tour frasi

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Frasi con tour (in inglese)

  1. He made the tour of.
  2. This is my last tour.
  3. The tour was soon over.
  4. A tour in her chariot.
  5. I ought to tour around.

  6. He was on tour as well.
  7. For another tour in Iraq.
  8. Ven al tour (1) conmigo.
  9. I loved our tour today.
  10. Walter's Tour in the East.
  11. This tour happened in 1993.
  12. There was this tour guide.
  13. He is the tour in-charge.
  14. Just that lady on the tour.
  15. Tony got a tour of the boat.

  16. Come on the tour with (1) me.
  17. The tour was almost canceled.
  18. Tour today, move in tomorrow.
  19. I had a tour round the place.
  20. It's the first day of my tour.
  21. She gave me the tour of the.
  22. He enjoyed being a tour guide.
  23. He took her on a tour of the.
  24. On the 1967 tour we were both.
  25. Let’s continue on this tour.

  26. I spent most of this tour in.
  27. They are actually on tour now.
  28. I did a tour over there too.
  29. Attend the tour with us!.
  30. He continued his tour of the U.
  31. He was during his first tour.
  32. Now, let's start with the tour.
  33. A White House tour almost ran.
  34. He made a tour of Leper Island.
  35. It was on tour that I lost him.
  36. She didn’t take me on a tour.
  37. Ready for the tour of the Russ.
  38. A tour of the ship perhaps?
  40. Yes, a kind of summer tour, you.
  41. I should send this guy on a tour.
  42. After Miller put her video tour.
  43. On that tour I recall Mike and I.
  44. While we were on the tour bus to.
  45. Zoleka decided to give him a tour.
  46. She may be lost from a tour group.
  47. And finally the tour was at an end.
  48. They were going to ask for a tour.
  49. The brief tour began on February 16.
  50. I waited for the tour dates to be.
  51. I organised a guided tour through.
  52. Great Vanishing Natural Wonders tour.
  53. Well, put me on the tour bus, hell!.
  54. A lot of folks that tour the plant.
  55. When the tour broke for lunch, she.
  56. Am I too late to join the tour?
  57. Could I have a quick tour of it?
  58. Like you, one tour was enough for me.
  59. We’ll leave you to your tour now.
  60. Time: Evening following the cave tour.
  61. Did the blog tour promote my work? Yes.
  62. Then invited her to continue the tour.
  63. It’s okay, our tour guide said.
  64. My kiss? For the tour? Remember?
  65. Jack threatened to leave both the tour.
  66. In Venice, they tour the main sights: St.
  67. That's what this tour is supposed to be.
  68. Mary on a guided tour of their own place.
  69. Would you like to take the tour?
  70. I answered to Ray Price’s tour manager.
  71. He wore a cap from the Hoodoo Gurus tour.
  72. While on his second tour of duty, John F.
  73. The band is ready and the tour may start.
  74. Don’t just stand there a tour awaits.
  75. I think my prisoner would enjoy the tour.
  76. Youre booked on a Honeymoon tour, Matt.
  77. You will have your official tour tomorrow.
  78. You don’t seem excited about the tour.
  79. I was tempted to take the Altun Ha tour.
  80. This was the year of his first world tour.
  81. A tour party, they looked bewildered and.
  82. My four year navy tour of duty had expired.
  83. His wish was to be one of the guys on tour.
  84. Here are a few quick stories from that tour.
  85. We couldn't have done this tour before you.
  86. You see the idea is to tour the chief towns.
  87. Suddenly, his mind jolted back to his tour.
  88. The PGA tour is a championship golfing event.
  89. To tour the mall businesses that all offer.
  90. We had a little extra time to tour the city.
  91. Since his tour began, he noticed equipment.
  92. Bassam, Alexa, that Gray was a tour guide.
  93. A tour of the STS facilities reveals expan-.
  94. Marie was then taken on a tour of currently.
  95. I could give you a tour of the laundry room.
  96. A tour guide told us that the Taoists think.
  97. She really missed her calling as a tour guide.
  98. During the half mark of the tour we were in.
  99. We had to cancel the rest of the Asia tour.
  100. How about we start off with a tour? Then we.
  1. Touring the empires of Europe.
  2. We are just touring around with.
  3. Her parents had been touring North.
  4. After touring the museum, we headed to.
  5. Coolidge and his wife were touring a farm.
