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    1. One should avoid new funds and restrict your selection to those funds that have been around for at least three or more years

    2. "We will not restrict passage, we'll welcome everyone as cheerfully as any of the natives do," Ernesto said, and would have said more but was interrupted

    3. Note! If you have a health problem that may restrict your ability to exercise, check with your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise habits

    4. When you allow, you don’t restrict energy

    5. restrict the use of magic in Ireland

    6. He would not restrict his investigations to female, since Ava was reluctant enough to couple that she might have been male in the past life

    7. accommodation, rather than restrict our options to the

    8. So far is it from being necessary either to tax them, or to restrict their numbers, that they can never be multiplied so as to hurt the public, though they may so as to hurt one another

    9. Senator Dodd explained his party"s vote as follows: „Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it

    10. But she knew she couldn’t restrict her feelings

    11. The new plan of minimal intervention – an effort to restrict the extent of ‘cultural infection’ by allowing humans to act as protagonists in the resistance – seemed a morally dubious process

    12. It started decades ago already and there are many examples we can look at but I thought to restrict us to Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa for the purposes of this book

    13. I would like to propose a hypothetical question to the progressive reader: If given a choice, which of the following options would you choose: having been created in God‘s (own) Image or having descended from the apes? Should you choose the former, how come so many of you are willing to embrace evolutionary arguments that have been widely discredited rather than entertain the Divine Wisdom of scriptural teachings that offer a more plausible explanation for our existence? Why restrict your beliefs to worldly perceptions or ideas encumbered by the limits of your (finite) senses rather than explore the wondrous miracle of the human imagination, both moral and intellectual, or ―a capacity for self-transcendence‖ (Reinhold Niebuhr) uncommon among the Beast?

    14. It may be correctly argued that Existentialism, understood as a liberating force extolling the efforts of an individual seeking to liberate that individual from the hostile influence(s) of ―indifferent‖ universal covenants that otherwise restrict that individual‘s freedom in the manner they seek to condition or influence his or her manner of thinking or behaving is not entirely incompatible with certain religious teachings concerned with the question of human ―existence‖ and how it relates to our (―own‖) moral authority or free will

    15. The Confederacy went to war because they did not agree with the results of a fair election, and started the war because there was an outside chance the lawful winner, Lincoln, might somewhat restrict slavery in the future from expanding

    16. “Yes, and now the City Council wants to restrict employment growth because of all of the in-commuting,” I said

    17. owned acres covered by “habitat conservation plans” that restrict what an owner can do on his land

    18. For the future we should restrict the number of children to be included in the program

    19. The NAFTA rules restrict the amount of inspections that can be performed on goods imported into our

    20. ) ―…passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it

    21. Rather than in a negative, morbid rhetoric restrict the development of the society, more not to negative, influence the development of moral human pathological

    22. On the thirtieth anniversary of the original DDT ban in the United States, Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords introduced a bill in the United States Senate calling for an international treaty that would further restrict the use of DDT

    23. A frightening thought for me: Euthanasia may remove a person’s ‘suffering’; but thereby restrict the individual from uniting their suffering with Christ’s suffering and potentially suffering essential to the salvation of their soul

    24. The Bishops need to withdraw their support for the obvious reasons, as well as restrict, from the CRS, their use of the term ‘Catholic’ -- through legal action unless immediate changes are made

    25. The Department of State --- We need to severly restrict the ‘welfare to other countries’ controlled through this department

    26. The Fish and Wildlife Service has over 18 million privately owned acres covered by ―habitat conservation plans‖ that restrict what an owner can do on his land

    27. The EPA recently proposed to significantly restrict or prohibit mountaintop mining at the Spruce No

    28. It provides protections to those who follow the laws of wars: do not target civilians deliberately and restrict violence to combatants

    29. sence, and to restrict our search to a particular place at the onset even though the object may be present at other places

