his order of divine sonship embraced in the mandate of the Eternal Son on Paradise, but he also elected to meet the last and full measure of the present will of his Paradise Father

    28. 4 When the signal of the planetary resurrection had been received by the chief of archangels, the Personalized Adjuster of the Son of Man relinquished his authority over the celestial hosts assembled on Urantia, turning all these sons of the local universe back to the jurisdiction of their respective commanders

    29. ” He relinquished his seat

    30. He says you have a strong psychic ability yet you have relinquished all interest and use for it

    31. There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand and are not granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held

    32. There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals, and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand, and will not be granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held

    33. Perhaps you have some negative feelings towards him even though you have relinquished expectations of him being different

    34. And if this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practise cultivation

    35. affection and plagued by them throughout their lives, they will find it too late to regret at the end of their lives," and "If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation

    36. relinquished much ego in the quest for benefiting others with a genuine

    37. He then relinquished his command stating that the campaign in East Africa was finished and left for England

    38. It was a policy that had brought the Soviet leaders so close to defeat in 1941 that they finally relinquished it when the Germans launched their 1942 offensive

    39. relinquished property to a Qualified Intermediary before the close

    40. At the close of the relinquished property sale, the

    41. Then the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished

    42. relinquished property, the investor closes on one of the

    43. Both the relinquished property and the replacement

    44. (disposition) of the relinquished property (sale property) and the

    45. (conveyance) of the relinquished property (sale property) and the

    46. have received, the sale proceeds after disposition of relinquished

    47. funds from the sale of the relinquished property

    48. directs that the Qualified Intermediary acquire the relinquished

    49. relinquished the thought and decided that maybe it was just

    50. Keisha quickly relinquished the thought and opened her

    1. electricity the body becomes confused and the body relinquishes life

    1. "Dad" Todd didn't sound too thrilled to be relinquishing her hand

    2. Finding wounded by the roadside, he insisted on mounting his horse, relinquishing the hospital wagon for their use

    3. “What’s the matter?” she asked, relinquishing the gun to Terry

    4. Motivation is usually squandered by us relinquishing our power and responsibility in the hands of someone else

    5. The relinquishing of

    6. opposites! With this new being came, of course, a relinquishing of a third of our given

    7. “You wish!” cried Jai, holding the satchel firmly behind his back with no intention of relinquishing anything

    8. As the oedipal son passes through the stage of relinquishing his mother, he begins to

    9. having trouble relinquishing the thought of his favorite

    10. Organized violence, whether it be nations at war, criminal gangs, or political uprisings are dependent on the relinquishing of individual responsibility over to others

    11. “Not all is as it seems,” Burning Cloud said relinquishing

    12. grass and weeds came to an end relinquishing their territory

    13. Viscount Berkeley had financial difficulties and King Edward paid off those debts, resulting in Berkeley then relinquishing his claims to the Mowbray estate

    14. of relinquishing authority to his Spiritual Guide

    15. before any of this relinquishing its property

    16. The leader was the last to go, not relinquishing his position over me too easily; but when he was alone and saw his now useless gun—he did run

    17. authorities, she couldn’t see herself relinquishing

    18. intention of relinquishing and will be raised by a contracted party such as the biological

    19. it has made university students go into business as a pure cop-out… as a conscious relinquishing of all their own personal morals, ethics, and values

    20. As a result of this mass amnesia, this push to forget and block out everything that happened in WW1 and WW2, the seminal book of the 20th century: Mein Kampf was forgotten and ignored, discounted, misperceived, misunderstood and buried in the American wild rush into hedonism and the relinquishing of all traditional Protestant morals and ethics under the barrage of the Jewish culture of greed and amorality spreading all over the world

    21. completely rearranged your normal reality,' he said casually without relinquishing his

    22. relinquishing the ancient tenets of immortality and eternal suffering, we endanger the hold of religion on the fears of ungodly men, and banish a wholesome dread of God's judgments from His own servants—that on the contrary it will be found, under every spiritual and pathetic presentation of the doctrine of life only in Christ, there is a large gain on the side even of a useful fear

    23. The suitor, kissing the hem of the garment again before relinquishing it, replied,

    24. If a bridge receives a BPDU message with better values than those in its own messages, it stops transmitting BPDUs over the port through which it arrived—in effect relinquishing its duties to the bridge better suited for the job

    25. Rostopchin was so pleased with the fine role of leader of popular feeling, and had grown so used to it, that the necessity of relinquishing that role and abandoning Moscow without any heroic display took him unawares and he suddenly felt the ground slip away from under his feet, so that he positively did not know what to do

    26. Many a time I have shared between two claimants the precious morsel of brown bread distributed at tea-time; and after relinquishing to a third

    27. “You give it up very gleefully,” said he; “I don’t quite understand your light-heartedness, because I cannot tell what employment you propose to yourself as a substitute for the one you are relinquishing

    28. In the resolute readiness with which you cut your wealth into four shares, keeping but one to yourself, and relinquishing the three others to the claim of abstract justice, I recognised a soul that revelled in the flame and excitement of sacrifice

    29. The true husbandman will cease from anxiety, as the squirrels manifest no concern whether the woods will bear chestnuts this year or not, and finish his labor with every day, relinquishing all claim to the produce of his fields, and sacrificing in his mind not only his first but his last fruits also

    30. Rostopchín was so pleased with the fine role of leader of popular feeling, and had grown so used to it, that the necessity of relinquishing that role and abandoning Moscow without any heroic display took him unawares and he suddenly felt the ground slip away from under his feet, so that he positively did not know what to do

    31. And I did this for the purpose of impressing upon the House an opinion, that if the Administration had practised upon the principles of their predecessors, all had been well; or, that if retracing their steps, or relinquishing the path of error and misfortune, they would still be the learners of wisdom and experience, it would not even now be too late to retrieve the affairs of the country

    32. This pledge, although it does not necessarily import, does not exclude, the intention of relinquishing, along with the Orders in Council, the practice of those novel blockades, which have a like effect of interrupting our neutral commerce: and this further justice to the United States is the rather to be looked for, inasmuch as the blockades in question, being not more contrary to the established law of nations than inconsistent with the rules of blockade formerly recognized by Great Britain herself, could have no alleged basis other than the plea of retaliation, alleged as the basis of the Orders in Council

    33. , her relinquishing the Orders in Council

    34. Pinkney, of the 31st of August, 1810, when he states that he is commanded by his Majesty to repeat the declaration made to this Government in February, 1808, of his Majesty's desire to see the commerce of the world restored to that freedom which is necessary for its prosperity, and his readiness to abandon the system which had been forced upon him, whenever the enemy should retract the principles which had rendered it necessary; and to assure us that whenever the repeal of the French decrees shall have actually taken effect, and the commerce of the neutral nations shall have been restored to the condition in which it stood previously to the promulgation of those decrees, he will feel the highest satisfaction in relinquishing a system which the conduct of the enemy compelled him to adopt

    35. In the midst of these scenes of devastation and murder, the Moravian missionaries have wandered in deserts, in mountains, in dens and caves of the earth, never relinquishing their purposes, and they have obtained a good report through faith

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