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Survey в предложении (на )

A quick survey of the.
We stand and survey it.
Based on the survey, 80.
The only survey in English.
The survey was a HUGE failure.
Thomas took the survey and it.
They began with a phone survey.

Survey said that Homestead was.
The survey found the following:.
The survey showed the following:.
Outline Historical Survey of the.
Harry turned to survey the summit.
According to a recent survey, 31.
Golyakov paused to survey the Duma.
We all know how good Survey is.
They did the previous member survey.
At the end of the survey, reaffirm.
Joe and Fred survey the sitting room.
USGS team that came to do the survey.
I will fly above and survey the area.
Thrice happy, when exalted to survey.
Part 4 of this outline survey of the.
Saddlebrook tried to survey the damage.
Outline Historical Survey of the Bible.
Sadly, the survey discovered that 83%.
I survey the other occupants of the room.
Amusingly, in a 2007 survey by bankrate.
Ted looked around him to survey the scene.
You survey the scene around you and smile.
A general was sent to survey the position.
What was the survey or experimental unit?
Your survey should be on the subject, too.
Her yellow eyes survey the room's tidiness.
This made Colling survey their surroundings.
We are doing a wildlife survey of this area.
The Commissioner of the Survey Office nodded.
Top 30 since the survey began five years ago.
From registration to the optional survey at.
The marine pointed at the ordnance survey map.
A survey made not long ago revealed that of.
Brink is surveying his tray.
I got out surveying the situation.
Surveying the scene, you see that the.
Sigel asked, surveying the number of.
Yet it just stood still, calmly surveying.
A speculator surveying an undeveloped canyon.
Cherrie takes her turn at surveying the hazard.
The president waits a beat, surveying the room.
Seth leaned against the wall, surveying the room.
Modern marketing advocates surveying the market.
Toivo cowered, busy with the task of surveying his.
Brice ignored him, surveying the ground below instead.
Ariel took a break, hands on hips, surveying the cave.
He resembled a general on a battlefield, surveying the.
Andy blocked the doorway, surveying the scene with smug.
She was surveying the area where the Kashi soldiers had.
Here is my own daily routine for surveying media content.
She knelt by the side of the patch, carefully surveying the.
Well, no monsters at least, he said surveying the land.
The older man stood back, hands on hips, surveying the three.
It’s getting awfully late, he said, surveying the lot.
The determined Agnieska was coming down the stairs, surveying.
We strolled around the city, surveying it from the Duomo Roof.
Together, they stared fixedly into the distance surveying the.
Surveying the map, he saw that the field was only a little more.
Alvin found himself working on the build site itself, surveying.
Exciting evening, she said, surveying the activity in the room.
Babsy looked up at the old man who was surveying his movements through.
He whipped his head from side to side surveying the hallway for intruders.
Jed was so involved in surveying the area behind the desk that he didn’t.
Where are our host and hostess? asked Max, surveying the crowded area.
Uh-huh! Correct! corroborated Buck, surveying her in increasing triumph.
The couple went upstairs and stood at Aspyn’s doorway, surveying her bedroom.
Buffo pushed his bulk into the room, surveying the crowd from a higher vantage.
They were facing different directions, surveying the street while they talked.
Snipping away the shirt, setting it in the sink, surveying the mess before her.
They would have eyes and ears surveying Adem’s movements to try to learn more.
Surveying his choice, he moaned in a ‘this will have to do’ fashion and said.
I sat there for a moment surveying it, so this was the ‘errand’ he had to run.
Quickly surveying the scene, Rayne chose her targets, and then leaped into action.
He surveyed the guard house.
She coolly surveyed the room.
The old man surveyed the scene.
Morris surveyed the fleeing tot.
Eliza surveyed her parent calmly.
Guardon surveyed his Throne Room.
Del quickly surveyed the documents.
Miss Herron surveyed the landscape.
I surveyed the weapon inquisitively.
Greg surveyed the 174 KEN MERRELL.
Seven surveyed the jail they were in.
He stood for a moment and surveyed.
Gerrid surveyed the bank of monitors.
He stood up and surveyed the carnage.
He surveyed the battle scene in dismay.
Drying her eyes, she surveyed the area.
He went and surveyed her from the back.
Joe and Fred surveyed the sitting room.
Nigel surveyed the entrance of the club.
Massie surveyed them, hands on her hips.
He surveyed the flatlands before him.
Then he surveyed the parking lot again.
Richard surveyed the building materials.
He opened his eyes and surveyed the room.
Now they were kings of all they surveyed.
Cold, hard, eyes surveyed, assessed, and.
Then he stood back and surveyed the table.
She surveyed the shambles of the road ahead.
Mark surveyed the faces of all at the table.
He walked in and quickly surveyed the place.
She surveyed her reflection and was pleased.
Halfshaft surveyed his companions in silence.
Bharat Surveyed the forest areas and found:.
The mason surveyed the scene of devastation.
He surveyed us, twisting a finger in his ear.
We have not surveyed any real estate on Mars.
He froze as he surveyed the room, it was empty.
She surveyed the faces of the other villagers.
Brent rose off his knees and surveyed the area.
After many years the prince surveyed his realm.
Land surveys in the U.
How are you doing with surveys?
I fill out simple surveys online.
In published surveys of many, many.
Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping Jobs!.
Other manipulating method is the surveys:.
I have taken many surveys with this company.
You can also use customer surveys to find out.
He surveys the sea of high school demographics.
The three retail surveys discussed in Section 8.
It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc.
How to Increase Your Chances of Receiving More Surveys.
Use email lists to send out surveys created with online.
Use customer surveys and then contact your customers in.
You can use survey monkey to easily create online surveys.
Many surveys ask about future market prices and/ or yields.
Surveys such as the one below tend to be more effective if.
Public opinion surveys are not far different from historians.
As to the McNair surveys you know the results, he said.
Surveys reveal that sex is enjoyed well into the 80s and 90s.
There are several types of surveys, some are short with only.
Experience in surveys or call center is a plus, note that the.
Maps illustrating Canal Surveys in the State of New York, 19.
Opinion Surveys, I have found, are of little or no consequence.
Fifteen thousand of 17,500 surveys were completed and returned.
The purpose of this report was to educate you about paid surveys.
Empirical surveys of psychological manipulations that are used.
Surveys have shown that 63% of the population prefer this system.
The time horizons in these surveys differ but a plot in Figure 8.
Many other surveys may be unbiased but may not be representative.
He still hoped the architectural surveys would turn up something.
The previous week had brought in most of the architectural surveys.
In research studies related to religion there are some surveys that.
Robert Kegan and others have conducted a number of population surveys.
Dave King ran A-1 Maps and Surveys in the unit Mike eventually occupied.
Hinckley surveys the scene, seeing ABC newsman Sam Donaldson, among others.
Maximum Paid Surveys was set up to be the most authoritative collection of.
Maximum Paid Surveys has provided me more service than I could ever dream!.
You too are probably considering paid surveys as a way to make money but I.
I am amazed at the number of surveys invitations and shopping assignments.

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