    30. But going into debt can hinder and restrict the Lord’s blessing

    31. Villard could not compete, so he resorted to political obstruction to restrict James Hill

    32. The reason is that such laws are an attempt to restrict your personal freedom, even though your ‘criminal act’ has no effect whatsoever on other people

    33. and tissues relax to the back of your throat and restrict air passages

    34. That no laws should be made that restrict his

    35. Governments that restrict religions will fall while those who embrace

    36. I have no reason to restrict your

    37. Too rare to restrict to people your own age

    38. no apparent effort is made to restrict the number of spectators; though it is

    39. Do not significantly restrict fat or carbohydrates or go on a starvation diet

    40. Because lack of growth did them restrict

    41. restrict their movement to maintain the illusion of dichotomy

    42. How does one limit unlimited power? How does one restrict unlimited wisdom? How does one forfeit unlimited joy and love? And how does one create scarcity in the face of unlimited abundance?

    43. Although I have not yet fully resumed the exercise of universe jurisdiction, this self-imposed limitation does not in any manner restrict the bestowal of life upon my sleeping sons; let the roll call of the planetary resurrection begin

    44. restrict the possession of it in your cabin! There are many

    45. Work that restrict the terms of this License iii

    46. on the Work that restrict the ability of a re-media and formats whether now known or

    47. This License constitutes the en-is not intended to restrict the license of tire agreement between the parties with re-any rights under applicable law

    48. In most cases these areas being infected do not impact your ability to conduct your usual routine, your practice and utilization of your skills, only when they restrict, prevent, or change your breathing, which also changes the blood flow and rhythm of the body – that is when these areas can be impacted

    49. You do not need to have control at all times, in the sense that you constantly restrict yourself from all things, nor should you willingly engage in all things that you are presented with, and at the same time it is possible that you should, and it is possible that you should not

    50. have a tendency to label children and therefore restrict learning

    1. Even the right to worship is restricted based on caste, gender or any other consideration

    2. “Military Airfield: Restricted Area

    3. "The manuals for this ship and these systems are restricted material," the Chief said

    4. restricted by rules and

    5. Unfortunately for Miss Jones there was another sun of which she had taken no account whatsoever in her long and relatively restricted life, and at seven-thirty the next morning she was rudely awakened by a series of loud knocks at her front door

    6. The use of online dating websites is no longer restricted to only those persons who were

    7. At those times when the vision of the fish is restricted, its other senses will kick in

    8. This inexplicable phenomenon is not restricted to the

    9. restricted life, and at seven-thirty the next morning she was rudely

    10. trapped emotions, they are not restricted in any way

    11. Travel in China was somewhat restricted at

    12. To learn more in depth about the three common causes of restricted

    13. That information is restricted

    14. The restricted social environment and monotonous routine of this base were not helping her mental condition at all

    15. Kelvin thought it was a good idea because he still had theological reservations about leaving their souls in such a restricted environment and they really weren't equipped to start a permanent colony and blah blah blah about their health, especially Vic's

    16. when it was restricted to eight per cent

    17. I, the author of this e-book, offer no professional services to the general public or otherwise, and more specifically, no medical, psychological or any other type of services or counseling that are, by statute or otherwise, restricted to certified professionals

    18. The common law of England, indeed, is said to abhor perpetuities, and they are accordingly more restricted there than in any other European monarchy ; though even England is not altogether without them

    19. When her vegetarian meal was sadly restricted some days due to dangerous conditions in her environment, she would have to limit her diet, attempting to locate whatever she could without overly exposing herself to the risks around her

    20. You are feeling trapped and restricted in some relationship

    21. You are feeling restricted, confined and restrained in a current relationship or business deal

    22. To dream that you are cage fighting indicates that you are feeling restricted or confined in a current relationship

    23. To see your father wrapped in bandages from head to toe suggests that you are feeling restricted or limited with your authority

