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Frasi con struggle (in inglese)

  1. It is not a struggle.
  2. It would be a struggle.
  3. It was a struggle that.
  4. He was ready to struggle.
  5. The struggle is too harsh.

  6. The struggle in the south.
  7. For ages the struggle in.
  8. Jean gave up the struggle.
  9. There had been a struggle.
  10. She seemed to struggle to.
  11. I could struggle no longer.
  12. Struggle to be good in the.
  13. But she enjoyed the struggle.
  14. I didn’t struggle with him.
  15. There was a struggle on the.

  16. A herculean struggle had begun.
  17. Soon after, his struggle ends.
  18. Even the future stars struggle.
  19. He did not struggle against it.
  20. It will help you struggle less.
  21. He knew better than to struggle.
  22. I shall struggle with my heart.
  23. No blood, no sign of a struggle.
  24. What a struggle there had been!.
  25. A struggle we could not abandon.

  26. It was here before the struggle.
  27. The struggle is over for me.
  28. It was the last struggle of the.
  29. We may struggle, often for years.
  30. Still most are spent in struggle.
  31. You need not struggle with desire.
  32. She began to struggle with herself.
  33. And the more you struggle or run.
  34. Through much struggle and social.
  35. In this struggle secrecy is a sin.
  36. The struggle is over for you.
  37. Struggle is a mind full of doubts.
  38. This only kept the struggle going.
  39. It will be a short struggle; the.
  41. He knew this was the last struggle.
  42. They stop, or struggle uncertainly.
  43. The carnival will struggle to hold.
  44. She laughed, but it was a struggle.
  45. As I struggle to remove my skates.
  46. There was no other sign of struggle.
  47. After a swift struggle of tongues Mr.
  48. George watched his friend struggle.
  49. During the struggle the gun goes off.
  50. They find it a hard struggle to live.
  51. She did not have to struggle anymore.
  52. What was it all for--her struggle?
  53. Her struggle with her beliefs about.
  54. She was angry at having this struggle.
  55. Two Giants in a Struggle to the Death.
  56. Also, there was no sign of a struggle.
  57. This struggle is catharsis, cleansing.
  58. In the ensuing struggle I punched him.
  59. A painful struggle went on in her soul.
  60. It is a literal life-or-death struggle.
  61. They struggle too, but they know how to.
  62. The search and struggle to find truth.
  63. No, better the struggle again! Better.
  64. There does seem to have been a struggle.
  65. Manfred began to struggle with the pace.
  66. My paramount object in this struggle.
  67. I continually struggle with kindness.
  68. David continued to struggle with the zip.
  69. At first a struggle within Helga ensued.
  70. Before he could even struggle into his.
  71. They struggle with marketing, and need.
  72. Of course, this struggle is for them.
  73. There was a constant struggle in my mind.
  74. I could see the struggle in Quinn's face.
  75. Now, as to the tactics of our struggle.
  76. Do not struggle or wrestle with the mind.
  77. But still, her struggle went for nothing.
  78. Their struggle was no longer my struggle.
  79. A struggle; after which he is taken out].
  80. She tried to struggle, but it was no use.
  81. Marburg had kept back during the struggle.
  82. Jimmy found words of any kind a struggle.
  83. This means a constant struggle with your.
  84. Your eyes are moist with the struggle for.
  85. Peter and I grew up watching her struggle.
  86. I realized that your struggle is not over.
  87. The prince had all but ceased to struggle.
  88. The man began to struggle with his hands.
  89. This is a real issue that I struggle with.
  90. They could have been broken in a struggle.
  92. To struggle on unaided in their living hell.
  93. Why did you have to struggle with him?’.
  94. A struggle of the elements was approaching.
  95. The struggle to represent things accurately.
  96. Earlier in the week, I continued to struggle.
  97. Many consumers struggle to repay their debts.
  98. No signs of a struggle, said the chief.
  99. I want you to struggle with these questions.