  6. I would be interested in touring your ship.
  7. From there, she claimed to be touring the facility.
  8. Bicycle Touring in Sweden: I admit that on this St.
  9. Helen and he had spent a month touring, and the time.
  10. Hitler, the women whisper, is touring Parisian monuments.
  11. David Hudson finally climbed into a light green touring van.
  12. In 1994, the band's last year as a touring act, the Grate-.
  13. Gaines TWT (Touring with Towser): Information pertaining to.
  14. Warsaw, replied Colling, We’ve been touring the country.
  15. Cast members of the touring production of Young Frankenstein.
  16. After touring his kingdom and deciding that the only way to under-.
  17. I think I shall buy a neat little touring car to run around here.
  18. Rather inclement weather to be out touring, is it not? unless of.
  19. The family piled down from the cars and clustered about the touring car.
  20. Ma stepped to the touring car and reached in on the floor of the back seat.
  21. The bands that played there were big and professional and some were touring.
  22. Parliament and diplomats touring the front … came to inspect the miraculous.
  23. He’s still the Tambourine Man, endlessly touring and defiantly unpredictable.
  24. He finished off that drink and got another before touring the rest of the house.
  25. As the touring company left the little station in Stratford the next morning, Mrs.
  26. While we were touring the Grand Canal, a light meal was served along with much wine.
  27. The only problem was that, while touring it, he’d found pega-pegas in almost every.
  28. After two hours of touring, talks, and prayer, the group joined some of the nuns for tea.
  29. Obama’s walking shorts were not appropriate to wear while touring the Grand Canyon on.
  30. Soon after they parked, their touring guide for the day began to insist they take his car.
  31. Behind the building a topless model T Ford touring car stood nosed in against the building.
  32. Al Joad drove the touring car, and his mother sat beside him, and Rose of Sharon beside her.
  33. Nancy, followed by Iram, did just that, touring the house in a quick but thorough inspection.
  34. After touring the bloodbath, my partner said, I have a hard time believing cops did this.
  35. The hood of the old touring car was up, and a middle-aged man stood looking down at the motor.
  36. Both his mother and father had been stunt flyers in touring air shows and circuses of the l920s.
  37. While touring, Kostiya and I were pretty promiscuous, but in town we’d have only a few others.
  38. And touring under the grandeur of the peerless view of Huashan, isn’t it such a joyous thing?
  39. We were touring the underwater facilities and enjoying the beauty of the nocturnal life of the reef.
  40. They spent fifty minutes touring the sights, over half of it walking, to enjoy the close perspective.
  41. Happy, happy is gnarled McFate Touring the States with a child wife, Plowing his Molly in every State.
  42. We have decided that our story, should we be asked for one, is that we are touring the ancient sites.
  43. A rusty touring car drove down into the camp and there were four men in it, men with brown hard faces.
  44. If the big bucks are in touring, why are they in the studio instead of riding the money train?
  45. For touring, she had her own railroad car and in her day, no black entertainer earned more than she did.
  46. Probably she would spend hours touring the countryside conversing with any specimen of the animal kingdom.
  47. No doubt they would be touring the area for a while, generating maximum glory for their respective services.
  48. They spent a few minutes touring the front gardens, then left by the front gate for the short walk to the lake.
  49. A plethora of small touring companies in those years did reasonable business bringing culture to the provinces.
  50. They spent three days touring the island and stayed two nights in their beach house before they went to the bank.
  51. He told one of his friends, Babatunde Olatunji, or Tunji for short, that he was growing weary of constant touring.
  52. She bought a car and began touring the country and about a month later announced that she was leaving for Bombay.
  53. After two hours of touring that exquisite place, the excursionists returned to Tauranga and visited The Elms Mission.
