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Frasi con thumb (in inglese)

  1. A good rule of thumb.
  2. I saw his thumb ring.
  3. On a hitch hikers thumb.
  5. Marius looked at the thumb.

  6. And just eating his thumb.
  7. As a rule of thumb, it is.
  8. WAYS 61-64: Rules of thumb.
  9. A thumb depresses a plunger.
  10. He was sucking a tiny thumb.
  11. And oft its Dictionary thumb.
  12. Sliding the thumb on a ruler.
  13. After she removed her thumb.
  14. Barry wiggled his thumb again.
  15. I have sort of a green thumb.

  16. His thumb traces my lower lip.
  17. Of course the thumb is a finger.
  18. Colin hooked a thumb toward her.
  19. She motioned her thumb at Nathan.
  20. Zach pointed his thumb downwards.
  21. Her thumb brushed the engraving.
  22. He wipes the tear with his thumb.
  23. He started chewing at his thumb.
  24. Pouting, she stuck her thumb in.
  25. They stood out like a sore thumb.

  26. He lifted a thumb from the remote.
  27. Gold thumb ring on the same hand.
  28. Ensure that only your thumb moves.
  29. Rebecca shoved her thumb in her.
  30. Ensure that only the thumb moves.
  31. I told you I had a green thumb.
  32. Ouch! I glared at my thumb.
  33. The fingers and thumb were still.
  34. His thumb traced the indentation.
  35. She placed her thumb on the switch.
  36. But opened my thumb with his blade.
  37. Application of thumb hold attempted.
  38. Hrun grinned and flicked his thumb.
  39. That thumb belonged to one of the.
  40. His thumb found Rincewind's windpipe.
  41. Grab the fibers with the thumb and.
  42. He raised his left thumb and smiled.
  43. To strengthen your fingers and thumb.
  44. Though it did have an apposable thumb.
  45. Len caressed her pulse with his thumb.
  46. She’s as big around as me thumb.
  47. I held out my thumb but nobody stopped.
  48. However, as a general rule of thumb:.
  49. Her thumb traced the arch of his cheek.
  50. She looked at her thumb and it was wet.
  51. Will waggled his fingers, thumb to nose.
  52. He traced her bottom lip with his thumb.
  53. Charlie jerked his thumb at the cabinet.
  54. Chalmers rubbed his nose with his thumb.
  55. Branan pointed a thumb over his shoulder.
  56. Now, count ten beats in the thumb alone.
  57. Abigail jerked a thumb toward the school.
  58. He would loose in a thumb wrestle if he.
  59. With her thumb, she felt Emory’s ring.
  60. Long Fei raised his thumb and said aloud.
  61. He ran his thumb over the amulet's points.
  62. She was picking the cuticle on her thumb.
  63. Instead he pushed the eye with his thumb.
  65. Bolt opens them, begins to thumb through.
  66. Selma stood back and chewed on her thumb.
  67. As a rule of thumb, a weekly newsletter.
  68. Notice the thumb is still playing Middle C.
  69. Rebecca, please stop sucking your thumb.
  70. To strengthen the finger and thumb flexors.
  71. Here’s a rule of thumb I use: It takes.
  72. He is a puppet under the wizard’s thumb.
  73. She squinted and rubbed it with her thumb.
  74. Smiling, he held a thumb up in affirmation.
  75. London motioned to the box with his thumb.
  76. Someone who has smashed their thumb with.
  77. To improve the ability to abduct the thumb.
  78. He indicated the police car with his thumb.
  79. He runs his thumb along the side, looking.
  80. He motioned with his thumb to the bathroom.
  81. He rubbed deeper and harder with his thumb.
  82. Di Yang raised his mother thumb up and said.
  83. Hawk made a phone with his thumb and pinkie.
  84. He took his cigar with his index and thumb.
  85. When he revealed this rule of thumb to the.
  86. He turned to Ryan and jerked his thumb at.
  87. Vince pointed a thumb in Blake’s direction.
  88. Jon placed a thumb over the wounded shoulder.
  89. As I moved on further he gave me a thumb up.
  90. He rubbed the cloth between finger and thumb.
  91. Ensure that the thumb and wrist do not move.
  92. The rule of thumb is no funny stuff and it.
  93. Thumb abduction with electrical stimulation.
  94. Bonnie held her thumb and forefinger together.
  95. I reached out to print the door with my thumb.