  100. Even his wife would struggle to spend it all.
  1. All the struggling left him.
  2. Gary, struggling to keep up.
  3. She was struggling to breathe.
  4. Bev was struggling to move as.
  5. Hogg was really struggling now.
  6. These people are struggling to.
  7. Hogg was struggling in the water.
  8. Diane D and Dana stop struggling.
  9. His voice was choked, struggling.
  10. She was struggling to fight back.
  11. The man ceased struggling almost.
  12. Still struggling with a title for.
  13. But meanwhile he went on struggling.
  14. The fourth troll was struggling, too.
  15. He could see that she was struggling.
  16. She was struggling with her feelings.
  17. He was a struggling low-level dealer.
  18. He was breathing heavily, struggling.
  19. Somehow, struggling, he got free of it.
  20. I could picture myself struggling to.
  21. She froze, struggling to hold onto it.
  22. Pierce was still struggling beneath me.
  23. You are struggling with the slav-.
  24. Are you struggling to rise above the.
  25. They each had one struggling prisoner.
  26. Until now, you’re still struggling.
  27. Donna started struggling with the cover.
  28. Donna struggling to stand found a seat.
  29. He seemed to be struggling, suffocating.
  31. Shiva, struggling to tame his irritation.
  32. While you are struggling with pregnancy.
  33. There is something behind this struggling.
  34. I am still struggling with my emotions.
  35. She was struggling to cope with the grief.
  36. Struggling to catch up with Caleb's words.
  37. Hagan was struggling with the terrain too.
  38. She was struggling with the two masked men.
  39. The farmer and his hands were struggling.
  41. So, I’m still struggling, but here it is.
  42. Struggling to open the parchment before it.
  43. She was struggling, I can tell you that.
  44. He seemed to be struggling with his vision.
  46. Wa! Yo shouted, struggling to his feet.
  47. The snowploughs are struggling away; the 11.
  48. After a few minutes he stopped struggling.
  49. Ignoring her, he cuffed the struggling child.
  50. Once again, there I was, struggling to get.
  51. He shook his head, struggling past the pain.
  52. The dog was struggling through the cornfield.
  53. He saw that Carlus was struggling to his feet.
  54. She cried out furiously and began struggling.
  55. Emily stopped struggling and just watched him.
  56. He saw the three struggling to open the door.
  57. Most of us will spend a lifetime struggling.
  58. I can’t, she said, struggling with it.
  59. As I am lower than him, he is struggling to.
  60. More flapping and struggling proved fruitless.
  61. Crops are struggling a bit with the drought.
  62. Struggling to-day the same--battling the same.
  63. Yes master, I said, struggling out of it.
  64. I could see him struggling to hold back tears.
  65. Is there any point to all this struggling? No.
  66. He was just struggling with the gate when Mrs.
  67. One that I was now struggling to grab hold of.
  68. I heard that he’s a struggling music artist.
  69. She stopped struggling; her strength all gone.
  70. Joseph noticed he was struggling with something.
  71. He looked as if he was struggling for his life.
  72. Limbs of other men were seen struggling behind.
  73. A ship was struggling on the stormy sea as the.
  74. Many of the students were struggling spiritually.
  75. She was not struggling now, but she would later.
  76. Struggling on the soft ground, he went after her.
  77. Iago stopped struggling, and stared at the door.
  78. I stopped struggling as soon as they walked away.
  79. Anne grimaced, struggling with her next question.
  80. She was struggling to hang on to her objectivity.
  81. To his surprise, Alan was struggling to his feet.
  82. Loyd saw me struggling to reply and tried to help.
  83. Carrie stared at the ground, struggling to bring.
  84. Struggling against the sticky bonds only made it.
  85. But still he could not help struggling against it.
  86. Garrett had been struggling with bipolar disorder.
  87. Again, I am struggling with putting this out there.
  88. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I look up at him.
