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    1. could scrutinize his movements

    2. He would need to much more closely scrutinize the names on the latest lists, searching them for any such possible benefit

    3. ‘Knowing how he’ll scrutinize the report before passing it on

    4. She stopped for a moment to scrutinize Laino, but then came over to them and rubbed her head against Enilia

    5. And you scrutinize the depths of the darkness

    6. cally, scrutinize every idea about it; that will do

    7. I found her in the kitchen making coffee; she didn’t see me so I stopped to scrutinize her more

    8. We got out of the bus and lined up in front of them, there was still silence as the woman in the middle walked up to scrutinize us one by one

    9. His eyes seem to stare more like mine, now that I scrutinize them

    10. I scrutinize the heart-shaped stone on the bezel of the Ring and grimace

    11. 5 You explore the limit of the heights; And you scrutinize the depths of the darkness

    12. We stared at him waiting for an answer, in the meantime, the Genie, with the hand on his chin, seemed to scrutinize the most separated boundaries of his memory

    13. The crucial excise record that the Loss Assessor was bound to scrutinize was nowhere in the picture

    14. As he looked around with more time to scrutinize the scene, he noticed something he hadn't before

    15. Sir Stanley stooped down to scrutinize some clearly distinct footprints in a flowerbed adjacent to the French 32

    16. She continued going to the room occasionally when she had something to do in that part of the house and she would stay there for a few minutes while her husband continued to scrutinize the sky

    17. Feltus noted the sudden metamorphosis the young man had made for those gathered to scrutinize and analyze the actions of an anguished husband as if he refused to give them anything with which to start unfounded gossip and rumours

    18. The sensors officer acknowledged her order, then took a few minutes to scrutinize Bordeaux from the air before reporting back to his captain

    19. bomber of course used his eagle eye vision to scrutinize each of the resi-

    20. Scrutinize the hell out of it

    21. Materialists throw out the baby and then fatuously scrutinize the bath water

    22. strange, and scrutinize his behavior much more closely than it was even now

    23. He quickly looked away as he remembered the cameras were on him, but no doubt, the point of interest where his eyes had lingered was witnessed by potential billions, and any one that wanted to scrutinize the tape further would be making a profile on him

    24. Resist the lazy Epicurean feeling which bids you never scrutinize your inward character

    25. Whatever, the contradictions in the Quranic ayats cited above are not all encompassing, and it is for the Musalmans to scrutinize their Scripture that is the fulcrum of their faith

    26. He continued to scrutinize the old man

    27. the external world and scrutinize how far he has covered the ground

    28. The Almighty mentioned those elements to us to think and scrutinize of them, too

    29. The Almighty also mentions these elements so that we will think of them and scrutinize them

    30. Let us now scrutinize the noble verse wherein God says: “Those who live on usury will rise up (before Al’lah) like he whom Satan has caused to welter, distracted by his touch, for they claim that usury is like trading

    31. who had come to listen, and scrutinize, the new Canadian prime minister

    32. everyone and their mother to scrutinize

    33. Taking liberty to scrutinize his newest recruit thoroughly, Duval approved of what he saw

    34. ways (which we all had), he has little stomach to scrutinize it because learning is a painful process to all

    35. Scrutinize any new friends or the previous ones for similar changes

    36. You're familiar with some of them, such as the thermometer, which gives the temperature inside the Nautilus; the barometer, which measures the heaviness of the outside air and forecasts changes in the weather; the humidistat, which indicates the degree of dryness in the atmosphere; the storm glass, whose mixture decomposes to foretell the arrival of tempests; the compass, which steers my course; the sextant, which takes the sun's altitude and tells me my latitude; chronometers, which allow me to calculate my longitude; and finally, spyglasses for both day and night, enabling me to scrutinize every point of the horizon once the Nautilus has risen to the surface of the waves

    37. between finger and thumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with a minuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting, had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker

