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    1. Soldiers sweep (CONTINUED)

    2. still around her, the grasses hushing their endless tidal sweep, and now, without any

    3. A minute or so later she received the data and forwarded it to Kandhi's You, with commands to begin the sweep and report on contact

    4. Contemplating the subject one evening as I sweep the hall, I conclude that the one consolation about sex in one’s later years is the fact one cannot get pregnant

    5. Time stood still around her, the grasses hushing their endless tidal sweep, and now, without any further movement of her feet, she felt herself glide towards his beckoning paw

    6. He was now leaning on the rail facing her with his hand caressing her side, delighting her with the gentle sweep of his hand over the smooth curve of her naked waist and hip

    7. The sweep found over two hundred humans, the software got hits on seven females as possibly being one of the women Alan was with

    8. as does the sweep of the hands

    9. ’ I said, the sweep of my arm taking in the bay with its beaches and cliffs

    10. Emphasis is on the full sweep of the arms and the twisting of your torso to the utmost rather than on speed

    11. During the long sweep of days that passed during which the family had faded into its current state of dilapidated grandeur, the great city had, conversely, spread its teeming streets far and wide

    12. ” He let his arm sweep a lap around the premisses

    13. The water is starting to sweep across the deck, a surge of chilly water washes over the top of my boots, soaking my socks … urghhh!

    14. During the long sweep of days that passed during which the

    15. candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?

    16. ‘I’d better sweep the floor

    17. Headlights sweep away beyond the hedging at the front of the house

    18. He found Gale in her seat on a second sweep of the train but didn’t even

    19. He indicated the offending jar with a contemptuous sweep

    20. ” he thought fast, “I guess you could say I just wanted to see civilization,” his hand indicated the sweep of habitation up and down this valley

    21. "How dare you!" he exclaimed looking up at her for the first time, the look that sweep immediately across his face, alerted her that there was something desperately wrong with her

    22. The tension, which had filled Jim's body before they’d started again sweep up his thigh that was next to her

    23. Flanking the courtyard are walls of glass many stories in height behind which grand balconies sweep from rich chambers in the towers to a park sized room opening thru a vast portal to the court

    24. She was busy at the side of the van, washing dishes, when he strutted around the side, and sweep her up into his arms

    25. And so, the first snow sweep into the valley, laying all that sat still in mounds of white powder, and with it came the holiday's

    26. Firstly, Axel instituted a series of long sweep patrols, on horseback, to ensure that anything that was happening within twenty miles of the village was reported and planned for and, secondly, he and his two friends started putting in more defenses

    27. “Now these brushes both sweep and shovel at the same time Lemoss, Rosecare will show you as there is a knack to using them

    28. They could see a good part of the whole sweep of the lake around them, the beach north of the city, the lacework of canals, the towers of the beach and the sparkling waters of the lake beyond

    29. “In winter, gales will sweep huge waves in here

    30. sweep the ledge before we sit down

    31. Uses the hand that holds them to sweep the desk clear then drops the bouquet on the desk

    32. He turned back around to continue his solitary drinking and the woman rushed off in a huff to sweep - in between assailing the other male patrons with honeyed words and batted eye-lashes, of course

    33. A fire could sweep across your land or drought or flood could ruin it

    34. Before the waves could sweep her

    35. Aeolus continued to sweep the sky clear of all clouds

    36. The pointer above the elevator doors now indicated the right hand side of its sweep

    37. ‘Welcome to our subterranean nerve-centre,’ Alistair remarked casually with a long sweep of his arm

    38. After my sweep of the upstairs floor, I descended the stairs to find Joss back in the kitchen, going through the cabinets

    39. The silence of their spot by the river was instantly countered by a thunderous roar of air being moved by the sweep of the Skimmer as it roared overhead

    40. “Where do you want us to start this sweep?” asked Stephen

    41. I had finished a sweep and looked over towards the other roof tops I saw Elijah on his and he waved at me like a demented seagull flapping its wings I raised my hand in return

