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Strand in a sentence | strand example sentences

  1. One strand of His hair.
  2. But Each Strand Of Her.
  3. Lying out on the strand all.
  4. Not a strand of hair, not an.
  5. It was a limp strand of wet kelp.

  6. Shapely bathers on golden strand.
  7. The man took out a strand and lit.
  8. And we can’t strand them here.
  9. It's to stretch your strand of time.
  10. It’s to stretch your strand of time.
  11. The strand of light slithered up his.
  12. Aidan played with a strand of my hair.
  13. O'Neill and Son, 164 North Strand Road.
  14. A silken strand tethers you to the tack.
  15. Republished by Strand Book Stall, Mumbai.

  16. She said, I'm staying in the Strand Hotel.
  17. He brushed a strand of hair from my cheek.
  18. She pulled a strand of hair out of my head.
  19. He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  20. Adara brushed a strand of hair from his eyes.
  21. He told them they were going to Banna Strand.
  22. In the last 10 years, Strand has achieved.
  23. Ceder blew a strand of hair away from her face.
  24. I placed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
  25. Strand was really irritated at this point, Dr.

  26. Hermosa Strand? Is that place still even around?
  27. He tucks a stray strand of my hair behind my ear.
  28. Aidan smiled and played with a strand of my hair.
  29. Officer Strand visited with me several weeks later.
  30. Her engagement ring caught on a strand of her hair.
  31. I grabbed hold of another plastic strand that was.
  32. And by the strand of Ilmarin there grew a golden Tree.
  33. I twisted a strand of hair around my finger, thinking.
  34. The Strand at Hervey Bay is a holiday maker's delight.
  35. Dana sighed and blew a strand of hair out of her face.
  36. She tucked a long strand of blond hair behind her ear.
  37. Birds stir and early morning walkers stride the strand.
  38. He had one strand of hair that stuck up from his head.
  39. Get back then by the Poolbeg road to the strand there.
  40. In their blood is a DNA strand that can infect normal.
  41. Lovers hand in hand upon the strand are strolling still.
  42. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, along the golden strand.
  43. She wore a stylish midlength dress and a strand of pearls.
  44. He pulled the strand, fitting it around the ball of light.
  45. But with each strand of evidence, I saw her conviction dim.
  46. He noticed a pale yellow starfish on the smooth, sandy strand.
  47. She held a strand of hair high above her head and let it fall.
  48. He swept a long strand of light brown hair away from her eyes.
  49. She backed away and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  50. Hamilton constructed the U out of a single strand of spaghetti.
