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    1. Instead, you need to survey the situation by listening with your eyes and ears (but never your hands!)

    2. Logically, the tiny robot would have to build a ship and survey the entirety of the world's oceans to get the correct calculations

    3. Emma hesitates by a stall of home made cakes and we survey the scrumptious wares on offer

    4. ’ I said with satisfaction as we survey the pile of boxes just before ten in the evening

    5. ’ I said emphatically as we survey the effect

    6. the fact that he was master of the little that he needed to survey, certain in the

    7. With the codes he was able to retrieve under the guise of a security survey for the real world, he was able to access more and more of the code and schematics of the female side

    8. The driver revelled in the fact that he could see virtually nothing, sure in the fact that he was master of the little that he needed to survey, certain in the knowledge that nothing in this world could alter the progress that he made towards his next destination

    9. Joe and Fred survey the sitting room

    10. They both went into the kitchen and survey the work surfaces

    11. But I had better get down to some serious ablutions … as I survey my unshaven legs, I thank my stars that fashion here on Errd does not demand that women shave their legs and armpits

    12. you survey the crowds that line this personal,

    13. I survey the other occupants of the room

    14. We stand and survey it

    15. By ten, with a neat heap of boxes stacked against the wall in the lounge, we survey the empty bookcase with satisfaction

    16. I carefully sort the Danvers House letters from the few other bits and survey the result

    17. It was probably as Ava doing a survey, but I may remember that school

    18. You see once when he was compelled to survey across a lake for the feasibility of a bridge or something or other some engineer had dreamt up, he filled these bladders with air, tied them to ropes with weights dangling from them and had me place them at intervals along the water to assist him in his solving distances or such

    19. After several minutes, he stops to survey the results of his labours, cutting off the power to the mower

    20. Stopping outside the house, I collect the post from the box on the wall and, as Sam wags her way round my legs, I finger through the half dozen letters … two offering me credit cards I don’t want, something addressed to ‘The occupier’, a bank statement, an electricity bill and a consumer survey

    21. “I was thinking of going thru your old maps and architectural survey?” she answered Luray while asking Knume

    22. ‘The King has sent me to survey some of the

    23. Now that I have no more flat to stay in during my off day so I guess I'll have a lot of times to spend four to survey the beautiful city of Hong Kong once again with my friend

    24. where you’re from for their survey

    25. It was on the 15th of July that I began to take a more particular survey of the island itself

    26. They didn't even hesitate to survey their surroundings for survivors, but immediately tore into pursuit of Emily and the others

    27. A couple of the rarest names in town, together in the same home? It's such a miracle the architectural survey turns up few enough matches to actually be within reason to check

    28. Dingle had been called away by Grandpa to survey some goings on in Frica but on his return some weeks later came face to face with one of the silver tubes, at the time it was streaking some thousands of meters above the plateau

    29. So he had appropriated the largest house in the village and now he and his three VPs were poring over a large ordnance survey map that had been unrolled and placed on the dining room table

    30. A quick survey of the

    31. The marine pointed at the ordnance survey map

    32. His senses tuned to danger, Adros continued to survey the land

    33. ‘Shall I survey the town? Would that satisfy you?’

    34. The infected Elders took a moment to survey the battle, then, wasting no time they struck out against the ‘good’ Makii

    35. Once on the platform he stopped to survey the area and the gathered throng

    36. He walked up the wide steps to the landing before the entrance and turned to survey the city that lay sprawled before him

    37. There was time for the Huntress and her two yachts to perform a most thorough survey of the Corona Zed system, as well as the neighboring system not two light-years---four days---away

    38. Not too long after the last incident, I went to visit a show house, as part of a survey that related to my profession

    39. They placed one of the stones over the loose flap and then stood up to survey the area

    40. Before he got to the door, Amanda returned from her survey of the supplies in the cargo rooms

    41. Sebastian had not seen the chapel since the start of the attack, and it was fortunate he was too busy surviving to fully survey the damage of their sacred gathering place

    42. Some states, instead of the simple and obvious expedient of a register of leases, have had recourse to the laborious and expensive one of an actual survey and valuation of all the lands in the country

    43. Doomsday-book seems to have been the result of a very accurate survey of this kind

    44. In the ancient dominions of the king of Prussia, the land-tax is assessed according to an actual survey and valuation, which is reviewed and altered from time to time

    45. The survey and valuation of Silesia was made by order of the present king, it is said, with great accuracy

    46. The survey and valuation of Bohemia is said to have been the work of more than a hundred years

    47. } The survey of the duchy of Milan, which was begun in the time of Charles VI

