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Frasi con reprieve (in inglese)

1. We both celebrated the reprieve.
2. In the silent reprieve, he stood.
3. Enjoying a reprieve of sorts, she.
4. The reprieve lasted a matter of days.
5. Frankly, I was glad for the reprieve.
6. Blessed are those who offer reprieve.
7. There would be no last minute reprieve.

8. On a reprieve, he assuaged his erection.
9. For a while he had hoped for a reprieve.
10. He could not hope for a second reprieve.
11. And so it was that the dog got a reprieve.
12. Fetching it would give me a small reprieve.
13. It might give us a reprieve from the smoke.
14. Church offers is a reprieve from that abyss.
15. He damn well needed a short reprieve, and.
16. Rather than being a temporary reprieve from.
17. Reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.
18. My brother returned to give me a brief reprieve.
19. Just then a reprieve arrived in the form of Alfred.
20. But fate gave us a reprieve – because it also had.
21. A temporary fix is a temporary reprieve, Mister Kolk.
22. And since you haven’t been bitten, no reprieve for you.
23. A dead numbness took hold of her, it a reprieve against.
24. All of the Orion Animal Women were given a reprieve from.
25. Gurus and then you choose to reprieve by the committee but.
26. He said, My Lord, reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.
27. That would give you a reprieve from your sentence, Garcia said.
28. Insanity would have been a blessing, a reprieve from guilt and regret.
29. I am not sure why, but whatever reprieve she was hoping for, never came.
30. Legend or not, he would have to be stopped, with no chance of a reprieve.
31. A reprieve from want, an addiction to need, a temptation for more?
32. Master lay together in the lounge, taking reprieve before the White Herons.
33. And He will forgive you of your sins, and reprieve you until a stated term.
34. I… want to share what happened, Hallen said, during a temporary reprieve.
35. Orphenn and Eynochia lay beneath the stars that evening, taking reprieve after.
36. Trellises can also provide reprieve from unsightly back yards or a noisy street.
37. You got the weekend, too, but no reprieve on your obligations, Vice Admiral.
38. Eve looked into her grandmother's eyes and knew this time there would be no reprieve.
39. Haven’s disappointment in the absence of a reprieve made her response sharper than.
40. It may be, on the other hand, that the destruction of the Martians is only a reprieve.
41. And if they say yes, you'll say? Minimine's voice cracked with the hope of reprieve.
42. This means you won’t have to store books in your bedroom and the environment gets a reprieve.
43. It was probably too late for a last minute reprieve from her sins, although it couldn’t hurt.
44. Lov lay on the bed, attempting to sleep and get some reprieve from the sounds of a closed in city.
45. Tamar’s last report had the enemy still several days’ march away giving them a small reprieve.
46. By the time Marge came to collect them only five of the staff had failed to earn a reprieve of execution.
47. Migration to the United States gave him a reprieve from being reduced to his intrinsic worth as a bar of soap.
48. Rhett had sent her home alone in the carriage when the party was over and she had thanked God for the reprieve.
49. Sometimes I see myself watching those older shows I guess to get a reprieve from the junk on television today.
50. But as much as she’d enjoyed the temporary reprieve, she wasn’t yet ready to believe it was completely over.
51. Hu Lyang was so jubilant and grateful for Jenni’s reprieve, that he would have granted any concessions asked for!.
52. It put up a terrible fight biting and tearing at the ‘twins,’ but they would not let up or give it any reprieve.
53. I nodded, grateful for the reprieve, as I still hadn’t met my phone buddy, and that was the reason for coming anyway.
54. There’d been a two-minute reprieve from his questions, but not because he’d come up with a different angle of attack.
55. By mid-afternoon, the remaining men, including Gordon, held out little hope of a reprieve and sat around in silent melancholia.
56. It wasn’t just relief; it was reprieve from emotional torture that would have consumed him for years if the girl hadn’t been found.
57. By February 2003, the family had registered for home schooling in accordance with state law, so there was some reprieve for Adam and Susan.
58. Jane would have begged for a further reprieve, had it not been that she too had begun to believe that her forest lover would return no more.
59. When he had spoken out against the ordinance that provided a reprieve to convicted MPs, it was leaders like Lalu who had been Rahul’s target.
