scurry sätze

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Scurry sätze (in englisch)

  1. We scurry to class.
  2. The ants scurry.
  3. Bah! How they scurry.
  4. Rats scurry across the floor.
  5. The scurry of gesticulating police.

  6. As I watched the locals scurry off.
  7. Ferries scurry to and from the quays.
  8. There was a scurry of cat feet by the window.
  9. He could now scurry from place to place quickly.
  10. Instead of trying to scurry way up on the tree.
  11. God who thrilled to see us scurry and hide – but He isn’t.
  12. People scurry out of the way as the trio head into a local hotel.
  13. Was he watching us scurry around Miami now? Quite possibly he was.
  14. I had to scurry around the rest of the crew to get enough dollars to.
  15. Upon entering she saw not one, not two, but three rats scurry for cover.

  16. Raven shrieked a piercing cry and Miller heard her scurry away in the dark.
  17. I lit an old kerosene lantern and watched the mice scurry away into corners.
  18. They scurry over and grapple with the door, wresting it back into position.
  19. Then Bohdan saw the warden emerge from the crowd and scurry over towards him.
  20. But he had to scurry to his feet as Redbolt madly tried to get the gufder off.
  21. She heard only a few small animals scurry behind the furniture as they sat down.
  22. I started to scurry up the ladder behind Dog thinking we might be able to hide up there.
  23. The Witch and the Black Fox would scurry around, frantically listening for a distinct sound.
  24. A scurry of activity as they were all loaded into the bus, and We had best be off, said Troy.
  25. Most of the ladies hurry out the back of the shop, while the rest scurry back out the front entrance.

  26. Jane had to scurry along behind Ellett again as he darted back up the corridor to DS Burrows’ office.
  27. He could hear no sounds other than the occasional scurry of an animal in the nearby woods, and his own heartbeat.
  28. Wherever he took a step, the spiders would immediately scurry back, like he was Moses parting a black, living sea.
  29. He screamed for help as he ran from the tent, looking over his shoulder only once to see the soldiers scurry to aid.
  30. Christ, every time you walk by the place a dozen cockroaches scurry out the door—probably didn’t like the food (ha ha).
  31. About half the people working there—the sensible half—used any available excuse to scurry away when they saw him coming.
  32. I press back against the wall, creeped out by the nasty things, in no mood for a few of them to scurry over the toes of my boots.
  33. It was almost worth listening to this shriveled up dwarf of a man prattle on and scurry about with the energy of a fly high on sugar.
  34. Once, the boy disturbs a nest of small lizards and they scurry away into ferns and nettles, the white markings on their backs pulsating in fear.
  35. Court saw the armorers and crew chiefs scurry from airplane to air�plane, checking, arming, pulling red safety streamers, and taking a last look.
  36. Just as Lindley’s patience was about exhausted, though, he saw a slender shadow move with hesitating steps out from the gate, then scurry back to its protection.
  37. He started talking about how beautiful the lightning was in the clouds, and then started sort of rambling on about using the light to watch different types of insects scurry away.
  38. And this new back of his– it was flexible, pliant, which meant that he could walk properly and was no longer forced to scurry about like a crab because of his bent and twisted frame.
  39. Sarah, grab the other end of the saw and steady it until I get started, Paul said as he bent down and grabbed one handle of the saw, waiting for Sarah to scurry over and grab the other.
  40. After a while he heard the sound repeated faintly somewhere farther on, and that was followed by the soft opening of a door, and then a swift scurry of softly shod feet retreated in the distance.
  41. The sun boy muttered something derogatory about the English as he took his leave, refusing to scurry and to obey his dismissal in such a fashion, the deceased calling unsubtle and very audible insults after him.
  42. She should have taken Puffy from his cage and allowed him to scamper around in her hair, which she fanned out for him over the bed like a curtain, her arms carefully hovering over him lest he scurry out of reach.
  43. The children would be ushered to bed at a certain hour but would listen to the banter and laughter at the top of the stairs and would scurry to their respective bedrooms when an adult would ascend the stairs to use the toilet.
  44. He knew that this young human being sitting on the red footstool would not jump up and terrify him with wild, sharp noises or throw heavy objects at him which, if they did not fall and crush him, would send him limping in his scurry back to his hole.
  45. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt.