    48. The survey of Savoy and Piedmont was executed under the orders of the late king of Sardinia

    49. In 1666, the generality of Montauban was assessed to the real or predial taille, according, it is said, to a very exact survey and valuation

    50. establishing a mint in California, the survey of the Pacific coast, and the establishment of a navy yard and station with large

    1. He called the packers for Raw Sex Object, even though it wasn’t due to leave the gallery for a week or two, and contentedly surveyed the gallery

    2. The driver laughed out loud as he surveyed his little world of

    3. She had him virtually in-ear as she surveyed the control room like she was the starship captain from the propaganda films of her childhood

    4. The driver laughed out loud as he surveyed his little world of perfectly stitched cow hide, walnut veneer and deathly totem

    5. Kara poured tea into the cups and surveyed the triangular wedge of cake that had been placed before her

    6. Joe and Fred surveyed the sitting room

    7. As the last one fell Lord Tarak surveyed the area and looked to his men

    8. After many years the prince surveyed his realm

    9. She surveyed the area quickly and made a beeline towards Naria

    10. Cold, hard, eyes surveyed, assessed, and

    11. They surveyed the whole outside of the bottom of the barrel, the oldest tag that was visible to the outside was just about twelve decades in age

    12. Cautiously she surveyed this man – he looked okay, expensively dressed … and his accent was educated

    13. He quickly hid himself in the forest and surveyed it from under cover

    14. By the last rays of the setting moon, he surveyed the terrain … it wasn’t as boggy as the land nearer the barracks, looked pretty much like the moors he’d seen down in Devon

    15. Was the crime rate round here so very high? Andy wondered cynically as he surveyed the large, modern layout of the vestibule inside the building

    16. Bloodshot eyes peered back at him as he surveyed the wreckage, reflecting that he really needed a shave but, in the same thought, dismissing it as superfluous the way things were

    17. Once seated, Harry surveyed with some admiration the dining hall and their accommodations

    18. time he’d surveyed the cafeteria, it was evident that every smile was for him

    19. He surveyed the decaying bridge, mulling it over with

    20. as they surveyed the neglect

    21. He briefly surveyed the rest of his surroundings, quickly realizing that he had managed to safely return to his cramped quarters above the Wayward Inn

    22. and surveyed the scene before him

    23. Soaring through the shadows and night on wings of black leather the imp Galimoto surveyed the city below with a pair of eyes that glowed yellow in the light of the brother moons

    24. official surveyed the Bailli, then the Cure, and, finally, the

    25. Their manners noted, and their states surveyed,

    26. Ashpenaz looked up from his tablet and surveyed the crowd

    27. He surveyed the crowd and saw Helez and Darniil at the far end along with some other folk, all keenly anticipating the arrival of their kin

    28. The coordinates are for the nearest star cluster to the Illian system we surveyed after leaving Balos

    29. She went to her bedroom and surveyed herself in a mirror

    30. He surveyed a farmhouse-style building looming over the grounds in which Roidon's commandeered craft was parked

    31. The group scaled the remaining ladder and surveyed the area around them with their torches

    32. Rosemary surveyed the ward

    33. She surveyed her face in the mirror, trying to look behind the mask of her expression

    34. she went to lower herself into bed Jack grimaced as he surveyed

    35. Gerrid surveyed the bank of monitors

    36. A tall lean figure stepped into the room and cool gray eyes surveyed her

    37. Jhordel surveyed her table with a lazy eye, taking in the faces of the other command officers

    38. ’ He surveyed the room and everyone there as though to gather their attention

    39. entered, surveyed the scene and asked, “Where’s Jocko?”

    40. She surveyed the array of weapons in front of him

    41. More often he surveyed the crowd, but even then he appeared bored, yawning and picking at his fingernails

    42. Standing at the very edge of a deep precipice, eyes glazed with excitement, he surveyed his imagined forces gathered on the plain below

    43. Uncle Hobart surveyed the mess the crowd had made of his prized tractor, now covered with all sorts of rubbish and disgusting slime

    44. Ten minutes later, Marcos’ boss was forced to re-evaluate that statement as he surveyed the damaged settee

    45. She coolly surveyed the room

    46. He surveyed me

    47. Feet up on the desk, I surveyed the big boards

    48. Bradfield and Aquino (1999) surveyed 237 employees in a

    49. She surveyed the shambles of the road ahead

    50. Before the waiter returned, I surveyed the pristine beauty

    1. doostEr thought about surveying the situation before bringing the rockosaur out and if he knew he was going this far south along the city front he probably would have

    2. ‘Have to risk it then, can’t leave her here …’ The engineer said, surveying the track again

