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Frasi con weigh (in inglese)

  1. Males weigh 30 to 40 lbs.
  2. Males weigh 14 to 25 lbs.
  3. She had to weigh a ton!.
  4. Angoras weigh 6 to 11 lbs.
  5. Hell, she cannot weigh a.

  6. Lions weigh 250 to 550 lbs.
  7. To weigh heavy on the other.
  8. Often he would weigh both.
  9. Zia seemed to weigh nothing.
  10. Weigh up the pros and cons.
  11. We need to weigh our options.
  12. He seemed to weigh her answer.
  13. Weigh up the past in weighing.
  14. It will soon out weigh the days.
  15. Suppose that you weigh 170 lbs.

  16. These cats weigh 60 to 130 lbs.
  17. It didn't weigh heavy on my mind.
  18. They can weigh more than 25 g (0.
  19. Mantled Howlers weigh 11 to 17 lbs.
  20. To weigh this option against that.
  21. The kernels were found to weigh 23.
  22. The weapon seemed to weigh him down.
  23. The three heads seemed to weigh Mrs.
  24. He took a moment to weigh the options.
  25. I weigh all these things when I write.

  26. And that can weigh heavy on the soul.
  27. They weigh as much as I do; 60 of me.
  28. She probably didn't weigh more than.
  29. Show him how to use a scale to weigh.
  30. Weigh out the hexamethylene tetramine.
  31. What would you say they weigh?
  32. He had to weigh that, along with his.
  33. After you weigh all the evidence, if.
  34. Mature males weigh in at around 13 lbs.
  35. One should just weigh what matters most.
  36. Who knew a mummy could weigh so much?
  37. Let us weigh the one against the other.
  38. And you weigh a hell of a lot more now.
  39. What a burden now seemed to weigh down.
  40. They also tend to weigh less than meat.
  41. But do afterwards weigh up what they say.
  42. The post had to weigh more than the man.
  43. After 11 weeks I still weigh about 80kg.
  44. God…I feel like I weigh a tonne!.
  45. The conifers weigh heavy with gobs of snow.
  46. Her absence shall weigh heavy on this crew.
  47. Mark, I was also able to weigh in with the.
  48. I would need to weigh out and filter every.
  49. And the gloom began to weigh on his spirits.
  50. I also have to weigh this with other factors.
  51. Don’t weigh yourself more than twice a week.
  52. Now, I was forced to mentally weigh my options.
  53. Debra, how much does that thing weigh?
  54. Weigh what convenience both of time and means.
  55. This will enable us to weigh the worthiness of.
  56. A 30 inch specimen will weigh around ten pounds.
  57. I’d be much better able to weigh their opinion.
  58. The doctor said you need to weigh once a week.
  59. You need to weigh the risks associated with each.
  60. I recommend you to weigh the advice I have given.
  61. But we need something inside it to weigh it down.
  62. Weigh yourself every morning after you eliminate.
  63. So do not let this weigh too heavily on your soul.
  64. Weigh oath with oath, and you will nothing weigh:.
  65. GRs are 21 to 24 inches tall and weigh 55 to 80 lbs.
  66. This means that if, for example, you weigh 180 lbs.
  67. Wilson appeared to weigh up the wisdom of her words.
  68. But when they measure or weigh to others, they cheat.
  69. I ask gentlemen seriously to weigh that consideration.
  70. Weigh wisdom of intervention if such is even possible.
  71. Wa only had to weigh that for a second before agreeing.
  72. You have to weigh your options and choose accordingly.
  73. He tried weigh his soul to see if it was a poet's soul.
  74. Chihuahuas are between 6 and 9 inches tall and weigh a.
  75. Adult males weigh around 6 kg (13 lb), with females at 3.
  76. English Pointers are 24 to 28 inches tall and weigh 55 to.
  77. If you don’t have a weigh scale then you can buy one at.
  78. There was always more to consider, more to weigh, more to.
  79. Flat Coated Retrievers are 22 to 34 inches tall and weigh.
  80. Mоѕt ѕnасk fооd doesn't weigh much but sure have a.
  81. Standard Bull terriers are 20 to 25 inches tall and weigh.
  82. First we ponder and then we are able to weigh and assess.
  83. Cairn terriers are 10 to 13 inches tall and weigh 14 to 18.
  84. What a burden now seemed to weigh down upon him so heavily.
  85. Boston terriers are between 15 to 17 inches tall and weigh.
  86. Weigh your options carefully and think through your actions.
