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Frasi con survey (in inglese)

  1. A quick survey of the.
  2. We stand and survey it.
  3. Based on the survey, 80.
  4. The only survey in English.
  5. The survey was a HUGE failure.

  6. They began with a phone survey.
  7. Thomas took the survey and it.
  8. The survey found the following:.
  9. Survey said that Homestead was.
  10. Outline Historical Survey of the.
  11. Harry turned to survey the summit.
  12. The survey showed the following:.
  13. We all know how good Survey is.
  14. Golyakov paused to survey the Duma.
  15. According to a recent survey, 31.

  16. They did the previous member survey.
  17. USGS team that came to do the survey.
  18. Joe and Fred survey the sitting room.
  19. At the end of the survey, reaffirm.
  20. Thrice happy, when exalted to survey.
  21. I will fly above and survey the area.
  22. Part 4 of this outline survey of the.
  23. Saddlebrook tried to survey the damage.
  24. Sadly, the survey discovered that 83%.
  25. Outline Historical Survey of the Bible.

  26. I survey the other occupants of the room.
  27. Amusingly, in a 2007 survey by bankrate.
  28. Ted looked around him to survey the scene.
  29. You survey the scene around you and smile.
  30. A general was sent to survey the position.
  31. Your survey should be on the subject, too.
  32. What was the survey or experimental unit?
  33. Her yellow eyes survey the room's tidiness.
  34. This made Colling survey their surroundings.
  35. Top 30 since the survey began five years ago.
  36. The Commissioner of the Survey Office nodded.
  37. We are doing a wildlife survey of this area.
  38. From registration to the optional survey at.
  39. A survey made not long ago revealed that of.
  40. The marine pointed at the ordnance survey map.
  41. As I furtively survey this littered landscape.
  42. In a survey made by the Federal Reserve Board.
  43. Survey of the coast of the United States, by F.
  44. Flitting his eyes, Rad went on with his survey.
  45. One of the most popular WordPress survey plugins.
  46. This would be more than any cursory visual survey.
  47. The Value Line Investment Survey and annual rates.
  48. My preferred approach uses survey data in some way.
  49. All of them reward survey takers for their opinion.
  50. The survey is in the Nixon Presidential Library now.
  51. According to the United States Geological Survey, 5.
  52. My second survey was on Shoe Name Brands and Styles.
  53. Getting back to business I turned to survey the room.
  54. Derek stepped out of the cave entrance to survey the.
  55. This survey is the cornerstone of the Human Resources.
  56. Only the Swordsmen survey teams knew of its existence.
  57. Silas took flight, doing circuits to survey the damage.
  58. Before you send out a survey, you need to identify the.
  59. JOBS: Telephone Survey Agent, This is a bi-lingual Job.
  60. It is said that in a survey of over 120 cat lovers, it.
  61. Have you completed your survey, Colonel Washington?
  62. Wildlife survey? That was actually pretty smart of you.
  63. Edelen–Marcus–Tehranian (2010) survey the literature.
  64. In conducting this survey, you begin to determine where.
  65. I even arranged a survey to be taken of the garbage dump.
  66. I was reading recently about a survey done on pornography.
  67. My first survey was on "bottled water and sports drinks".
  68. You can use survey monkey to easily create online surveys.
  69. The CG-OAS is a biennial survey conducted in the January-.
  70. This will focus them for your particular survey of vision.
  71. The survey was conducted in March and April of 2003 with a.
  72. Richard jumped from his horse and went to survey the damage.
  73. Sometimes all it takes is a survey of your current customers.
  74. Recent survey and science test score comparisons show that U.
  75. Ali was his principal attendant during this nocturnal survey.
  76. CG-OAS is an extensive survey that all Active Duty, Selected.
  77. They both went into the kitchen and survey the work surfaces.
  78. His senses tuned to danger, Adros continued to survey the land.
  79. Whatever the survey, whatever the sea and the sail he strikes.
  80. A survey will be compromised if any of the following is true:.
  81. A survey in 2008 showed the California State University system.
  82. Why? A survey Schools and Staffing Survey by the National.
  83. Van Thorn leaned against the bar and continued to survey the room.
  84. Hart found 27% of his survey respondents had experienced an OBE.
  85. Tom, wanting to survey the area, sat by the river for the rest of.
  86. Correct: Our suggestion is that everyone on the team do the survey.
  87. William Coward, "A Survey of the Search After Souls" and "Further.
  88. All figures accurate as of 2010, the year of the last such survey.
  89. I admired then, upon a fresh account, and with a nicer survey, the.
  90. A Robert Wood Johnson survey of physicians in 2009 found that 62%.