    3. ’ He said standing and surveying the view with a wistful sadness

    4. ’ He said, surveying the sky

    5. She tore off its head and threw it over the side of the mountain and then stood there surveying the damage

    6. surveying a world in negative,

    7. Quickly surveying the scene, Rayne chose her targets, and then leaped into action

    8. The older man stood back, hands on hips, surveying the three

    9. Pretending to savour it, she stood sipping the water, her back to the sink, surveying the room

    10. ’ Billy said, surveying the room as though seeing it freshly, measuring it in terms of pots of paint and man hours wielding a paintbrush

    11. ” she offered and then silently made a show of surveying the room's appointments

    12. stood with his hands on his hips, surveying the odd scene in front of him

    13. He stood with his hands in his pockets surveying the tiny little back plot of land behind their rented house

    14. I descended a little on the side of that delicious vale, surveying it with a secret kind of pleasure, though mixed with my other afflicting thoughts, to think that this was all my own; that I was king and lord of all this country indefensibly, and had a right of possession; and if I could convey it, I might have it in inheritance as completely as any lord of a manor in England

    15. surveying their three stout travelling companions with

    16. Fred kept his portable radio switched on the Saturday as he walked around his property surveying any possible problem points

    17. Brice ignored him, surveying the ground below instead

    18. On arrival he reigned in his horse and just sat there for a while surveying the land before him, his hand shielding his eyes from the sunlight coming in low over the horizon

    19. Yet it just stood still, calmly surveying

    20. But you were captured by the Naud on that very planet---Tenrith---you won't have remembered that was where you were at the time; so caught up in your surveying assignment and all

    21. The four troopers quickly fanned out into a covering formation and crouched close to the ground, each of them intently surveying the area around them while holding their rifles ready

    22. Standing there surveying us was Tommy Macy Elijah’s mate who had been seconded to the Second Battalion as an instructor and who was now a skater* his face broke into a big smile on seeing us

    23. They would have eyes and ears surveying Adem’s movements to try to learn more

    24. slowly patrolled the perimeter of the table, surveying the faces of her command officers, shrewdly

    25. Grindel stood now on the ramparts of the giant earthworks he'd had built, surveying his new domain with a broadening smile, already savouring the absolute power that would soon be his

    26. Having lost control of his mind, his psyche could do little now, other than crouch in a terrifying darkness, surveying the world from another badger's eyes

    27. A big man was standing on the threshold, hands behind his back, his deep blue eyes surveying the room

    28. Sylvia was often a guest in Caroline’s Puriscal mansion where she often practiced her favorite hobby of surveying available real estate

    29. Shorts were the practical attire of choice for women; I had one more reason to stay transfixed on Eileen’s behinds as she waded through the crowd, surveying the place and filling in the gaps in the details of our little plan

    30. There was a small group of beings about halfway up, seated at another tableau, surveying the scene below impassively

    31. He whipped his head from side to side surveying the hallway for intruders

    32. The Patriarch stood in the middle of the tower with a magnifying glass to his eye, surveying the battle

    33. As he sat surveying the scene of the accident, Colling tried to picture what must have happened, although he had difficulty understanding how a skid could have taken place on the rough macadam surface

    34. The other, slimmer and a bit older and obviously in charge, was looking around as if surveying the place

    35. Imagine the immense value that signifies when it does the statistical surveying of everything that is stored as example: products without use in the people’s houses and organizations (public and private)

    36. To understand what we are affirming, see the following example: Make the surveying and valorize all the products that are allocated in million organizations and the residences, such as: computers, stationery, patrimonial goods, domestic utensils, vehicles, money and installations

    37. The surveying is obtained through the on-line information by defined indicators in the projects of each agreed organization, under the responsibility of the Area of Activity STATISTICIAN in national and international level that gives the statistical treatment to the informed data

    38. Buffo pushed his bulk into the room, surveying the crowd from a higher vantage

    39. She knelt by the side of the patch, carefully surveying the

    40. Surveying the three,

    41. cautiously surveying the intruders rather than scavenging as they

    42. surveying for the West Texas A&M University

    43. name has been surveying in the Texas

    44. nies and surveying records with the goal of

    45. Surveying his choice, he moaned in a ‘this will have to do’ fashion and said

    46. The werewolf growled maliciously, surveying Adrinius as he tried in vain to make an escape, using all his energy to run as far as he could and as fast as possible, but it was of no use

    47. He was constantly surveying the gathering, watching for anything out of the ordinary

    48. I sat there for a moment surveying it, so this was the ‘errand’ he had to run

    49. I started surveying it, but found nothing physically wrong with it; she only had it on AV

    50. We strolled around the city, surveying it from the Duomo Roof

    1. According to recent surveys, the most popular therapies in the west are osteopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture and aromatherapy