  96. I nibbled on the tip of my thumb as I thought.
  97. After that, he pushed his thumb against the.
  98. I wiped the tears from his face with my thumb.
  99. John rubbed the charm between his thumb and.
  100. But now and then, with pressure of his thumb.
  1. He emerged thumbing his phone and slapped.
  2. Thumbing the screen she held it to her ear.
  3. I was thumbing through an old ski book the.
  4. He’s already thumbing through car magazines.
  5. She started thumbing through the movies as he watched her.
  6. He thought about thumbing through it then decided against it.
  7. He walked over and picked it up, thumbing through its pages:.
  8. Bit by the mouths I fed—and they thumbing their noses at me.
  9. It was a way of thumbing her nose at the Reds, like a child taunting a bully.
  10. She had the journal with her and was thumbing through it, hoping for inspiration.
  11. Linus tried thumbing a lift but no one would stop for a gang of rowdies carrying.
  12. Jerry stared down the deserted hall while Sheila began thumbing through Jeff’s files.
  13. Returning to the desk, he opened a road atlas, thumbing through the section on Virginia.
  14. They live, until I say otherwise! Iya finished angrily thumbing his chest with a fist.
  15. With a hand on a breast, thumbing the nipple, his tongue licked her pussy and mouth sucked her clit.
  16. When I got back to my car and began thumbing through it, the first thing I noticed was her handwriting.
  17. Briefly thumbing through each it seemed to Emma that the head of a large corporation must’ve helped.
  18. Eddie looked on as the racketeer resumed his march up the stairs, thumbing through a small black notebook.
  19. As he spoke, he meandered over to the table, gently lifting a corner of leather and thumbing through the stack.
  20. I'd gone back to thumbing through Hãfez and Khayyám, gnawing my nails down to the cuticles, writing stories.
  21. Yes, but I think that’s just a game, as I see it, thumbing their noses at those of us who monitor them.
  22. Davis continued the discussion, Gordon began thumbing through a note pad that contained a summary of the crime scene.
  23. After thumbing through the other drawers, she told Barker she’d have it sent over to his office when she located it.
  24. Gladys hitchhiked most of the way to Kentucky, riding the occasional bus when she grew tired of thumbing rides and being passed up.
  25. The Superintendent sounded quite pleased with his report so far, and Nick could almost see him thumbing over the pages of his note book.
  26. Nitish even seemed to be readying to set himself up as a national alternative to Modi, thumbing his nose at a BJP that he felt had betrayed his trust.
  27. She was keeping a scrapbook, which she also proudly displayed, thumbing through the pages and explaining where each photo was taken and for what purpose.
  28. Creating an entire underground economy at the expense of the Crown’s profits, and thumbing their noses at legalized corruption and legalized authority.
  29. Thumbing through the pages of The Naked Trader, it quickly became clear to me that our cheeky friend has a relatively low opinion of technical analysis.
  30. She consulted an antiques guide book and after much humming and page thumbing, she turned to Annie and said, Your father never was very bright, my dear.
  31. She had the cabinet unlocked in a jiffy and was thumbing through the files with their neatly typed tabs, when she heard footsteps coming from down the hall.
  32. While David and Tim were in the pub, Humphrey was in the university library, thumbing through the positions vacant advertisements in the national news-papers.
  33. In idly thumbing through the rest of the magazine, I came across an article commemorating the death in AD 680 of the founder of the Shi’ite portion of Islam.
  34. And even at our maximum speed, it took the liberty of thumbing its nose at the frigate by running a full circle around us! A howl of fury burst from every throat!.
  35. The president of the court was still thumbing through the manual as Ken wheeled the chair between Lieutenant Rymson and Lieutenant Bassett in front of the long table.
