sullen frasi

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Frasi con sullen (in inglese)

  1. A whisper of sullen wind.
  2. His face is sad, sullen.
  3. And sullen hymns of defeat?
  4. He could discern a sullen mood.
  5. He usually was sullen and quiet.

  6. His face immediately became sullen.
  7. It was the sullen, scowling Burke.
  8. Ethan looked sullen and embarrassed.
  9. He grew sullen, and began to swear.
  10. Seko’s face took on a sullen look.
  11. The sullen stream lay bare and empty.
  12. The smoke rolled away in sullen heaps.
  13. And don’t give me that sullen look.
  14. The sullen shrivelled leaves of a past.
  15. I came out with confused and sullen mood.

  16. Alex’s face was sullen, his lips pursed.
  17. It was the sullen Yasala, Tascela's maid.
  18. The day dawned at last, gloomy and sullen.
  19. Is the sullen man staring back really me?
  20. He had become less sociable, almost sullen.
  21. The diggers’ eyes were sullen and defiant.
  22. Holnami continued in a sullen tone of voice.
  23. Moses had watched in sullen silence as the.
  24. Ag, not again, he thought, with sullen anger.
  25. His look was now veritably sullen, withdrawn.

  26. He returned to our house sullen but defiant.
  27. Though the sullen years and the mark of pain.
  28. For weeks after he had been empty and sullen.
  29. She was holding a clipboard and had a sullen.
  30. The sullen spirit at my side broke his silence.
  31. He was also sullen and arrogant, and it made.
  32. Heathcliff, dear! you should not be sullen now.
  33. Heavy, sullen eyes indicated his need for sleep.
  34. Anna Andre ye \Tia watched me in sullen silence.
  35. His men regarded him with respect and sullen awe.
  36. THE COMING MORNING, IRRITABLE and sullen, Tobias.
  37. A sullen looking boy came up and dumped his bucket.
  38. Penn was with them, looking sullen, brooding over a.
  39. She was a sullen, but attractive woman about his age.
  40. She was sullen for all of two seconds and then smiled.
  41. A short and sullen pause succeeded this bold assertion.
  42. The tall Man appeared sullen, but looked up to face her.
  43. Her dark, sullen eyes smoldered as she stared him down.
  44. A slight wind arose, and the sky looked gray and sullen.
  45. It was a sullen anger waiting for an outlet to gush out.
  46. Deprived of combat he lapsed again into a sullen silence.
  47. But I was tired of his sullen moods and he set off alone.
  48. But the name of Aragorn had put Gollum into a sullen mood.
  49. Form far it looked sullen and shy like an abused bulldog.
  50. Her voice was suspicious and sullen, What people?
  51. Vinnie’s mood instantly mutated from sullen to seething.
  52. Carter stared at the floor with a sullen look on his face.
  53. Vinny had a sullen look on his face and he tried his best.
  54. He sat in his wheelchair, a sullen and withdrawn presence.
  55. After half and hour she came with sullen and dejected face.
  56. He had become irritable, sullen, and grouchy with everyone.
  57. I manage to smile as he stares at me with those sullen eyes.
  58. When she looked at me she too surprised with my sullen mood.
  59. I’m supposed to be the one that’s sullen and hostile.
  60. Greg tossed and turned as twilight fell into sullen darkness.
  61. In the sullen tunnel of time… that hard and cruel claimant.
  62. She looked down at Roman again with her sullen no-nonsense face.
  63. Everything the horse did was sullen but at least he was moving.
  64. The proprietor, a sullen lanky man, sat in a chair on the porch.
  65. Our producer by now was shattered and sullen and retired to his.
  66. But to her pleadings, Scarlett turned a sullen face and a deaf ear.
  67. Looking up to see Rachel’s sullen face, Jesse’s voice fell flat.
  68. She had none of my rustic air of sullen doubt when she met strangers.
  69. Smokes and steams drifted in sullen clouds and lurked in the hollows.
  70. It was already day, a windless and sullen morning, and the marsh-reeks.
  71. In a second Nicky’s expression had changed to sullen and downhearted.
  72. The mood became sullen as the crew realized the fate of the passengers.
  73. Now the guards brought in a sullen vagrant, clothed in rags of old sail.
  74. People's faces were sullen, but I did not see signs of much indignation.
  75. He was brooding now, staring out over the country from under sullen brows.
  76. I marched on in sullen silence with my head down under the scorching sky.
  77. Ryan was often shipped off to some sullen teenage girl to look after him.
  78. Of course, we left directly for Cairo with a sullen Aldo in the back seat.
  79. In the windless dusk, sullen heaps of smoke pump upward through the trees.
  80. What the sullen Can Martin could offer, Elise didn‘t know, but unless a.
  81. The infantrymen marching across the dreary plain fell into a sullen silence.
  82. Joe Billie‘s eyes darted from the remorseful woman to the sullen rancher.
  83. But Raskolnikov sat still in the same place, almost sullen and indifferent.
  84. While the conquered were still, sullen, and dejected, the victors triumphed.
  85. The voices and the laughter and the music breathe life into the sullen walls.
  86. How dangerous were those two? They were sinister enough, sullen and tattooed.
  87. Her face was somewhat sullen now as she pulled out folded articles of clothing.
  88. Anne’s tears continued to flow, but her expression was sullen and impregnable.
  89. A lean and handsome boy, he had the wild and sullen light of genius in his eyes.
  90. Bob felt it was his job to make sullen customers laugh and forget their troubles.
  91. I’m not hungry and a sullen Sarah sauntered back upstairs to the bathroom.
  92. Behind her seat a sullen handsome girl waved an ostrich-plume fan with a slow rhythm.
  93. A shadow passed over his face as he remembered her sullen opposition to his marriage.
  94. My anger dissolved, reducing, becoming a sullen undertow rather than a raging torrent.
  95. Outside the weather was gloomy, a raw and sullen kind of day, all mist and hopelessness.
  96. He continued to alternate between being sullen and wrathful throughout his entire stay.
  97. Instead he settled for a sullen look, seething as only a boy of eleven years can seethe.
  98. In the end the boy took his place below the salt with the rest of them, his mouth sullen.
  99. Sullen she allowed the conversation to lapse into nothingness, stealing a quick glance at.
  100. Pierre did not answer and left Rostopchin’s room more sullen and angry than he had ever.

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