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Frasi con drab (in inglese)

  1. Dozens of olive drab U.
  2. Drab browns and greys, a.
  3. Some appeared to be rather drab.
  4. She hated her drab, ill-fitting clothes.
  5. It was a rather drab counter, and he was.

  6. It lay drab and not at all like its memory.
  7. She was wearing a drab gray shirt and pants.
  8. Rodney O’Neill sat beside him in a drab suit.
  9. I'll put a white hat and drab coat on to-morrow.
  10. She went on and on about how drab her mansion’s.
  11. He was no longer dressed in the drab, grey uniform.
  12. The guests were a drab couple in their early forties.
  13. A long, drab corridor illuminated with fluorescent lights.
  14. Behind the two men, the hallway was just as gray and drab.
  15. It was a bitterly cold and drab morning for the middle of.

  16. Even though he had been told it was now lifeless and drab.
  17. Its witchery transformed his drab work into vibrant colors.
  18. She sat back down and gazed at the drab and very dreary cabin.
  19. It didn’t matter that it was in a drab school hallway on hard.
  20. The old drab soon deserted me, but Tegid our cook stayed with me.
  21. Brown and drab, a thick bed of needle-seeds suffocated the ground.
  22. Thank you for taking the time to read Blood, Dreams, and Olive Drab.
  23. In town, there was nothing to look at but the same old, drab, dirty.
  24. The same late in autumn, the hues of red, yellow, drab, purple, and.
  25. She took me down a long drab hallway that reeked of smoke and Ben Gay.