  91. I backed the car up and parked it and got out to survey the damage.
  92. The 2012 Pricewaterhouse Coopers consumer survey tends to prove this.
  93. A survey by the Sinclair Intimacy Institute revealed that over 40% of.
  94. The survey further notes that South Africa ranked last among 45 coun-.
  95. Why was she so easily seen through? It was not easy to survey anymore.
  96. It was probably as Ava doing a survey, but I may remember that school.
  97. Bayfield was ordered by the British Admiralty to survey Lake Superior.
  98. The survey should be short and should include at least these questions.
  99. Let’s take a look at the most recent MacroMarkets home price survey.
  100. Incorrect: Our suggestion is that everyone on the team does the survey.
  1. Brink is surveying his tray.
  2. I got out surveying the situation.
  3. Sigel asked, surveying the number of.
  4. Surveying the scene, you see that the.
  5. Yet it just stood still, calmly surveying.
  6. A speculator surveying an undeveloped canyon.
  7. The president waits a beat, surveying the room.
  8. Cherrie takes her turn at surveying the hazard.
  9. Seth leaned against the wall, surveying the room.
  10. Modern marketing advocates surveying the market.
  11. Toivo cowered, busy with the task of surveying his.
  12. Brice ignored him, surveying the ground below instead.
  13. Ariel took a break, hands on hips, surveying the cave.
  14. He resembled a general on a battlefield, surveying the.
  15. Andy blocked the doorway, surveying the scene with smug.
  16. Here is my own daily routine for surveying media content.
  17. She was surveying the area where the Kashi soldiers had.
  18. She knelt by the side of the patch, carefully surveying the.
  19. Well, no monsters at least, he said surveying the land.
  20. It’s getting awfully late, he said, surveying the lot.
  21. The older man stood back, hands on hips, surveying the three.
  22. The determined Agnieska was coming down the stairs, surveying.
  23. We strolled around the city, surveying it from the Duomo Roof.
  24. Together, they stared fixedly into the distance surveying the.
  25. Surveying the map, he saw that the field was only a little more.
  26. Alvin found himself working on the build site itself, surveying.
  27. Exciting evening, she said, surveying the activity in the room.
  28. Babsy looked up at the old man who was surveying his movements through.
  29. He whipped his head from side to side surveying the hallway for intruders.
  30. Where are our host and hostess? asked Max, surveying the crowded area.
  31. Jed was so involved in surveying the area behind the desk that he didn’t.
  32. Uh-huh! Correct! corroborated Buck, surveying her in increasing triumph.
  33. The couple went upstairs and stood at Aspyn’s doorway, surveying her bedroom.
  34. They were facing different directions, surveying the street while they talked.
  35. Buffo pushed his bulk into the room, surveying the crowd from a higher vantage.
  36. Snipping away the shirt, setting it in the sink, surveying the mess before her.
  37. They would have eyes and ears surveying Adem’s movements to try to learn more.
  38. I sat there for a moment surveying it, so this was the ‘errand’ he had to run.
  39. Surveying his choice, he moaned in a ‘this will have to do’ fashion and said.
  40. Quickly surveying the scene, Rayne chose her targets, and then leaped into action.
  41. Surveying the chaos at breakfast time, Mother Cecilia suggested closing the hospital.
  42. He was constantly surveying the gathering, watching for anything out of the ordinary.
  43. I hurried out to Elizabeth’s carriage, where she sat surveying the panorama of McComb.
  44. Her burden, however, was transferred to the man's back, and after surveying him in an O.
  45. In the dining-room he found Miss Rottenmeier surveying the table with a most tragic face.
  46. The woman is probably there at her post, and surveying our operations from time to time.
  47. One would have said that the man who was dead was surveying those who were about to die.
  48. Oh, yes, I do in a way, he said removing the straw and surveying it as if it were.
  49. I started surveying it, but found nothing physically wrong with it; she only had it on AV.
  50. He reached the pole, and stood before her, surveying her with a satisfied smile on her face.
  51. Sometimes, indeed, while surveying the country from her nursery window, she would observe:.
  52. Sometimes, indeed, while surveying the country from her nursery window, she would observe—.
  53. Pretending to savour it, she stood sipping the water, her back to the sink, surveying the room.
  54. A big man was standing on the threshold, hands behind his back, his deep blue eyes surveying the room.
  55. Gordon stood in the doorway, complete with thick rubber gloves and lab coat, surveying his new domain.
  56. The Patriarch stood in the middle of the tower with a magnifying glass to his eye, surveying the battle.
  57. While I was surveying, the ice, which was sixteen inches thick, undulated under a slight wind like water.