  87. I'll have you know I weigh only one hundred and ten pounds.
  88. It could weigh heavily against us in an ecclesiastical court.
  89. She can't possibly weigh more than ninety pounds soaking wet.
  90. People weigh the costs of negotiating against the alternatives.
  91. While she slept, he helped bathe, weigh and cuddle his babies.
  92. Dean Ornish came out with a book entitled Eat More, Weigh Less.
  93. And turn over rocks that weigh fifty or a hundred pounds?
  94. According to the Rules of Golf, golf balls should weigh 45.
  95. He keeps them on shelves over his head, and will weigh them all.
  96. If it does not weigh a hundredweight and won’t break my neck.
  97. We need to weigh them, and see if we can sense the truth within.
  98. The security of their families also weigh heavily on their minds.
  99. Is the idea fear-based? When we weigh ideas, it is helpful not to.
  100. If it liked her okay and didn’t weigh too much, she’d take it.
  1. A hair ball weighing 4.
  2. I was now weighing 169.
  3. He seemed to be weighing.
  4. Weighing upwards of three tons.
  5. Weigh up the past in weighing.
  6. She studied him, weighing her answer.
  7. He juggled the balls, each weighing 4.
  8. And what they are weighing is earnings.
  9. He seemed to be weighing up his options.
  10. As always he found himself weighing the.
  11. Use the weighing scale, but not too often.
  12. This particular bomb (weighing about 100 lb.
  13. We placed the bags on the weighing balance.
  14. Jacob, his heart weighing heavy, spoke second.
  15. Conrad caught it, weighing the bag in his hand.
  16. Theo looked at Travis, weighing up his options.
  17. All fruit cakes (unless weighing less than 1 lb.
  18. On the weighing machine a truck trundled slowly.
  19. Weighing the pros and cons of investing in ETFs.
  20. Alex thought it over, weighing the pros and cons.
  21. A man weighing 100kg is approximately 100 litres.
  22. What Sithias said was weighing heavily on his mind.
  23. Weighing in on the gut side, he believed that this.
  24. Weighing up different ideas on how to run a country.
  25. In this corner on my right weighing in at 550 lbs and.
  26. It was a big bird, maybe weighing one and a half kilos.
  27. She stares at me like she is weighing and measuring me.
  28. Justice, with her scales, represents the weighing of.
  29. Weighing the consequences he decided that these things.
  30. Although African elephants (weighing up to 8 tons) have.
  31. A gold sovereign? he said, weighing it in his palm.
  32. Raskolnikov intently, and weighing the pledge in her hand.
  33. Weighing only 105 pounds Marie had the body of a gymnast.
  34. Churchill hesitated, his eyes darting, weighing the words.
  35. I see the Inspector look at him as though weighing him up.
  36. Asian elephants (weighing up to 6 tons) have also endured.
  37. I see Emma watching him closely as though weighing him up.
  38. The prisoner had on his feet fetters weighing fifty pounds.
  39. Milk crate stack: 17 crates, weighing 42.
  40. The brothers exchanged glances, as if weighing their options.
  41. That was another thing weighing heavy on his mind – Jared.
  42. All during the conversation, Alex had been mentally weighing.
  43. Claire was weighing Perry Judd’s liver when they got there.
  44. Come of Age and understood exactly what had been weighing on.
  45. More than 50 years later, Henry made a hair ball weighing 75.
  46. The count looked at Eve for a long time, weighing his decision.
  47. Paid directory submissions also tend to hold a higher weighing.
  48. On the bus home my mother's words were weighing hard in my mind.
  49. An unspeakable sorrow and deep repentance were weighing me down.
  50. This means that the average man or woman weighing 125 to 175 lbs.
  51. But then he stopped, the sense of imminent closure weighing down.
  52. Sheena looked at the pale girl for a moment, weighing her options.
  53. Christine looked at Jevon, as if she were weighing up her options.
  54. All this weighing, selecting, choosing, exchanging — it is all.
  55. Most probably she will be weighing every decision that she makes.
  56. He was a large man, weighing in at over 250 pounds, with thinning.
  57. You were noticing nothing as usual, but I was weighing every word.
