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Frasi con shot (in inglese)

  1. So I shot at him.
  2. I shot her a look.
  3. It was a shot of.
  4. Not by a long shot.
  5. It was a long shot.

  6. So I shot him again.
  7. The shot was a fact.
  8. He shot off the bed.
  9. I shot Dorian a look.
  10. I took my first shot.
  11. It was a cheap shot.
  12. Tadeo shot her a grin.
  13. I shot Corey with it.
  14. A chump in big shot.
  15. Every shot was a hit.

  16. A shot rang out and.
  17. Pain shot up his arm.
  18. Lester is a good shot.
  19. One more shot to the.
  20. Then he took the shot.
  21. Just give me the shot.
  22. A little hand shot up.
  23. It was a one shot deal.
  24. Then she heard a shot.
  25. Shot up the whole car.

  26. Casey shot him a smile.
  27. I shot at you only to.
  28. He need not have shot.
  29. I say we give it a shot.
  30. He shot her in the back.
  31. He shot his own player.
  32. He did let one shot in.
  33. That was a fine shot.
  34. I was shot; a woman.
  35. As I shot, the rounds.
  36. Robert saw me and shot.
  37. Her eyes shot up to his.
  38. I figure worth a shot.
  39. I shot him in the knee.
  40. He was shot in the ass.
  41. The shot that kills him.
  42. Almost Shot the Dog, a.
  43. He wheeled and shot an.
  44. Sara shot him in the leg.
  45. They all turned and shot.
  46. The shot came from here.
  47. Our abbot has been shot.
  48. That was who shot at us.
  49. That was a cheap shot.
  50. Then shot in the head!.
  51. Fires off a single shot.
  52. A jet of light shot past.
  53. His legs were shot, so.
  54. There was no third shot.
  55. We know he shot himself.
  56. His wife shot him a look.
  57. Clarissa shot me a grin.
  58. My gaze shot to my purse.
  59. A bottle, and four shot.
  60. The shot of whiskey had.
  61. A quick shot was tempting.
  62. Harrison shot him a smile.
  63. It was a shot in the dark.
  64. A blood shot eye peered.
  65. I shot him a warning look.
  66. She downed it in one shot.
  67. His fur shot up and the.
  68. Drew shot a frown at him.
  69. Care to have a shot?
  70. Ellie shot him a wry look.
  71. A pistol shot snapped it.
  72. She shot him in the head.
  73. I gave it another shot:.
  74. I’ve been shot in the.
  75. It would be a simple shot.
  76. A chill shot down my spine.
  77. Ok, I’ll give it a shot.
  78. Why you shot at me?
  79. His poor master was shot.
  80. That was some shot, son.
  81. Sebastian shot to his feet.
  82. A shiver shot up my spine.
  83. Your nerves must be shot.
  84. Alicia shot a puzzled look.
  85. Charly took a parting shot.
  86. They are shot in the head.
  87. Panny shot out before them.
  88. A thrill shot through her.
  89. Pretty Boy was shot three.
  90. She just shot and moved on.
  91. She shot him with an arrow.
  92. You've shot the bloody sow.
  93. I shot as Chuck tackled me.
  94. A long shot, but who knows.
  95. That’s why I shot him.
  96. He even took a shot at you.
  97. He shot twice before they.
  98. One of his eyebrows shot up.
  99. What was that shot? A.
  100. She had been shot at twice.
  1. At least no shooting war.
  2. He joined her in shooting.
  3. It was a shooting gallery.
  4. He would be shooting blind.
  5. He was shooting without a.
  6. A tree and shooting star.
  7. He extended his shooting arm.
  8. Not that I advocate shooting.
  9. I kept shooting like the rest.
  10. But the shooting did not stop.
  11. Moussa came up again, shooting.
  12. The shooting had quieted down.
  13. Shooting pictures in the city.
  14. Shooting it until it was dust.
  15. He crouched and began shooting.
  16. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  17. Thank God he sucked at shooting.