    24. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are feeling restricted

    25. Their blades stayed fixed in their hands and their feet remained planted on the earth, anchored and restricted as though shackled by invisible irons

    26. Our manufacturers are unwilling, it seems, that even this restricted importation should be encouraged, and are afraid lest some part of these goods should be stolen out of the warehouse, and thus come into competition with their own

    27. The focus moves from one part of the body to the next, but is always restricted to a single part at any one time

    28. soldiers, needed was a panic about a possible dragon - one which, since she spotted no shadows in the heavens, could well have been one restricted to the overly tired confines of her mind

    29. The tribunes, when they had a mind to animate the people against the rich and the great, put them in mind of the ancient divisions of lands, and represented that law which restricted this sort of private property as the fundamental law of the republic

    30. A few people on the actual base knew that a restricted entry zone existed and that it contained Hanger Forty Two

    31. restricted control base of Ariel was

    32. “Is it that dangerous that you have to sneak out by the old trail? I saw on the news that emigration has been restricted for Anglos, but can’t one just travel within the borders?”

    33. ‘Given how restricted my life has been since I was brought back,’ he said, ‘I do find this a considerable relief

    34. It is complicated as there are strict rules on what information I can give and what information must be restricted

    35. ? No wonder this technology had been restricted

    36. Since England declared itself a neutral nation at the outset of the Civil War, United States naval vessels were restricted from

    37. entering British ports as per the laws of neutral nations, and this restricted the actions of the United States Navy significantly

    38. “They are restricted in their wielding, decreasing the risk of infection by the taint

    39. He felt the urge to hug her back, to wrap his arms around her and enclose them both in their own microcosm, but the thick towels restricted his movement

    40. A cop was waiting for me and had me in restricted parking by the elevator

    41. restricted in Mexico, but these were guns for display and for their extrinsic value, not for use

    42. Handguns are so restricted that only the army, the police, and, naturally, the criminals and the gangs have handguns

    43. Their response – carefully crafted to comply with erstwhile doctrine and in so doing exploit a loophole – involved an elaborate plan to avoid direct contact with the species of that era (further detail restricted to file Mission Freedom)

    44. He tried to throw back his head and laugh, but the pillory restricted the movement

    45. Your vision is restricted and sometimes the lenses mist up

    46. “Yes Mani, but at least that means that the spread of the virus will be restricted

    47. This is a restricted area

    48. You are in a restricted area

    49. Alex swore loudly, jabbing his finger towards the coastline - now approaching at a rapid rate - trying to make it clear that he was going to land on the Isle of Wight whether or not it was a restricted area

    50. If one allows that worldly values are the off-springs of worldly customs, (alone); that is to say, restricted to non-spiritual matters, and that eternal values are necessarily eternal in meaning; neither limited by space nor time, which would otherwise render them meaningless and incomprehensive in form; universal or eternal Values must necessarily embrace all existence, including the ―Material‖ that (always) was, is and will become, without exception; the expression or starting point of God‘s own Creation, in His own Image consonant with His own laws or (Eternal Values), whose impressions have been (indelibly) stamped on all things potentially eternal

    1. It may not be an illness but it has a well-deserved place in this book on Yoga and health because it can, ultimately, undermine the health of the entire organism by restricting breathing, and cause an unhealthy complexion due to too little oxygen reaching the blood cells

    2. Truth is that when you are repressing or restricting flow in any way you

    3. head, he cleared the last chains restricting full

    4. To remedy this disorder, for such it was supposed to be, a law was made, restricting the quantity of land which any citizen could possess to five hundred jugera; about 350 English acres

    5. When outside the sleeping pod, all the habitat occupants wore thermal overalls continuously, to protect themselves from the cold without restricting their ability to work and live a relatively normal life

    6. this was restricting his ability to pursue Yankee shipping

    7. For that, we must turn our attention elsewhere; to the individual! Restricting the sale of firearms on the open market would not significantly reduce violent crime for the reason indicated above