  58. They said that he wore irons weighing thirty pounds under his coat.
  59. The ships in the harbor were weighing anchor and leaving one by one.
  60. This job of weighing our beliefs is more important than it has ever.
  61. A six foot wooden beam weighing possibly 125 pounds was on His back.
  62. The stock market is a voting machine rather than a weighing machine.
  63. While Blake was weighing his options the thought of law was starting.
  64. She was a great, fine ape, larger than I, and weighing twice as much.
  65. You weren’t weighing constantly the meaning of who was giving more.
  66. This number is calculated by weighing specific elements, including:.
  67. Your lungs will produce on you the effect of weighing a hundred pounds.
  68. Only two bags weighing no more than a total of fifty kilos are allowed.
  69. While Mr Bloom stood weighing the point and about to smile he strode on.
  70. Raising one eyebrow, he tossed the brick from hand to hand, weighing it.
  71. Fallon placed the stone in the pouch and held it steady as if weighing it.
  72. Pick shook his head back and forth weighing the decision as he grabbed a.
  73. It was as though some heavy, overwhelming anxiety were weighing upon him.
  74. I could see how heavily this protracted imprisonment was weighing on him.
  75. He looked down and then back up, as if he was weighing me in the balances.
  76. In weighing alternatives, what came to forefront was my need to leave J.
  77. As they sat there weighing up options and contemplating their next move, a.
  78. He looked from one of the women to the other, weighing up the pros and cons.
  79. The dream may serve to alleviate some tension that has been weighing on you.
  80. We have a practice of medicine that lacks discipline when weighing benefit.
  81. Raskolnikov gazed intently at him, as though seizing and weighing each word.
  82. Probably it was on the gloomy side, what with the Matt thing weighing on me.
  83. Tensions rising, Hanor had delayed this moment for long enough, weighing the.
  84. His eyes shift over my face, and he squints, as if weighing and measuring me.
  85. Roberto looked steadily at Steve for a moment, obviously weighing up the pros.
  86. And it wasn’t as if we had full twenty-kilo suits of plate weighing us down.
  87. A crystalline mass of this was found a few years ago, weighing probably 15 cwt.
  88. He pauses, unsure, and then confesses what's been weighing on his chest all day.
  89. He returned to his bench and repeated the weighing experiment a number of times.
  90. Use your weighing scale for it, so that you won’t have to deal with these fees.
  91. That is one aspect of the symbolism of Maat weighing your heart in the afterlife.
  92. The captain fell to the seafloor, toppled by the enormous mass weighing him down.
  93. Weighing himself on a penny scale he saw the slow gliding red arrow point to: 165.
  94. We imagine that others are judging us harshly, measuring and weighing every inch.
  95. Promising to talk tomorrow, he had left his brother in the garden, guilt weighing.
  96. Somehow the inherent and masterful depression of her hostess was weighing her down.
  97. I had to admit that being a virgin at the old age of nineteen was weighing me down.
  98. Everyone who visits an astrologer does so because some question is weighing on them.
  99. The confidante considers his options for the marriage proposal, weighing tradition.
  100. The scout hesitated, as if weighing the chances of such a strange enlistment in his.
  1. He weighed in at 181.
  2. A case of salmon weighed.
  3. I weighed a mere sixty kg.
  4. She weighed up her options.
  5. Your father weighed 9lb 2oz.
  6. Jan and I weighed the pros.
  7. Unloaded, it weighed only 4.
  8. Zeke weighed in with a story.
  9. It weighed about fifty pounds.
  10. My backpack weighed a ton now.
  11. It weighed a couple of pounds.
  12. Thane weighed up the situation.
  13. The largest ever weighed 2,126.
  14. Indecision weighed heavy on him.
  15. Why, I've weighed 175 for years.
  16. Weighed the mountains in scales.
  17. The burden of it weighed on her.
  18. The loss weighed heavily on her.
  19. The walkways weighed ~64,000 lbs.
  20. It weighed forty thousand pounds.
  21. So I weighed and balanced it off.
  22. The idea weighed heavy on my mind.