  18. I jerked into a shooting crouch.
  19. They weren’t shooting at her.
  20. I started shooting from the hip.
  21. Josh was shooting at the zombies.
  22. The soldiers were still shooting.
  23. He’s confessed to the shooting.
  24. The shooting was on the ninth.
  25. They’re shooting missiles at me.
  26. That estate agent wants shooting.
  27. He’s shooting at the cats with.
  28. Cassius was shooting the wounded.
  29. Shooting at members of the public.
  30. But she said you did the shooting.
  31. I looked at the trouble shooting.
  32. Upon the winds; shooting pain’d.
  33. They rode up and started shooting.
  34. Shooting subjects with long noses.
  35. Ford manual trouble shooting pages.
  36. We leaned out and started shooting.
  37. He could hear shooting ahead of him.
  38. Paper silhouettes in the shooting.
  39. I grabbed mine and started shooting.
  40. My shooting was really bad that day.
  41. He grunted, his breath shooting out.
  42. I could hear shooting, and it was.
  43. It certainly will be fun shooting.
  44. That’s a goal worth shooting for.
  45. It’s good for long-range shooting.
  46. This was not Fred's idea of shooting.
  47. That was some good shooting you did.
  48. They had to have heard the shooting.
  49. That turns the shooting into murder.
  50. If he says no shooting, no shooting.
  51. Shooting stars streaked across the.
  52. The other soldier was shooting at me.
  53. Shooting, that is it! Lezura thought.
  54. Sorry about shooting you in the chest.
  55. News reports exaggerated the shooting.
  56. I should thank you for shooting Kurt.
  57. Who did the shooting? he asked.
  58. I dove down as they started shooting.
  59. Shooting galleries are a fixture in.
  60. Then there was a pause in the shooting.
  61. The folks that were in that shooting.
  62. She was shooting towards the building.
  63. Shooting the big machine gun was fun!.
  64. I chambered my AR16 and began shooting.
  65. When an archer is shooting for nothing.
  66. But I need more practice with shooting.
  67. Nice shooting out there, by the way.
  68. But shooting with this particular gun.
  69. He started shooting randomly towards me.
  70. He was there the night of the shooting.
  71. Josh, Darian, Bill, and I were shooting.
  72. Did you hear 'em shooting the cannon?
  73. Robert dove in the back, still shooting.
  74. We pretended that we were shooting the.
  75. Two guys shooting the bull about guns.
  76. I'm certain that I was shooting correctly.
  77. Thank God he sucked at shooting.
  78. But then he came up shooting, both guns.
  79. He got out by shooting off his great toe.
  80. Which meant the shooting was meaningless.
  81. A yellow shooting star = 10,00 to 24,999.
  82. Of real possibility of happiness shooting.
  83. Then the water hole started shooting back.
  84. He had never admitted to shooting William.
  85. I'll be at home when the shooting starts.
  86. And maybe all her cool shooting trophies.
  87. There was a shooting, Judd had said.
  88. Them guys loved shooting up trenches now.
  89. There was still shooting, quite far away.
  90. To us this was shooting fish in a barrel.
  91. And sure enough there was a shooting star.
  92. Some gym members that were shooting pool.
  93. As soon as he did that, I started shooting.
  94. This left six more guards shooting at her.
  95. Mandy has no real reaction to the shooting.
  96. Three others were hit during the shooting.
  97. What shooting? When? Who was shot?
  98. They were shooting us with these, I say.
  99. And he got really, really good at shooting.
  100. I’ve always wanted to see a shooting.
  1. Barrons shoots me a look.
  2. Victoria shoots him a look.
  3. He shoots me a cynical look.
  4. As a volcano that shoots out.
  5. Shoop Shoots Jil in the Face.
  6. He shoots Ras through the mouth.
  7. Abner and showed him the shoots.
  8. Pa shoots at the nariest sound.
  9. The shoots will soon turn green.
  10. Pain shoots through my shoulder.
  11. If the Arms Index shoots past 4.
  12. Green shoots sprouted out of it.
  13. If he shoots for a prize of gold.
  14. The attack just shoots from your.
  15. I kept an eye out for plant shoots.
  16. This is not about how Tuvok shoots.
  17. Steng is just grateful gas shoots out.
  18. Kara shoots me another apologetic look.
  19. The Princess rushes in and shoots him.
  20. Miles aims his arms out and shoots a.
  21. He pauses and shoots a jab at his face.
  22. He shoots his Glock 22 into the ceiling.
  23. For no apparent reason, Jay shoots at it.
  24. These shoots are growing without the.
  25. Spray grapevines when the shoots are less.
  26. Dead-nettle: Infusion of flowers and shoots.
  27. Great burnet: Infusion of leaves and shoots.
  28. Add bamboo shoots and chicken and cook for 1.
  29. The bullet shoots farther and flatter than a.
  30. MP5 sub machine gun that shoots at 900 rpm- If.