  36. It was a big, bright corner room, furnished with a supercomfy sit-up bed and a reclining chair currently occupied by Hugo, who was enthusiastically thumbing his Nintendo 3DS.
  37. Thumbing my way, praying for a lift, and doing all I could to prevent the images from re-entering my mind, I played snooker with the cars; a game I used to play years before.
  38. By the time she was done, she decided to ignore the 'Don't touch anything with wet nails' rule and picked up her phone, thumbing through all of the old photos she had uploaded.
  39. Opening the contact list and thumbing down into the C's she saw the name she needed and quickly typed it into her own phone that was in her left hand, but she could feel her hand shake as she thumb-typed.
  40. Nobody was willing to be the butt of the negative publicity Logan Airport received when a newspaper photographer caught one of the airport managers thumbing his nose at the video camera without setting off an alarm.
  1. He thumbed in another text.
  2. He thumbed in one more text.
  3. He thumbed through the papers.
  4. He thumbed in a two-word text.
  5. He thumbed the switch and felt.
  6. Ariel recited while Kay thumbed it in.
  7. He thumbed the pages until he found it.
  8. He thumbed through the set of photographs.
  9. She thumbed the intercom to the mess hall.
  10. She thumbed the next car going up the hill.
  11. The Director thumbed a number on her phone.
  12. Simla thumbed a code and the hatch swung open.
  13. The inspector thumbed through a little notebook.
  14. He sat down and thumbed the lid off the tin box.
  15. Paul thumbed the latch and lowered his seat tray.
  16. I pulled it off the shelf and thumbed through it.
  17. He took the canister and thumbed the reader again.
  18. He made a quick calculation and next thumbed in East.
  19. Ariel asked for Johnny’s number and thumbed it in.
  20. The Prince nodded, thumbed out his Trump and was gone.
  21. Forrest thumbed through the stack of papers on the bed.
  22. Or for him, John said, and thumbed over at the cart.
  23. My oboe lessons are back there, she thumbed behind us.
  24. Corwin sheathed his sword and thumbed out his pack of Trumps.
  25. He opened it up and thumbed through the pages more than once.
  26. Jeff stopped cold and thumbed the OFF switch on the microphone.
  27. Stackhouse thumbed through the passports that he had been handed.
  28. Considerably weaker and smaller nations than Russia have thumbed.
  29. He slipped his phone out and thumbed in a coded text to his brother.
  30. Vetter thumbed the breech release, cracked the muzzle, and reloaded.
  31. Harald thumbed through the musty volumes with a sense of foreboding.
  32. Jacques looked at Ryan and thumbed for him to get Tony out of there.
  33. Rob thumbed his moustache as she vanished through finely glazed doors.
  34. She thumbed the wheels and opened the case, gently unwrapping the book.
  35. As the count reached zero Michael thumbed the ignition button and used.
  36. Monica pulled out her phone and handed thumbed through her texts, This.
  37. As soon as we entered, she thumbed another scanner and the door closed.
  38. He thumbed through the newspaper, Wow, there's a lot of property for.
  39. Massie jumped onto the couch and thumbed the Juicy sweats she was wearing.
  40. Jeff knelt and thumbed through the peach crates that held Paul’s album.
  41. Flick thumbed the boys and off they rode to the local for a beer and a bit.
  42. She started around Rapp, but he blocked her path and thumbed toward Dumond.
  43. Reacher said, Thank you, and thumbed it open, to where L changed to M.
  44. He thumbed through the papers and found a few more personal items about Mr.
  45. Churchill thumbed open the cubby to reveal a jumble of grubby cassette tapes.
  46. I thumbed my nose at the bastards and retired in lieu of their damned layoff.
  47. Jim handed over the wallet of CDs, which Stan Griffin thumbed through, casually.
  48. Mosh thumbed his lips and craned his head sideways to lock onto the screen, all.
  49. Nicole picked up the file and thumbed through it, stopping when she noticed a few.
  50. He thumbed steadily through alphabetically making occasional notes as he progressed.
  51. He thumbed in his pocket to grip the syringe before he entered in case Harry was awake.
  52. She thumbed through a few pages but ultimately lost interest in the illegible mutterings.
