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Frasi con hiatus (in inglese)

1. It was an unusual hiatus which.
2. In sucha case hiatus (see below).
3. Meanwhile the markets are in hiatus.
4. Footnote 36: (return) There is hiatus here.
5. Trees flew past them until a hiatus appeared.
6. Marie made it clear that their hiatus was only.
7. The tragic tale of wayward Joe is currently on hiatus.

8. Meanwhile, as the market is in hiatus I am left feeling confused.
9. Later that night, when the coast was clear the suburban hiatus by.
10. In the joints of change hiatus, a malingering sense of no direction.
11. Footnote 30: (return) Note the example of hiatus in this older Spanish.
12. It was becoming clear that his problem wasn’t just his surfing hiatus.
13. There was a pause that Anderson thought might lengthen into a complete hiatus.
14. Berlin came out hard after the short hiatus, but Kline was up to the challenge.
15. But then, after a short hiatus, I had to give a qualified answer! I think not!.
16. During that nine-month hiatus, I located a new employer in Chicago, Budget Rent a Car.
17. This crevice, the hiatus of a gulf of mire, was called a fontis, in the special tongue.
18. They were in a hiatus from engagement and no one looked up to see our seven birds flit past.
19. Lack of hiatus would here produce a stress-shift resulting inan unharmonious stressing of two.
20. Hiatus is the breaking up into two syllables of vowel combinationsin adjacent words capable of.
21. In these two examples instead of hiatus there is synalepha withstress-shift, but we have to do.
22. In some instances hiatus seems to occur for no other reasonthan to preserve the verse-measure:.
23. During the 3-day hiatus of air traffic last September, the average DTR was a little over 1E°C.
24. Hiatus most frequently occurs to avoid the greater cacophonywhich would arise from stress-shift.
25. I didn’t plan the seven-year hiatus but everything else was calculated including my father’s death.
26. The station café was virtually empty, enjoying a hiatus before the arrival of the next intercity express.
27. I can only speculate as to what alien creatures and environments you encountered during your hiatus from the ocean region.
28. The parties agreed to a half year hiatus during which the technical and accounting teams would hammer through the details.
29. Just the sedate activities each or several together of the company enjoyed during the hiatus from their on-going mysteries.
30. Taking full advantage of the hiatus, Darkburst tucked his injured leg up into his side and ran from the pack as fast as he could.
31. After a hiatus, when I returned into her ardent arms, she told me that in the meantime she had conceived my child but was constrained to get it aborted.
32. Congress is not in session right now, and he and Nancy are taking advantage of the hiatus by spending two full weeks on this six-hundred-acre mountaintop property.
33. Howard-Smythe, only recently returned after a brief hiatus, setting up our next little operation, announced that there were several gentlemen waiting to speak to the CO.
34. Later that night, when the coast was clear the suburban hiatus by the oak tree was just a distant memory, the soldier stood on Harrow hill and gazed out across his new world horizon.
35. After that period, there was a hiatus when troubles and politics at home and in the satellite colonies, which resulted in a civil war, which made the Anuki homeland and settlements vulnerable to opportunistic aggressors.
36. And that would have put paid to the Nehruvian Dynasty in the normal course but then India had to contend with the Italian Sonia, Rajiv’s power-hungry wife, who, after a short hiatus as a widow, took the reins of the Indira Congress.
37. By that point, he’d heard them all: academic hiatus, indefinite leave, not the right fit … His surname, with its intimations of largesse, encouraged each new school in the delusion that it might succeed where the others had failed.
38. I realize we don’t have much time now, to explore and further our budding friendship, but once the main part of this tour is over in a couple of weeks, and we take a month’s hiatus until Keith’s youngest child is born, I’d like to meet with you again.
39. For a start, he was now making considerable and quite rapid progress in his research after the recent hiatus, and there was now no doubt the he and his team had repositioned the UK at the very forefront of the work being done internationally into the future development of nuclear fusion.
40. It's just on an extended hiatus while she's distracted, and the debate will most likely pick right back up that evening or the next day or the day after, and she will have had time to come up with new arguments and he'll have had time to think about how soft her skin is and how good it tastes when it's sweaty.
41. Steve Baker (Strat) Elvin Stanley (Chippers) Charles Clark (Nobby) and Wayne Logan (Sticks) more famously known as ‘Fossils,’ are four musicians from varying background who are inadvertently united and form a band with a unique and exciting sound that filled an auditory hiatus that has been lacking for decades in the modern day music industry.
42. The goblin was developed under the fetid covering of the Mouffetard sewer; the corpses of the Marmousets had been cast into the sewer de la Barillerie; Fagon attributed the redoubtable malignant fever of 1685 to the great hiatus of the sewer of the Marais, which remained yawning until 1833 in the Rue Saint-Louis, almost opposite the sign of the Gallant Messenger.
43. In general hiatus is most likely to occur before the principalrhythmic stress in a verse; that is,.

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