    2. She surveys me for a moment then, grinning broadly ignores my outstretched hand completely and envelopes me in a warm hug

    3. He still hoped the architectural surveys would turn up something

    4. The previous week had brought in most of the architectural surveys

    5. ” She nodded appreciatively scrolling through the lists of predators found after their surveys of Tenrith

    6. His primary job was to do instant surveys on the populace by monitoring various broadcasts to get public reaction to the news

    7. Van Vogt, one of the greats in the genre, prefaced one of his collections of short stories in the mid sixties with the statement that surveys showed that the typical reader of fantasy-science fiction had an IQ above 120, and included professionals such as engineers, doctors, and lawyers

    8. Recent surveys show that as many as one third of fourth-graders in the typical public (Notice that I did not say Private, or Home-Schooled

    9. Check the surveys that have been done, in the interim, to determine how many conservative professors this country has

    10. Surveys have shown that 63% of the population prefer this system

    11. Opinion Surveys, I have found, are of little or no consequence

    12. Later surveys came from his son, Arthur Schlesinger Jr,, also quite the revered figure within the profession

    13. Public opinion surveys are not far different from historians

    14. The Computer Revolution, the promise of placing a heavenly mien upon Mankind, proclaiming that the arrogance of knowledge is sufficient to all things temporal and eternal, has arrived and is master of all that it surveys

    15. I really experienced the underbelly of society, especially while interviewing council tenants for national crime surveys

    16. She surveys me without feeling as two Dauntless soldiers pull me out of the room

    17. ” Bruce reckoned he knew more about electricity! His own field surveys had led to the discovery of enormous variation

    18. Surveys reveal that sex is enjoyed well into the 80s and 90s

    19. Description: Receipt Hog rewards you with coins for submitting photos of you grocery receipts and completing surveys

    20. Surveys On The Go

    21. Endless Ways to Earn Cash with Surveys, Cash Tasks, Paid Offers, Watching Videos, Phone Calls, Web Surfing, Games and Many More!

    22. They are considered a leader in market research and really does a great job offering a higher payment per surveys

    23. After you have joined and reached the main page, you'll love how they provide you with a long profitable list of surveys with its payments and time limit next to it

    24. They have everything a "gpt" site has including, 7 different offers, paid surveys, paid website visits, paid to click, paid tasks, games, paid listening to radio and more!

    25. How to Increase Your Chances of Receiving More Surveys

    26. You can greatly increase your chances of receiving more surveys, if you complete the profile section in the panel after registering

    27. When you completely fill out your profile information, it will give the panel more specific information about yourself to better match surveys to you

    28. By this I mean, don't lie when you complete surveys, since this will conflict with what you've told in the profile about yourself

    29. Many times they will not tell you about this but it will show up later, as you will notice less surveys being sent to your email

    30. The referral signs up for free and begins making money with surveys and his or her own referrals

    31. There are combinations of how many and what times of the day you can do surveys

    32. For example, you could do either two or three surveys at the same time in a day, which only takes about 15-30 min

    33. You may return to the earlier chapter on the "top list of surveys that pays money" area to find out!

    34. 66 Surveys in Australia and Germany suggested as high as 15% of a

    35. It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc

    36. Use customer surveys and then contact your customers in

    37. Many companies use surveys and then attempt to explain away why the survey response is not

    38. Then there would have to be seismic surveys and federal air permits obtained before drilling could start

    39. It has been shown in polls and surveys, that the American public,

    40. Dave King ran A-1 Maps and Surveys in the unit Mike eventually occupied

    41. Other manipulating method is the surveys:

    42. - the results of the surveys in the newspapers (web or written), the polls are

    43. of surveys which should be aimed in the general direction of assisting the subscribers

    44. However, they failed, landing only on number four (with Channels 2, 7, and 5 consistently sharing the top 3 spots) according to the surveys

    45. EMBA Programs use different tools to learn what students, alumni, and organizations think, such as conducting surveys and focus groups, keeping an open door, meeting with students on a regular basis, and responding quickly to their questions and requests

    46. Earn by tel ing your friends, taking surveys and more during the startup phase

    47. Surveys show that people are less intimidated to click on words that might have more

    48. On the table we would have postcards that had people fill in customer satisfaction surveys and

    49. The data is meaningful, however, because unlike surveys in which consumers self-report the types of distracted behaviors they engage in, the FARS data is based on actual police reports on fatal crashes

    50. Find out what colors relay what emotions according years of research and surveys and more

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