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    1. We needed to know that you hadn’t shot that man, and the doctor says that the man actually was either a zombie or recently dead when he was shot

    2. “But we shot people that could have been saved

    3. I shot Raj, Kevin

    4. That I was so open with her made it all the harder when she smiled and shot me down

    5. The doctor check it out and he got a rabies shot

    6. ‘When he returned he found his wife lying in the garden – she had been shot

    7. If she was busy, it’s entirely possible she didn’t see the person who shot her … she was shot from behind, you understand

    8. She bent low as Scar fired and the shot passed harmlessly over her head

    9. “I’m not worried, not in the slightest,” Ackers shot back with a slight tremble in his voice

    10. The grenades all landed on the floor, gave out a harsh, high-pitched sound, and then a white light shot out in all directions

    11. “I’m not afraid of him,” he shot her a nasty look

    12. ‘Mum, that woman who was shot – Joanna Sadler

    13. but none of that is proof that I shot her

    14. If Liz was going to attack Joanna she would have done it in a fit of temper … not shot her in the back … if there is one thing about Liz, it is that she is always straight, if she was going to do something like that, she would just storm in there, point the gun and shoot

    15. ‘Mrs Wynell … who hates you sufficiently to try to make it appear that you shot Mrs Sadler?’ the Inspector asked unexpectedly

    16. Odd, I can’t see him as a family man … but Stephen says he was desperate for children … so terribly sad about the baby … who could shoot a pregnant woman? The thought makes me shiver suddenly; there’s someone out there who took a gun, loaded it and shot Joanna Sadler in the back deliberately and then tried to make it look as though Liz Wynell had done it

    17. ‘Joanna was shot with that old gun of Grandpa’s … you know, the one I gave to the drama group

    18. She said that Henry can’t remember seeing the gun again after that - though she did emphasise that he didn’t get round to going through the stuff until the weekend before Joanna was shot

    19. They were barely getting out of their own way as they smashed and shot up every hiding place they could find

    20. A wave smacked him in the face, but he felt invigorated and shot up to the surface

    21. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot

    22. guttering was shot to hell, the pointing was in a dreadful state of repair, and all in all

    23. He grins, takes a big shot of whiskey

    24. Trespassers Will Be Shot on Sight

    25. Glenelle couldn't respond because she thought she might as well dare tip this shot back and found it was like biting down on two hundred twenty volts AC

    26. " Tig said it more quietly than he’d meant to, but the Chief still shot him a death stare

    27. The Squidies came at them from all sides after that, but in this densest part of the debris field he didn’t have a clear shot

    28. When Tig and the alien twisted around again, the blade of magnetically focused plasma had sliced a Squidy into a pair of thrashing hose and ribbon tangles that shot a mix of snowy atmo and alien blood out mortal wounds

    29. They had all been collected after he'd been shot, fertilized using his frozen sperm

    30. " In that moment, Jordo shot with fear, seeing it all going wrong

    31. "Shot someone," he said, "as an Angel

    32. Some hot shot that knows a few user interface tricks

    33. There were already a pair of raised, cut-glass shot glasses on the table

    34. Blaise poured himself a shot, father and brother nodded

    35. The Man walked into camera shot

    36. "Your asteroid," Ernesto sighed and poured a shot of cachaca for them all

    37. 177 copper bb shot with a couple little rusty iron ball bearings in change

    38. He then shot the

    39. and shot it through the heart of another foe

    40. With every arrow Son shot

    41. I also try my hand at photography, especially portraits where the emotions of a soul can be captured in a shot and

    42. shot over the heads of the wolves when they were near the pen

    43. “It’s on the second level all the way towards the back,” she yelled as she ran by, “race you!” She was off like a shot

    44. ” She was off like a shot

    45. Jake and Lady Jennie reared their heads up and back and roared their approval as flames shot into the air

    46. Collin’s hand went up; he moved forward and went like a shot to a small egg lying by itself

    47. She reached out and touched him, and a charge of electricity shot thru her

    48. Then he turned and stared at Oreo; a beam of light shot out to Oreo and she rose up and was engulfed in Rah’s wings

    49. (He fires a shot at ERICK

    50. Daniel explained his thoughts to the riders concluding with the fact that he knew, ‘we can’t penetrate their hide, but if we could get a lucky shot and take out one of their eyes, then we would stand a better chance fighting them

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    blastoff shot shooting stroke injection stab pellet snap snapshot dead reckoning guess guessing guesswork scene barb dig gibe jibe shaft slam shooter nip crack changeable chatoyant iridescent worn out ruined broken broken-down shoddy screwed up beyond repair injured by gunfire dead bleeding firing gunfire attempt endeavour reach range chance try photograph perspective picture photo