  23. It weighed about a million pounds.
  24. It weighed on me and depressed me.
  25. The beast weighed 5,000 kilograms.
  26. Why, I’ve weighed 175 for years.
  27. The butcher weighed it out, slowly.
  28. Freeman weighed heavy in his mind.
  29. We weighed anchor and headed north.
  30. The royal kraken weighed four tons.
  31. His pause weighed heavily between us.
  32. That is why you weighed their words.
  33. Even Tommy weighed in with a comment.
  34. Mitzi weighed almost sixteen pounds.
  35. Manuel Uribe (Mexico) weighed 444.
  36. The baby weighed almost eleven pounds.
  37. He weighed his thoughts for a moment.
  38. Then I weighed it up against what I.
  39. Each pack weighed almost forty pounds.
  40. It weighed less than he had expected.
  41. Pulaski weighed the sheath in his palm.
  42. He weighed his words rather carefully.
  43. Sabrina weighed her possible strategies.
  44. He held it and weighed and balanced it.
  45. He’d been weighed, as had his gloves.
  46. He weighed at least three hundred pounds.
  47. In the past, veal calves only weighed a.
  48. The great kraken weighed approximately 3.
  49. He must have weighed at least 400 pounds.
  50. He took it out and weighed it in his hand.
  51. I was a scrappy 6’ 1 and weighed 165.
  52. The ship weighed anchor and started south.
  53. He must have weighed at least two hundred.
  54. Later, the copper was used, weighed on the.
  55. The dawning of this discovery weighed on me.
  56. My father-in-law weighed me light for that.
  57. He weighed his words and cleared his throat.
  58. The silence weighed heavily on his shoulders.
  59. His coffin weighed enough, Thomas said.
  60. At the end of the year he weighed 145 pounds.
  61. A sticky and heavy gel that weighed me down.
  62. The computer array weighed barely two grams.
  63. A terrible oppression weighed down her heart.
  64. At one time, several variables were weighed.
  65. But not an ounce of worry weighed Locke down.
  66. The other things she had said weighed on him.
  67. It weighed less than he was expecting, which.
  68. An abrupt hunger weighed heavily in his loins.
  69. I thought she weighed less than a dead fly.
  70. This casting in question weighed about 1000 Kg.
  71. Sara weighed the questions before she answered.
  72. Dread weighed down the woman’s heart at this.
  73. The bottles are weighed again after 1 h, and.
  74. He was here to be examined, weighed and judged.
  75. He weighed everything in the space of a second.
  76. We ate in silence while he weighed his options.
  77. He gazed out across the vines and weighed his.
  78. He was 65 years old and the pole weighed 250lbs.
  79. He yawned widely as exhaustion weighed him down.
  80. The cost to reach his goal, he carefully weighed.
  81. I had to be weighed on the scales every Tuesday.
  82. The third must have weighed over fifteen carats.
  83. Disregarding the fact that it weighed literally.
  84. It was as if the whip weighed hundreds of pounds.
  85. We are weighed in the balances and found wanting.
  86. Max weighed up the situation and suggested a plan.
  87. The hate music blared as Blake weighed his options.
  88. It weighed roughly fifty pounds, was bloody, and.
  89. There was no thud, it weighed about thirty pounds.
  90. Lawdy, he had ta weighed over four hundurd pounds.
  91. The wax being dried and melted, weighed 16 grains.
  92. She sighed, as though the question weighed heavily.
  93. She lifted her head as if it weighed ninety pounds.
  94. Philippe had weighed his options, such as they were.
  95. He held his duffle loosely as if it weighed nothing.
  96. Pauline Potter of California, USA, weighed 293.
  97. Henry weighed less than three pounds when he was born.
  98. November, the Milo weighed anchor and went back to sea.
  99. I sat down heavily by the fire and weighed my options.
  100. My large diamond weighed heavily on my hand and heart.
  1. The M2 weighs a mere 5.
  2. The Marbled Cat weighs 4.
  3. The single cable weighs 37.
  4. It weighs down, it crushes.
  5. It weighs less than an ounce!.
  6. The Caracal weighs 22 to 40 lbs.
  7. Silence weighs heavy on the crowd.
  8. The product weighs around 7 pounds.
  9. He weighs things up very carefully.
  10. Plus, it’s weighs next to nothing.
