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Frasi con cleave (in inglese)

  1. My goal was to cleave to Him.
  2. To cleave to the Lord and hold.
  3. And cleave the earth cleaving.
  4. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to.
  5. I call thee, and to that cleave fast;.

  6. Hold to: Cleave to; cling to something.
  7. His tongue seemed to cleave to His mouth.
  8. The two cleave together and become one.
  9. Ten tribes will leave and to another cleave.
  10. She couldn't tell him that she didn't want to cleave.
  11. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.
  12. Lost in the cleave of the clasping and sweet-flesh'd day.
  13. Let me see my foe and I'll cleave his skull to the teeth.
  14. The Bible challenges us to Prove all things, cleave to.
  15. The enzymes in whey cleave the meat and make it more tender.

  16. So pray regularly, and give regular charity, and cleave to God.
  17. He felt his tongue cleave to his mouth, and his heart labouring.
  18. I have the equipment here on Mars to cleave them cut them and mount.
  19. Cleave then to the Lord and you will understand and perceive all things.
  20. Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof.
  21. And he looked nervous, yet relieved to find Arthur was not going to cleave his skull at once.
  22. He will cleave to the dark still, understanding that success comes only through pain and misery.
  23. They cleave the surface layer of the soil and make it split to facilitate the plant’s coming out.
  24. An hour passed, during which Dantes, excited by the feeling of freedom, continued to cleave the waves.
  25. Cleave to her! Serve! Toil on, labour like a very bandog and let scholarment and all Malthusiasts go hang.

  26. The Bible says: a man must leave, and then cleave; so before you can cleave, you have to leave some things.
  27. Cleave to your old habits of daily prayer and daily Bible reading, and regular attendance on means of grace.
  28. She sprung onto Betsy and kicked her heels into her flanks, tearing off as if she wanted to cleave the air in two.
  29. So it is that while some of us adhere to Shiv, some others cleave to Krishn, and yet others cling to this or that.
  30. And for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall become as one.
  31. Still, it is amusing you cleave to him at your centre, even though he was willing to kill you for what he wanted more truly.
  32. And they who gave in their branches half-green and half-withered are those who are immersed in business and do not cleave to the saints.
  33. Lady Swan became Cross Cleave in a blurring of the blade that reflected the light, becoming Shadow Dancer followed by Night Hawk’s Wings.
  34. The never ceasing concert of those who "sow not, neither do they reap" and are free as the air they cleave with their sportive wings was all about us.
  35. In Genesis 2:24, we find the infamous Scripture that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.
  36. Though Ravan had yet to see him remove it from where it was strapped onto his back, he was sure that with one blow the giant could cleave a body in two.
  37. It has been laid down that a woman shall leave father and mother and any other related obstacle she may have the misfortune to be hampered with, and cleave only to her husband.
  38. I shall no longer be with you, yet I firmly believe that my love will cleave to you always, and from that thought I glean such comfort that I await the approach of death calmly and without fear.
  39. As each boat achieved the safety of the port there was a shout of joy from the mass of people on the shore, a shout which for a moment seemed to cleave the gale and was then swept away in its rush.
  40. Partly it was the old pleasure that he always derived from mastering new tools and solving practical problems—working out the angles and planes at which the cedar would or wouldn’t cleave cleanly.
  41. Three units of seventy men each, all trained to break into units of ten or twenty as needed, spear-headed, the wedge to cleave and break apart and cut down, retreat, charge, retreat as the next wave came in.
  42. As it says in Isaiah 14:1-2, For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
  43. The attacker placed his leather-booted foot upon Severus' throat and as he tried vainly to remove it, the other man raised his axe high above his head, preparing to bring it down upon Severus' head and cleave him in two.
  44. For luxury and deceit have no memories on account of the folly with which they are clothed; but when punishment and torture cleave to a man for one day he is punished and tortured for a year; for punishment and torture have powerful memories.
  45. If I could but come to grips with something tangible, that I could cleave with my sword! I tell you, it's not by chance that the Picts have of late so fiercely assailed the frontiers, so that the Bossonians have called for aid to beat them back.
  46. What fruit have the deserters to show compared to the followers of Peter, James, and John? What increase of inward peace and outward usefulness? What rest of conscience? What comfort in trial? No! while many go away from Christ, do you cleave to Him with purpose of heart.
  47. Those [accordingly who are entangled in many various kinds of business do not ] cleave to the servants of God but wander away being choked by their business transactions; and the rich cleave with difficulty to the servants of God fearing lest these should ask something of them.