    42. Pamela felt pangs of pride sweep in as she waited for

    43. He could so easily sweep

    44. For smoky eyes that will really capture his attention, sweep a peach powder eye shadow along your lids and into the upper part of the inner corners of your eyes

    45. sweep around the flanks of Lee’s army, he wired Grant, “If the

    46. The other waves and reserves will then pass through us and continue to sweep the enemy before them

    47. He was about to look away, feeling guilt and shame sweep over him, when she looked up

    48. sweep past the ship and form a barrier between us and the incoming torpedoes

    49. And yet, the Tech assured him a comprehensive scan had been performed of the perimeter: a multispectrum sweep

    50. Saldon moved to sweep his eyes over the area

    1. Most of our first jobs were in sweeping through houses: pest control, looking for suspicious activity, that sort of thing

    2. When I was young, the criteria for getting a job tended to be linked to how good you looked in a mini skirt … okay, that is a sweeping statement, but I clearly remember one job where it was definitely the reason I got the job

    3. should be sweeping up the swarf or something similar

    4. obliquely from her he could almost see long slender whiskers sweeping out from her

    5. velvet drapes billowed out behind them with each sweeping pass, such was the

    6. With the rain slanting across the road and the windshield wipers sweeping

    7. "But you can administer this territory?" Carlton asked, sweeping his finger around the area they intended to purchase and ignoring the other hundred million square miles of this planet that was habitable by humans

    8. With the rain slanting across the road and the windshield wipers sweeping furiously across glass, the black Aston shimmied around a tight right hand bend, sliding out at the back

    9. It isn’t just that God tells big sweeping statements

    10. Sweeping away the corrugated imprints impatiently,

    11. One day, attracted by the unrivalled opportunities being offered to skilled people by this new broom sweeping through government’s old and crusty cobwebs of social patronage, two provincial public relations specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes

    12. Duncan stepped forward and bowed from the waist with a sweeping gesture

    13. sweeping the mess of celebratory messages into a big black bin

    14. The track itself was the cable suspending itself above the water in a sweeping arc that was steep here near the cliff and the leaning pyramid that held it, nearly horizontal where it came out on the island

    15. A sudden movement in the bushes the other side of the lake disturbs it and, with long sweeping strokes of its wings, it takes off and flies over the pines at the end of the lake

    16. sweeping appearance of the main house

    17. narrow road sweeping down towards the reeds that

    18. along the broad corridors and up the sweeping stair case of the grand

    19. old house, with Bram’s cape sweeping over the polished wooden

    20. Then he stopped their progress again and demonstrated just how he would prefer her to walk with the pole, something more of a sweeping movement, but nothing overtly odd at a glance

    21. He gave each lady a pair and demonstrated their use: right hand clockwise in a moderately sweeping circle, and the left hand counter clockwise in a synchronized motion with the right hand

    22. To his right Jake's chocolate eyes scrutinized the girls sweeping movement as they gave life to the events of their story

    23. ‘You’re pigs, the lot of you,’ he slurred, sweeping his

    24. A land of sweeping plains,

    25. " he said sweeping her hand from Todd's

    26. change sweeping the rest of the country and maintain a

    27. The undead had victory all but in their grasp when the two hundred Boulder Lords came storming down the wall, sweeping thousands of the fiends to their deaths

    28. nun had been sweeping one of the chapels when he

    29. And had we the eyes of Gods it would be all we see -- a current of light sweeping through space and time

    30. As Marguerite began sweeping the hearth of her new

    31. He followed Althart's billowing robes far thru the bowels of the building, down sweeping staircases and thru cavernous, galleried libraries and long, ornate corridors over echoing stone floors lit by the low lamps of Dawnsleep

    32. whatever-sexuality was sweeping the town and guys were doing

    33. Almost too late he noticed the dagger in Charitt’s hand as her arm came sweeping down

    34. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you are refusing to confront some issue and instead are sweeping it under the carpet?

