Frasi di esempio

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Scene in una frase (in inglese)

What a scene it was.
It was a nasty scene.
It was quite a scene.
Hugh took in the scene.
The scene below is new.
In the scene I loved.

It was a pretty scene.
It was a curious scene.
This was quite a scene.
It was the final scene.
The scene of the crime.
Says he fled the scene.
It was a horrible scene.
It was a dreadful scene.
Her social scene was a.
God appears on the scene.
Now the scene had changed.
It’s not a great scene.
The scene seemed to freeze.
He left the scene quickly.
The scene was wrong, the.
The entire scene gave me.
The scene put a smile on.
LAPD arrives at the scene.
The scene got bad, man.
This is a crime scene now.
His scene was coming soon.
Then the scene would blur.
Inject danger to the scene.
This is a crime scene, Sir.
The scene was pure madness.
That this is a crime scene.
It’s a scene from a film.
Let's do that scene again.
Mack was first on the scene.
Please, no! Not this scene.
He took in the scene below.
This was now a crime scene.
Sorry about the mob scene.

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