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Frasi con rest (in inglese)

1. I just want a rest.
2. The rest I long for.
3. A rest I shall have.
4. Go to sleep and rest.
5. She needs to rest now.
6. Add the rest of the.
7. May he rest in peace.

8. He stopped for a rest.
9. We learn to rest in.
10. The rest of the money.
11. Then let the rest of.
12. The rest of the story.
13. The rest of it, what.
14. The rest is up to you.
15. The rest is a fantasy.
16. No rest for the wicked.
17. The rest of the group.
18. But in her day of rest.
19. Let rest for 5 minutes.
20. I was glad of the rest.
21. But the rest of us did.
22. The Rest of the Stor y.
23. And she wiped the rest.
24. The rest is up to them.
25. No Rest for the Wicked.
26. I can reach the rest.
27. I want her to rest now.
28. Compared to the rest of.
29. The rest of her family.
30. Rest was what he needed.
31. I want to hear the rest.
32. As we learn to rest in.
33. The rest is in darkness.
34. The rest of the agents.
35. Life is a rest and shift.
36. You rest and recover, Jo.
37. The rest can look after.
38. The rest of it is normal.
39. All he wanted was a rest.
40. I just wanted to rest now.
41. The rest was easy enough.
42. I couldn’t say the rest.
43. How about the rest of it.
44. But you may rest assured.
45. I found a place to rest.
46. The casket would rest in.
47. Before again taking a rest.
48. The rest of us looked at.
49. As for the rest of you.
50. May he also rest in peace.
51. You all need some rest.
52. The rest laughed in assent.
53. He ate, then went to rest.
54. As for the rest of black.
55. The rest of us fall short.
56. Let us all now go to rest.
57. Just sit and rest a while.
58. And the rest of my family.
59. The rest were all girls!.
60. For the rest of the world.
61. The rest can be up to her.
63. Ms Doulton needs her rest.
64. The rest would soon follow.
65. The rest were mere savages.
66. In you and forget the rest.
67. Like the rest of the kids.
68. Leave all the rest of our.
69. And the rest is even worse.
70. The rest happened by itself.
71. The rest quickly float away.
72. The rest will come with time.
73. A day of rest and chocolate.
74. Close your eyes and rest.
75. Is having a rest on a planet.
76. The rest were on top of him.
77. Tom's mum explained the rest.
78. All the rest of the men are.
79. The rest would have to wait.
80. Because the rest of us are.
81. I did, indeed, know the rest.
82. No, Andrew, I need a rest.
83. He isn't like the rest of us.
84. The rest of it did look good.
85. No worse than the rest of us.
86. I need the distance and rest.
87. The rest of the men caught up.
88. Yigal and the rest of his men.
89. God gave him rest round about.
90. English the rest of the night.
91. Time and death, did the rest.
92. I'll listen to the rest of it.
93. The rest of the team followed.
94. She said that she needed rest.
95. She said it was to rest, but.
96. And rest it surely did provide.
97. You will have need of rest.
98. We can send for the rest later.
99. Of course a rest is needed.
100. I need to rest for a few days.
1. A lot is resting on in.
2. Not a final resting place.
3. After resting my head on.
4. Balasana is a resting pose.
5. Driver sat like a resting.
6. That is your resting heart.
7. Resting in an unsafe place.
8. The Ribbons, Not Resting At.
9. He walked on without resting.
10. Slept on the sofa, resting.
11. Through times of resting in.
12. She’s resting at the moment.
13. Chapter 16: The Resting Place.
14. I was resting my hopes on her.
15. This was resting on top of it.
16. And keep walking, and resting.
17. In Him my trust is resting.
18. I was lying upon my bed resting.
19. She was just mindlessly resting.
20. I was at home resting between.
21. He is resting, she chimed.
22. Everest and resting at a base.
23. I am resting my head on his arm.
24. They lay on their cots, resting.
25. Resting both stiff arms on the.
26. Damn resting! She wanted answers.
27. This is your final resting place.
28. With one foot resting on its tip.
29. He was at peace, resting in the.
30. Resting on a dusty shelf up high.
31. There is greatness resting in you.
32. They are resting in a bank vault.
33. It is the final resting place of.
34. Parnell-Rose is resting now, but.
35. They sat for a moment while resting.
36. Several days later, while resting.
37. His hips resting in his wheelchair.
38. Finally, there is the resting place.
39. Alvin twisted a metal lever resting.
40. Resting in between your workout sets.
41. Then,I was not resting my gun properly.
42. The wyassies were all silently resting.
43. They were resting up in the infirmary.
44. Keep your legs uncrossed and resting.
45. Resting his eyes, he wanted to go home.
46. She could think of nothing but resting.
47. The old count was resting in his study.
48. Her head was resting against his chest.
49. I sat up on my bed, resting on my palms.
50. There now, stillness is resting nesting.
51. It is the period of resting and renewal.
52. The dragons were resting near the fort.
53. I wish for no other final resting place.
54. She is resting currently and my heir is.
55. Not to mention resting the body and mind.
56. She hesitates, her hand resting on the.