60. Kathy was given a slight reprieve from this ultimatum being put into action, when Keith uncomfortably cleared his voice and worriedly interjected.
61. However, Muhammad’s filial joy ensured a reprieve of peace in the region till death snatched, first his infant son, and shortly thereafter, him as well.
62. Lodged at the Tihar as a lifer, Suresh had realized that the reprieve he got would come to naught if he were to carry the baggage of guilt well into his life.
63. The others coaxed her on, and right as Charly prepared to issue a reprieve she thrust her fingertips in with a shriek that brought Trask to his feet upstairs.
64. The offering targets individuals seeking to transfer their balances and a reprieve from soaring interest rates - gives the consumer 0% APR for up to 12 months.
65. Granted one felt worse and depressed and anxious and nervy and pissed-off later—what I would call the chair kicking mood—but the temporary reprieve was worth.
66. That was before Narasimha Rao’s post-Rajiv Congress, having had a reprieve from the dynastic dominance, did what it was otherwise capable of doing to the country.
67. Max thinks it might have been tracking slowly behind us all day as the Undead sometimes do waiting for the living to stop for a reprieve before inconveniently catching up.
68. He said, Do You see this one whom You have honored more than me? If You reprieve me until the Day of Resurrection, I will bring his descendants under my sway, except for a few.
69. Day three brought reprieve in the form of an announcement by Herminia’s dentist that her appointment, which they had anticipated to be her last, was rescheduled for three days hence.
70. Don’t bother Sir there will be no reprieve they need examples to show the troops, basically Sir they need to keep discipline and I’m one of the examples so they will do nothing.
71. I was about to dispute, mentioning something about my royal stature, though I didn’t believe a word of it; it seemed the only reprieve when trying to get Ishvara to listen to anything I had to say.
72. A Conscience‘s immune system, however, continues to inform itself in proportion to its inestimable failings, that, despite efforts to disclaim or otherwise rationalize an individual‘s failings, will not concede a moment‘s reprieve.
73. They set off to spread the story and celebrate the young man’s reprieve: not only had he escaped the hangman’s noose but he had been released from prison, so they celebrated by giving thanks to God and holding delightful receptions for their friends and family.
74. This is not some recent phenomenon, although it may oftentimes appear that way in light of the many enhancements that continue to emerge without reprieve, but a cross-generational work in process, rather, that often assumes different sizes and shapes yet whose fundamental principles remain constant.
75. It is not out of mere pride or boasting that I give this information, for, if that were my object, I could tell a dozen actions of mine which are quite as splendid; but I do it in order that certain gentlemen in Paris may understand that I, who am able here to tell about the fate of Monsieur Caratal, can also tell in whose interest and at whose request the deed was done, unless the reprieve which I am awaiting comes to me very quickly.

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1. He said, You are of those reprieved.
2. Ashat was feeling better, reprieved, positive and confident.
3. Then I reprieved those who disbelieved, but then I seized them.
4. Neither heaven nor earth wept over them, nor were they reprieved.
5. They will not be able to repel it, and they will not be reprieved.
6. How many a town have I reprieved, although it was unjust? Then I seized it.
7. You're reprieved! A faint, uncertain smile hovered across the old man's lined face.
8. Feeling lik e a man reprieved, he put Lolla to bed early and went out for the first time.
9. When those who did wrong see the punishment, it will not be lightened for them, nor will they be reprieved.
10. In the opposite direction, the reprieved lions had moved several hundred yards away from the disturbance to settle down, once more, in the broken shade of an acacia tree.
11. All this is very praiseworthy; but may I ask about this friend of yours, who told you the terrible experience of his life? He was reprieved, you say; in other words, they did restore to him that ‘eternity of days.
1. These are my brief reprieves now.
2. The little demons are the source of as many reprieves, calamities, and anxieties as the battle itself.
3. We offered our sensuality and passion and reaped glorious fulfillment and, in my case, short reprieves from my purgatory.
4. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

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