  31. The market shoots first and finds reasons later.
  32. Spring arrives with water filled shoots and life.
  33. St John’s wort: Infusion of flowers and shoots.
  34. The young shoots dried up, the blossoms withered.
  35. The glare he shoots me could turn someone to stone.
  36. The sand hovering in midair shoots forward in the.
  37. He shoots the cause and camera catches the impact.
  38. His hand shoots to the wheel and holds it straight.
  39. The little shoots on the fuchsia excited him as he.
  40. Serve on a bun with pea shoots and teriyaki mustard.
  41. Sean, adjusting his shirt, shoots a glance at Zachary.
  42. This enables tender young shoots to be insulated and.
  43. Haze releases the sand storm and a sharp pain shoots.
  44. It’ll be tense if he shoots it to us all at once.
  45. It was exactly what it looked like: fresh shoots had.
  46. Man shoots wife while oiling matchlock garter pistol.
  47. Some little animal, looking for roots or shoots to eat.
  48. Rather than being taken, he shoots himself in the head.
  49. Many of these pigeons are caught weeks before the shoots.
  50. Pigeon shoots are organized activities perceived by the.
  51. Clark state that, if a man gets drunk and shoots his.
  52. Small species of animals hungry for the tender shoots of.
  53. Miku shoots the ball over to Jay who head-butts it to Rio.
  54. Almost all states in the union have outlawed pigeon shoots.
  55. Uncle Dylan takes a step past me and shoots it in the head.
  56. He should go get a few more shoots of onion with her here.
  57. Someone shoots a bolt of fire; it seems to go into the sky.
  58. He shoots a glance at Anna, but she doesn’t meet his eye.
  59. In the stirring grasses thin threads cover new green shoots.
  60. But if you have a blast that shoots from your eyes, you'll.
  61. He shoots at the camera attached to the ceiling on our left.
  62. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots.
  63. An injured coyote member runs out of bullets as he shoots at.
  64. The hit man lets out a growl and shoots twice at the illusion.
  65. In spring and summer young shoots are tender and easy to pick.
  66. You kiss him on the lips, lightening shoots through your face.
  67. Though a robotic arm that shoots lasers would’ve been nicer!.
  68. Rajan, Shipra and Nafizah designed the sets outlines for shoots.
  69. Mad filaments, ungovernable shoots play out of it, the response.
  70. Someone shoots a bolt of fire; it seems to go into the sky ….
  71. The captain's head shoots up to give him the full force of a glare.
  72. After a period of time, you will see green shoots start to appear.
  73. Golly swears he shoots the stars down with his arrows and his bow.
  74. Sharon stifles a laugh, but Koongi’s anger shoots out of his eyes.
  75. Older stems are stringy, but young leaves and shoots can be boiled.
  76. Amy shoots him a look that communicates both revulsion and disbelief.
  77. St John’s wort: Infusion of flowers and shoots applied to bruises.
  78. At the top of the mountain proudly shoots up the Communication Tower.
  79. There were shoots around like a new generation of them springing up.
  80. EURUSD resumes its rally and shoots up hard into the end of December.
  81. And then in late 2008 the ATR shoots up when the price shoots down (i.
  82. The kidnapper in your room may die as a sniper shoots him in the head.
  83. I don’t care what that is as long as it shoots fast and on the mark.
  84. The hunter follows up the barking and shoots the pheasant in the tree.
  85. This shoots the spring tides, he said, staring at the white cast.
  86. Macourek shoots him a look; he isn’t smiling when he says, You are.
  87. Barrons shoots a dry look over his shoulder at the location of my voice.
  88. To counter this, eat the shoots and leaves that you see rabbits eating.
  89. The keeping out of the wind as they nibbled the shoots of spring grass.
  90. I hit the ground a split-second after his second sphere shoots under me.
  91. The branch will make an effective broom as it is covered in side shoots.
  92. Most boat explosions and shoots happen during or right after fueling up.
  93. Thin shoots of light broke through the clutter of the collapsed entrance.
  94. In a FITA archery contest each person shoots a hundred forty-four arrows.
  95. There you are, praying for your business to succeed, God shoots them down.
  96. The Young Psychologist shoots Dave another dirty look, turns back to John.
  97. The rook creature shoots fiery rocks from his arm the size of cannonballs.
  98. Christina shoots again, and this time hits the target closer to the middle.
  99. Similarly, as the light shoots along the inside of the cable, none gets out.
  100. Even before I can recover from the astonishment, Ed shoots for a second time.

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1. I shoot a look at.