57. We had found a safe, warm resting place.
58. His body being tired was resting on his.
59. Hobbs and AJ were resting against the bar.
60. Resting his head on the trunk, he sighed.
61. STEPHANIE LAY RESTING in her hospital bed.
62. Their lids were resting against the wall.
63. After resting, he went on with his story.
64. Seward was resting on the mattress, and.
65. Her head is resting on the steering wheel.
66. Then she slid down, resting her head on.
67. She sighed, resting her chin on her knees.
68. That shall be your final resting place.
69. They were converging upon my resting place.
70. She‘s upstairs laying on the bed resting.
71. Resting on the stone edge of the pit were.
72. He is still resting, Aazuria answered.
73. He’s resting in the pyramid of Budo!.
74. It is the final resting place of all men:.
75. All were asleep, resting before the battle.
76. A pirate resting on a bench in an anteroom.
77. I scanned the area for a good resting place.
78. Even with his hands resting beside him, he.
79. She uncurled, resting her feet on the floor.
80. I know that all is well when I’m resting.
81. With my hands resting on Sue’s thighs, I.
82. At one time this was to be his resting place.
83. His arm was resting on the edge of the bath.
84. Again leaning forward and resting his elbows.
85. The cave was only a resting place, temporary.
86. Resting, either literally or figuratively.
87. Resting his head on his arm, the flickering.
88. Sohrab said, his chin resting on his kneecaps.
89. Oriana now shared with her that resting place.
90. He leaned close, his chin resting on his fist.
91. Anne returned the gesture, resting her hands.
92. I realized that his hand was resting on my arm.
93. We were resting in Poperinghe in December 1915.
94. God, resting in God, have been too little the.
95. He saw a resting place, that it was good, the.
96. She lays on the resting couch still trembling.
97. The salmon will continue to cook while resting.
98. But there was no resting place and she returned.
99. Suwanee carried him to his final resting place.
100. You know that all is well when you are resting.
1. As they rested by the.
2. He rested for a short.
3. All eyes rested on them.
4. A leg rested on another.
5. I rested my hand on hers.
6. My head rested on my arm.
7. But I felt rested enough.
8. The train rested at the.
9. It rested on two chains.
10. He seemed well rested too.
11. A black book rested there.
12. Every thing rested on him.
13. His eyes rested upon Anna.
14. I rested on my elbow but.
15. I rested my chin in a hand.
16. He rested his arm on his.
17. His forehead rested on hers.
18. My head rested on his chest.
19. My head rested on the door.
20. His eyes rested in her gaze.
21. He rested his hands on my.
22. Here they rested for a day.
23. Sleep well and wake rested.
24. She smiled and rested her.
25. It rested in Otto’s palm.
26. Myconius rested for a little.
27. Next to pilow rested a book.
28. Corey rested on Jeff's chest.
29. His hands rested on its back.
30. His hand rested on her thigh.
31. Michaels eyes rested on Holly.
32. His arms rested on his knees.
33. Ryato’s gaze rested on him.
34. I rested my head against her.
35. A hand rested on his shoulder.
36. My hand rested on soft cotton.
37. Simon rested his hand on mine.
38. It probed further, then rested.
39. As when it rested on the floor.
40. She followed where they rested.
41. The soldiers rested their 93.
42. As you were before you rested.
43. The mayor rested his gaze on me.
44. And there it eventually rested.
45. When you say you RESTED for a.
46. And then they rested on a rock.
47. He rested my head upon a soft.
48. Sadie rested her hand on my arm.
49. Her eyes rested upon him again.
50. Then God created man and rested.
51. He rested his hands on my head.
52. My head rested on his shoulder.
53. I rested my head on his shoulder.
54. He rested his elbows on the rail.
55. The ship rested in the seventh.
56. I was well rested and refreshed.
57. She rested at the bottom for a.
58. It rested quietly now, in peace.
59. Donna rested her hand on Sam’s.
60. I rested for a couple of hours.
61. Maya rested her head on her hand.
62. He never stopped or even rested.
63. They looked tranquil and rested.
64. She rested her hand over his arm.
65. Her baggage rested near her feet.
66. The dust rested tranquilly there.
67. Miller looked rested and content.
68. He rested the bottle on his knee.
69. He rested his head on her pillow.
70. She rested her head on his chest.
71. The bolt rested against the jamb.
72. He looked good, well rested and.
73. They rested uselessly on her back.
74. Having both rested it was now 11am.
75. He then rested his cane on a pole.
76. It rested like a babe in its womb.
77. Archie and his dreams now rested.
78. His chin rested on his collarbone.
79. The crow rested on a fire hydrant.
80. God then rested on the SEVENTH DAY.
81. He rested the bat on his shoulder.
82. Jackie’s hand rested on her back.
83. She rested her little hand on his.
84. A tattered book rested on her lap.
85. She rested her head on his shoulder.
86. Comben rested his hand on her thigh.
87. He rested his forehead on her head.
88. Suzuki rested his face in his hands.