    38. In a few moments the young girl had attracted the attention of the whole house, and even the occupants of the boxes leaned forward to scrutinize her magnificent diamonds

    39. ‘Excuse me,’ he added, taking an opera glass out of her hand, and proceeding to scrutinize, over her bare shoulder, the row of boxes facing them

    40. She turned to scrutinize his face, wondering what “everything” might mean

    41. Mifroid gave a start, began to scrutinize Raoul again and said:

    42. Graham and Dodd’s margin of safety sends investors to scrutinize the balance sheet and projected earnings

    43. Now, investors scrutinize companies’ dividend policies as a window into management’s thinking about the durability of the free cash flow

    44. Can the Value of an Enterprise Be Altered through Arbitrary Variations in Capital Structure? To answer this question properly we must scrutinize our examples with greater care

    45. Careful buyers of securities scrutinize the balance sheet to see if the cash is adequate, if the current assets bear a suitable ratio to the current liabilities, and if there is any indebtedness of near maturity that may threaten to develop into a refinancing problem

    46. He would have been well advised to scrutinize the picture with some care, to see whether he had made any miscalculations

    47. All the partners go to the companies' meetings; all of them scrutinize the quarterly filings; and all of them keep current about the industry

    48. They scrutinize the new lows list to find stocks that have come down in price

    49. ” This should serve as a warning signal, and you should closely scrutinize its accounting to understand how the business is consistently beating its guidance

    50. As an investor you should never be scared to scrutinize and critique your current holdings

    1. For any particular disease to be scrutinized is ludicrous

    2. To his right Jake's chocolate eyes scrutinized the girls sweeping movement as they gave life to the events of their story

    3. Jameson's ideas for the kitchens, although scrutinized carefully by Mandy, included what appliances and storage were required to produce breakfast and brunch pastries and a limited evening menu

    4. Willow scrutinized the sections I told her about, while Izzy slumped against the pillows on my bed and nodded absently at everything we said

    5. To see a security camera in your dream means that you feel that you are being scrutinized and judged for your actions or behavior

    6. The woman sniffed and scrutinized him a while longer

    7. How can a politician who is scrutinized from all sides and probably out of power soon be of any assistance to you? It is one of the myths which carried over from the last century when thing were indeed very different

    8. She had never had her luggage so much as unzipped, let alone dug through and scrutinized, but she wasn’t anxious for the experience

    9. Laino frowned and scrutinized her for a moment

    10. in another town, yet their Christianity was heavily scrutinized

    11. Araltall took the knife from the man’s throat, but still held it in his hand while he scrutinized him

    12. ceiving rejection, and if scrutinized as we were, we would expect their

    13. He made Him perfect and gave Him double divinity; He was flawless, exalted among Them; perfect were His members beyond measure, impossible to understand, difficult to perceive; four were His eyes; four were His ears; when He moved His lips, fire escaped them; great were His hearing organs and His eyes, in equal number, scrutinized everything

    14. The Clintons complained their’s was the most scrutinized presidency in history

    15. He had heard that anyone who enters the capital is carefully scrutinized and all bows and spears are confiscated

    16. Nicolas scrutinized the ground, his eyes searching for something that was not to be found

    17. Applicants’ evaluations for entrance to a college of education are scrutinized according to how devoted they say they are to the foregoing values

    18. I scrutinized her more,

    19. “I love him and I would do anything for him” I said quietly turning my gaze back to Jesse, who crouched down and laid the flowers “I did it because being without him was never an option” I said and he scrutinized me this time

    20. ” I said and she scrutinized me “You might want to step into something a little more chic

    21. I rested my forearms on the railing and scrutinized him more closely

    22. Jason drove and I sat in the back with JT and I carried Katelyn, I scrutinized JT more

    23. He scrutinized me for a while then to my surprise he reached out for my hand across the table

    24. been studied and scrutinized so many times that it seemed there was

    25. gasped at the shining yellow eyes that scrutinized her

    26. The agency has scrutinized about 175 proposed mines, where peaks would be blasted off and valleys filled in with the rubble