    35. Glen made use of the distraction by sweeping his hand up, disabling Russell’s knife hand and rolling him over to switch positions

    36. The whole escapade was turning into a shambles the Turks were ambushing some of our lads and then falling back and the terrain in front of us was terrible and because of this the straight sweeping line we had started out with was now a disjointed mess

    37. I stepped down onto the platform and it seemed to be a dirty shade of grey and with the rain sweeping across in a curtain of silver droplets it was dismal and depressing I shivered for I was unused to the cold and had no greatcoat for warmth

    38. It would have shot up into the atmosphere for miles at supersonic speeds, bringing with it millions of tons of sediment from friction caused by the water rushing past miles of rocks through the cracks on its way up to the surface of the planet, and sweeping sediment with it, as it rushed out into the air and onto the surface of the Earth

    39. sweeping over the red hills of old Orange (County) that purified my heart

    40. That had been a mistake, sweeping out of the room like that

    41. what was he doing here? It was impossible! Hundreds of korodo soared through the skies, sweeping down over the demon army as the dragons breathed long thick streams of golden-orange fire through their ranks

    42. Her hair was like a fountain of black blood sweeping across her bare shoulders, cascading over her perfectly formed body; her pose seductive, dangerous, and painfully enticing

    43. ’ He made a sweeping gesture vertically, and said, ‘See the others, they are enthralled

    44. blossomed into miniature suns, the wave of a radiation that spread out from them sweeping across

    45. Soon they were heading home with a good natured easy atmosphere sweeping over them as they all smoked and watched the traffic go by

    46. “We’ve been sweeping the space about us for more than an hour, and there’s been no indication of

    47. For just these few moments, I was in pure country bliss — the smell of the spring lilies sweeping through the air, the sun dancing through the early leaves and flowers of the blooming trees, the sounds of the morning robins looking for those worms, the excitement of our four legged fur-babies as I snuck them extra dog treats while Grandpa had his back turned (I was their favorite) — this was true joy for any young child born to be wild

    48. Almost bounding his way to the doorway beneath the enormous, sweeping stone stairs he pushed the door open and skipped down the stone stairway into the depths of the building

    49. Maldynado offered the sort of sweeping bow the warrior caste had spent generations perfecting, then ambled across the room and flopped onto a sofa

    50. actually out in the fields herding sheep, and their sons sweeping

    1. A flash of sheer panic sweeps though me … surely I couldn’t be pregnant … that would be too cruel … I wipe away the tears which are running down my face, but they come faster than I can wipe them away

    2. The sun sweeps the sky,

    3. that turn in tidal sweeps across green seas,

    4. of projectiles as it sweeps away the blossom of a generation,

    5. in a wall of sound that sweeps through brick,

    6. above long eared grasses that turn in tidal sweeps,

    7. The rest of the week sweeps past

    8. With the dressing applied, Maggie scrubs her hands and returns to the kitchen, sweeps up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush, and then wipes the sticky alcoholic liquid up with reams of kitchen roll

    9. “We are coordinating with the Denver Temple, and Guardians are already making sweeps across the state

    10. The Security Forces conducted sweeps in the city of Nairobi arresting whoever else may be involved to ensure that the remaining insurgents don't have any physical support for food and medicine etc

    11. Optical sweeps with the cameras, all radar and radio sets set to receive, antennas powered down, navigational systems off

    12. The approaching vessel was still not in sight, and Colling ordered Jan and Tomasz, who were manning the sweeps, to stop their rowing

    13. the swirls, the sweeps, the cajoles

    14. Time sweeps youth into his

    15. I blink again, and I see her smile as she sweeps my hair trimmings into a pile

    16. There were hundreds of men gathered around the gates of the castle: merchants and university students, chimney sweeps and lamplighters

    17. "It has everything to do with the picodust!" she snaps back, as a crazed look sweeps over her