  46. She used to put her in a chair sometimes and sit opposite to her on the old red footstool, and stare and pretend about her until her own eyes would grow large with something which was almost like fear—particularly at night when everything was so still, when the only sound in the attic was the occasional sudden scurry and squeak of Melchisedec's family in the wall.
  47. Horrifying Hippo would simply open his mouth wide—but in this case, with a special body position that would clearly communicate that he was not feeling threatened but inviting the Cleaners to give him a hand—and with that, a whole school of the rambunctious, proficient little helpers would scurry over and begin their laborious process with great dedication and skill.
  48. She hears Americans scurry across farm fields, directing their huge cannons at the smoke of Saint-Malo; she hears families sniffling around hurricane lamps in cellars, crows hopping from pile to pile, flies landing on corpses in ditches; she hears the tamarinds shiver and the jays shriek and the dune grass burn; she feels the great granite fist, sunk deep into the earth’s crust, on which Saint-Malo sits, and the ocean teething at it from all four sides, and the outer islands holding steady against the swirling tides; she hears cows drink from stone troughs and dolphins rise through the green water of the Channel; she hears the bones of dead whales stir five leagues below, their marrow offering a century of food for cities of creatures who will live their whole lives and never once see a photon sent from the sun.
  1. She left with the scurrying leaves.
  2. The crew scurrying to raise the sails.
  3. There was great scurrying about on deck.
  4. I heard something scurrying on the roof.
  5. Rather than scurrying toward rehab to be.
  6. What the hell? That’s no scurrying rat.
  7. I came out from Shantanu’s house scurrying.
  8. The Badgers had stopped their frantic scurrying.
  9. Ralph came scurrying over as the Caddy pulled up.
  10. As black, warlike insects scurrying over the sands.
  11. Pretty secretaries were scurrying about with stacks.
  12. The sound came again, a light scurrying, close to him.
  13. Jonas, the man said scurrying to the round window.
  14. Whoa, what? said Brian, scurrying over from the grill.
  15. Blake couldn’t help but get in the way of the scurrying.
  16. Scurrying passed Rodger’s office I put my head in quickly.
  17. Balthus saw the women and naked children scurrying to the huts.
  18. Luis came scurrying up and asked if they would be allowed to go.
  19. The fans had been spinning and the rats had been scurrying, over.
  20. More scurrying as he entered, he hoped it wasn't that larger animal.
  21. Dolly came scurrying down the steps with her perfume reaching us three.
  22. Her real poking paw would send it scurrying to the deck, giving the cat.
  23. He looked around, to see his younger self scurrying off into the distance.
  24. What they were told sent them scurrying back to the protection of their.
  25. It was then that he discovered the small furry creatures scurrying about.
  26. That is when the staff of our master Moses turned into a scurrying serpent.
  27. There was a scurrying sound and Amanda felt something race across her foot.
  28. He turned and ran, scurrying as fast as he could back towards the darkness.
  29. Then there scurrying across a depressed room with a lone rusty cot was a rat.
  30. Argyl made it to the top of the boulder by holding Jades' arm and scurrying up.
  31. Way below them in the plaza folks were reporting for duty, scurrying like ants.
  32. No children scurrying toward home and mother, no women attending to the early.
  33. Now other creatures began to stir, crawling and scurrying out into the moonlight.
  34. What they were told sent them scurrying back to the protection of their fortress.
  35. It was the Drong soldier who had been scurrying to and from the cave’s entrance.
  36. They stopped once and took shelter under an awning and watched people scurrying by.
  37. Accountants would be scurrying around balancing and collating for a quarterly report.
  38. Then, abruptly, he swept toward the prisoners, the second lieutenant scurrying behind.
  39. A couple of squirrels were scurrying up and down the trunks of the live oak tree near.
  40. And the mere whisper of the Elf's name would be enough to send them scurrying to cover.
  41. One of the deputies came scurrying up as best he could in flat shoes on the muddy hillside.
  42. While scurrying water rats squeaked from the walls, pistoled their water, and ran for more.
  43. STERLING AND NICKY crossed the first floor of the feed barge, rats scurrying from their path.
  44. He snapped his fingers and they got up, scurrying away and leaving through a door behind him.
  45. The collapsing farmhouse had taken out most of the Thunderheads and sent the rest scurrying away.
  46. The water was now slapping against his face and little bugs were scurrying to get out of his way.