  51. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
  52. On the far left strand was printed Judaism, with Christianity.
  53. There was a loose strand that rested on the bridge of his nose.
  54. Mr Bloom stooped and turned over a piece of paper on the strand.
  55. She stepped closer to Becky, clasped the strand around her neck.
  56. When I looked away, he pushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
  57. She searched her kayak near her legs and found a strand of seaweed.
  58. I ignored her and tucked a loose strand of his hair behind his ear.
  59. He moved a strand of hair from her face and pushed it behind her ear.
  60. Wind the strand evenly and firmly round the roller, down to the scalp.
  61. As Strand walked into the office, he said, This had better be good.
  62. He pulled a strand of her hair that was falling in front of her face.
  63. Burt Britton, first of the Strand bookstore, then later of Books & Co.
  64. Vidar took hold of a strand of her hair with his tiny webbed finger.
  65. Leaning over, he brushed a strand of blond hair away from of her eyes.
  66. Office Strand was the first on the scene, and he was immediately sick.
  67. Fashion school, Jackie elaborated, brushing a strand of hair back.
  68. He ran his fingers down my tangly mop as if it were a strand of pearls.
  69. She cleared her throat and added my strand of hair to the strange light.
  70. His blue gaze lingered on me as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.
  71. Strand by strand, the geese build the cloud back into its original shape.
  72. She had arranged for them to meet for lunch at Simpson’s in the Strand.
  73. The hair on his head was intact, strand by dark strand, down to the roots.
  74. Tiberio is dead, and I hear seamen singing as they reel along the strand.
  75. I was later told by officer Strand that the 911 call was booked at 9:48 P.
  76. It was the only strand that represented anything like a repeating pattern.
  77. He slowly leaned forward and brushed a strand of my hair away from my lips.
  78. Then he put in a short-order for another little strand of future miracles.
  79. He raised his fingers to my lips and gently lifted away a strand of my hair.
  80. Another strand was about how America was the place to start the fight with.
  81. Maggie dropped the strand of hair into the light, this time faster than last.
  82. When they pulled away, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear nervously.
  83. I took a strand of my hair and gave it to her so she could repeat the process.
  84. He brushed a stray strand over my shoulder and hooked his finger under my chin.
  85. Bus Topology - : This network topology has computers connected to a strand of.
  86. I don’t remember any of this; I was later told all of this by Officer Strand.
  87. I looked south to see if I could see a beautiful lady, escaped along the strand.
  88. He touched the side of her face, brushing a strand of hair back with his thumb.
  89. He burned a disk with your research on the mutated gene and broken DNA strand.
  90. The coiled snake is the size of a 10p coin and as thin as a strand of spaghetti.
  91. I arrived at Nancy’s office to be met by her and Officer Strand of the North St.
  92. Time had no meaning in this place, so he had no idea how long each strand took him.
  93. Fascinating, she said, twirling a long black strand of hair around her finger.
  94. They pulled apart and smiled into each other eyes, love vibrating like a strand of.
  95. I looked at Strand and once again launched into the You’d better not speech.
  96. Do you think that these two are lying? Strand was really getting suspicious now.
  97. Adjusting a hair strand back to merge in his side curled pompadour, he smiles at me.
  98. Willstown that he stayed at the Strand Hotel in Cairns, and so she waited there for him.
  99. Another strand of literature analyzes gains of short-term liquidity providers over time.
  100. He opens his eyes, seeing a long strand joining the lights in the corner to his own body.
  1. By stranding us here, he has strategically ensured we must accept his truth.
  2. In September 1942, a B-17 crashed in the Pacific, stranding nine men on a raft.
  3. The black water rose quickly over the building, stranding them in pitch-blackness.
  4. I was looking forward to the excitement of stranding a big ship on the shores of Australia.
  5. The grass was still pouring in from the country, surrounding the sidewalks, stranding the houses.
  6. They waded thigh deep in the sea to present a suitably salt-stained appearance in line with the cover story of stranding.
  7. The Japanese military surrounded the city of Nanking, stranding more than half a million civilians and 90,000 Chinese soldiers.
  8. The ships inside the maze cannot see outward, yet the spectators can see inside the maze with the aid of x-ray glasses (should you choose to visit a Maze Shop and purchase the glasses at a price so astronomical that you will assuredly have no money left over for the fuel home, effectively stranding you and forcing you to rent your crew and ship out as Maze participants, with the promise of a decent pay cheque that would never arrive even in the rare chance that you escaped anyway).