    8. Those agnates who believe that humans should be used for their pleasure, who give human life no value—they eat whenever they feel the urge, not restricting themselves to what it takes to maintain life and health

    9. effective way is to unceremoniously pass laws restricting

    10. I think they are thinking about restricting job growth now

    11. “What do you suppose will happen if they are successful in restricting job growth in Boulder, to go along with the existing residential restrictions?” Charles asked

    12. That synthetic gasoline is produced from coal and also produces CO2 and the environmentalists would holler, scream and yell and the Congress might pass a law restricting emissions

    13. Lomborg is one who believes that climate change is a problem but recognizes that the approach restricting carbon dioxide is not the answer

    14. ing that no individual has standing to challenge any law restricting firearm possession or use

    15. The court rules that (in the case of the second Amendment) ‘no individual has standing to challenge any law restricting firearm possession

    16. had her doubts about that, the restricting bonds felt heavy, like

    17. of the intellect; but instead of restricting it within the same limits, I extend its use to matters which I do not understand

    18. It is not a movement restricting jacket to be worn for the rest of your life

    19. “Your intended might find our doors and hallways to be a bit restricting

    20. The limitations of the oath are too restricting, and it would be actively binding our actions twenty times a day until we started to go mad

    21. Restricting your calories by this amount will

    22. The conservation interest groups advocated restricting the single-hulled liquid chemical barges from transporting cargo on the Upper Mississippi

    23. It may certainly be confining and terribly restricting, but it is not enslavement from without

    24. hospitalists care for their hospitalized patients and restricting their practices to

    25. Restricting liberty by passing thousands of victimless laws

    26. I do not feel I am restricting myself , I am enjoying very tasty food and have bags of energy like never before

    27. ‘We decided at the meeting last night that Ishbel will announce at the next Arena Gathering that she has met with the gods, Domino and Domina, who instructed her to remove all laws restricting sexual activity, and sexual activity is now a requirement of faith

    28. If only you knew what forces were holding you back, restricting you to this 1… tiny… universe

    29. Freed from the restricting wire but still stiff, Elise listened with suppressed incredulity, an occasional gasp or, ―oh my God,‖ scant evidence of her shock and dismay

    30. Even if the Swordsman murderous campaign against sex offenders had not been so thorough, so many communities had passed laws restricting where criminals released from prison could live that someone like Pierre had few options except to leave Earth and try to survive by engaging in piracy provided the Swordsmen did not kill him on the way to the spaceport

    31. Isn’t that all we ever have? Rest assured that unless you consider the entire surface of this planet to be a cage, then I have no intent of restricting their activities

    32. It is fair game out there for what is on television and the big screen and we all have to do a better job restricting what younger people watch

    33. Laboratories' lawsuit restricting the release of BSD-derived

    34. restricting access to the areas where the cat has been pooping and peeing

    35. of * restricting columns

    36. → select all rows against of * restricting columns

    37. where condition can be given for restricting the insertion

    38. under it or has the effect or intent of restricting the ability to exercise those rights;

    39. This had the effect of restricting the full potential of their chosen quest, because beliefs are the activating force of experience

    40. My point was that people stopped to chat, side by side in the middle of the aisle, while some loners parked their carts kitty-corner at the end of aisles, thereby restricting access to all-but the thinnest pedestrian, while the cart’s owner made their way back to the bakery department

    41. I can improve on the email checking idea by restricting myself to only one email glance on each of those three days

    42. restricting it to the classical physics which preceded the quantum principle, we can

    43. If we look closely at the universe by not restricting it to the classical physics which

    44. When the veil is removed and its restricting function is ended by death, it (the slaughtered animal) will be aware of what is going around, hear and see, for its spirit becomes in its previous world (the pre-material world)

    45. She felt that they were restricting her freedom

    46. Restricting herself only to the fight around the beach, Nancy talked for a few minutes, staying vague about the details