  48. If a man has been involved sexually with others, it's hard for him to bond intimately with his wife, because he's got all the junk in his life; but when he comes to Christ, opens his life for ministry, and begins to renounce and put off those things - that means you get rid of the photos, you get rid of everything, so you can cleave and become one.
  49. His forbearing at present to deliver them is on purpose to try their love, whether they will cleave to him to the end; and as for the ill end thou sayest they come to, that is most glorious in their account; for, for present deliverance, they do not much expect it, for they stay for their glory, and then they shall have it when their Prince comes in his and the glory of the angels.
  50. And they who returned their branches two-thirds withered and one-third green are those that were faithful indeed; but after acquiring wealth and becoming distinguished amongst the heathen they clothed themselves with great pride and became lofty-minded and deserted the truth and did not cleave to the righteous but lived with the heathen and this way of life became more agreeable to them.
  51. Because they are the furthest removed action for a person living the life they are in, at the point of the receipt of the news: becoming world champions in sport at entirely the wrong age, selling everything to launch a business idea, leaving everything they know to cleave a new life in a foreign country where there is no chance of lapsing back into the ways of Blighty, dedicating their lives to a cause which they feel warrants such a sacrifice with the most incredible, world-changing results.
  52. I had often seen one placed at the end of a road on a hillock, and in the light of the sun its black arms, bending in every direction, always reminded me of the claws of an immense beetle, and I assure you it was never without emotion that I gazed on it, for I could not help thinking how wonderful it was that these various signs should be made to cleave the air with such precision as to convey to the distance of three hundred leagues the ideas and wishes of a man sitting at a table at one end of the line to another man similarly placed at the opposite extremity, and all this effected by a simple act of volition on the part of the sender of the message.
  53. And cleave the general ear with horrid speech,.
  1. And cleave the earth cleaving.
  2. That was about a man cleaving to his wife.
  3. The bonding or cleaving process is activated by:.
  4. There were times also when I was cleaving to Him on.
  5. Tomz swung back his arms, nearly cleaving off S’us head.
  6. And you can tell me nothing of the cleaving of the horn? '.
  7. Besides, this cleaving let the sunrays enter and the air penetrates.
  8. She squealed in his arms, cleaving tightly to her own guardian angel.
  9. He swung viciously with his sword and it felt as if he were cleaving cobwebs.
  10. This is true cleaving, as he becomes one substance with God into whom he was.
  11. The violent winds which blow after the rainfall have an effect in this cleaving.
  12. When we say that a person is cleaving to the dust, we mean that they have nothing.
  13. The sailors had again hoisted sail, and the vessel was once more cleaving the waves.
  14. And then her thoughts, cleaving through space like a bird in the air, rested on Cavalcanti.
  15. S’ilindsa continued to pound away at the giant, every strike cleaving large chunks off his body.
  16. An axe-man ran out, cleaving one of the rider’s legs and shattering the horse’s ribs with the blow.
  17. She was coming out of Marseilles harbor, and was standing out to sea rapidly, her sharp prow cleaving through the waves.
  18. Instead of landing punches, his fists became blades of black steel, cleaving his foes into pieces or piercing their flesh.
  19. She seemed the vividest thing, suddenly cleaving the pallors and uncertainties of reeds and water and flecked northern sky.
  20. The mech instinctively kicked at Jivel, the swift woman dodged it, but the mech swung its arm around, nearly cleaving off her head.
  21. He could not tell whether he was slashing off its members or whether he was cleaving its bulk, which knit behind the slicing blade.
  22. A cannon ball, cleaving the air, flew over the heads of Bagration and his suite, and fell into the column to the measure of ‘Left.
  23. A cannon ball, cleaving the air, flew over the heads of Bagratión and his suite, and fell into the column to the measure of Left.
  24. He lay hidden there all day, his tongue cleaving to the roof of his mouth with all the intensity of thirst engendered by heat and fear.
  25. They sailed; Edmond was again cleaving the azure sea which had been the first horizon of his youth, and which he had so often dreamed of in prison.
  26. WHAT SHE WANTED, actually, was an airtight door to come down behind her, cleaving them cleanly, so that she could be angry at Keith without being angry at herself.
  27. It was the river that forged this cleft in mountains north of the Kaiama Ranges and south of the Coromandel Peninsula, the waters of time cleaving a gap on which man could capitalise.