  11. The Soviets say that it weighs 184 pounds.
  12. Hey, this would work… Uhn! Weighs a ton.
  13. The Komatsu D575A Super Dozer weighs 152.
  14. Their nervous tension weighs heavy on them.
  15. One of them weighs about three hundred pounds.
  16. It weighs the same and is as strong as a real arm.
  17. It weighs somethin different every couple of hours.
  18. A male brain weighs about 12% more than female brain.
  19. Joe weighs 150 lbs, stands 5'6, and is 21 years old.
  20. The diamond is a round cut, brilliant, and weighs 1.
  21. The IWS is 20 to 24 inches tall and weighs 45 to 65 lbs.
  22. My head feels like it weighs a ton, he rolled over.
  23. The Rottie is 22 to 27 inches tall and weighs 85 to 130.
  24. The Samoyed is 19 to 24 inches tall and weighs 40 to 65.
  25. The Sheltie is 13 to 16 inches tall and weighs 12 to 27.
  26. The Maltese is 8 to 10 inches tall and weighs 5 to 12 lbs.
  27. When it’s on its side, it always weighs the same, 1011.
  28. The Otter-hound is 24 to 28 inches tall and weighs 65 to.
  29. It weighs heavily in my hand, slightly warm to the touch.
  30. The Sky terrier is 9 to 10 inches and weighs 25 to 45 lbs.
  31. The Irish setter is 24 to 28 inches tall and weighs 55 to.
  32. I think it probably weighs more than most babies at birth.
  33. The Standard Schnauzer is 17 to 20 inches tall and weighs.
  34. The Irish setter is 17 to 18 inches tall and weighs 25 to.
  36. Then, Ed, I can tell you that this suit weighs 57 pounds.
  37. The Pharaoh hound is 21 to 25 inches tall and weighs 45 to.
  38. The Arctic Fox is 10 to 12 inches tall and weighs a measly.
  39. The Japanese Chin is 8 to 11 inches tall and weighs 4 to 15.
  40. It is a daunting thought that so much weighs on my shoulders.
  41. The Silky Terrier is 9 to 10 inches tall and weighs 8 to 11.
  42. That "good and beautiful" weighs heavily on my mind at forty.
  43. Potentially fatal if not as aggressive as reputed, it weighs 5.
  44. You should put on more fat instead of muscle it weighs less.
  45. A Plymouth Rock weighs over 6 lbs (3 kg) when it is slaughtered.
  46. It is to be observed, that the bushel of foreign salt weighs 48lbs.
  47. Half a cubic meter of basalt weighs about that much (more or less).
  48. Paul then put it on a scales, this particular stone weighs in at 4.
  49. It weighs six tons, so we will not be hauling it into the courtroom.
  50. In a more scientific view, however, the evidence weighs heavily on.
  51. She just turned twelve, and now weighs in at sixteen healthy pounds.
  52. Its lattice tower is 370 m (1,213 ft) high, weighs 5,999 tonnes (13.
  53. Jonadab weighs pretty close to two hundred, and most of it’s gristle.
  54. Whatever it is, her travel case feels like it weighs a bit over two tons.
  55. Ideally you lift it by the tail, but this guy weighs a ton and is too long.
  56. He repeats it to himself, weighs it, tries to follow it back to its source.
  57. A good leader weighs the risk against the potential gain before he proceeds.
  58. Hubble, the largest space telescope, weighs 11 tonnes (24,250 lb) and is 13.
  59. Just us in the androids? That thing weighs what, four tons? My Android was big.
  60. Pandora Driver weighs her scales of justice and sentences the monster privately.
  61. The average human weighs about 50kg (worldwide and all ages and health states).
  62. The first hull has a thickness of no less than five centimeters and weighs 394.
  63. The matter of the breath of the poor weighs upon Shakespeare and his characters.
  64. One of his scrapbooks, which covers only 1917 to 1938, weighs sixty-three pounds.
  65. It weighs upon the woman, that is to say, upon grace, weakness, beauty, maternity.
  66. It still exists; but it weighs only upon the woman, and it is called prostitution.
  67. Obsession weighs a seen of wars and terror that marked Chinese – Japanese societies.
  68. On the other (left) hand, literal gold is a heavy metal that weighs down one’s heart.
  69. There’s one who truly trusts his flying, considering that he still weighs many tons.
  70. Drew is a great guy, but at sixteen, he’s very short and weighs fewer than ninety pounds.
  71. The black-robed judge weighs the relative merits of both arguments for a full thirty seconds.
  72. Heaviest aircraft in production: The Airbus A380 weighs in at 560 tonnes (1.