89. Leesa rested her hand atop Rave’s.
90. S’ilindsa rested her hand on his.
91. An arm rested on one of the shelves.
92. He rested a casual hand on her ankle.
93. She rested her head on my shoulder.
94. Jaggers principally rested his case.
95. Greg rested his hand on her shoulder.
96. It also rested higher off the water.
97. His hand then rested on my shoulder.
98. His huge elbows rested on his knees.
99. Sierra rested her hands on her belly.
100. She rested her forehead on his chest.
1. BCG rests his arm on Dr.
2. But that rests with Sara.
3. I say she rests here then.
4. It now rests on the floor.
5. Rests supine on a stack of.
6. And it rests upon his chin.
8. Whom upon the finger rests.
9. The dove rests on a branch.
10. The defense rests its case.
11. He rests on the seventh day.
12. You say it rests with me.
13. The newness of action rests.
14. All the power rests with God.
15. She rests it on the dashboard.
16. He rests his head in his hands.
17. She rests her chin on her hand.
18. For play never quits; it rests.
19. The decision rests only with God.
20. This must be what it rests on.
21. A backpack rests against his feet.
22. His head sinks slowly, rests upon.
23. The limestone rests on mica slate.
24. Tom (Mount) rests on sandstone, 109.
25. The success of a project rests on.
26. Then upon Us rests their reckoning.
27. Rests the sapient being on the shore.
28. Orcher rests his hand on my shoulder.
29. When the fish rests, reel in quickly.
30. The tongue rests on Fanny’s cooch.
31. The rubble rests on the river bottom.
32. The droplet rests on the petal, but.
33. The capsule now rests on the mistbed.
34. And that he now rests with the Maker.
35. The learning of all races rests here.
36. Rests her hand on the receiver a beat.
37. It all rests with Captain Sergov now.
38. If God rests, then God is not creating.
39. His father’s gaze rests heavy on him.
40. The viability of this method rests in.
41. In fact, every decision rests with God.
42. By itself nothing moves, nothing rests.
43. He rests his back against a steel frame.
44. Gervais’s FBI badge rests in the snow.
45. For now, al concern rests with the dead.
46. She rests her cheek against my shoulder.
47. A mangled mass of meat rests at my feet.
48. With God rests the knowledge of the Hour.
49. Tobias rests his hand on my good shoulder.
50. With God rests the outcome of all events.
51. Mana rests her hand on Jaden’s shoulder.
52. As your awareness rests for a moment on.
53. Shaded ledges and rests it shall be you!.
54. Tony rests for the next two hours since.
55. Say, The knowledge thereof rests with God.
56. She already rests beneath Ursilla’s hand.
57. He rests both hands on the side of the boat.
58. Such beauty always calms and rests the mind.
59. The arm rests had once been warm and inviting.
60. He claps me on the shoulder and rests it there.
61. Don rests comfortably in the copilot’s seat.
62. And her take me to rests and her anker of rum.
63. Today then, is ours, and in it rests our hope.
64. A huge bouquet of red roses rests on the seat.
65. This all rests upon the Captain's decision.
66. And He knows where it lives and where it rests.
67. Ultimately a man’s fate rests in his own hands.
68. Bernard rests his hand on my arm before speaking.
69. The golf ball rests on the ground (er, usually).
70. He slumps forward and rests his face in his hands.
71. Jed smiles, leans forward, rests his arms on his.
72. Judgment rests with God the Sublime, the Majestic.
73. The entirety of physics rests on this one formula.
74. I kind of like how he rests his head on the table.
75. Instead he rests while his body struggles for life.
76. She rests her forehead in her hand with a heavy sigh.
77. So I recline on the same grave where Anup now rests.
78. If it's hungry, it eats, and if it's tired, it rests.
79. Sometimes, too, He rests in His great armchair, and.
80. Other hand and forearm rests at the base of the neck.
81. After he rests a few more days, he'll be good as new.
82. Tom, Mount, Massachusetts, rests on sandstone, i, 109.
83. That's where the body rests for the service tomorrow.
84. That is how the question rests on your side and on his.
85. Be grateful it still rests upon your shoulders, ser.
86. Guntram leans in and rests a hand on Ciere’s shoulder.
87. The promise of blessing through Abraham rests on faith.
88. It rests on a previously covered and buried eco-system.
89. To Him belongs whatever rests in the night and the day.
90. He rests his head of sorts on a hand of sorts and broods.
91. Betty shrugs, rests her chin on her hands on the counter.
92. The sincerity of foulness pleases us, and rests the soul.
93. It is a responsibility which rests upon this generation.
94. Clones last until defeated or until the character rests.
95. Aunt Chloe, whose blank tombstone rests next to Lang’s.
96. Their account rests only with my Lord, if you have sense.
97. She rests a hand on the girl’s back and leans in close.
98. My wife and I both know the problem rests with us all.
99. At that time the seer rests in his own (unmodifi ed) state.
100. I don’t like it, Chalmers said, Smith never rests.

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