  89. There was screaming and crying out and struggling.
  90. No… no, he cried, struggling with the knot.
  91. Ava was obviously struggling with her autism today.
  92. They both fell to the floor struggling, Arnie was.
  93. I can see Aaron struggling to come up with an answer.
  94. Lenehan who was struggling up with the second tissue.
  95. Bridges represent decisions that we are struggling.
  96. Struggling hysterically, Aazuria tried to twist free.
  97. Nearby, they saw two figures struggling on the grass.
  98. Ben was struggling to keep his head above the water.
  99. The Barbegs around him were struggling to drive in.
  100. Are you struggling to achieve happiness? If.
  1. I struggled to find a.
  2. He struggled to sit up.
  3. She struggled to sit up.
  4. Matt struggled to sit up.
  5. He struggled to keep up.
  6. I struggled with that one.
  7. He struggled to his feet.
  8. Emily struggled and sat up.
  9. He struggled back to the.
  10. She struggled to clear it.
  11. She struggled to her feet.
  12. Gita struggled to lift it.
  13. I struggled all night long.
  14. Roman struggled to his feet.
  15. Doyle struggled to his feet.
  16. She struggled to think of.
  17. Elowen struggled to keep up.
  18. I struggled to open my eyes.
  19. Simone struggled to her feet.
  20. The kid struggled to sit up.
  21. He struggled with the words.
  22. She struggled to gain some.
  23. Ishan struggled to his feet.
  24. Elowen struggled to get out.
  25. She struggled feebly in the.
  26. Rose struggled to remain calm.
  27. I struggled to keep standing.
  28. Jamison struggled to his feet.
  29. She struggled to control the.
  30. He fell once and struggled up.
  31. The guy struggled to his feet.
  32. And when he struggled to pin.
  33. Super Man shook and struggled.
  34. Annabeth struggled up the hill.
  35. He struggled with that concept.
  36. Struggled into the bathroom of.
  37. He struggled to hold them back.
  38. She struggled through a hiccup.
  39. Elowen struggled to keep pace.
  40. She struggled to roll her 300.
  41. Brubaker struggled for a moment.
  42. I struggled, he was too strong.
  43. She struggled with it, panting.
  44. He struggled to stay conscious.
  45. He struggled against the spell.
  46. She struggled to hear the words.
  47. It’s for … ’ He struggled.
  48. She struggled against the ropes.
  49. She struggled to pull free and.
  50. Fuck, he struggled to remember.
  51. Parker struggled to free himself.
  52. She struggled to express herself.
  53. She jerked to a halt, struggled.
  54. He struggled back up to his feet.
  55. He struggled to catch his breath.
  56. Trevor struggled to think clearly.
  57. She struggled against the chains.
  58. Silas struggled against his bonds.
  59. He struggled to try and stand up.
  60. She struggled to compose herself.
  61. I struggled to form words at all.
  62. Hilario struggled to lift his hand.
  63. Josh struggled in the netting to.
  64. Others struggled but then gave in.
  65. Jason struggled with his emotions.
  66. His words struggled in his throat.
  67. She struggled to release the sound.
  68. Your, she struggled for words.
  69. The horses struggled to climb the.
  70. How she struggled with the waiting.
  71. Manda struggled to catch her breath.
  72. I struggled through the weekend.
  73. He struggled, but could not get up.
  74. Alistair struggled in through the.
  75. I struggled to find the right words.
  76. I struggled against it, but in vain.
  77. I struggled to speak, but couldn’t.
  78. In the night she struggled with him.
  79. My mind struggled with what he said.
  80. Ralph struggled to his feet, cursing.
  81. David struggled to stay on his feet.
  82. They struggled through another shift.
  83. She squinted and struggled to focus.
  84. He struggled to his feet unsteadily.
  85. Tarac struggled to rise to his feet.
  86. I struggled and managed to pull free.
  87. She struggled with suicidal thoughts.
  88. He struggled to move, and passed out.
  89. As I struggled to make sense of the.
  90. She struggled to put it all together.
  91. Tracy struggled to absorb the meaning.
  92. She struggled and pushed herself to.
  93. I struggled for my life in many ways.
  94. They have struggled to migrate to a.
  95. I struggled to answer, to concentrate.
  96. He struggled a little, quite uselessly.
  97. She struggled, crying and yelling in.
  98. The women struggled to make a decision.
  99. Her mind struggled with her next step.
  100. Ralph cried out and struggled upwards.
  1. He struggles to his feet.
  2. But he struggles in vain.
  3. He struggles 'gainst his lot.
  4. She struggles to find a reason.
  5. Avoid power struggles in love.
  6. The struggles are motivated by.
  7. She struggles to compose herself.
  8. The old man struggles to breathe.
  9. I was tired of the struggles and.
  10. He shared His struggles with them.
  11. Have the past struggles succeeded?
  12. She struggles to be fair to herself.
  13. Allons! through struggles and wars!.
  14. Anger turned to rage, his struggles.
  15. Power struggles in love are never fun.
  16. Apolyon nods and struggles to his feet.
  17. She struggles between them and is lost.
  18. Now, Ed struggles to learn the ins and.
  19. The beast’ s struggles were weakening.
  20. The lizard sniffs at the air, struggles.
  21. Were there wars, oppression, struggles?
  22. Struggles From The Injury Often Continue On.
