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    1. The sea was as cold as ice but I enjoyed every moment to the fullest as I swam out, to the isolated strand

    2. that catches a fraying strand of life

    3. she removed a strand of hair from her face, 'should I become a doctor?'

    4. We care about you and will help you,” Xonia reassured her as she brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes and softly stroked her face

    5. Every time he would cut a strand the bloody bully beef tins would rattle like a load of cow bells

    6. However what was only minutes later but seemed like hours the final strand was cut but the tins kept rattling making us jump but eventually we made it back to our own trench without the Turks firing a shot

    7. On closer examination, the stranger would notice that Shelagh's hair had the odd strand of grey and that her complexion was of a rosy hue compared to Rosemary's which was pale and drawn

    8. He swept a long strand of light brown hair away from her eyes

    9. During a test procedure he had lost a (gloved) fingertip to a rogue strand, described an extreme burning sensation, worse than a scold from boiling water

    10. It was based in Strand about eighty kilometres from the centre of Cape Town, and it was a coastal town so I would still be near the sea

    1. The baggage handler hurried down the terminal hallway as fast as he could, so worried that the little carry-on would miss its flight and then be stranded there in Phoenix

    2. the single stranded cotton thread

    3. puppies by the cliff across the river, stranded on a

    4. “And it is not about being stranded in the Intermediate area! I would not wish that on anyone!”

    5. Chrissie didn’t need his confirming ‘It’s gone!’ to know that Kev had taken the car and left them stranded

    6. Stanley and Raymond told Xavier that they had found the distress signal for the Eidolon Spaceship; it was with a sailor who had gotten stranded in the middle of the ocean

    7. "Where have you been? How dare you leave me stranded?" The grin that exploded across his face, told a story all its own

    8. “I could imagine nothing better than to be stranded here for a century till the next expedition arrives,” Alfred told him

    9. " Mike echoed as he again left her stranded there alone

    10. Edgar ran to the stranded vehicle

    1. “By stranding us here, he has strategically ensured we must accept his truth

    2. The black water rose quickly over the building, stranding them in pitch-blackness

    3. They waded thigh deep in the sea to present a suitably salt-stained appearance in line with the cover story of stranding

    4. I was looking forward to the excitement of stranding a big ship on the shores of Australia

    5. The ships inside the maze cannot see outward, yet the spectators can see inside the maze with the aid of x-ray glasses (should you choose to visit a Maze Shop and purchase the glasses at a price so astronomical that you will assuredly have no money left over for the fuel home, effectively stranding you and forcing you to rent your crew and ship out as Maze participants, with the promise of a decent pay cheque that would never arrive even in the rare chance that you escaped anyway)

    6. In September 1942, a B-17 crashed in the Pacific, stranding nine men on a raft

    7. The Japanese military surrounded the city of Nanking, stranding more than half a million civilians and 90,000 Chinese soldiers

    8. The grass was still pouring in from the country, surrounding the sidewalks, stranding the houses

    1. She still has a couple strands of purple hair sticking out of her knuckles

    2. Not that there’s a lot left on top now … just like his father! At least he doesn’t comb a few strands over the top like some men do

    3. I can picture Apollo holding it, experience it's texture, rubbing the strands between his thumb and index finger, "How could you do any of this? I was at the orphanage by then

    4. and whisper thin strands of celestial Sellotape

    5. She used her fingers to lift the strands of cheese

    6. Oxygen is administered and brows are wiped to clear sweat-covered strands of hair from closed eyes

    7. The movement of air threw strands of hair across her face, making her shake her head like a pony with an overlong mane

    8. Trade? How the hell should he know? He draws strands of thought together and tries to make them coalesce into something coherent

    9. with wispy grey strands of hair that wafted about

    10. Buttworst smiled and wiped his mouth, pushing away the gray strands

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    chain strand string fibril filament ground run aground maroon shore seaside beach