  1. A few people were left stranded.
  2. We have been stranded in hospi-.
  3. Edgar ran to the stranded vehicle.
  4. Slick globules of stranded polyps.
  5. Leaving the two policemen stranded.
  6. I won’t leave you stranded, Pat.
  7. How long had they been stranded?
  8. They were made unsheltered and stranded.
  9. I mean, I have been stranded out here.
  10. These stranded passengers are compared.
  11. Stranded by a six-year-old! He got me! I.
  12. It seemed like I lay stranded for a long.
  13. Thousands of people had to be stranded here.
  14. It looked like a huge reef stranded in midocean.
  15. Stranded and aimless but nevertheless she waited.
  16. They acted as if they were stranded on the island.
  17. Helga woke up feeling like she was stranded on an.
  18. The number of stranded whales can be a few or may.
  19. The thing is, if we’d been stranded on one of the.
  20. They can become stranded on beaches by the millions.
  21. He stood stranded on a rock near the center of the.
  22. The second, stranded to leeward, held up for some days.
  23. It was a drafty building, stranded in a sea of concrete.
  24. When they do fail, or change it leaves them stranded and.
  25. Besides, the fellow stranded out there is only one person.
  26. They were stranded without food and ate locust to survive.
  27. There were holograms stranded in mid air throughout the room.
  28. Stranded in the Netherworlds, the Hisian-Set’s intentions.
  29. Once stranded in Bil ings with car trouble, they transported.
  30. It’s just hit home, what with being stranded and everything.
  31. It was late, and she was stranded at the airport, on crutches.
  32. Origin: This idiom conjures up the image of a stranded canoeist.
  33. He had foolishly failed to carry a replacement and was stranded.
  34. Quicksands: To be stuck and stranded upon the shores in quicksand.
  35. Did you suppose, he asked, that you would be stranded on.
  36. It is possible that Max is alive and well, stranded on Dom Island.
  37. The opposition caught unawares, were left stranded out in the cold.
  38. I was stranded at the point of no return but I was happily in love.
  39. It’s pretty clear the intent was to leave you all stranded there.
  40. We've seen this, when Snaggles are killed or when beasts get stranded.
  41. The old woman was stranded, she could not return safely to her cottage.
  42. Their truck became stranded when it drove straight onto the rubble mound.
  43. The suffix /U indicates a solid core, while A/U indicates a stranded core.
  44. And where had that gotten her? Stranded and left to die from her own sorrow.
  45. Stranded, we were towed back to Palaborwa to have the motor vehicle repaired.
  46. Over five million people were stranded without public transport in Tokyo and.
  47. She was stranded in a dark forest surrounded by creatures, appearing to help.
  48. I had lost my hold on Black Peter and was stranded in London without a shilling.
  49. I had lost my hold on Black Peter, and was stranded in London without a shilling.
  50. Then the new storm which had just burst upon him had stranded him in this cloister.
  51. And how did they leave you? Stranded and easy prey for thieves and scoundrels!.
  52. Now, stranded here, outer-space was a cold, empty, utterly indifferent to suffering.
  53. She said she missed the train and was stranded and could I put her up for the night.
  54. There it has rested these many generations, motionless and almost hopelessly stranded.
  55. She realized she was probably alone and stranded on the island with the crazy natives.
  56. Now I’m stranded on a barren rock of a planet with, at best, dubious survival chances.
  57. In short, he was stranded with three Minion Droids on this lousy planet with no way out.
  58. The light sparkled where it caught on the frosted bulkheads of ships stranded in the ice.
  59. At any rate, he’d been stranded for upwards of half an hour on the davenport downstairs.
  60. We will just have to hope that the tide is right and hasn't stranded everything! It will.
  61. Thus marked the puny remnants of man, his machinery, and other detritus left stranded by an.
  62. A tough NCO, dedicated to discipline and Stavka, it bothered him to see his men left stranded.
  63. They were due to fly out soon, but if the strike went ahead, it would mean they were stranded.
