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    1. She knew how well that was going, there were few in their third generation, though they were pure bred, that could speak enough Portuguese to get by

    2. One Sunday before Violet’s seventh birthday, Violet's mother drove her out to a ranch that bred ponies

    3. ‘I’m local to Bath – born and bred

    4. The institution that had bred it’s own race for generations in the darkness of it’s filled-in canyon, of which Enjteen was a member

    5. As you know by now, Napies are bred in artificial life tubes and they don’t have any sex organs so they can’t breed normally; what a shame! I hear you say, the poor Napies can’t breed and have only robots for mothers, yes, but I remember my life as Napie was very good

    6. old population of Voorderbach had been bred over the

    7. Their operation in the one way may endure for many centuries, but in the other it can last no longer than the lives of some of the workmen who were bred to the business in the time of its prosperity

    8. Many who had been bred in the superior classes, not being able to find employment in their own business, would be glad to seek it in the lowest

    9. They bred their children to be their betters, as did their children and their children up until this very day

    10. The cattle bred upon the most uncultivated moors, when brought to the same market, are, in proportion to their weight or goodness, sold at the same price as those which are reared upon the most improved land

    11. ‘Best that I can figure out is that the male beings that live on this planet have bred these animals to be their companions

    12. The magikal-biological constructs that the Fair Folk bred would also be seen as their true selves; however, they were, on appearance, similar to human children

    13. The Orcs, trolls, goblins and constructs had been selectively bred for many, many generations so as to be refined into the perfect tools for their particular job

    14. You have seen people eating creatures from their own sewage, creatures bred from intestinal worms by their ungodly science," coming at you in a wave as seen from Alfred's eyes

    15. his mind which of the two institutions bred the holier men!

    16. This was seen in a recent study in which animals were genetically bred to develop intestinal polyps, a condition that leads to tumor formation

    17. The members of those councils, however, had been bred to professions very different from war and politics

    18. It corrupts even the activity of his body, and renders him incapable of exerting his strength with vigour and perseverance in any other employment, than that to which he has been bred

    19. “Five score bodyguards, ten Turkish bred guard dogs,” he paused

    20. Every white man, paradoxical as it may read, was a sickly yellow, for the malaria was upon all in a slight or severe form, and a fever bred of the grisly and horrible surroundings

    21. “It is what they are born and bred to do

    22. Bru preferred the Vonder Bred Bunz from a local variety store

    23. A bred and born Southie, he was blue collar and he was Irish

    24. they have been bred already

    25. Even if the man did insist that the Syclers - as he called them - had been bred by scientists on the island and were not aliens, at least he believed Piers had seen them

    26. The aliens hadn’t been bred there - as Conal believed - nothing was further from the truth

    27. The creatures had been bred to consume all organic materials - they could even ingest plastics - but the scent of faeces and flesh drove them into a frenzy

    28. “No, I mean the consequences if these things ever got over to the mainland and bred

    29. He was a demonic machine, bred for bloodletting, destruction and chaos, indeed designed to wreak havoc on human flesh

    30. These creatures were born and bred to obedience

    31. The pack of beasts continued to pour into the gorge; Ranger had realized the beasts had been bred for their fighting abilities, not their intelligence

    32. As a result, some Labrador had been bred into the chain and, hey presto, an amiability factor was established

    33. insight bred of earnest living, of loyally fulfilling the

    34. The furor within the society which had bred Abraham, directed toward the overthrow of their “God most high,” seems to indicate a “point of trespass” that they were unwilling to tolerate

    35. He must have rankled other power centers with his faithfully clear doctrinal teachings, but the easier times bred lesser martyrdoms, as someone that he probably well knew of caused his exile to this small and lonely, rocky outcrop of an island

    36. The first Diaspora involved the Northern Kingdom of Israel, which disappeared from the historical record during that time, and bred the legend of the “Lost Tribes of Israel

    37. But these essences became many, and this presented a kind of aspect that bred confusion

    38. But other representations became too human and bred the contempt of familiarity

    39. Error on the one side has bred error on the other as even the reality of the “Axiom of Existence,” God that is, has been challenged

    40. ” And then masking this lesser interpretation within a cloak of unchangeable truth has made that “reunification” virtually impossible, and has bred many violent encounters in the debate on who has gotten it most right

    41. How did altruism arise, and from where did the understanding that bred cooperative attitudes come? The “Law of the Jungle” would seem to indicate that the most basic instinct is individual survival

    42. Most pure bred Leftists are not well coordinated

    43. steal semen from animals bred on the farm where he worked,

    44. Soon after, Kikawada, ironically born and bred in

    45. naughty generation, and that their malice was bred in them, and that their cogitation would never be changed