  23. The wounded bird struggles in the game bag.
  24. She wore her struggles like a badge of honor.
  25. I learned about peoples’ struggles around.
  26. For Regan seemed to have struggles of her own.
  27. She struggles with his arms for several seconds.
  28. Diane struggles to maintain her new weight, has.
  29. He struggles to move and his eyes move all around.
  30. Instead he rests while his body struggles for life.
  31. My struggles in daily life are things to rejoice in.
  32. Struggles are the manufacturing of the soul, and I.
  33. As she struggles with it, the bedroom door opens….
  34. He struggles as he lifts the heavy full can of paint.
  35. In fact, your struggles and ignorance are sources of.
  36. The time will come when no more struggles you’ll see.
  37. Instead of looking for struggles, you had better—.
  38. Fortunately for me…, it just meant no more struggles.
  39. So many ancestors’ struggles ending in nothing.
  40. Wesley struggles to his feet and follows without protest.
  41. But her struggles were nothing to Bulhorn’s suffering.
  42. I see sorrow in his eyes as he struggles to keep a grip.
  43. Like me, my voice struggles to rise above a whisper.
  44. And I saw this race rise again on Earth, their struggles.
  45. Shakespearean rendition of the daily power struggles that.
  46. A rodent caught in a glue trap struggles with all his/her.
  47. You? Where am I? He struggles to move, What have.
  48. In the bloody political struggles of his day he sacrificed.
  49. He struggles against the unpredictable hazards facing the.
  50. He falls against the wall and struggles to keep his balance.
  51. Fred and Joe struggles against the elements, but got to the.
  52. And on the other hand facing these struggles doesn’t mean.
  53. And indeed, all her efforts and struggles were managed with.
  54. All struggles are about control and coercion—nothing arcane.
  55. Vaishya, then he after a lot of struggles becomes a Kshatriya.
  56. All participants in these terrible struggles met with defeat.
  57. Hack struggles to move around and mumbles something incoherent.
  58. The Lord will use all of our daily struggles to kill our flesh.
  59. Along with the struggles in daily life, he also preached and.
  60. She struggles with the door for only a minute before we’re in.
  61. He let them share their heart, their struggles and their pains.
  62. She struggles to keep her composure, and takes a breath to pause.
  63. Dawes's struggles suddenly renewed themselves in a furious spasm.
  64. It is a matter of the wil of God toward one who humbly struggles.
  65. The following story was submitted by a single mother who struggles.
  66. Life is full of struggles and we must continuously move ahead with.
  67. Berndt struggles to keep the tears back for a moment before speaking.
  68. My inner struggles, my uncertainty, my fear of tiger attack… gone.
  70. Forth from their struggles, trials, fights, to have emerged at all--.
  71. He had no one to turn to, no one he could share these struggles with.
  72. When your efforts, struggles and actions seem to be leading nowhere.
  73. I have been watching your struggles with suntowers for many years now.
  74. No one ever cares about the main characters past the initial struggles.
  75. Society's struggles seem trivial, down here, in the smothering silence.
  76. All her struggles and fears and labors in rain and cold had been wasted.
  77. And when it does, all of your struggles will become a thing of the past.
  78. The boy struggles to keep pace while his hand searches through his pocket.
  79. Let me tell you a story before we get deeply involved in these struggles.
  80. The key to the way out of purgatory and its endless pains and struggles.
  81. To see a keg in your dream symbolizes your struggles against adversity.
  82. This bias often distorts the meanings and struggles of the Bible, and the.
  83. When we share our struggles we let others know it’s okay to share theirs.
  84. In the Odyssey, Ulysses’ many struggles to find a way home to Ithaca are.
  85. But the general’s struggles with his own weakness never lasted very long.
  86. He even struggles with my mum and they've together nearly twenty-five years.
  87. Afterwards she noticed the redness on her wrists caused by her own struggles.
  88. His body is still paralyzed and he struggles to get some control of his body.
  89. Finally, he squeezes Simon’s shoulder and the scribe struggles to his feet.
  90. Yet Anup refuses to let go, even though the man's struggles are petering out.
  91. Her recent erratic behavior undoubtedly reflected her struggles with ISLAUGGH.
  92. I’m sure the past couple of months have been full of pitfalls and struggles.
  93. As it struggles to get out of the cocoon, the strength of its wings increases.
  94. Ralph struggles upwards in the makeshift bed until his eyes are level with hers.
  95. The pilot struggles to gain control of the aircraft only 500 feet from landing.
  96. On her planet, it was impossible to witness the struggles of a newborn telepath.
  97. Portraying his life’s struggles and strife They show his compassion to succeed.
  98. So, balanced mental health is something Garcia struggles with? He has to make.
  99. What a week! I could focus on the struggles and trials of the week (and believe me.
  100. Our lives are full of so many struggles and burdened with our responsibilities.

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