  54. In short order, I was accepted to work with a non-profit group that brought touring symphony orchestras to town each year.
  55. Big Dave has been touring and performing his brand of Raw Australian hip hop since 2006 bombing states all around Australia.
  56. Since we only have three days, touring around Kyoto Mrs Kana told us that we can spend time with our friends after the tour.
  57. Like the rest of the world, the art deco exterior had seen better days and stood in sharp contrast to the elegant touring car.
  58. But if you've nothing more pressing than touring hill and dale, perhaps you could be persuaded to visit Redditch along with us.
  59. If I can’t beat this kid, he thought, how am I ever going to be a touring pro? The lifelong golf dream was summarily shuttered.
  60. A prominent and influential man, reportedly a descendant of the first shogun, Tokugawa was touring camps for the Japanese Red Cross.
  61. Ingrid took a good twenty minutes touring it, speaking with the wounded that were conscious and doing her best to raise their spirits.
  62. Barger is the president of the Hells Angels and is currently touring the country promoting the book he wrote while in the Federal pen.
  63. Actors had fewer and fewer choices now TV had stolen audiences, and touring Shakespeare to schools was an embarrassing comedown for him.
  64. He took rejection better than Edgar, who was still plaintively proposing we flee to the colonies and start a touring theatrical company.
  65. I knew it wasn’t going to be the Old Vic or Stratford on Avon; but had hoped it would at least be a presentable little touring company.
  66. You and Miss Anderson will continue to act as husband and wife, but this time you will be on vacation and touring the Russian countryside.
  67. A memory of touring Mesa Verde, the ancient cliff dwellings in southwest Colorado, with her parents three years ago swept through her mind.
  68. Gustav Shomberg, touring with Tina the new bow gravity sail deck’s main floor, threw his arms up in a gesture of enthusiasm as he looked around him.
  69. Louis trip we wimped out by avoided the rigors of real bike touring (with tons of heavy stuff on the bikes), but we did go on a genuine bike tour once.
  70. He said, in his most blustering manner, See here, my good man, my wife and I and our children are touring Poland at the behest of the new government.
  71. But could he really make it all the way to that stand of oaks, in the rain? Remembering a touring rock band he’d profiled once, he picked up a bottle.
  72. The song was going to finally find a home on the soundtrack album along with tunes by The Beach Boys, Meat Loaf, and our old touring partner, Eddie Money.
  73. She remembered touring it once on a field trip, recalling how cramped it was belowdecks, the claustrophobic feeling of the narrow corridors and tiny rooms.
  74. She had always been a bit wild and after finishing a brilliant school career had become involved in an acting career touring the country with a stage show.
  75. This was work for the poorest of the people and he had never done it himself, but he had seen it done when touring his fields and it was easily remembered.
  76. A few minutes later we were all on our way in a touring car to the private sanitarium up in Westchester, where it had been announced that Murtha had been taken.
  77. As for touring the nations’ temporary consulates, for want of a better term, I suggest you start with the more familiar, and work toward the more fantastic.
  78. But I had hardly begun an enthusiastic exposition of the principles of a four-cylinder, gear-driven, twenty-horse-power, French touring car, when she checked me.
  79. He was ready for a break and had planned to take a four week holiday in the states, touring the west coast, as soon as he could be released after the sale went through.
  80. Greg and Avi left the flight deck together as if they were attending a formal occasion wearing fancy clothes instead of touring a space going freighter in flight suits.
  81. Had Stevenson not fired me on Pearl Harbor Day, I would have spent the first half of 2002 touring the country working with the contracts managers in all of those offices.
  82. Oh no, I do know whole songs, I could probably still sing a few of the old saws I used to do touring Easthills with Yiheeng back in the teens of this century in the Dos basin.
  83. A long line of touring and town cars as well as taxicabs bore eloquent testimony not only to the popularity of this tea room and cabaret, but to the growth of afternoon dancing.