    46. Harry could never quite figure out the bond between Mrs Worthington and Petal; where Mrs Worthington was poised, well bred and thought highly of in the community Petal was coarse and street wise but maybe she was also thought highly of in her community as well he pondered or how else could she have survived so well living on the streets as she had for so may years

    47. theory and practice of self-realization, and be born and bred

    48. She watched the unfolding drama below, with a detached fascination, bred of knowing that she was safe on a roof, twenty stories above the danger in the street

    49. He was born and bred into this lifestyle, I wasn’t

    50. found in them, other than plants and flowers, a big aviary where birds natural to the local surroundings are bred

    1. A large black dog of undetermined breed lies dreaming in front of the bar, it’s front leg twitching as it sleeps

    2. Each generation could breed only

    3. ' "They were the last of their breed, those last few daedeli

    4. ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even

    5. Each generation could breed only once, and in so doing, in the raising of the child, the parent was doomed

    6. that if we yearn for it, but do not act to gain it, we breed our

    7. And then, when your ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even then we stood the prejudices and the spite

    8. that breed gravid silence

    9. She knew the breed of coriax that provided his bed furs

    10. “then they can breed and have children, who will have children of their own, generation after generation, so I can kill all of them too

    11. As you know by now, Napies are bred in artificial life tubes and they don’t have any sex organs so they can’t breed normally; what a shame! I hear you say, the poor Napies can’t breed and have only robots for mothers, yes, but I remember my life as Napie was very good

    12. There are more wolves and beavers than anywhere in Europe and even Atlantic salmon come here to breed

    13. migratory birds come to Europe to breed here in the wetlands

    14. I see a breed of church planters arising that birth churches

    15. I see a new breed of warrior arising in the Church

    16. As the soldiers begin to rise from the dust and ashes, a new breed

    17. that the five-fold ministry will be lifted up by God to rebuild the wall, and that God was going to radically call forth a new breed

    18. They were probably not unlike that stunted breed which was common all over Scotland thirty or forty years ago, and which is now so much mended through the greater part of the low country, not so much by a change of the breed, though that expedient has been employed in some places, as by a more plentiful method of feeding them

    19. To any country which was highly improved throughout, it would be more advantageous to import its lean cattle than to breed them

    20. To prevent the breed of our sheep from being propagated in foreign countries, seems to have been the object of this law

    21. As the quality depends upon the breed, upon the pasture, and upon the management and cleanliness of the sheep, during the whole progress of the growth of the fleece, the attention to these circumstances, it may naturally enough be imagined, can never be greater than in proportion to the recompence which the price of the fleece is likely to make for the labour and expense which that attention requires

    22. We returned to our barn but some other mob had been using it whilst we were at the front and had left their lice to breed with ours and as we settled down for what was left of the night they started to feed with a vengeance

    23. I knew nothing about the Cornish Rex breed when I began the odyssey that led to the cat connection of my life

    24. A breed who has fed this and too many other nations to count for these past hundred years

    25. Her vet proclaimed her to be a blue tortoiseshell, saying her diminutive stature was typical of the breed

    26. Beware this breed, for he often masquerades as a philosopher, who supposedly has mastered the fine art of

    27. Spacers had always considered themselves a breed apart, and tended to look down upon

    28. They were a strange breed

    29. Skiddles was of no known parentage, hardly of any known breed, but he

    30. * There was a rumour, untrue, that the Alsatian breeding program could be tracked directly back to Hitler and his well-known love of the breed

    31. William knew that this breed of dog was very friendly

    32. excellent health condition before letting them breed and during the

    33. Looking at the strange folds in the rock, she saw that they looked almost like some kind of cloth woven by a breed of giants

    34. “Seems she managed to breed them to grow a lot bigger and have a quick generational turnaround

    35. The breeder where Johnson got Mia told him that this particular breed of hound had been developed over 70 years

    36. Initially, the breed was found to be cold and reluctant to bond with people

    37. When I first entered ministry in 1969, there was a real spirit of optimism, especially among the new breed of younger evangelical ministers

    38. Is there enough prayer? Is the Word not being proclaimed faithfully enough? I suggested earlier that there was a belief in the 1970s that if the Gospel was effectively proclaimed by this new breed of keen young ministers, all would be well

    39. In order to self-replicate, just like good little von Neumann machines ought, they had been designed to breed and to provide nesting and brooding care to their offspring

    40. His heirs, seemingly a lesser breed, strayed to the point of destruction

    41. ” Is this merely a new version of the earlier experience with plurality, only now, just a resubmersion into a lessor pantheon? Or, is it a tacit admission that Man has difficulty digesting this God in a single gulp? What about the more ancient others? Complexity does seem to breed plurality, but plurality seems also to breed confusion, and that fosters a lack of concentration