  64. She seemed to be stranded there among the refuse that life has thrown away, doing her jennying.
  65. As if the waves had been fullers, this craft was bleached like the skeleton of a stranded walrus.
  66. If you are with a stranded vehicle or downed aircraft it may provide many useful signalling aids.
  67. I feel strained, half stranded, as ropes that tow dismasted frigates in a gale; and I may look so.
  68. It had become stranded on the seabed and to gain buoyancy, they were still pumping out the moon-pool.
  69. That’s where she’d been headed before, when the storm had stranded her inside the Cave of Loizos.
  70. And it is not about being stranded in the Intermediate area! I would not wish that on anyone!.
  71. Won’t that further delay his darshan? Moreover, a mix-up would leave them stranded at the doorsteps.
  72. If I leave my car here, I will be stranded without a vehicle in the event the killer comes after me.
  73. She was stranded for almost a week while her crew searched bogs of ashes for the last scattered trees.
  74. The place was in turmoil and I was concerned that I would get stranded there during a general strike.
  75. One wrong turn, or one good shove from a zombie vampire and Klein would be stranded with no backup plan.
  76. I’m just helping out a colleague who otherwise might have been stranded in the middle of a snow storm.
  77. The young ladies there were charming but not flirtatious, at least not to us stranded penniless seafarers.
  78. We go back to the stranded vehicle and unhitch the sled; that is the only way for it to get out of trouble.
  79. She was stranded in London, had had an early start and a long day after very little sleep the night before.
  80. I was saved by Nancy Laplante in the year 2053, while I and eight other astronauts were stranded on the Moon.
  81. As always, it was a strange sequence of coincidences that resulted in me being temporarily stranded in Denver.
  82. You are left stranded on a cold dune with an empty typewriter, an abandoned bank account, and a half-warm bed.
  83. I was left stranded in the house, unwanted and alone, unsure and alone, unloved and very much, very much alone.
  84. I couldn’t get in contact with Sam, no one stopped to help me, and I was stranded for an hour before you came.
  85. He had accepted without question, Carla’s story about the boyfriend leaving her stranded on the mountain road.
  86. The silent monsters observed the stranded Anduains with an eerie calm that Eilidh judged unnatural for their kind.
  87. They tried the jack but couldn’t get it under the vehicle so they used the other crane to lift its stranded mate.
  88. Well, surely that was the case now: the first and last human to be stranded over a thousand light years from Earth.
  89. Chrissie didn’t need his confirming ‘It’s gone!’ to know that Kev had taken the car and left them stranded.
  90. NOTE Coaxial cables can have either a solid or a stranded copper care, and their designations reflect the difference.
  91. The liquid level was retreating, leaving a green stain behind it where the tealeaves were stranded around the sides.
  92. Dimarico's narrative was that his party were losers in a war far to the west of Britain, stranded on the English shore.
  93. Half his mind was infuriated close to bursting, because Amonas seemed to have had inadvertently stranded them somewhere.
  94. Within one hour of being struck, it had listed starboard at an angle of 70°, and became stranded in 20 m (65 ft) of water.
  95. The lights in the corridor flickered and died, leaving her stranded in total darkness with her bearings slightly disoriented.
  96. I could imagine nothing better than to be stranded here for a century till the next expedition arrives, Alfred told him.
  97. But it may be fancied, that from the naked skeleton of the stranded whale, accurate hints may be derived touching his true form.
  98. In consequence, the sailor and his crew are stranded in infernal, windless waters, tormented by thirst and monstrous creatures.
  99. Flaherty! I called, but he refused to look back, and when I got outside the market, I found that he’d stranded me there.
  100. Severe snow storms in southern China left thirty-one provinces without power, and stranded six hundred thousand train passengers.