  58. The other, slimmer and a bit older and obviously in charge, was looking around as if surveying the place.
  59. While they were binding Javert, a man standing on the threshold was surveying him with singular attention.
  60. He was surprisingly alone, he realized, as he rotated in his chair surveying the confines of his quarters.
  61. After surveying part of the Symbol for a few minutes, Locke deduced it had been there months, if not longer.
  62. She tore off its head and threw it over the side of the mountain and then stood there surveying the damage.
  63. Let’s start surveying civilized principles by evaluating what lawfulness means and what would constitute.
  64. He stood with his hands in his pockets surveying the tiny little back plot of land behind their rented house.
  65. You were routinely surveying a planet—collecting living samples and such—before preparing to destroy it.
  66. The penalty of recklessness! observed the old lady, surveying the boy as though he was inanimate stone.
  67. On my return I frequently varied from this course, and had increased opportunities for surveying the country.
  68. We set up without a problem, surveying the village and preparing for any trouble we might face in the morning.
  69. Once outside, and with the boulder back in place, the Drongs stood in a bunch surveying the desolate landscape.
  70. He set off towards the dramatic small town which stood proud on its hill-top, surveying the surrounding country.
  71. As if he had nothing to do with it, Draco looked around, reading the potion bottle labels and surveying the shop.
  72. In surveying the damage this morning they looked at me straight-faced and said Well, at least no one was hurt.
  73. We set up without a problem, surveying the village and preparing for any trouble we might face in the morning.
  74. Once again he checked the screen of the surveying system which said that contact was now less than nine minutes away.
  75. There was a small group of beings about halfway up, seated at another tableau, surveying the scene below impassively.
  76. Beautiful! God’s nature is really beautiful! Elizabeth was overwhelmed while surveying the green surroundings.
  77. What used to be called a gut is now called a gallery; what used to be called a hole is now called a surveying orifice.
  78. He read that in 1579 the British mathematician Edmund Gunter had invented a land surveying chain that was 22 yards long.
  79. The year was 1996 and Colonel Lee Tangh stood in deep thought, surveying a small village that had recently been abandoned.
  80. Slowly he struggled to his hands and knees, and surveying his nakedness, said: "Now where's that blinkin' fig tree?"—F.
  81. The crowd spread apart and allowed the little alien to walk to center court where it stood there surveying its situation.
  82. The Frankish women were however markedly less interested in surveying the grounds and mostly stayed near the shuttlecraft.
  83. Casually, while surveying the squadron, the Emperor’s eyes met Rostov’s and rested on them for not more than two seconds.
  84. Fred kept his portable radio switched on the Saturday as he walked around his property surveying any possible problem points.
  85. Casually, while surveying the squadron, the Emperor’s eyes met Rostóv’s and rested on them for not more than two seconds.
  86. And buy me a jar of quince-seed I want, said Scarlett, surveying herself carefully in the mirror, a bottle of cologne.
  87. He was far from surveying the vast maritime power of Great Britain with the desponding eye with which other gentlemen beheld it.
  88. While surveying the Alaskan coast, travelers must bear in mind, or have jotted in paper easily accessible, their exploration plans.
  89. Durrant severely, surveying the dance programme all scored with the same initials, or rather they were different ones this time--R.
  90. Lynch was already surveying the two with half an eye on Mary while Father McGuire kept his head down and Berty prepared Mary's drink.
  91. Three jeeps approached MacArthur’s command group as it was surveying visually the installations that were still intact in the port.
  92. And surveying all this, looming through the fog, the lamplight, the shades of London, the two young men decided in favour of Greece.
  93. Quickly surveying her surroundings to ensure her safety, Lady Jane’s nerves subsided, and the object that haunted her became apparent.
  94. Surveying all there was to note, I realized the only sounds were lovely bird calls and the breeze that rustled through the forest leaves.
  95. They entered the kitchen and Rapp stopped for a moment, flipping his ID badge to face his chest and surveying the tightly controlled order.
  96. Sylvia was often a guest in Caroline’s Puriscal mansion where she often practiced her favorite hobby of surveying available real estate.
  97. Bregalad stood for some time surveying the hobbits solemnly; and they looked at him, wondering when he would show any signs of 'hastiness'.