  47. A young boy ran towards him, but a screech from a woman quickly had him scurrying back to his mother.
  48. She could hear the scurrying of little feet as though the owners of the eyes were moving all around her.
  49. The wall was alive with motion, hundreds of shadows scurrying up and down its dark tube shaped interior.
  50. She heard scurrying down the ladder, with pings of something hard, perhaps claws against the metal rungs.
  51. Dennis spun around watching all the women scurrying around getting in their cars and heading out to help.
  52. My infrared camera picks up the heat signatures of rodents scurrying in and out of the wrecked buildings.
  53. She spent a while watching it scurrying around before it finally disappeared through a crack in the wall.
  54. The shade was cool, and I could hear birds chirping and singing, and little animals scurrying to and fro.
  55. Peering between his shoulder and the dirty ground, she saw scurrying feet, darting dogs and not much else.
  56. The alley below was deserted and quiet, save for the scurrying of rats and the occasional mewing of a feral cat.
  57. The picture of the man scurrying away into the trees, carrying all that dead weight, sent a jolt through his body.
  58. With squeeze of the cannon’s trigger a mech popped out a round at some Nycarmans scurrying around in the shadows.
  59. The scurrying sounds above took on a desperate quality, as though sensing her intentions of deserting this dark tube.
  60. On their disconsolate way back to the car a slight sound sent them scurrying for the trees bordering the private road.
  61. The mail box was just ten strides away and she took a deep breath before scurrying the distance in stuttering strides.
  62. Abandoning their clothes in a heap, the young serving girls leapt naked from the bed and went scurrying out of the room.
  63. They were hardly through the gate and well established in an eddy when the bell brought the racers pacing or scurrying in.
  64. Gerde was indeed delighted with the flowers, scurrying around happily finding vases and chattering about the latest gossip.
  65. What lies ahead, we are hurrying, scurrying through life; we are not even conscious of what we are doing most of the time.
  66. All around them the land was still, without even the sounds of scurrying desert rats or the rush of wind from a night gale.
  67. The live ones, whining and scurrying their way along whatever mad path they were inclined toward, scared the bejeezuz 182.
  68. Time passed and the snow returned, gathering its strength to send heavy flakes scurrying around the slender trunk of the ash.
  69. As the temperature rose, creatures began scurrying about their business, using this last opportunity to collect winter stores.
  70. Russell was so sleepy when he arrived at the third floor, he almost bumped into Victoria as she came scurrying down the hall.
  71. Why do we hear no sounds of the forest---no insects buzzing or birds chirping or critters scurrying through the brush?
  72. Because for all that we're ants in this life of scurrying about the planet, our hopes and dreams are no doubt, very different.
  73. The happy rodent was dancing more than scurrying its way over to a corner of the room where a top hat and cane rested quietly.
  74. The front door had been bashed outwards and they saw a quick glimpse of Raven scurrying down the porch steps and into the yard.
  75. His peripheral vision caught the flight of Acron, and the scurrying shape of Ranger, leaving the pond to fulfill their mission.
  76. Actually they’re on the walls, in the cupboards, scurrying on the floors, and can be found most anywhere at any time….
  77. Thomas sprinted after the scurrying spy, and in a matter of seconds he entered the thick copse of trees and the world became dark.
  78. Swarms of animals and monsters took to the hills and open fields, scurrying in different directions, looking for a place to hide.
  79. Dark brows furrowed and he bettered his sword grip when he thought he saw shadows scurrying in one of the far corners of the room.
  80. The first salvo of cannon would likely send them scurrying to the rear and we would run them down on our horses and wipe them out.
  81. It smelled of sulfur and mildew, and somewhere Isabel could hear the sounds of water dripping and the scratching and scurrying of rats.
  82. But down in the grass itself, between the bushes, in that thick forest trodden that danced among them to set them scurrying and weaving.
  83. Amid the tears and confusion and kissing and scurrying for smelling salts and brandy, there was only one calm face, one dry pair of eyes.
  84. A scurrying sound in the thick leaves caused them to peer into the predawn stillness, straining to determine the source of the commotion.
  85. The assembly bell sent the boys scurrying out the window, and Robert to the top of the steps where he handed his cigarette packet to Bart.