    18. Playfully, he rushes over and sweeps me off the ground

    19. Then all thought is obliterated as a torrent of blackness sweeps across him

    20. As darkness sweeps over the executioner once more, the bird snatches up the cane in its beak and bears it upwards, upwards, through the open roof of the Library and into the freedom of air

    21. But Jemelda’s response sweeps all thoughts of courtesy far away

    22. The green circle he has formed sweeps them up within itself and then they are already deep within the wild and frantic journey

    23. Before he can try to find words to fill the emptiness in both their minds, a flurry of heat sweeps into the room as Isabella returns

    24. from it in colourful sweeps

    25. "And now Raidan sweeps in for the kill," said Summers

    26. The demons scattered as his great sword sweeps an arc around him

    27. Last but not least, a major dent was supposedly put in the War on drugs with the raids and sweeps that were orchestrated throughout the city

    28. scanners to conduct a series of sweeps in different directions along their flight vector

    29. The arm made a few quick sweeps of the room, and then popped out as quickly as it had

    30. sweeps of power; They are influencing millions in their causal bodies or on

    31. As an avalanche sweeps onward, gathering bulk and momentum, I will sweep into the lands of mine ancient enemies

    32. But what is this? Your banner is in motion—the center sweeps into the stream! By Mitra, Valannus is leading the host across the river!'

    33. The road is empty, in both directions and Simon smiles in relief as a wave of tiredness sweeps through him

    34. Using a large branch he sweeps the ground attempting to disguise their footprints in the soft earth

    35. Using the dead leaves that are scattered about the ground he sweeps them into their footprints and tries to cover these with a thin layer of soil

    36. I was investigating a program one time when I saw a description at the top that said, “This program sweeps through the data base

    37. Raise the root to the light, to your conscious mind, and the next time sadness sweeps over you

    38. When the attack did start, Japanese Zero fighter planes made low level strafing sweeps, shooting up aircraft as well as ground installations

    39. But, the details of applying variable combinations of overwhelming force, ruthless intimidation, closed borders, systematic sweeps, restricted movements and internment camps need not be addressed here

    40. How had his agents missed the bombs in their security sweeps of the church? Someone‘s head was going to roll

    41. None of the security sweeps uncovered the bombs

    42. “Security has completed their sweeps

    43. You would have thought it was television sweeps week with all the emphasis on Bob’s relationship with his girlfriend Natascha and her adult website

    44. (sweeps the table with his

    45. He sweeps her into his arms and lands on the floor

    46. He sweeps the crumbs onto his plate, which shakes as he holds it next to the table

    47. Despite the end of the fighting, Jeanne insisted that her employees and their families stay inside her residence for another few days, alluding to the forcible searches and police sweeps that would probably follow

    48. powerful sweeps of his wings, he easily evaded the thunderous beast's attacks

    49. But even more than this saudade sweeps over me when my friends on the other side of the world send me emails, and I can hear their voices in the written words

    50. sweeps the dirt out into the driveway

    1. Frank swept the area and swept it again

    2. Aston Martin swept spray and stones out from under its wheels as though the driver

    3. down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in

    4. The projectile’s energy swept the alien away with all its limbs chasing after

    5. In Danton’s wake a red capped guard hurried on, head bowed, taking two pigeon steps for every one that the committee chairman slammed down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in frames of rough cut, foot square timbers

    6. The three of men, Danton, the gaoler and the guard, swept down the landing towards the far door, their mistimed triumvirate steps clattering out a chaos of irregular rhythms

    7. Danton let out a low guttural growl and swept the head off its silver spike, sending it rolling blindly down the corridor

    8. swept beyond the horizon,

    9. Big John came into the Hall and went right up to Kate, swept her up in his arms and swung her around

    10. riddled the fire and swept ashes into a bucket,

    11. The next thing I remember was being swept up into the arms of my aunt and being carried onto the sand where she wrapped me in a towel and rubbed me dry