  28. No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell that knit his unseen sinews to his will.
  29. Such is the life and immortality which this flesh may afterwards receive the Holy Spirit cleaving to it; and no one can either express or utter what things the Lord has prepared for His elect.
  30. He sees no black sky and raging sea, feels not the reeling timbers, and little hears he or heeds he the far rush of the mighty whale, which even now with open mouth is cleaving the seas after him.
  31. Now and then Duncan caught a glimpse of a light form cleaving the air in some desperate bound, and he rather hoped than believed that the captive yet retained the command of his astonishing powers of activity.
  32. It was hard to even estimate where it might have come from in the wild confusion of smoke, muzzle flashes, and burning galleons, but his eye narrowed as he suddenly saw a familiar profile cleaving through the smoke.
  33. They kept to the edge of the woods as they walked towards the village, close enough to the shadows to avoid being seen by any Lammasser cleaving to Lord Tregannon but not too close that the wolves might be encouraged to attack.
  34. And they who were covered with scabs are those who have denied their Lord and have not returned to Him again; but becoming withered and desert-like and not cleaving to the servants of God but living in solitude they destroy their own souls.
  35. The birdshot bounced off the Orcs thick hides and, while the brothers were busy reloading, the Orc sergeant stepped forward and, with one massive uninterrupted blow, chopped both of the brothers in half, the blade cleaving through them at chest level.
  36. They reappeared ten feet in front of the dragon, still flying at a pace that would cover more than two miles in a minute, and Mark was already swinging his sword at it’s neck on the way by, cutting it more than halfway through and cleaving the spine.
  37. So we talked about a man needing to be freed, and leave behind the defilements of previous relationships, sexual encounters, and things that have come through from his family background, generational things that defile him, and stop him cleaving to his wife.
  38. They reappeared three meters in front of the dragon, still flying at a pace that would cover more than three kilometers in a minute, and Mark was already swinging his sword at it’s neck on the way by, cutting it more than halfway through and cleaving the spine.
  39. Where Conan beat down opposition by the sheer weight and power of his blows, breaking spears, splitting skulls and cleaving bosoms to the breast-bone, Valeria brought into action a finesse of sword-play that dazzled and bewildered her antagonists before it slew them.
  40. From the vibrating line extending the entire length of the upper part of the boat, and from its now being more tight than a harpstring, you would have thought the craft had two keels—one cleaving the water, the other the air—as the boat churned on through both opposing elements at once.
  41. So, as it is easier for me to imitate him in this than in cleaving giants asunder, cutting off serpents' heads, slaying dragons, routing armies, destroying fleets, and breaking enchantments, and as this place is so well suited for a similar purpose, I must not allow the opportunity to escape which now so conveniently offers me its forelock.
  42. I saw from there how above me lightnings glimmered cleaving the clouds; I saw green forests, fields, rivers, lakes, cities; I heard syrens singing, and the playing of the pipes of Pan; I touched the wings of beautiful devils who came flying to me to speak of God… In your books I cast myself into bottomless abysses, worked miracles, burned cities to the ground, preached new religions, conquered whole countries….
  43. Again among the tiers of shipping, in and out, avoiding rusty chain-cables frayed hempen hawsers and bobbing buoys, sinking for the moment floating broken baskets, scattering floating chips of wood and shaving, cleaving floating scum of coal, in and out, under the figure-head of the John of Sunderland making a speech to the winds (as is done by many Johns), and the Betsy of Yarmouth with a firm formality of bosom and her knobby eyes starting two inches out of her head; in and out, hammers going in ship-builders' yards, saws going at timber, clashing engines going at things unknown, pumps going in leaky ships, capstans going, ships going out to sea, and unintelligible sea-creatures roaring curses over the bulwarks at respondent lightermen, in and out,—out at last upon the clearer river, where the ships' boys might take their fenders in, no longer fishing in troubled waters with them over the side, and where the festooned sails might fly out to the wind.
  44. Joyous, the amplest spaces heavenward cleaving,.
  45. Out of the bad majority, the varied countless frauds of men and states, Electric, antiseptic yet, cleaving, suffusing all,.