  98. So engross’d was I in the Letter that I quite forgot the Presence of Kate, who still stood in the Corner, surveying me with her envious Eyes.
  99. I rose, and, from a gentlemanly idea of relieving his embarrassment, took up my station in the doorway, surveying the external prospect as I stood.
  100. Can I wear some of these, do you think? I asked him, surveying the collection of jeans and shirts and wondering how I was ever going to fit into them.
  1. He surveyed the guard house.
  2. She coolly surveyed the room.
  3. The old man surveyed the scene.
  4. Eliza surveyed her parent calmly.
  5. Morris surveyed the fleeing tot.
  6. Guardon surveyed his Throne Room.
  7. Del quickly surveyed the documents.
  8. I surveyed the weapon inquisitively.
  9. Miss Herron surveyed the landscape.
  10. Greg surveyed the 174 KEN MERRELL.
  11. Gerrid surveyed the bank of monitors.
  12. Seven surveyed the jail they were in.
  13. He stood for a moment and surveyed.
  14. He stood up and surveyed the carnage.
  15. He surveyed the battle scene in dismay.
  16. He went and surveyed her from the back.
  17. Joe and Fred surveyed the sitting room.
  18. Drying her eyes, she surveyed the area.
  19. Massie surveyed them, hands on her hips.
  20. Richard surveyed the building materials.
  21. He surveyed the flatlands before him.
  22. Nigel surveyed the entrance of the club.
  23. Then he surveyed the parking lot again.
  24. He opened his eyes and surveyed the room.
  25. Now they were kings of all they surveyed.
  26. Then he stood back and surveyed the table.
  27. Cold, hard, eyes surveyed, assessed, and.
  28. Mark surveyed the faces of all at the table.
  29. She surveyed the shambles of the road ahead.
  30. The mason surveyed the scene of devastation.
  31. She surveyed her reflection and was pleased.
  32. Bharat Surveyed the forest areas and found:.
  33. Halfshaft surveyed his companions in silence.
  34. He walked in and quickly surveyed the place.
  35. He surveyed us, twisting a finger in his ear.
  36. We have not surveyed any real estate on Mars.
  37. He froze as he surveyed the room, it was empty.
  38. Van Thorn surveyed the faces of the councilmen.
  39. After many years the prince surveyed his realm.
  40. Robert surveyed his new domain in satisfaction.
  41. Brent rose off his knees and surveyed the area.
  42. She surveyed the faces of the other villagers.
  43. As she surveyed it, Bruce caught her attention.
  44. Feet up on the desk, I surveyed the big boards.
  45. I took a few steps back and surveyed the river.
  46. Carter surveyed the inside of his cubicle with.
  47. Justin’s eyes surveyed the dismal city streets.
  48. Nicole surveyed her room with an appreciative eye.
  49. They surveyed Archie with mounting disappointment.
  50. She turned and surveyed the small folk around her.
  51. He lifted his head and surveyed his surroundings.
  52. Then he stood back, surveyed his work, and grinned.
  53. She surveyed the smiling faces in the meeting room.
  54. She surveyed the array of weapons in front of him.
  55. Management Recruiters International surveyed 730 U.
  56. Twice he surveyed the room without spotting me, at.
  57. He surveyed the legions before him with satisfaction.
  58. He surveyed the area with his eyes, fixing on the sky.
  59. He gripped his sword as he surveyed the white expanse.
  60. Our faces—or mine, at least—fell as we surveyed it.
  61. Halfshaft surveyed the sleeping clowns in bewilderment.
  62. As was his habit as a lawman, he cautiously surveyed.
  63. The men with him surveyed the horizon, but saw nothing.
  64. Stoke stood up in the stirrups and surveyed the horizon.
  65. Heathcliff started; his eye rapidly surveyed our faces.
  66. He surveyed the decaying bridge, mulling it over with.
  67. Then he surveyed the bleak confines of the tiny shelter.
  68. They both stood with hands on hips and surveyed the area.
  69. Bradfield and Aquino (1999) surveyed 237 employees in a.
  70. The father surveyed his family, bright-eyed, in the pews.
  71. This technique was employed by few of the firms surveyed.
  72. Menendez let himself in and immediately surveyed the home.
  73. Ashpenaz looked up from his tablet and surveyed the crowd.
  74. Beech, meanwhile, surveyed her small son, her mind racing.
  75. She surveyed her surroundings and recognized him instantly.
  76. Bruce surveyed the camp quickly and doused the waning fire.
  77. He surveyed the five motionless bodies that lay before him.
  78. Stokes quickly surveyed the area between them and the rocks.
  79. Kubo shone the flashlight around and surveyed the situation.
  80. She went to her bedroom and surveyed herself in a mirror.
  81. Before the waiter returned, I surveyed the pristine beauty.
  82. Grobut shrugged his shoulders as he surveyed the road ahead.
  83. Brevet gave a start of surprise, and surveyed him from head.
  84. Across the bay, almost a mile, he surveyed the far shore of.
  85. She surveyed the gathered Knights as she walked up to Alric.
  86. She surveyed the path ahead; she stopped for a brief moment.
  87. That done, he withdrew to a little distance and surveyed me.
  88. A few stood back and surveyed the scene with a jaundiced eyes.
  89. For fifteen minutes, he surveyed the area through binoculars.
  90. What are you up to? Jeff replied as he surveyed the room.
  91. He surveyed her shapely body and his eyes rested on her mouth.
  92. She surveyed the area quickly and made a beeline towards Naria.
  93. Ben surveyed his position, but the pad was in his line of fire.
  94. She reassured him on that point, and he surveyed her up and down.
  95. Oh yes, very nice, she replied calmly as she surveyed the.
  96. In a split second, Thomas surveyed his view of the Griever Hole.
  97. The driver laughed out loud as he surveyed his little world of.
  98. He surveyed the six men who had been members of his elite guard.
  99. Ethan knelt beside her and surveyed the river bank for a moment.
  100. The vampire called Jack surveyed the burnt out ruins of his home.
  1. Land surveys in the U.
  2. How are you doing with surveys?
  3. I fill out simple surveys online.
  4. In published surveys of many, many.
  5. Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping Jobs!.