  53. He tongue circled one, thumbed the other and swapped as she became more and more aroused.
  54. He switched it on, and thumbed through the address book until he came to ‘Charles Bowman’.
  55. Jumping on the quad bike, Dawn turned the key and thumbed the starter, opening the throttle wide.
  56. Fumbling his phone from the backpack, he thumbed the screen, breath catching when he saw the text.
  57. Behind him, Khezir angrily thumbed the television’s remote control, speeding through the channels.
  58. He opened his briefcase, and thumbed through some of the spreadsheets on the upcoming budget meeting.
  59. Then I thumbed the release latch on my safety harness and shrugged it off as I slowly got to my feet.
  60. He thumbed once more through the small file on Elizabeth Ann and sat up suddenly when his eyes caught.
  61. She squeezed them and thumbed the sensitive nipples as she arched her back and let out a panting scream.
  62. I thumbed through it briefly without really reading it and it seemed to be a collection of shorter books.
  63. He waited until everyone had gone and walked out to the main road and thumbed a lift back to the capital.
  64. She opened the door, took the folder, and thumbed through the three pictures with an obvious lack of interest.
  65. Lex glanced back down at her QComm, which had finished rebooting, and thumbed through the icons on its display.
  66. Inside the house, Angelo thumbed through dozens of auto-related invoices and other records, all filed haphazardly.
  67. Grinding my teeth, not wanting to look at the photograph, I nevertheless thumbed the button that activated the screen.
  68. Harry could hear a hissing sound but he gave her no more thought and thumbed to the page he had ended up on yesterday.
  69. He thumbed the glove compartment for the CDs that lay in the tray and pulled out, to his amazement, an album by the Jam.
  70. A few seconds later, Marco eased into the driver’s seat, closed the door, thumbed the ignition, and hit a button on the console.
  71. While waiting for the phone to ring again, Monica picked up last evening's paper and thumbed through the pages to the theater section.
  72. He thumbed through a spare copy of 'People's Friend' and then, as the next hospital story gathered momentum, made his excuses and left.
  73. Corwin thumbed out his pack of Trumps, pulled from it his own copy of Luke’s image and the card activated with the same touch of iciness.
  74. As one man they thumbed their fists to their hearts and said, Yes Lata! Which meant master or commander in an ancient dialect of Vallian.
  75. I ignored the swords pointed at me to and the guards were equally quick in their reactions; they thumbed their wands and hit me with maximum force.
  76. It made interesting reading, and the more he thumbed through it, the more ‘S’ became convinced that Miller was exactly what they were looking for.
  77. He searched through the nursing agencies and care homes all to no avail, and then remembering the letter, he thumbed his way straight to the ‘Ds’.
  78. I jogged down the Hall’s back stairs to the lobby, thumbed a number into my cell phone, and waited for private investigator Joseph Podesta to pick up.
  79. As they sat sipping tea he said to Charly in apparent seriousness, "You know, I've been trying to think who she reminds me of," He thumbed toward Brandi.
  80. As she thumbed her way through, turning the pages with ever increasing urgency and biting her lip, the language became more modern, and the understanding easier.
  81. He had thumbed through my work on the great ocean depths, and the margins were covered with his notes, which sometimes contradicted my theories and formulations.
  82. Every copy was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but confused readers had tried and failed to glean the document's meaning from its empty pages.
  83. Two thousand in cash is a lot of readies to carry around in this plastic age, said Evans as he thumbed through a wad of red notes, but I’ll allow him that.
  84. Why had she not heard one word about any onsite lab until now? She thumbed through her files and pulled out the expanse of paper that made up her preliminary research files.
  85. I sprang the tarnished gold clasp and raised the lid, then thumbed hurriedly through my misplaced daily diary of life, all the pages written before I had sailed onboard this clippership.