  86. After scurrying through dozens of lanes and narrow passageways, my escort finally stops and points at an inconspicuous crack in the Earth.
  87. There was a scurrying along the floor as the cockroaches and rats ran for cover but not before Bert stamped on a few roaches with his boot.
  88. Instead of saluting respectfully as she had done in Adlivun, Corallyn stuck out her tongue at her sister before obediently scurrying upstairs.
  89. Between the glass counters, shelves, food, and the frightened counter girls scurrying back and forth, she's fighting with too many handicaps.
  90. She watched the mice scurrying round the cage and running furiously in their little plastic treadwheels till they occupied herwhole attention.
  91. Zar whimsically decided to play his audience, pausing to strip the meat from a limb and holding the plate out for a scurrying Viirin to refill.
  92. The afternoon crept slowly by as the group restlessly swatted at mosquitos and tried to avoid other creepy-crawly critters scurrying around the camp.
  93. A biting south-westerly squall of rain had him scurrying across the road seeking the shelter of a hoarding which quoted the gospel – ‘John 3 :16.
  94. Both of you head bang down the expressway, you lean on the horn coming off of the exit ramp scurrying the cars ahead of you down onto the service road.
  95. And sometimes, while the tank refilled from the second, she would hear socked feet scurrying off toward a far corner of the apartment, as if in flight.
  96. Surely I recognised that voice? Struggling to my feet, I swore quietly when I spotted Detective Inspector Hives scurrying around the corner of the house.
  97. Impossible to say whether it was his echoing footfalls that sent rats up ahead scurrying to their holes, or the sight of his Specter like a bad moon behind.
  98. Either way, that’s when the flashlight went out and we were stuck in complete darkness with the sound of an animal scurrying either toward us or away from us.
  99. The surgeon’s unscheduled absence from the Langham was probably all that was needed to send them scurrying from their holes in search of the border and safety.
  100. Such a dank and dreary place, with just a weak orange glow from a distant streetlamp illuminating the mist that hung in the air! Undoubtedly, there were rats scurrying everywhere.