    42. A print-on-demand breed who was into electronic publishing, the kind that I had heard the big publishing houses were trying to ramp up their operations to include as a hedge against complete failure

    43. This is the most dangerous breed because they get some of it right, and that makes you believe all of what they say, which often pushes people into dangerous traps

    44. We have been imprisoned in this colony for a very long time, some of us all our lives, and that does not exactly breed trust for official representatives of the Empire

    45. Because Aunt Beryl had been only thirteen when she got pregnant, some people said “duppy breed her

    46. “Your hate will nourish his and just breed more such attempts

    47. As she was resting, Eliana took care of her wounds and giving her different herbs that could breed relief right into her

    48. Opposite, top: Cattlemen are a breed unto themselves; their fortunes revolve around weather, the health of their herd, the price of feed, and the economy

    49. The American Quarter Horse, the working horse of the West is the primary breed used for cutting cattle out of a herd

    50. of the breed, to provide beneficial and excep-

    1. If we exterminate the present biosphere with a mass extinction impact and re-seed this planet, the very best we can hope for is mortal humans breeding here in a thousand years

    2. Gonzar told her tale of an army of intelligent dactyls breeding in the depths of the Ttharmine that were coming out bent on world domination any day

    3. Self-control was an art that Miss Jones and her family had perfected through many long years of carefully managed breeding and etiquette

    4. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again

    5. She was clearly of the same breeding stock as her sister, although she was, being in her early forties, some seven years older, and those years had not been kind to her

    6. As with all creatures, large and small, generations of breeding will produce changes, and evolution of the species is inevitable

    7. This one had settings for golf, sailing, sport fishing, scuba, flying and horse breeding, with wealth level settings and other custom settings in each hobby

    8. "More often than not they are insane; pure breeding has a tendency to produce such monsters

    9. All this wil serve is to create a breeding ground for

    10. I have seen a Man kill his own brother without hesitation, solely for breeding rights with a human female

    11. jaws of the dog gave credence to the talk about generations of selective breeding

    12. “We govern because our breeding gives us the

    13. A flock of sheep or a herd of cattle, that, in a breeding country, is brought in neither for labour nor for sale, but in order to make a profit by their wool, by their milk, and by their increase, is a fixed capital

    14. “Will you be still? I thought you had better breeding

    15. The cultivation of mulberry trees, and the breeding of silk-woms, seem not to have been common in the northern parts of Italy before the sixteenth century

    16. Feeding and fattening countries, besides, must always be highly improved, whereas breeding countries are generally uncultivated

    17. The mountains of Scotland, Wales, and Northumberland, indeed, are countries not capable of much improvement, and seem destined by nature to be the breeding countries of Great Britain

    18. The freest importation of foreign cattle could have no other effect than to hinder those breeding countries from taking advantage of the increasing population and improvement of the rest of the kingdom, from raising their price to an exorbitant height, and from laying a real tax upon all the more improved and cultivated parts of the country

    19. The trouble was that with the corpses rotting all around you and the open latrines and the amount of flies then it was an ideal breeding ground for the disease

    20. That meant she’d have to scale down her breeding program

    21. Of course, he would be able to afford dozens more pairs of breeding dogs like these with the gold he was promised

    22. The SAP had a special breeding program since the 1930s and firmly believed in their bloodline and to keep it clear of mongrels (anything which is not from the SAP bloodline is a mongrel)

    23. * There was a rumour, untrue, that the Alsatian breeding program could be tracked directly back to Hitler and his well-known love of the breed

    24. I agree with his assessment that a number of our public schools and (other) seats of higher ―learning‖ have, on some level, transformed themselves into institutionalized breeding grounds for racial/class agitation and social victimization

    25. In this manner our oligarchical courts have evolved into ideological breeding grounds for ―progressive‖ reforms and social engineering where voter expression(s) are routinely overturned

    26. Since childhood, dressage had been a special thrill and, as it required absolute obedience of the mount, it was particularly important that hers be male, a stallion, not a gelding, and of the very finest breeding

    27. This means that if you are successful in breeding during the fall season,

    28. for breeding and reproduction

    29. while the breeding season lasts

    30. “I don’t know exactly what was going on down here,” he said, “but I do know it had something to do with breeding animals to produce protein for food, and feeding those same animals on waste material

    31. They both gave every appearance of good education and breeding, yet shared humble roots, spoke well, dressed correctly in the finest fabrics and enjoyed a high level of success

    32. Beasts clambered from the abyss, eager to taste blood, and fulfill their breeding heritage

    33. “Yes,” I said as the lemony taste of the dressing and the bubbly frothy cold taste of the Bud went home to Mama, and I looked at her lovely lovely refined face that centuries and centuries of refined breeding in the south of France in good times and in bad had formed into so lovely a face that she broke my heart each time I looked at her