  84. I could feel nothing but pity for this ugly, down at heel woman whose life’s work was making bookings and acting minor parts in a tiny touring company on the point of collapse.
  85. So that it doesn’t seem too staged, he tells him the bodyguards would be expected to perform security duties at his compound once things calm down and the band isn’t touring.
  86. The students who were taking Italian culture and civilization were touring Giacomo Puccini’s villa, while some of the other students and Roger took a boat ride through the lake.
  87. In a ditch, where a culvert went under the road, an old touring car was pulled off the highway and a little tent was pitched beside it, and smoke came out of a stove pipe through the tent.
  88. The group was about to proceed to the next attraction when Duon spotted Ann Shelton, approaching on the path and accompanied by a large group of nobles apparently touring the amusement park.
  89. Also in Anyang, the touring group was able to visit the Yin ruins, the old Imperial Capital of the Shang Dynasty and political, economic and cultural center of China for three thousand years.
  90. IN 1961, my father had driven us to the Iberian Peninsula for his two-week annual holiday when the Joe Loss Orchestra was neither in residence at the Hammersmith Palais nor touring the country.
  91. At the age of fourteen he had escaped a Dundee slum and swarming brood of siblings by attaching himself to a touring theatre company run by Alwyn and his wife, who were then in their early thirties.
  92. Near the end of one of our writing sessions in 1987, Paul announced that he would have to cut the day short, as he was going to London to recruit a touring band, and asked if I wanted to go with him.
  93. You can see it in their eager eyes that they think this is something—meeting the girl’s parents, touring the town where she grew up, just around the corner is love, marriage, the baby carriage, etc.
  94. She was still sitting in the open and waiting when two French soldiers showed up twenty minutes later, touring the front trenches and distributing hot coffee from a thermos container and pieces of cheese.
  95. From all over the world, people flocked into the Royal Palace and most would spend the day touring around as it is an interesting place, especially amongst the annoying Japanese and their clicking cameras.
  96. On this particular day, bored out of mind, as any Irish God would be half through Sunday, the Lord bent a road and prepared the way for the arrival of a touring car lost from Dublin and aching with genius.
  97. Everyone was affable, but as I had no interest in the touring cricket team, the latest pop music, what horse had won the race, which car was a cert for Brands Hatch… it was difficult to find common ground.
  98. Her financial success was attributed to her endless touring – supported by very dedicated followers – her recording of close to two-dozen albums and her songwriting, which other artists gained fame with.
  99. He became a renegade by whipping the shit out of certain champions when it wasn‘t scripted and was ostracized by the promoters, touring overseas and giving demonstrations to the growing number of believers.
  100. Ogleby, Murtha, and another woman, standing on the porch of a gabled building in the sunshine, again the four speeding in a touring car, of which the number could be read faintly, and other less interesting snapshots.