  1. Mona, who cleaved to her, didn't say a word.
  2. The boarman cleaved a path through the closely.
  3. Without waiting, Yigal cleaved it with one stroke.
  4. He cleaved downward at my head, but I wasn’t there.
  5. With a mighty swing of the Buster Sword, Cloud cleaved the.
  6. By transferring the more advance embryos (cleaved embryos) into the.
  7. It was her negative self that had been cleaved from her being earlier.
  8. Joey made a wondrous spin kick…that nearly cleaved off Lezura’s face.
  9. With the next swing of its blade, the Reaper cleaved through the man's neck.
  10. On both sides of the one-lane paved road, the mist hovered as if cleaved in two.
  11. Its fiery finger cleaved the fist down the center as if silently pointing in accusation at.
  12. With a mighty overhead, downward swing of his axe blade, he cleaved the head of the nearest.
  13. Your mother is one of the strongest, smartest women I have ever met, but losing you cleaved her in two.
  14. No, Annyeke thought, it was not, but in Lammas Jemelda and those who cleaved to her had chosen that way.
  15. But my machete has also cleaved his trachea, and bloody bubbles foam angrily around the slit in his neck.
  16. The trees lashed at their faces viciously as they cleaved their way through, desperately trying to keep pace with Krystal.
  17. His body, hard and wonderful in itself, cleaved against the struggling body of the other man; not a muscle in him relaxed.
  18. I cursed and it was a palpable thing that rippled through the air and cleaved a hole through the Mist showing us the way forward.
  19. The axe cleaved the air in front of Heyward, and cutting some of the flowing ringlets of Alice, quivered in the tree above her head.
  20. Worst of all was the way the Lammas Lord had cleaved to him and had wanted the murderer to live even though it was best for him to die.
  21. I didn’t realize how much Cara had already cleaved to the idea of being an Allegiant, loyal to the faction system, loyal to our founders.
  22. The worst of those was a gash that had cleaved his skull almost in half, and only a thick layer of scab covered his brain where it was exposed.
  23. Where the finest of sword steels would’ve melted in contact with the heated flesh of my opponent, my sword of Ruach cleaved through with impunity.
  24. Well, when that cell cleaved itself in half, it may have resulted in identical chromosomes, but the soul… the very soul of that cell did not separate identically.
  25. For now, she must regain her strength, and on the morrow she would form a plan to help the Lost One and those that cleaved to him, a plan which would have to bring healing to them.
  26. This self-respect and sense of self-worth, the innermost armament of the soul, lies at the heart of humanness; to be deprived of it is to be dehumanized, to be cleaved from, and cast below, mankind.
  27. After it was all over, with Val cleaved now to Arna for life, the magistrate had us Clan back to his lavish villa for a reception party that went on all day: we were well fed, stuffed with produce imported from Europa and preserved for winter.
  28. For you remain forever and shall we perish everlastingly? O Lord Almighty the God of Israel hear now the prayer of the dead of Israel and of their children that have sinned before you and have not listened to the voice of the Lord their God therefore evils have cleaved fast to us.
  29. Nathalia kept up with two, three, sometimes even four at a time, but her blades had been reduced to shields, darting in all directions to parry a multitude of blows while every second, a score of her companions were cleaved in half, cut down by the demons' blades as though the wolf helmed beings were reaping wheat.
  30. My heart invariably cleaved to the master's, in preference to Catherine's side: with reason I imagined, for he was kind, and trustful, and honourable; and she---she could not be called the opposite, yet she seemed to allow herself such wide latitude, that I had little faith in her principles, and still less sympathy for her feelings.
  31. My heart invariably cleaved to the master’s, in preference to Catherine’s side: with reason I imagined, for he was kind, and trustful, and honourable; and she—she could not be called opposite, yet she seemed to allow herself such wide latitude, that I had little faith in her principles, and still less sympathy for her feelings.
  1. She cleaves to me.
  2. He slays, lays low, cleaves, hews; but art hath made.
  3. He flicks thrice more and blasts another breath in pursuit of this Bojudai, who flies some incredibly talented evasive maneuvers before the blade neatly cleaves him.
  4. And how could you disbelieve, when God's revelations are being recited to you, and among you is His Messenger? Whoever cleaves to God has been guided to a straight path.
  5. The navvy, staggering forward, cleaves the crowd and lurches towards the tramsiding on the farther side under the railway bridge bloom appears, flushed, panting, cramming bread and chocolate into a sidepocket.
  6. Had he told me so when I was pleased and satisfied with mine own amendment, I had called him fool for his pains; but now, since I see mine own infirmity, and the sin that cleaves to my best performance, I have been forced to be of his opinion.
  7. But a clean tanging wind bellied her silken sail, and as a wild swan cleaves the sky to her nest, she sped seaward, flames mounting higher and higher from her deck to lick at the mast and envelop the figure that lay lapped in scarlet on the shining pyre.

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