  1. He touched one of the strands.
  2. A few strands came free with it.
  3. The strands of light illuminated.
  4. I took a few strands of her hair.
  5. Strands, In The Blackness She Lied.
  6. Now it hung in lank, greasy strands.
  7. That tug at unkempt strands of hair.
  8. Strands of hair fell in front of his eyes.
  9. In the ice were a few long strands of hair.
  10. It was the blond woman in the flower strands.
  11. The strands far outnumbered her in strength.
  12. We ended up with about 200 strands of lights.
  13. A perfect example is strands of DNA molecules.
  14. Then I noticed that there were woody strands.
  15. A hot wind blew strands of hair into her face.
  16. There were sparse strands of hair on his chin.
  17. Use the two ribbon strands to loosely tie the.
  18. The morning was cool, with thin strands of mist.
  19. Thick strands of saliva oozed from their mouths.
  20. Her hair was glossy black, woven with strands of.
  21. Carroll brushed strands of hair away from her face.
  22. He yanked the strands of hair out of the way thus.
  23. Among the thousands of individual strands, Credit.
  24. She used her fingers to lift the strands of cheese.
  25. Tentatively, I reach out and brush the long strands.
  26. The two strands of hair were taken to the police lab.
  27. He had also cut several strands of tough, thin vine.
  28. Some of the strands clung to his tear-dampened cheeks.
  29. Carmen then noticed that his hair had some gray strands.
  30. It was still damp and droplets formed along the strands.
  31. He glanced down, strands of black falling across his face.
  32. Furthermore, two strands of hair were found on the iPhone.
  33. She could almost see the prey-smell strands in the cool air.
  34. The infinitely fine strands of fate are doing their incor-.
  35. It spreads its tangled strands out across the adjacent path.
  36. She wore strands of yellowed boars’ teeth around her neck.
  37. Nancy sat down, brushing long strands of hair out of her eyes.
  38. Strands of greasy-looking hair sheltered his ears and cheeks.
  39. On the strands of the web, power flows to the children of men.
  40. To prevent the strands from fraying, bind the rope with twine.
  41. Thin strands of river-mist were hanging above the dikes, and.
  42. Strands of dry black hair slithered over his face like snakes.
  43. Stretching from it, from all sides were strands of pure white.
  44. I brushed off a few strands of grass that were stuck to my leg.
  45. She brushed a few strands of her jet-black hair behind her ears.
  46. He was dark haired, with a few strands of hair on his upper lip.
  47. She was almost forty now, with strands of grey in her dark hair.
  48. You have sequences and strands that no other man woman or child.
  49. My hair, not more than a few gray strands, hung past my shoulders.
  50. Her hair, a mix of seaweed and blonde strands, was regally styled.
  51. No strands was code indicating that she is ready to attempt.
  52. Neil faced the ground, and his strands of hair dangled in the air.
  53. Hickathrift curled some of the long strands of his hair that fell.
  54. The coroner drew a few strands of sewing thread from their bedding.
  55. When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.
  56. Cara runs her hands over her hair, as if checking for loose strands.
  57. Through those strands, she would be able to manipulate the objects.
  58. The wind blew Katie’s hair in golden strands and she was laughing.
  59. At last he came to the wire fence, five strands of taut barbed wire.
  60. Buttworst smiled and wiped his mouth, pushing away the gray strands.
  61. His hair hung in clumped strands, and his face was streaked with dirt.
  62. There were some other strands of hair hanging down in a couple places.
  63. The tapestry of his life was threaded with beautifully colored strands.
  64. But every time he washed or combed his hair, loads of strands came out.
  65. Women like this always have thick strands of pearls to click and clack.
  66. He ran his fingers through it and they came out full of silver strands.
  67. The princess laughed and dashed the blood-stained strands into his face.
  68. Mother brushes strands of hair from my face and tucks them behind my ear.
  69. He sat near me and stroked my hair, pulled on the strands in his fingers.
  70. Tom heard the voice and saw the dirty strands of hair in The Boy’s face.
  71. He stood his ground, thick hot strands of saliva dripping from his fangs.
  72. Kernmantel type (a) encloses a central core of strands in an outer sheath.
  73. The strands carried them across the sea or to wherever they wished to go.
  74. After having viewed all the different, scattered strands that go into the.
  75. He could find no strands of web, but the icky feeling had quickly turned.
  76. Add several strands of saffron that has been soaked in a little hot water.
  77. Strands resisting the limitation placed on them, falling around my cheeks.
  78. Damons hair, reveling in the feel of the silky strands through his fingers.
  79. Mei Yinxue extended her hands to comb her strands of long hair behind that.
  80. She brushed the strands of hair away and wiped the wetness from her cheeks.
  81. She still has a couple strands of purple hair sticking out of her knuckles.
  82. The thin strands of string started to grow, as if they were gaining weight.
  83. She wore her hair pulled back but a few wild strands had fought their way.
  84. As she pulled away from him, separated strands of hair fell across his face.
  85. Chromosomes are the structures in the cell that contain all strands of DNA.
  86. Gashes and strands of fur were left from the prowling of the Lykanthros hordes.
  87. Occasionally I would linger about so I could catch a few strands of that music.
  88. But… there are no molecular bonds holding two living strands of DNA together.
  89. In the light of the orange sky, her blond mop was like a sea of golden strands.
  90. There were strands and clumps of forest, where peasants once gathered firewood.
  91. He opened his palms and stared blankly as the torn strands drifted to the floor.
  92. Dry hair suffering from damage can appear thinner than the strands actually are.
  93. We found strands of Miss Hickman’s hairs on both the deceased men’s limbs.
  94. I watched as a finger played with the strands of light encircling it wonderingly.
  95. He put his hand through his hair and felt the loose strands cling to his fingers.
  96. Each of the strands driving their way forwards to their own position along the car.
  97. The long strands of brown hair became red, like wildfire spreading across a desert.
  98. His head was mostly bald with the exception of a few white strands around his ears.
  99. Blond strands stood up everywhere from the windstorm and her eyes stared back, huge.
  100. He looked at the face and the great strands of hair spread out in a lyre on the shore.

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