  6. Other manipulating method is the surveys:.
  7. I have taken many surveys with this company.
  8. You can also use customer surveys to find out.
  9. He surveys the sea of high school demographics.
  10. The three retail surveys discussed in Section 8.
  11. It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc.
  12. How to Increase Your Chances of Receiving More Surveys.
  13. Use email lists to send out surveys created with online.
  14. Use customer surveys and then contact your customers in.
  15. You can use survey monkey to easily create online surveys.
  16. Many surveys ask about future market prices and/ or yields.
  17. Surveys such as the one below tend to be more effective if.
  18. Surveys reveal that sex is enjoyed well into the 80s and 90s.
  19. Public opinion surveys are not far different from historians.
  20. As to the McNair surveys you know the results, he said.
  21. There are several types of surveys, some are short with only.
  22. Fifteen thousand of 17,500 surveys were completed and returned.
  23. Maps illustrating Canal Surveys in the State of New York, 19.
  24. Opinion Surveys, I have found, are of little or no consequence.
  25. Experience in surveys or call center is a plus, note that the.
  26. The purpose of this report was to educate you about paid surveys.
  27. Empirical surveys of psychological manipulations that are used.
  28. The time horizons in these surveys differ but a plot in Figure 8.
  29. Surveys have shown that 63% of the population prefer this system.
  30. Many other surveys may be unbiased but may not be representative.
  31. He still hoped the architectural surveys would turn up something.
  32. The previous week had brought in most of the architectural surveys.
  33. In research studies related to religion there are some surveys that.
  34. Robert Kegan and others have conducted a number of population surveys.
  35. Dave King ran A-1 Maps and Surveys in the unit Mike eventually occupied.
  36. Hinckley surveys the scene, seeing ABC newsman Sam Donaldson, among others.
  37. You too are probably considering paid surveys as a way to make money but I.
  38. I take an average of two to three available surveys over the past 30 years.
  39. I am amazed at the number of surveys invitations and shopping assignments.
  40. Maximum Paid Surveys was set up to be the most authoritative collection of.
  41. Maximum Paid Surveys has provided me more service than I could ever dream!.
  42. Are you the Captain Stephens who did the exploratory surveys of Saturn?
  43. A way in which it can be accomplished is by taking quick surveys of the lawn.
  44. I receive more and more invitations to participate in surveys and shopping.
  45. On that Friday too the results of no fewer than seven surveys were published.
  46. Using deep field equipment he surveys the composition of the artificial moon.
  47. Of course I do! But when you need to go out on surveys, you shouldn't go alone.
  48. There are combinations of how many and what times of the day you can do surveys.
  49. Earn by tel ing your friends, taking surveys and more during the startup phase.
  50. But to tell you the truth, my purpose wasn't to take surveys! My purpose was to.
  51. I have registered with over 1000 companies since I started taking surveys three.
  52. She surveys me without feeling as two Dauntless soldiers pull me out of the room.
  53. The House of Commons is a powerful body, no doubt, and monarch of all it surveys.
  54. Surveys show that people are less intimidated to click on words that might have more.
  55. I really don’t care to submit to participating in surveys because of the questions.
  56. Right now, the industry has a huge dependency on surveys as a means of gathering data.
  57. Do the data missing from your own experiments and surveys also have a story to tell?
  58. One may almost conclude that polls or surveys are worthless, since they prove nothing.
  59. Intrigued, Grailem brings the flagship into a tighter orbit and surveys the whole moon.
  60. Jaitley pulled out surveys which showed Modi’s popularity well above that of the BJP.
  61. Message boards, chat rooms, surveys, feedback pages and so on can all lead to publicity.
  62. According to surveys conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) spanning the years.
  63. Find out what colors relay what emotions according years of research and surveys and more.