  1. He toured Japan in 1987.
  2. I toured the ship, I did a short.
  3. They toured the lake on a motor boat.
  4. His eyes toured the four walls, stunned.
  5. They toured a print shop and the castle.
  6. We toured Yorkshire and Wales until Christmas.
  7. He had toured the massive dam years before when.
  8. But like Brundage he had recently toured Germany.
  9. In September of 1934, Brundage had toured Germany.
  10. She had even toured the devastated areas and 111.
  11. Police blue-and-whites toured the streets downtown.
  12. He toured the wide world with Hengler's Royal Circus.
  13. He then toured South East Asia on and off for a few.
  14. Thus, once every hour the guards toured the perimeter.
  15. After a coffee, we toured the very pleasant grounds, the.
  16. Each time they toured the plots it was a different route.
  17. She toured the house, exploring each room, wanting to become.
  18. He and his newfound love Ciara Power even toured Ireland in it.
  19. I made a few inconspicuous inquiries, as we toured the sights.
  20. I was much younger, still college aged I played in a band that toured a.
  21. In the days that followed they toured central Bohemia in Anna's little red.
  22. The next couple of rooms he toured were supply rooms, private stock, much of.
  23. When in 1967 the CBC First XI toured the OFS, I was warned that if I went on that.
  24. Once back on the mainland we toured about the area for a few days, camping where we.
  25. The man who had it toured around the states and made money from the headless chicken.
  26. We toured the ins and outs of the Tablelands as we made our way to Cooktown, spending.
  27. Paul had explained the reasoning to Claire when they toured the empty shell of the top floor.
  28. Summers had only been to Special Forces Head Quarters once, when she'd toured the ship that first day.
  29. They toured Granada where it is said with conviction: Quien no ha visto Granada, no ha visto nada.
  30. His mouth was hanging as he toured the SCA2 building and when he saw Maki he nearly dropped to his knees.
  31. Mancini repeat for the crew listening on the med ship what he had told her as they toured the encampment.
  32. Before getting involved in politics, he toured India to familiarize himself with people and their problems.
  33. Anderson stood, I talked with my crew, told them the history of the house, toured the morgue, everything.
  34. Why have they hidden this, Anderson thought? Though he toured the house as an attraction, none of this was here.
  35. In Cuba, he toured sugar cane cooperatives owned and operated by the workers, in cooperation with the government.
  36. When summer came, Watanabe was asked to attend the farmer’s son as he toured the country, selling leather straps.
  37. To Peter and Elizabeth May, who patiently toured me around England, Scotland, and France on three separate occasions.
  38. On Christmas Eve 1969, the president toured the ground floor of the Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House.
  39. With half an hour still to spare, Zara then went down to the Promenade Deck and toured quickly its boutiques and counters.
  40. But it was important that they toured right after the release to plug the album to the fans they had recently established.
  41. They systematically toured the island's secrets, the crypts and dungeons, the lanes and houses, the cloisters and cathedral.
  42. They also toured Seville where it is also said with equal conviction: Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla.
  43. In the summer of 2007, Steve Nieve and I toured Europe with Allen’s band, including his son-in-law, Herman Lebreaux, on drums.
  44. He toured the state giving lectures to firefighters, helping law enforcement read the clues and understand the pathology of arsonists.
  45. Over the next week, the Secretary of State traveled with Arakiel as he toured the globe and met with top officials in several countries.
  46. She knew it well, Yiheeng used to cover it when she toured with them and she could still get thru a couple verses and the bridge by herself.
  47. Our procession toured the narrow passageways before we laid the coffin, drowning in flowers, amongst the yellow-headed parsley in the valley.
  48. On his return to India from South Africa in 1915, Gāndhi toured the country to learn first hand the deleterious effects of the British Rāj.
  49. In later years, the band successfully toured the Near East, Africa, the Orient, South and Central America, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
  50. When she toured Europe in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Burt would have been around a very different tradition of popular song during those tours.
  51. Gāndhi toured all over India asking everyone to give up British jobs, leave British schools, stop buying all British goods, and return all British honors.
  52. They toured the grounds for two hours, then got into the car, entered the address of the restaurant into the GPS, and followed the directions back into Tivoli.
  53. Siri also borrowed Mabel’s ancient Land Rover, and he and Tonkei toured around the nearby villages to pass the same message among the adjoining Maasai villages.
  54. Hunter noticed how Rob and Cara both seemed to perk up as they toured the house, and he knew without any mind reading capability that they all agreed about the house.
  55. They toured the palace, then had lunch at a local restaurant, and when they got back late in the afternoon, Rick LaRose was waiting for them in a black SUV, parked inside the gate.
  56. Keller graduated with honours from Radcliffe College 1904; published several books, including The Story of My Life 1902; and toured the world,lecturing to raise money for the blind.
  57. Throughout her life, Sister Rosetta toured the country, performing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1964, the Newport Folk Festival three years later and the American Folk Blues Festival in 1970.
  58. They toured the site and inspected the facets of each their own interests and requirements, chatted pleasantly, and generally kept up with each other's ongoing pursuits beyond this project alone.