    47. In other words, his wealth can come from more avenues than one, but more importantly, he is not restricting his own flow of energy

    48. Most of us have also had great successes in our past, and sometimes the successes are as restricting as the failures

    49. News spread of a serious gas leak as fire crews positioned their engines restricting traffic and police took control of the hotel, systematically moving their heavy team through the two lower levels of accommodation, vacating rooms, occupying corridors and sealing off all lifts and stairways

    50. like state along with restricting movement

    1. It restricts breathing, and you will start coughing immediately

    2. We know that Communism clearly tries to stamp out religion and when it cannot, it restricts and taxes it almost into the dirt

    3. It is a chemical that restricts the blood from flowing

    4. think of the current society as the future of society, in their eyes, the society won't have too big change, because their eyes is not long, so their argument restricts the development of the society, their research is the current society, the present problems and the present people, so there is no long term, even harm

    5. The problem with lactic acid is that it restricts

    6. relax and often restricts the airway

    7. If she restricts her movement and independence in the name of relatedness,

    8. that alters or restricts the terms of this Licence or any

    9. people and restricts their thoughts and imaginations

    10. Besides, that restricts your selection to people in the same

    11. new shares restricts voting power to the largest current shareholders

    12. Ice also restricts blood flow which may reduce the allergic reaction

    13. By doing so, it restricts choice and it tilts the electoral machinery in favor of the haves

    14. Salt is considered an anti-bacterial agent because it restricts bacterial growth, as we’ve already seen

    15. The man who restricts his senses from being drawn to their objects is a

    16. But the intellect that restricts itself to using only logic of Spock-like purity (“Mr,” not Dr!) in pondering questions of such magnitude, finds more holes in those hypotheses than you’ll find in Madonna’s entire wardrobe of T-shirts, tights and jeans

    17. ‘I mean it restricts you to four-letter words

    18. That restricts what you can do but has one big advantage

    19. These examples of high fat diets and the associated excellent health of traditional populations around the world go on and on, yet it seems that many doctors, nutritionists, and government agencies still ignore these facts and continue to promote a diet that restricts fat intake

    20. As we all know, our mandate officially restricts us to gathering intelligence in

    21. increase in SLR also restricts the bank’s leverage position to pump more money

    22. However mass then restricts motion and

    23. Thus neither party 'received His words;’ but between the two they assisted all future ages to comprehend His intention, which was to teach a doctrine that humbles man in the dust of death, and restricts the everlasting life to twice-born and believing souls,—a doctrine which represents the first Adam as coi~ko>v, a 'man of earth,’ and the Second Man alone as a 'life-giving spirit’ (1 Cor

    24. God dispenses the provisions to whomever He wills, and restricts

    25. Your Lord expands the provision for whomever He wills, and restricts it

    26. Those who had wished they were in his position the day before were saying, "Indeed, it is God who spreads the bounty to whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it

    27. God expands the provision for whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it

    28. But whenever He tests him, and restricts his livelihood for him, he says, "My Lord has insulted me

    29. Therefore in this Second Part he thought it best not to insert novels, either separate or interwoven, but only episodes, something like them, arising out of the circumstances the facts present; and even these sparingly, and with no more words than suffice to make them plain; and as he confines and restricts himself to the narrow limits of the narrative, though he has ability; capacity, and brains enough to deal with the whole universe, he requests that his labours may not be despised, and that credit be given him, not alone for what he writes, but for what he has refrained from writing

    30. A broad industry analysis has become particularly necessary as a result of the passage in 2000 of Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), which regulates and restricts the communications between a company and its actual or potential shareholders

    31. For example, a “soft” limitation may be applied that restricts the share of long positions in the portfolio to the predetermined threshold level

    32. This restricts heavily the applicability of the alternating-variable ascent method

    33. Also, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) restricts them to selling only during a particular timeframe because they need to use that timeframe to raise cash for their personal needs

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