  86. Being forbidden to drink alcohol by the government, while the rich thumbed their noses at this law: was recreated later by parents forbidding their children to do it, while drinking alcohol themselves.
  87. As Cervantes himself says with a touch of pride, It is thumbed and read and got by heart by people of all sorts; the children turn its leaves, the young people read it, the grown men understand it, the old folk praise it.
  88. He flipped the catch and retrieved the diary as he waited and thoughtfully thumbed through the pages noting how the congestion of diary activity stopped mid July which, as Sue Hyde had confirmed, was when the two cousins went on holiday together.
  89. In a dusty and damp cavern lit only by his own torch, he got down drawer after drawer of sample tickets and thumbed thru them in their thousands, one by one, starting on the first day of the decade when Enjteen was born so he was sure he didn’t miss any.
  90. Hand-lettered signs crowded the window of the Gristedes: HALF CHICKEN 89 CENT LIMIT FOUR PER OFFER CREAM-SICLE 12 PK 2-4-1! He thumbed a dime into the cup of the junkie out front, reflecting that for a dollar he could have bought the guy half a chicken, and also that the guy probably didn’t want half a chicken.
  91. When he couldn't look in the cockpit any more, and when he knew it was right and the figures were huge in his gunsight, he thumbed the pickle button, and felt the chung-chung under each wing as the release cartridges kicked the two 750lb cans of napalm free of the airplane to tumble to the ragged earth and splash burning jellied gasoline over the running figures.
  92. She held it to her face and thumbed the pages,.
  1. Gary gave Sam the thumbs up.
  2. He hooked his thumbs in the.
  3. Sullivan stabbed both thumbs up.
  4. I used my thumbs to hold open.
  5. The mouse was giving a thumbs up.
  6. Buster gave me thumbs up and a grin.
  7. Don’t use the bottom of the thumbs.
  8. Caressing those mainly with our thumbs.
  9. The man smiled and gave them thumbs up.
  10. He gave me a thumbs up, turned and left.
  11. Christina gave Danny the thumbs up sign.
  12. She wipes the tears away with her thumbs.
  13. She nodded and gave him a thumbs up sign.
  14. He gave Jirad another thumbs up gesture.
  15. Lyle looked down and twiddled his thumbs.
  16. His thumbs rubbed, in slow, soft circles.
  17. His thumbs wiped them away with tenderness.
  18. Think of it as a grand twiddling of thumbs.
  19. She wants to hang me in public by my thumbs.
  20. Anne's thumbs and eyes had not deceived her.
  21. I flicked the slides forward with my thumbs.
  22. Frank rubbed the balls of his thumbs together.
  23. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing.