  1. Two rats scurried across on.
  2. Curly haired man scurried off.
  3. Quickly, they all scurried in.
  4. The guards scurried out of sight.
  5. He scurried off to take the call.
  6. Shielding the flame, he scurried.
  7. They scurried off the ship into the.
  8. A small, shadowy object scurried away.
  9. Matilda scurried along after Alexander.
  10. Nurse said as she scurried to answer it.
  11. She scurried away to the office at the.
  12. A sudden thought scurried through my mind.
  13. The agents scurried back to their seats.
  14. The lithrike scurried up the nearest tree.
  15. A lizard hand scurried cold on Will's chin.
  16. The women whispered as they scurried about.
  17. Martin scurried over to the car and got in.
  18. He scurried here and there to save himself.
  19. Suddenly he turned around and scurried out.
  20. Helios scurried to the side of the building.
  21. I scurried behind a broken statue fountain.
  22. A few new sounds scurried in the deep woods.
  23. Bob scurried off and returned with the money.
  24. Hank nodded and scurried back to the kitchen.
  25. The front door opened, and a rat scurried out.
  26. The itikrat scurried back on its hands and feet.
  27. He attempted to touch it, but it scurried away.
  28. He scurried through his apartment to answer the.
  29. The abbot scurried back with a book under his arm.
  30. Wanda exited the room and scurried down the hall.
  31. The five men scurried away as Judas jumped to her.
  32. His assistant scurried for the door, being coatless.
  33. A young woman and an old lady scurried out of the.
  34. Insects scurried across Joey’s feet as he walked.
  35. Taj scurried obediently to the politician’s side.
  36. She scurried across the car park as if it were the.
  37. A beetle scurried across the floor and over his hand.
  38. Teal and his men scurried closer, and watched tensely.
  39. Rivan scurried from out of the covers and embraced Tam.
  40. Warren’s eyes told him to go so he scurried after her.
  41. Ella scurried around the other woman to sit on a bench.
  42. The cat scurried to safety in another part of the house.
  43. I turned around and scurried back into the cover of the.
  44. Her dress flowed in the timid draft as she scurried away.
  45. Rats scurried for cover under the buildings when the cab.
  46. He scurried off as fast as his little legs could take him.
  47. He scurried towards the mill entrance, almost completely.
  48. The tribe scurried eagerly into the undergrowth to colonise.
  49. The plants stopped rowing and scurried ashore to group up in.
  50. Marie scurried around the house in her green hospital scrubs.
  51. And notice, when the chicks were set free - they scurried off.
  52. She stuck out her tongue to the man and scurried back inside.
  53. Golf on Playstation2 while Vinny scurried about and hid dirty.
  54. Blast! bellowed Mitch as he scurried toward the bathroom.
  55. It quickly scurried off the branch clutching its wounded hand.
  56. Dumbass, Ed said and scurried over to the stairs where.
  57. Stanton and Nolan scurried toward the car and quickly drove off.
  58. It yelped and scurried backward as if the light inflicted pain.
  59. Jessie rose from her seat at the computer and scurried quietly.
  60. The naked old man scurried into the showers in hopes of escap-.
  61. Whereupon he thrust a dirty Paper in my Hand and scurried away.
  62. The drums beat faster as the plants scurried back to the crowd.
  63. Mouse, who scurried on to the keyboard of the computer and went.
  64. She turned and scurried off to the guest room without a backward.
  65. He turned and scurried back to the troops standing awaiting orders.
  66. It was musty and occasionally something scurried out of their way.
  67. Behind her the door burst open and a gaggle of lunatics scurried in.
  68. Men scurried around the area, dragging supplies, lining up weapons.
  69. A remembrance once more blew into his wit and he scurried back to.
  70. The mouse scurried back into the ground before he too, was trampled.
  71. Worm and a lazhinian froze, then dropped the crates and scurried out.
  72. Something scurried over my foot forcing a tight yelp from my throat.
  73. Chait scurried next to the wall and sniffed the first door he came to.
  74. Conn appeared behind them, barking orders that they scurried to obey.
  75. I reminded him of the realty as he scurried off to the shower mumbling.
  76. The way they scurried the block, Raymond wondered who these guys were.
  77. Spartan yawned threateningly, and the trader scurried on with his tale.
  78. I’m starving, he mumbled under his breath as Marie scurried away.
  79. Swann immediately scurried for the office to have his laugh in private.
  80. It scurried back from the cave entrance and waltzed past the hapless.
  81. Shirley scurried to the back of the van and opened the doors allowing.
  82. Thank you Miss Carla, she said and scurried off to commence cleaning.
  83. I scurried back along the wall and around the corner, out of their view.
  84. The rest of the people scurried back into their buildings and alleyways.
  85. Well, when he blessed me, gentlemen, I scurried home as soon as I could.
  86. A piece of paper scurried out from somewhere, rustling along the landing.
  87. The two dwarfs scurried forwards, casting anxious glances around them at.
  88. The steps of his neighbors quickened as they scurried back to their homes.
  89. The men with picks and crowbars scurried away from the base of the cliffs.
  90. Next, I scurried back downstairs to find Bobby still sleeping on the couch.
  91. The two nurses scurried from the room, their heads lowered in embarrassment.
  92. She scurried past the others and began leaping down the steps two at a time.
  93. The pickers scurried at their work, coats buttoned close over their chests.
  94. Squirrels scurried about and a cottontail rabbit shot across in front of us.
  95. As soon as they docked, he scurried into the shadow of the nearest building.
  96. Yes sir, the nurse scurried out and I choked out a reply between gasps.
  97. The corners of his mouth lifted as he bent his head and scurried to his van.
  98. She scurried over to a panel on the wall which housed three, silver buttons.
  99. Meanwhile, the man in the dark suit had scurried over to the Cathedral of St.
  100. Jane scurried back to Li-Li with the Malaysia Airlines ‘children package’.
  1. There were comfortingly few scurries.
  2. Rapunzel scurries in that night, bounces onto his bed, and grins at him.
  3. Behind him scurries a second man with eggshell skin and an evident terror of eye contact.
  4. Etienne crouches on his popping knees beside Madame, then scurries to the telephone and speaks a few words.
  5. Then they head up the street, just as Bolt scurries from the shop, muttering loudly to himself, face twitching.
  6. The body of the late Senor Hirsch dwelt alone for a time in the dismal solitude of the unfinished building, resounding weirdly with sudden slams and clicks of doors and latches, with rustling scurries of torn papers, and the tremulous sighs that at each gust of wind passed under the high roof.

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