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Frasi con flick (in inglese)

  1. And with a flick of.
  2. I had to flick it away.
  3. It will either flick out.
  4. Another flick of the lighter.
  5. A flick of the Marshall‘s.

  6. I can’t just flick a switch.
  7. I only watched the 1989 flick.
  8. Carrie began to flick through them.
  9. You can’t just flick a switch.
  10. Only then would I flick on the radio.
  11. You flick to the Flirty Fashions pages.
  12. I flick through the pages of the diary.
  13. Mmm, this is better than a holo flick.
  14. A flick of the wrist made the difference.
  15. I love that flick, as cheesy as it is.

  16. A flick knife, explained my husband.
  17. Clooney action film and a Johnny Depp flick.
  18. With a quick flick of his wrist, he lit the.
  19. There was a flick of skirt and she was gone.
  20. I watched him flick a cigarette into the road.
  21. A flick of the foot sent them across the room.
  22. With a flick of her hair, she felt much better.
  23. With a flick of a lever, the gun went from full.
  24. For me, it was like a chick flick double feature.
  25. A flick of the switch and the burners turned red.

  26. A gruesome horror flick from the 60's was showing.
  27. He then lit it with an abrupt flick of its switch.
  28. With one flick of our tails we came to life again.
  29. With a flick of his trademark knife, he released.
  30. I was watching a horror flick when the call came in.
  31. It was like something out of a B-grade horror flick.
  32. I pick up 1962 and 1963 and flick through the pages.
  33. Her eyes flick open as she fights the end of the day.
  34. He could flick through a phone book in less than a.
  35. Olaf forgave the Bishop with a flick of his good hand.
  36. Are they friends? My eyes flick between Eric and Four.
  37. You flick this off and then lie flat on the ground.
  38. Skinny waved his comment away with a flick of her hand.
  39. I watched telephone poles flick by, flick by, flick by.
  40. People flick their Bics, move toward the forward door.
  41. Everybody in the flick not eaten just got saved anyway.
  42. He liked to pinch and flick them to get their attention.
  43. The flick is magical, spiritual, uplifting and inspiring.
  44. His eye flick at his watch every few seconds, distracted.
  45. A flick of her sword and Tylin got most of the gold off it.
  46. He once again drew immediate silence with a flick of his.
  47. He swims in darkness as his pupils flick up into his skull.
  48. Swimming over to the helm Will managed to flick the loops.
  49. I accidently tripped the breaker, With a flick of a.
  50. With the flick of a switch, Bruce Springsteen surrounds us.
  51. He knew the boy could not flick a rock much larger than the.
  52. Flick them in the face with a wet towel, and flick them hard.
  53. Move! he shouted with a flick of his wrist toward the.
  54. Finally, with a flick of his sword, Lucifer gave up and left.
  55. He especially hated how his eyes would sometimes flick to her.
  56. Flick, a credit card followed—and another card, and another.
  57. With one flick of a wrist, he lobbed it into the cave entrance.
  58. His slight groan and flick of the reins betrayed his impatience.
  59. I‘m not the biggest vampire flick fan, but it seems that many.
  60. You flick its snowcap, which goes hurling away into outer space.
  61. Stephen Merrett coughs slightly and my eyes flick up to his face.
  62. With the flick of a switch, there came a rumble of activity from.
  63. With a flick of his head, motioning her to follow, he loped back.
  64. With a contemptuous flick of her bob, she turned and stalked away.
  65. I wonder how this came about? I flick through the diary for 1980.
  66. Gareth was able to light the fire yesterday with a flick of his hand.
  67. Bino, his red and puffy eyes, didn’t look up from the porno flick.
  68. I found TamCat again and turned her down with the flick of a finger.
  69. But the second flick wasn’t as good and soon both of them drifted.
  70. Only then did I flick on the stairs light and the one in the bedroom.
  71. With a flick of his blue eyes, he motioned me outside to the corridor.
  72. Flicker, flicker: the laceflare of her hat in the sun: flicker, flick.
  73. Jackson shot until his clip was empty and dropped it with a flick of a.
  74. With a flick of two breakers, the command center lit up with a variety.
  75. With a flick of the switch, light filled the interior of the small tent.
  76. Frida however said no when Karl asked that Flick joined them in the tub.
  77. You're a serious man, Johnny, said Caesar with a scoff and a flick.
  78. She seemed restless but I only wanted to collapse and flick through the.
  79. At least the production values were pretty good in that flick, he mused.
  80. Try new restaurants with her , see a chick flick , go shopping with her.
  81. He tried to flick his legs backward but who would have expected that he.
  82. He entered with hunched posture, feeling like a monster in a horror flick.
  83. Flick thumbed the boys and off they rode to the local for a beer and a bit.
  84. Every now and then the man would flick his head back to see how close Shoop.
  85. Unlike the Chaplin flick, the Pickford movie went on for well over two hours.
  86. Standing up, Conrad Hunter closed the flick knife and slid it into his pocket.
  87. This was Father-God's creation, in which stars blazed at the flick of a switch.
  88. Like Flick said, Master really did not mind the condition they were delivered in.
  89. Barnes made a flick of his fingers, replied, I debated coming forward days ago.
  90. From his brief flick through, the entire diary seemed filled with similar scenes.
  91. In the flick, the former is played by Sean Penn, while Naomi Watts plays Valerie.
  92. He gave one good flick of the reins on the horses back and it went into a canter.
  93. This was Father-God’s creation, in which stars blazed at the flick of a switch.
  94. Whenever he found one, he’d be grossed out and would flick it away with a dagger.
  95. He addressed Ursempyre, sparing him only a small flick of the wrist towards him:.
  96. As I begin to flick through its yellowed pages, he stops me and retrieves the book.
  97. Frances landed an expert flick with her whip on his cheek, raising a tiny red welt.
  98. He gave a tentative smile and with a flick of his head indicated they should follow.
  99. Maybe Sarge had decided to flick his final flea while I’d been talking to Blonsky.
  100. You flick your cigarette into the hood on the back of his blazer and enter Dante’s.

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