  24. He stuck his thumbs into the tops of his pockets.
  25. If Corey had thumbs, one of them would've been.
  26. She gave a thumbs up and turned south on Route 9.
  27. Now, in Santa Barbara, he thumbs beside a bus stop.
  28. She stuck her tongue out at me, put her thumbs in.
  29. It is the way he thumbs his nose up at the universe.
  30. Begley was missing an ear, and Toughy had no thumbs.
  31. He was giving the man behind the camera two thumbs up.
  32. He stuck his thumbs in both Nik’Nak’s ears, and.
  33. She pressed her thumbs into her ears to stop the noise.
  34. Old World Monkeys have more opposable thumbs and have.
  35. If he takes your call, that’s a thumbs up immediately.
  36. Officer Carey grinned then gave 'his buddies' thumbs up.
  37. He placed both of his thumbs on the pads located on the.
  38. Cass rubs the backs of her hands with his soothing thumbs.
  39. I looked over at Lindsay and gave her the thumbs up sign.
  40. Slowly The Boy pressed his thumbs onto Tom’s eye- lids.
  41. Daphne gave them a thumbs up as the boat moved toward her.
  42. He used his thumbs to massage his forehead above each eye.
  43. If it does then it’s thumbs up, if not then thumbs down.
  44. She turns towards the stage and gives Leona the thumbs up.
  45. He took his thumbs off the pads on the steering wheel and.
  46. Using your thumbs to knead the muscles of the arms is best.
  47. Pressing his thumbs again on the key pads the Helios moved.
  48. They won't sit sucking their thumbs as we climb this slope.
  49. He grabbed the pot again and drove his thumbs into the soil.
  50. I gave Vaughn a thumbs up, moving the circle in for a huddle.
  51. Agnes stuck BOTH OF HER THUMBS IN her mouth; then she began.
  52. His thumbs are stuck in his armpits and his palms outspread.
  53. Alternate exercise: Fold your hands and leave the thumbs open.
  54. They greeted me with bright smiles and all gave me thumbs up.
  55. Certainly, oh chief of the green thumbs; the Elf smiled.
  56. She gave Mitch a thumbs up and the door swung shut behind her.
  57. Shelly and Jessica smiled and they gave me identical thumbs up.
  58. Rooster gave me a half-hearted thumbs up and made his way for.
  59. Many honked their horns in approval with a wave or a thumbs up.
  60. She flashed a quick thumbs up as she ran through her checklist.
  61. Donovan wiped her tears with the pads of his thumbs and kissed.
  62. Tom’s own hands came up, and his thumbs hooked over his belt.
  63. Murdam grabbed the wrist with both hands and dug his thumbs in.
  64. The thumbs must be on a surface of the putter grip that is flat.
  65. He smiled and nodded, twiddling his thumbs with some nervousness.
  66. So what’s your news flash? He tapped his thumbs together.
  67. Don’t think that if you just push with the thumbs it will work.
  68. He tucked his thumbs in his hip pockets and turned away from her.
  69. She could probably lie convincingly about how many thumbs she has.
  70. Conan stood looking down at her, his thumbs hooked in his girdle.
  71. Next press on the mouth with the thumbs, pushing down and outwards.
  72. You'd think I was from the number of thumbs I've grown this morning.
  73. Close the ears with your thumbs or plug the ears with wax or cotton.
  74. He gave her the thumbs up, letting her know that everything was fine.
  75. If there are any more indiscretions, string them up by their thumbs.
  76. Seeing that, Ingrid smiled and gave a thumbs up to Vance Hemmingsworth.
  77. Rubbing his eyes with his thumbs he pushed away the plate and stood up.
  78. He cups my face with his hands and wipes my tears away with his thumbs.
  79. He tore at the white face with his fingers and Doc’s thumbs went home.
  80. The Patrón felt the thumbs seeking the hollow below his Adam’s apple.
  81. He quickly pulled up another pot and gave thumbs up: another large buck.
  82. Bruiser passed by Kid Mojo, Jet Drinkwater and me and gave us thumbs up.
  83. What I want you to do is find these points with your thumbs and then put.
  84. Jaron gave her thumbs up as she walked passed him in to the training area.
  85. How was that for fiction? Barbara has her thumbs up and a smile on her face.
  86. You’re already peaked, he said, pressing my cheeks with his thumbs.
  87. Instead, he took her face in his hands, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.
  88. He wiped them away gently with his thumbs while he held my face in his hands.
  89. Now move your thumbs between the tendons of the back of the hand, pushing up.
  90. With that, she placed the phone on its cradle and gave her boss the thumbs up.
  91. Chang took out her phone, and used her thumbs to ask for the LA Times web site.
  92. I repress a grin as Berndt gives me the thumbs up from behind Wiesse’s back.
  93. Move your thumbs away from each other, from the centre of the hand towards the.
  94. Mike cupped my calf muscles and rubbed his thumbs downward in a circular motion.
  95. Move your thumbs away from each other, from the centre of the palm, press more.
  96. Would it be okay if I leave you to it? I gave him a thumbs up and mouthed ‘Yes.
  97. She tried to wrench them away but he held them hard, running his thumbs over the.
  98. Artie looked over at Jason, who was sitting with his hands folded and both thumbs.
  99. So, on the publishing side of customer satisfaction this paper wins two thumbs up.
  100. He took her face in his hands and wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs.

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