    27. actively scrutinized nor viewed from a distance

    28. scrutinized for any signs that she or he might be anything other than

    29. I can tell you that these expense accounts were very carefully scrutinized and a thorough comparison was made on the expenses filed by each representa

    30. Every car and truck that drove by that afternoon was scrutinized by all the residents of

    31. Where from? Where to? He scrutinized us, our haircut, our boots, our smell

    32. Her bright blue eyes scrutinized mine

    33. examination left nothing to the imagination as he scrutinized

    34. Beatrice breathed deeply, knew she was being scrutinized

    35. He looked up to find himself being scrutinized

    36. Though he couldn’t see her eyes beneath that hat, he got the feeling that he was being scrutinized

    37. Not in the harem, where every word is monitored, every action scrutinized; where the principle emotions are fear and shame and hate and helplessness

    38. Conan narrowly scrutinized the other for a moment, and then nodded, releasing the Turanian's arm

    39. The male cbild's body is not scrutinized and commented on in this sexualized manner

    40. Crouching in the deep, velvet-black shadows of the bushes, he scrutinized the great jut of rock which stood out in bold relief in the moonlight

    41. She scrutinized Harold and I, gave us the head to toe

    42. Every one of you was hand picked and your histories scrutinized before being selected for this mission

    43. Scrutinized past the point of tears or pity

    44. Moose rubbed his chin as he scrutinized Sir Stanley

    45. these interactive elements will have to be deeply scrutinized

    46. She scrutinized the others

    47. Jeff scrutinized Donald, and a chill ran through him

    48. Missing Graisse, Jeff scrutinized the air he breathed, impossibly hoping for a hint of the girl’s fragrance as confirmation of his choice in direction down this hall

    49. Mousavi stopped in front of her and scrutinized her with cold eyes, noting how she had tensed up

    50. All ads will be scrutinized for deceptive and negative connotations, which will not be permitted

    1. “Can’t wait for the after-party,” Emily grumbles as she scrutinizes the boys

    2. The banker carefully scrutinizes all the different aspects of an

    3. They fear the ear that hears their orders, and the eye that scrutinizes their actions

    4. Leah nods and rips another strip of hair off my body, then scrutinizes her work

    5. After having scrutinized the man for several moments, as one scrutinizes a viper, the master of the house returned to the door and said:—

    6. partition, almost unconsciously; sometimes revery examines, observes, and scrutinizes as thought would

    7. It examines, it scrutinizes, it analyzes; then it puts together once more, it proceeds by means of reduction, discarding all hatred

    1. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch

    2. Recent events scrutinizing her private life, are not about humbling the inordinately proud inasmuch as putting things in their proper perspective

    3. “I’m 60,” she said bluntly, responding to Beth’s scrutinizing appraisal

    4. The officer barely glanced up from scrutinizing Hermann’s police identity card, and Colling said in English, smiling and in as cheerful a voice as he could muster, “Greetings, Comrade! Here are our passports

    5. He looked at them all, scrutinizing

    6. Calras gave her a scrutinizing look

    7. i was amazed at the church that was scrutinizing us, wondering

    8. Grandpa smiles and looks Chris over while Corey takes it a step further and walks with a scrutinizing expression around Chris

    9. “You sure use it well, I’m glad” Ally said scrutinizing my appearance, approval in her expression

    10. She slowly nodded, scrutinizing me and then realization touched her eyes

    11. ” He said scrutinizing me; I just nodded

    12. She paused scrutinizing me then she threw her arms up “You know what, I don’t care if you’ll resent me for this later but someone has to do it

    13. I’m waiting for Mother to ask why when I see her eyes scrutinizing the shirt I’m wearing, and the white shorts I got from Megan

    14. In the Florida Presidential race, Al Gore and his Democratic followers made an all out effort to disenfranchise overseas members of the military by scrutinizing their absentee ballots for any small infraction of the Florida voting laws

    15. ” Stephanie says while carefully scrutinizing Toni’s face for any evidence of truth

    16. Yet, for all my scrutinizing, I still couldn’t

    17. -There is something here - I said after a long time of scrutinizing the volume, whose pages were very wrinkled tired of bearing the stiffness of my fingers – I guess I found something interesting!