  64. Many companies use surveys and then attempt to explain away why the survey response is not.
  65. In fact, all but one of the other surveys were heavily in favour of direct elections in 1988.
  66. Ludovic Phalippou’s research and surveys are not great marketing material for the industry.
  67. On the table we would have postcards that had people fill in customer satisfaction surveys and.
  68. The referral signs up for free and begins making money with surveys and his or her own referrals.
  69. She doesn't answer, instead runs her hands across the granite countertop and surveys the kitchen.
  70. Whether you’re concerned with surveys, studies or polls, they all come down to the same scenario.
  71. If we think of homes instead of dots, this is the sampling method used for most door-to-door surveys.
  72. You may return to the earlier chapter on the "top list of surveys that pays money" area to find out!.
  73. Thiry regularly surveys employees, and he makes it a point to act quickly on the feedback he receives.
  74. According to these surveys the adult population is distributed over levels 2, 3, and 4 as we suspected.
  75. In this chapter, you learned the principles underlying the design and conduct of experiments and surveys.
  76. Corwin, Pire, Rouen and the General stared at the faint trail that Murphy had found on his aerial surveys.
  77. Then there would have to be seismic surveys and federal air permits obtained before drilling could start.
  78. Source: National Election Tracker surveys and National Election Studies, 2014, conducted by Lokniti, CSDS.
  79. Later surveys came from his son, Arthur Schlesinger Jr,, also quite the revered figure within the profession.
  80. I take surveys more seriously than most academics have done; fortunately, there is growing interest in this area.
  81. For example, you could do either two or three surveys at the same time in a day, which only takes about 15-30 min.
  82. They are considered a leader in market research and really does a great job offering a higher payment per surveys.
  83. Description: Receipt Hog rewards you with coins for submitting photos of you grocery receipts and completing surveys.
  84. The dolphins assisted in the surveys of plants and animals by taking tricorders to identify the new and the strange.
  85. Surveys have shown that more than half the population feels that the cell phone is one of the worst inventions ever.
  86. History surveys a presentation of man’s life in which the union of these two contradictions has already taken place.
  87. And according to some surveys of financial institutions, the average student credit card annual percentage rate is 17.
  88. Check the surveys that have been done, in the interim, to determine how many conservative professors this country has.
  89. Source: National Election Tracker surveys, 2013–14, and National Election Studies, 2014, conducted by Lokniti, CSDS.
  90. Customer feedback: One can gather information about existing and potential customers by using online forms and surveys.
  91. Source: State of the Nation survey, 2011, and National Election Tracker surveys, 2013–14, conducted by Lokniti, CSDS.
  92. Source: State of the Nation survey, 2011, and National Election Tracker surveys, 2013–14 , conducted by Lokniti, CSDS.
  93. I really experienced the underbelly of society, especially while interviewing council tenants for national crime surveys.
  94. From these surveys, it appears that the whole extent of the cave, hitherto discovered, does not exceed eight hundred yards.
  95. She surveys me for a moment then, grinning broadly ignores my outstretched hand completely and envelopes me in a warm hug.
  96. Our election surveys were consistently showing that Muslims still remained very wary of the BJP prime ministerial candidate.
  97. Kinsey conducted detailed confidential surveys about sexual behaviour and came up with findings that shocked fifties America.
  98. Graham–Harvey (2010), who conduct the Duke CFO surveys, provide an even longer series of views on the equity–bond premium.
  99. His primary job was to do instant surveys on the populace by monitoring various broadcasts to get public reaction to the news.
  100. All questions put to the six thousand respondents in the two separate surveys carried out were clear referendum type questions.

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