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Frasi con respite (in inglese)

1. It was the last respite.
2. But there was no respite.
3. He was glad of the respite.
4. There was no respite at work.
5. The Nile offered no respite.
6. Johan is glad of the respite.
7. I have endured without respite.
8. It’s the respite Simon needs.
9. And I will grant them a respite.
10. This furnished a sort of respite.
11. But, it’s only a short respite.
12. I probably had several hours respite.
13. I need a respite, a long, long, vacation.
14. He said, You are of those given respite.
15. THE SPRING BROUGHT a respite in the plague.
16. I got a temporary respite hiding inside a car.
17. She half stood … but it was a short respite.
18. This respite would give them some thinking time.
19. Therein, you’ll have a short respite from the.
20. Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow.
21. Although it wasnt dead I got a temporary respite.
22. It was his brightness indeed that gave me a respite.
23. The sortie upon the Rock gained only a brief respite.
24. I needed a respite from all the hustle and bustle of the.
25. I figured there was a twelve to twenty four hour respite.
26. Therefore, give the blasphemers respite, a brief respite.
27. The brief respite had given Alison all the time she needed.
28. In the moment of experiencing laughter a respite is gifted.
29. Indeed, this was a much needed respite, with mixed couples.
30. I thrust him away but it was only a very temporary respite.
31. Fighting the scribe meant the beast would lose that respite.
32. At least I know that I get some respite once in a while.
33. He said, Give me respite, until the Day they are resurrected.
34. Thankful for the respite, Credit patiently waited as the old.
35. He then graciously granted me a respite, and the next morning.
36. He waited till I drank the brew, a small respite from drudgery.
37. Deprived of this respite, I should have sunk under my hardships.
38. The goblins fell back in disarray, but the respite was short-lived.
39. In this way he secured for the army a respite of twenty-four hours.
40. He had no respite from that wretched situation until the day he died.
41. This strategy eventually discouraged him and afforded me some respite.
42. However, the last two or three years I had allowed myself some respite.
43. The Reich gained a respite until the long-range escort fighters; the P.
44. The scratching gave only a brief moment’s respite from the itchiness.
45. Ravan had pressed the animal hard, and it had started to crave respite.
46. But the very next afternoon, the strangers arrive to disrupt our respite.
47. Wearily the Confederates lay on their arms and prayed for respite and rest.
48. The troll found respite in patrolling the kennels in the cellar of his Tower.
49. Nine have been unhorsed indeed but that is but a respite, ere they find new.
50. I was grateful for the few minutes of respite and the fresh water he brought.
51. My one respite was the sea, for I was allowed to walk and frolic by its edge.
52. We stopped for a short while as some put up tents as a respite from the weather.
53. There was a brief respite in this fear during the slice of pizza investigation.
54. They’re respite from danger was short as Hillary noticed the next formidable.
55. It always came this respite with many deep sighs but it was phony and momentary.
56. Their breathless, breathtaking orgasms brought respite and temporary tenderness.
57. It was still unbearably hot and there had been so respite from the heat for weeks.
58. Adorno knew Nicolette would have to sleep; Ravan could not push her without respite.
59. The bodies were taken out by the studio people who had brought them in for respite.
60. Settling for anything just to grant some respite, a timely yawn reflected just how.
61. I needed that respite, because Sarah had become a troubling part of my daily worries.
62. It had seemed more the gift than the quantity that had given him this short respite.
63. Felicity got into the back of the car, where she had a bit of respite from the wind.
64. We profited by this respite on the part of the government to make friends everywhere.
65. For the girls it meant that they got respite from the heat of the day, and music to.
66. A battlefield wasn't the best place to rest, but even a moment's respite was welcome.
67. Though she did not trust him, she was not about to argue with this most welcome respite.
68. The druid put a comforting hand on Eilidh’s trembling shoulder, but she felt no respite.
69. And leave Me to those who deny the truth, those of luxury, and give them a brief respite.
70. The respite was short lived and as it began again a renewed sense of urgency was evident.
71. That respite would only occur if she could convince him she was able to carry out her part.
72. Ingrid found herself more than willing to brave these challenges for even a little respite.
73. The dealers have no respite from the continual visits and examination of the excise officers.
74. A face in which these eyes, swimming in delirium, could find no shore, no respite, no rescue.
75. She takes a respite --- a soul searching vacation to once again recapture the essence of being.
76. Here there is no time or ebb and flow of violence, but it all occurs at once and without respite.
77. The fresh respite which the assailants were granting to the barricade had, in fact, been prolonged.
78. In the verse "…shall be lashed", there is a respiting and a caution, but it is not a long respite.
79. After a brief respite, the humiliation continued until the other three had ejaculated in his mouth.
80. The few days they passed with Lena Nells were a peaceful, unexpected respite from their cold journey.
81. Maybe it is for the maulvis to consider whether Allah willed for His faithful strife without respite.
82. His muscles were sore and needed a respite, even a short one would help, but he didn’t dare to stop.
83. Two weeks respite for Greg’s wedding had transformed him into a new man and he was ready for anything.
84. The army not only obtained no respite in Smolensk, it proceeded on its march in a worse condition than ever.
85. In a few minutes, after chatting with Matrielle for a short respite, they headed toward the conference room.
86. She pulled to a halt and jumped down from the panting mare, thinking perhaps that walking might offer respite.
87. This would only offer Germany a short respite when a decisive military victory was required to save the Reich.
88. As we had been wearing gas-masks almost all day without respite, we were nearly "all in" as the afternoon wore on.
89. Peace is not a sanctuary, respite, nor escape, but a way of being with others regardless of how they are with you.
90. But sleep did not afford me respite from thought and misery; my dreams presented a thousand objects that scared me.
91. And we find no respite for confession that our Lord is true in all His works and in His judgements and His justice.
92. To give himself a moment to gather his thoughts—and a respite from this fucking mud—he swung aboard Nell’s back.
93. And so it was that after a brief respite for tale-telling and knowledge sharing, the trolls once again roused to life.
94. I paused for a moment and then repeated my action, doing this routine five or six times before stopping for a respite.
95. This respite, which was thus prolonged, was a sign that the Government was taking its time, and collecting its forces.
96. Some time after setting off again and feeling renewed from the brief respite from the elements, his horse became skittish.
97. His heart leaped at the respite—the little respite it was—his color came back, and the possibility of a natural attitude.
98. He wondered what had Jack been doing; he had sent the lawyers which had been comforting, but the respite hadn’t lasted long.
99. Jain sold stock, and the price chopped from $20 to $28 all summer, giving short sellers a necessary respite and a little hope.
100. As for shooting her, that would only provide her a short respite, that if she could win that firefight, something she doubted.
1. In the verse "…shall be lashed", there is a respiting and a caution, but it is not a long respite.

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1. During the eight years there had been respites.
2. Small respites of peace in-between the endless wars and killing.
3. Day and night the devoted Sisters slaved, with brief respites of sleep on sides of packing cases covered with a blanket; and it is small wonder that they all sickened and were removed in a dangerous condition to the hospital ship.

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