    34. The slavery we think of is the capture and later breeding of African Negroes for work in England, the Caribbean Islands, and America

    35. Two pairs of them set up household, each in its own area above the patio, occasionally squabbling noisily during breeding time when rivalries sharpened

    36. “Noah is part Jamaican,” Sierra said, as if she was announcing the breeding of a studhorse she had for sale

    37. Aunt Beryl was sent away to England to stop her from breeding up the place, as Mama Dove had described it

    38. But swapping salt fish for fish and chips didn’t curb Aunt Beryl’s breeding, and within seven years’ time she had had a brood of five additional children, for four additional men

    39. Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of

    40. “Because the Eastern Lands have always been breeding grounds for revolutionaries,” Nicolas told her

    41. A few bags full of pennies will be thrown to private business as decoy assistance, while the rest is to disappear into the belly of the insatiable sociofascistic monster this administration is patiently breeding

    42. because of the "blank canvas" that the breeding offered, and the results had such staggering potential

    43. reducing the unplanned breeding of dogs and cats by promoting the

    44. commercial breeding and boarding - for these activities to fall within the scope of the

    45. taken by those responsible for the breeding to ensure that the physical and mental

    46. In the selection of specimens for breeding, care should be taken to avoid the

    47. commercial breeding and commercial boarding activities and the operation of animal

    48. the unplanned breeding of pet animals, the introduction of wild animals as pets and the

    49. After years when nobody had done anything to stop the breeding and the

    50. Most dogs of breeding age on the streets are the

    1. Innocence breeds Tolerance, or perhaps it‘s Ignorance I‘m confusing it with

    2. But in the words of a recent history lesson, ‘familiarity breeds contempt

    3. And by the way, different breeds often have different

    4. Familiarity breeds contempt, but the Prince was taking a real shine to Dawley

    5. An extreme perception usually breeds an opposite extreme

    6. This ability, while in theory might be seen to enhance their viability and survivability, for obvious reasons breeds authoritarian opposition

    7. Remember that violence breeds disease and destroys the human emotional system

    8. This technique is most suitable for bigger, strong willed breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s

    9. There is a phrase that ‘behavior breeds

    10. with their breeds and variations

    11. including those in the wild, excluding domesticated breeds of dogs, cats, horses,

    12. The stray cats and dogs come in all sizes, ages, and breeds, with varying levels of

    13. what every one of us has been taught – all our lives – is that violence only breeds more violence

    14. Furthermore, the mind breeds knowledge — churning out this or that concept or theory which in itself has no end

    15. Definition always breeds restrictions

    16. Absence of worry, breeds absence of fear, breeds absence of conflict, breeds

    17. Familiarity breeds contempt

    18. Unfamiliarity breeds fear



    21. What is worse, it breeds tendencies that are inimical to the social good

    22. Danger breeds caution, and only a wary man lives long in that wild country where the hot Vendhyan plains meet the crags of the Himelians

    23. Keep in mind that apart from the fact that all dogs are different, they also have certain things in common; and, you can tell that according to their breeds

    24. However some breeds, like the longhaired varieties, do require regular baths

    25. Or lesser breeds without the Law—

    26. Our children would be half breeds, who were considered even lower than a Dirtwalker

    27. It may be the oldest of the long-haired breeds,

    28. breeds for showing in the championship class

    29. htm Cat Breeds Snapshots A to Z - Cat Breeds Beginning with A

    30. According to this Site there are Over 50 Cat Breeds in

    31. Type in Cat Breeds in their Search Engine; You Will then Double Click on ‘Cat Breed Guide’

    32. com This Site Contains Information about Cat Breeds, Dog Breeds and Other

    33. This kind of enterprise breeds a criminal

    34. there are over 200 recognized breeds of horses

    35. are presently more than 400 hundred recognized/known breeds of

    36. More breeds are constantly being discovered and added

    37. There are over 100 recognized pure breeds in the United

    38. There are countless tough dog breeds but the most notable

    39. The Curly is one of the oldest of the retriever breeds

    40. muscular, it’s the largest of the three setter breeds

    41. oldest, and rarest of Spaniel breeds

    42. tallest breeds in the world, but not the largest; often reaching

    43. This is one of the most beautiful dog breeds; with

    44. This is one of the oldest of terrier breeds

    45. Newf puppies are calmer than those of other breeds adults

    46. Like the Mastiff breeds, this dog was bred to hold big game at

    47. breed but were later split into two breeds

    48. the two to be separate breeds because of their obvious

    49. The Poodle is one of the most elegant of dog breeds

    50. breeds with native South African dogs

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