  26. He had a room at the far end of a depressingly drab second floor hallway.
  27. She went to her closet and pulled out a rather drab chocolate brown dress.
  28. The Colonel wore immaculate pressed and starched olive drab USAF fatigues.
  29. I most definitely prefer your drawings to their drab and droll cousins.
  30. It's still cold and drab and the sky is still a dreary, cloud covered gray.
  31. Out of the shadows an elf man in drab pants and a simple shirt comes forward.
  32. It was a drab room, stuffed with Formica topped tables and shabby metal chairs.
  33. We leave the drab motorway for the tree-lined postcard streets of Paris proper.
  34. The walls were covered in drab yellow wallpaper dotted with small white flowers.
  35. Soon three individuals appeared dressed in drab olive and sand colored uniforms.
  36. It was painted a different shade of olive drab, unlike those of the German army.
  37. Not for Melville-Briggs the interview conducted in a drab and comfortless basement.
  38. Listening to you at times is like reading an old English novel, drab and colorless.
  39. And when Val pointed at her son, she froze, turned to look at the drab, who nodded.
  40. The olive drab Plymouth was parked in the same place as it had been the previous day.
  41. CHARLES DANKO STEPPED INTO the depressingly drab lobby of the large municipal building.
  42. To Ailia’s delight, the rest of the trip had been uneventful, even bordering on drab.
  43. The general colour of the fur is of a drab brown, and it is neither coarse nor very fine.
  44. The street this Hyondahi currently lived on was pretty drab for one so high in the growth.
  45. And the crocuses, left standing in their drab field, looked like so many blown-out candles.
  46. His drab clothes would indeed fit with the puritan fashion favored by Cromwell’s followers.
  47. Uninteresting clothes that created a street camouflage of drab gray and lifeless, boring brown.
  48. You know, I always wondered why they painted all these institute buildings such drab colours.
  49. Shaftner crawled into his olive drab jeep and splashed up the road toward the center of the base.
  50. It was furnished with a comfortable double bed, two drab over-stuffed chairs, and a writing desk.
  51. He was struck by the realization that they all wore a kind of drab, dull grey, workman-like uniform.
  52. At the end of a long drab passage my new acquaintance pushed open a door and turned on an electric switch.
  53. There is a group of elves in drab garb with an orb like the ones that line the ceilings and hover in the sky.
  54. Fern with her red hair cascading onto a grey blanket, making her look more vibrant against the drab material.
  55. The walls were painted in a cream paint but that was some time ago as the whole place appeared drab and tired.
  56. In the near future, please look for the sequel to Blood, Dreams, and Olive Drab to be entitled A Fawn In Winter.
  57. Just as he picked up his drinks and turned to leave I decided I could find some fun at the drab event after all.
  58. Thomas wore a drab robe instead of the fine clothes of a knight, and had his head shaved in the monkish tonsure.
  59. The wealthy had plush private cars, the poor rode public cars that were more or less drab depending on the city.
  60. The whole area was drab and cheerless, decorated with the ugliest color scheme Crystal had ever been nauseated by.
  61. The dull colors and drab squares are the dead ends, wasted time, and boredom that most ultimately experience there.
  62. I looked at the old drab, and she looked at me…me, sitting on my horse and staring at her, a British bastard to her.
  63. He’d be waiting for them in pressed olive drab, his bag over his shoulder, his face shaved down to handsome planes.
  64. Still the same office for these twenty past years, but somehow it didn’t look as small, not as drab as it should be.
  65. As he stalked inside a large, drab yellow room on the second floor, Hudson heard shrill hollers and shouts all around him.
  66. In it was an old woman with a lip full of snuff and a weather-beaten face under a drab sunbonnet, driving a dawdling old.
  67. In the past there have been those, locals and visitors, who felt the city had become drab, tired, the shine having been lost.
  68. Their drab uniforms stood out dully against the white of the snow, but their swords and horses' coats tossed back the light.
  69. Even in that drab dress, with that horrid cap covering her hair and that powder hiding her true complexion, she was beautiful.
  70. Far from the drab shades he'd recommended to his troops, their clothing was colorful, some garments woven in stripes or checks.
  71. Mary got it organized, and a few days later our social services van was pulling up to a drab looking government office building.
  72. Nothing quite so drab, so despondently dreary, or so damply dismal as Jinny the Carrier ever asked for a hearing and got it.
  73. Behind them the gay pavilions of the lords and knights and the drab tents of the common soldiers stretched back almost to the river.
  74. There are bars on the windows and the same genre of drab reproductions in gilded frames that we saw in John’s room adorns the walls.
  75. If it is allowed to operate without interference it will transform this drab, dreary, earthly experience into something magical and miraculous.
  76. An existentialist is a person cut off, blocked, from their soul and from their heart, living in a flat, intellectual drab wasteland devoid of meaning.
  77. In the suburbs and inner city every building was grey, giant drab monoliths withstanding the storm but shedding the attractions they held in sunlight.
  78. He turned a corner, to all intents and purposes a drab ordinary man, losing himself in the crowds that hunted the spirit of Christmas with red-faced eagerness.
  79. An existentialist is a person cut off from their soul conscience and from their heart sympathy, living in a flat, intellectual drab wasteland devoid of meaning.
  80. I think they call it olive drab, Papa, Henry exchanged with a sliver of a smile, just enough you could see the teeth glimmering out from under his thin lips.
  81. Chantaburi has the reputation for having some of the world’s most skilful cutters of the stones, turning the drab, raw dull stones into beautifully faceted gems.
  82. Davidson was parked under the tall sycamore tree that edged his property, sitting with the headlights shining brightly against the drab cement blocks of his establishment.
  83. He didn’t know why in Fariel she’d covered herself in white powder, but obviously it was one of those things that went along with the drab dresses and the head-coverings.
  84. He looked back at the women huddled together, only one of them had a child with her, the others were all older, one an old Saxon drab with long silver-grey hair, free of its braids.
  85. Among ragged captives and guards in drab uniforms, Sasaki was a spectacle, dressing like a movie star and wearing his hair slicked back and parted down the middle, like Howard Hughes.
  86. No stronger bond held them together than common service; now the gold lace and velvet were packed away and returned to the costumier and the drab uniform of the day put on in its stead.
  87. He lives in "municipal flat block 18A linear north", a drab concrete housing project with non-functional elevators and graffiti-defaced wall murals painted in the style of "socialist-realism.
  88. In the children’s fairy story The Ugly Duckling (1846) by Hans Christian Andersen, a cygnet in a brood of ducklings is mocked by them for his drab appearance but turns into a beautiful swan.
  89. His broad-brim was placed beside him; his legs were stiffly crossed; his drab vesture was buttoned up to his chin; and spectacles on nose, he seemed absorbed in reading from a ponderous volume.
  90. Vincent ordered all their helmet liners to be repainted a uniform glossy olive drab, and he had produced from somewhere, decals of the 61st Division patch to be affixed to the sides of each liner.
  91. He forgot, in the quiet of her attitude, that she had ever been restless, and in her expressive and beautiful silence that she had ever quoted, and, watching her whiteness, that she had ever been drab.
  92. Every leaf of the vegetable having already been consumed, the whole field was in colour a desolate drab; it was a complexion without features, as if a face, from chin to brow, should be only an expanse of skin.
  93. On the hearth was an old rug made of jute that had once been printed in bright colours which had faded away till the whole surface had become almost uniformly drab, showing scarcely any trace of the original pattern.
  94. It is most important for an understanding of monogamy that it not be thought of as a monotony, a petering out of the energy of love until the high hopes of the confident lovers disappear in a drab, toilsome existence.
  95. They dragged the wreckage clear to uncover a floor safe which May Ling opened and, from it, she removed a leather pilot’s bag and the olive drab canvas bag that contained Hatch’s pistol, which she handed over to him.
  96. It seemed all heads and eyes were intent on a harried man in a dark, drab boiler suit sitting at a table, checking tags and glaring at a little computer screen on the table as he scrolled through a seemingly endless list.
  97. A drab, nonentity: a fictional character: who wears an overcoat, carries a hidden gun of hate, and wears a hat: going into dark alleyways, into the secret lives of the rich: uncovering their corrupt evil, gloating over it.
  98. If they had they would certainly not have complained for each of them, despite their tunics becoming saturated and their bodies glistening with sweat, relished the change from the drab dry underground world they had been confined to.
  99. For two days the blissful romance that should be the ambrosia of all newly weds was forced to give way to lessons in using the Hoover, heating up baked beans and loading the washing machine in such a way that the clothes didn’t all come out shit colour drab.
  100. The paint was of a dark drab colour and the surface of the newly painted doors bore a strong resemblance to corduroy cloth, and from the bottom corners of nearly every panel there was trickling down a large tear, as if the doors were weeping for the degenerate condition of the decorative arts.

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