2. I had to shoot him.
3. I shoot a paint bomb.
4. I will shoot you, kid.
5. No one to shoot at you.
6. I'll shoot him for you.
7. They tried to shoot me.
8. But she could shoot them.
9. They could shoot me now.
10. If they shoot over too.
11. When you see him, shoot.
12. You must learn to shoot.
13. He did not shoot himself.
14. If he resists, shoot him.
15. You shoot yo goo here.
16. I’ll shoot him for you.
17. Tom was ready to shoot him.
18. I nearly shoot the ceiling.
19. Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
20. Then, Go ahead and shoot.
21. He wants to shoot his chim.
22. Still no heads to shoot at.
23. See, Zoe, Henry can shoot.
24. I shoot him a derisive look.
25. Let me shoot him with an.
26. Some of them began to shoot.
27. Sure, they’ll shoot at us.
28. I don’t want to shoot you.
29. Me said shoot the crow!.
30. I aimed, and shoot for the.
31. How can I shoot like this?
32. What they liked to shoot at.
33. He was about to shoot me.
34. He loved to shoot fireballs.
35. You shoot the son of a bitch.
36. The guy said, I’ll shoot.
37. Can you see him? Shoot him.
38. Now why shouldn’t I shoot.
39. Then we shoot the others too.
40. The shoot out going ape shit.
41. I shoot him a nervous glance.
42. My eyes shoot up to meet his.
43. The cop had tried to shoot me.
44. Did they shoot at her?
45. He still didn’ t shoot them.
46. I would shoot you dead too.
47. Loki’s eyes shoot up to hers.
48. He will shoot me if he has to.
49. Your job is to shoot the goat.
50. He said he wanted to shoot it.
51. But we will shoot you down.
52. If she ran, he would shoot her.
53. They will shoot me on the spot.
54. Is there a black shoot pushing.
55. You don’t want to shoot them.
56. I had no idea she’d shoot him.
57. Did the Japanese shoot me?
58. Too easy to shoot your friends.
59. We should shoot first and ask.
60. Move one more step and I shoot.
61. Let alone try to shoot straight.
62. Aim high, shoot low, princess.
63. Don’t move or I’ll shoot.
64. I can't shoot with my left hand.
65. I can never, never shoot myself.
66. You should have let me shoot it.
67. Because I hit what I shoot at.
68. She loves to shoot off her face.
69. He had said intercept, not shoot.
70. In the end, the shoot went great.
71. Oh shoot, the audience says.
72. Males, on the other hand, shoot.
73. We want to shoot it by next week.
74. When the shoot was finished the.
75. Don't shoot! he yelled to.
76. Marco, shoot her! She yells.
77. Can you shoot that? I asked.
78. I can't deny that I love to shoot.
79. Follow us and I'll shoot Foreman.
80. You can’t shoot worth anything.
81. What kind of shoot is that?
82. For a video shoot, they were told.
83. So Ted couldn’t shoot him again.
84. Can we shoot that thing down?
85. Shoot this cock with a love arrow.
86. No one had seen her shoot the gun.
87. Let us shoot him down on the spot.
88. It‘s okay to shoot high – to.
89. But he had one more arrow to shoot.
90. The duck shoot and the fun house.
91. When I swing a club, I shoot a gun.
92. Because I’m going to shoot her.
93. Maybe you should shoot him again.
94. Are they going to shoot me?
95. Shoot me, Churchill, what the fuck.
96. Shoot me, then, and have it over.
97. Lezura didn’t have time to shoot.
98. Who helped him shoot all those kids.
99. But then why not shoot him when he.
100. Rex was out of his chair Oh shoot.