    18. He glanced up and noticed that Andrew was still scrutinizing him, a knowing smile hovering around his lips

    19. They would be there, watching, waiting, scrutinizing all the cars, all the drivers, all the passengers

    20. Scrutinizing the façade to see if there was a way to climb it, she noticed a number of steel pipes running down the walls at intervals and understood that they were rainwater drainage pipes coming from the roof

    21. She then looked at Jeffrey, scrutinizing him with curiosity

    22. His hands gripped the padded arms of the chair tightly, but his overall composure cleverly concealed his concern for his current situation; however, there was a distinct flash of anger and disgust in his watchful gaze when he momentarily met Feltus’s keen, observing eyes, as if he was contemptuously scrutinizing the inspector who was forcing him to reveal a dark secret

    23. the best hotel in town?” Jed asked, carefully scrutinizing his unfamiliar

    24. He felt uneasy at the way Wickland had been carefully scrutinizing him as if the lieutenant’s keen mind and sharp perception allowed him to suspect something

    25. All the while she kept scrutinizing the instrument in her hand, looking for little blips as the bright, green line swept in a circle around the face of the scope

    26. The rest of them were scrutinizing the space station or the cat or the other two men on the platform

    27. As I sit here scrutinizing the route up and through the spires and

    28. realize too late that Captain Munoz was scrutinizing him

    29. around him and took his time scrutinizing the menu

    30. scrutinizing the room with his eyes

    31. scrutinizing the back of the Eagles Nest trying to find the

    32. “Sir,” Data said, scrutinizing the information scrolling across his display panel

    33. intelligence officers were scrutinizing information

    34. “He carries a Vulcan Genetic history,” Sendak explained, scrutinizing the

    35. Soren looked at her again, that same scrutinizing look in his eyes

    36. Who are you?” the man answered, scrutinizing the Viking

    37. He paused for a moment, still scrutinizing her palm, as if to

    38. “What do you mean?” leaning forward, he noticed the forgotten plate he had never bothered scrutinizing; the now unidentifiable food had withered into a flourishing of maggots

    39. ” WTF said sardonically, while scrutinizing the surrounding habitat

    40. During this exchange, the master of wonders was standing far from them, but was minutely scrutinizing them with his black eyes and closely observing the situation

    41. Once inside, their group gave them suspicious looks as she and Than joined them on the side of the dance floor, but no look was more scrutinizing than Meg’s

    42. 'Dear child,' he said, scrutinizing my face while he held me firmly in this position, 'we were getting quite anxious about you

    43. Scrutinizing the lines, however, the clairvoyant’s head jerked up in an abrupt attitude of shock

    44. Scrutinizing her eyes he was glad to notice once again how intelligent they were

    45. "With little kisses in each of your eyes," he said, scrutinizing them

    46. She looked up at the vicar and his son, calmly scrutinizing first one and then the other, and they stood looking down at her; and each time her eyes rested on Robin they found his staring at her with the frankest expression of surprise and admiration

    47. Kennedy had been carefully scrutinizing the sheet of paper as she told how she obtained it

    48. "You don't--look happy," he said, scrutinizing her face

    49. Slowly he walked around one of the boulders scrutinizing every facet of it and from timer to time fingering it as if to reassure himself it was really there

    50. They fanned out and searched high and low, mindful of the animals hanging above their heads but with keen eyes scrutinizing every crack and crevice

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