  73. It ranks securities on a scale of 1 to 1,000 according to risk (volatility weighs heavily here).
  74. The Western culture weighs every individual carefully before letting him in to safeguards the house.
  75. The call duck, which weighs less than 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz), derives its name from its original use.
  76. The ceiling weighs ten trillion tons; it gives off a permeating cold; it drives his nose into the floor.
  77. An eel that is let out in Swedish waters will not decide on its gender before it weighs about 2 oz (60 g).
  78. In our Introduction we point out that the experience of the last fifteen years weighs against this proposition.
  79. I stand still, and every part of me is still, like it weighs more than it used to, only the weight is not unpleasant.
  80. The baby weighs three kilos and four hundred grams, or about seven and a half pounds for the British and Americans here.
  81. Currently on tour in Australia with the British and Irish Lions, North stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs in at 240 lbs.
  82. It is also associated with the ancient Egyptian god Anubis (the jackal), who weighs the hearts of the dead to determine their fate.
  83. On average it weighs between 600 - 780 lbs; there are larger ones found in the less northerly parts of Canada which can weigh over 1400 lbs.
  84. Such is the relation of one set of learned men to the contradiction which weighs heavily on our world, and such are the means for its solution.
  85. Twinkie is not exactly a little star – at 7 m (23 ft) she is an albino reticulated python who weighs in at approximately 168 kg (370 lb).
  86. Hear therefore, The Lord’s complaint: The foot of oppression weighs heavily upon the poor, and the needy are crushed beneath the power of evil men.
  87. I come at the personal behest of good King Stanislaw Everhorn, and my intent is to rid you of the dark conjury that weighs upon your mortal being.
  88. Well, let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy! For he is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice.
  89. From holding on to our denial for years, having refused the growth we needed, the repetition of pain from related, unchanging problems weighs heavily.
  90. From the Giant Saguaro which weighs tons and may be 50 feet high to the Button Cactus that is so small it is very hard to find, there are thousands of cacti.
  91. Trucks hauling coal that weighs a hundred tons, racing across old, twenty-ton bridges still used by school buses, and absolutely ignoring every rule of the road.
  92. Sorry mate, but trying to actually throw something that weighs around 15 pounds is quite difficult for an average sized woman with a small child attached to her leg.
  93. Very short and pencil thin; there is probably more meat on a gypsy’s whippet and if he weighs in at 40kgs he’s had a big night out, I think, describes him to a tee.
  94. And the more we perceive of these influences the more our conception of his freedom diminishes and the more our conception of the necessity that weighs on him increases.
  95. His view of the universe is so enormous and complicated by a vision that sees and weighs every detail, every possibility, that his vast intellect is virtually inaccessible.
  96. Like the rats that one by one forsake the doomed ship even before the vessel weighs anchor, so all the numerous clerks had by degrees deserted the office and the warehouse.
  97. Cacioppi, Negative Information Weighs More Heavily on the Brain: The Negativity Bias in Evaluative Categorizations, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 75, no.
  98. But tie yourself up with a woman and, like a chained convict, you lose all freedom! And all you have of hope and strength merely weighs you down and torments you with regret.
  99. Wow! He’s gentle as a lamb, but he weighs over sixty pounds! he exclaimed as Talia giggled, already cooing affectionately to the bird and scratching him beneath his hooked beak.
  100. If that is so, I congratulate them, though I still feel a certain disenchantment, which still heavily weighs on me that they had failed to understand before the soundness of such practice.

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