    12. ‘Who with?’ I asked ungrammatically, swept up in his story

    13. Side by side and side to side, they skipped and swept in harmony and fun

    14. ' And with that the river ran deep and we all jumped in to be swept along in the surge from the Lyra, Lauto and the Tsambouna as the music grabbed us by the shoulders and pulled us into the roaring waters of gladness and abandon

    15. Over the top of this chant, a group of the Gottesmen sing a countermelody … a paeon of praise, lifting the sadness of the chant and turning it into something more positive … I find my spirit rising, swept along by music

    16. Together with Sir John and his cabinet colleagues, the great politician swept through the corridors of power and into the office where the two doctors of spin were pretending to type away furiously at blank computer screens

    17. It was impossible not to be swept along on the surge of emotion and enthusiasm for whatever was to come

    18. Nonetheless, Tom swept into his mid-thirties with the absolute confidence of someone who knows that the chosen one is waiting for him just around the corner

    19. Everything was swept off the decks, even the courtesy gig flew through the air like a bird

    20. Omi had reached before us and swept the floor

    21. ” Altera looked down at Rayne and then abruptly shouted, “Ha! I like you little one,” and with that Altera swept Rayne up in her arms in a bear hug

    22. The winter storms sent swirling snow and icy breath before them as they swept down

    23. old car that had been following him swept in between them

    24. and his cabinet colleagues, the great politician swept through the

    25. Sure enough, as they entered the room Lord Dorsal swept Rayne off her feet and made for the dance floor

    26. 25And when he cometh, he finds it swept and garnished

    27. This isn’t a flash in the pan with you being swept off you feet by Dave just because he is different from Kevin, is it?

    28. With that, she turned and swept out of the bar, the noise in the

    29. Swept along on a tide of alcohol and the untethered horseplay of ridicule, the rest of the audience join in

    30. With that, Bill swept out of the office, closing the door firmly behind him

    31. Only yesterday, he had been swept away in this very river, battered on the rocks and rejected onto the shore

    32. Swept me off my feet, she did

    33. George had just swept the porch and Belle was in the kitchen when Wang Fong offered a story to accompany them in their early chores

    34. For a time he almost began a social relationship with her, but his experience with women was limited then and when the starship landed, she was swept away by a mighty giant from her home world and they had never met socially since, though he often saw her in a business context

    35. she fell to the ground and swept her up into his

    36. A day’s growth wasn’t going to make much difference and he couldn’t be buggered to dig his razor out … all the same he swept a glance round the cell – oh well, that underlined the fruitlessness of the exercise – there was no shaver point

    37. They cleared the turn of a mountain shoulder outside of Reno when the first rays of the June morning sun swept away the murky shadows of the pre-dawn and set the open valleys aglitter

    38. Bram swept a long

    39. Light was quickly being swept away by the hovering dark cloud that had descended the valley, blanketing all that stood still in a heavy coat of snow

    40. When she joined him, he quickly swept her to him, with his arms wrapped tightly around her

    41. The tree became artificial, the eggnog imitation, and the romance of the season was swept out with extra hours, to pay the bills

    42. but we were all swept away by the spirit of the occasion

    43. from hitting the ground with his hand, but Stenworth swept it out from beneath

    44. swept the camera in my direction

    45. swept through the Frenchman as he considered the

    46. Sometimes Alec felt himself getting swept up in Brice's cause, and after hearing him speak with such passion he almost believed there could be hope

    47. " Sky gently swept Flitter off his broad shoulders as they reached the market archway

    48. Miss Pringle was duty supervisor, with a mop and a broom in each hand she swept all before her including the dust, cobwebs and infant children gambling round their elders

    49. Meanwhile Lemoss had swept his parent’s path and had ventured up to Granny’s with Nimblefax

    50. Before gravity swept the soul from his bones Brice thought of Alec, saw the man's scruffy face in the darkness, mocking him for living a life that was a waste

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