  59. They visited Grant’s Tomb, tried to board the Queen Mary but were turned away, inspected Columbia’s campus, toured Rockefeller Center, walked up and down Broadway, and ate at Jack Dempsey’s.
  60. The circus of Giuseppe Chiarini (Italy) toured extensively over Asia, Australasia, Europe, South America, the USA and the West Indies between its inception in 1856 and the death of Chiarini in 1897.
  61. President Obama recently hosted a Maker Faire at the White House, where a 17-foot robotic giraffe named Russell greeted him, and the president toured a tiny portable house and played a keyboard made of bananas.
  62. They poked around the master suite for a few minutes, then toured the rest of the rooms as Alilia offered interesting commentary on various features of each room, and related the historical events that had occurred there.
  63. Walking and looking as I toured the darkness, wondering what each door was, I notice a door stuck way back in the corner, or maybe I should say, end of this dark cave, that had no light and I could tell was seldom, if ever used at all.
  64. We’ve toured the world, opening for The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago in subzero temperatures and in the heat of a Glastonbury summer afternoon, and in the moment I am writing this sentence, The Imposters have been my band longer than The Attractions.
  65. It was grandiose, yes, but we knew that once finished, I could be toured through the Art Institute in Chicago, the Kress Collection in Washington, the Tate Gallery in London, the Louvre, the Uffizi, the Vatican Museum! For the rest of our lives we would travel with the sun!.
  66. As Kathy showed Joel around her house, Neo and the rest of her menagerie of pets (minus the rabbit, who for some unfathomable reason had taken an instant liking to Nick, to that man’s obvious consternation) followed behind or bounded ahead or twined around their feet as they toured the house.
  67. In 1990, they rented a private boat and toured the fascinating islands of Murano, renowned for its glass-blowing factories; Burano, well known for its lace-factories and loved by painters for the colors of its houses, and Torcello, the idyllic island whose past is recognizable in the Cathedral and its mosaics, and in the XIIth century church of Santa Fosca.
  68. In fact Che, who came from a very well-heeled family in Argentina, usually dressed rather smartly but who wants that on their wall? As a young man he toured South America on a motorbike and saw for himself how the poor could be exploited by ruthless landowners or factory bosses (as shown in the film The Motorcycle Diaries), but it was the US-backed coup in Guatemala in 1954 that finally turned him into a professional revolutionary and instilled his hatred for the United States.
  69. The Toyota sedan was waiting for them in the car park, they drove along the Federal Highway and after about fifteen kilometres they crossed the border into New South Wales on the Hume Highway, a further eighty kilometres and they arrived in Goulburn, Murray and Shirl then toured around town visiting car yards, looking under bonnets and kicking tyres as though they knew what they were doing, they eventually settled on a second hand two year old Range Rover and after they’d had a test drive, Murray finished the paperwork and in convoy, with Shirl driving the Rover, they headed south back to the Australian Capital Territory.
  70. To repay them for the Marches toured,.
  1. Then I’ve had book tours.
  2. They completed two tours of.
  3. Corrente and Tours sat down.
  4. Tours and Sandini looked to their.
  5. There are already twenty bus tours.
  6. Corrente and Tours looked back and.
  7. He remained often on business tours.
  8. Seven years, three tours of duty, sir.
  9. The Byzantines and Charles Martel at Tours.
  10. I’ve driven cross country on book tours.
  11. Second: After two tours in Vietnam, maybe C.
  12. Tours of the other three bases of Ariel were.
  13. Thomas Young, who served two tours in Vietnam.
  14. There were rehearsals, performances, and tours.
  15. Turtle watching tours are good for conservation.
  16. Tours retired to his bed chamber without a word.
  17. Cardinal Tours, trying to intimidate the witness.
  18. Stella will be our new private tours coordinator.
  20. He’d also done tours in Taiwan, Manila and Korea.
  21. Tours was sure he hadn't seen the last example of it.
  22. After three hours of house tours, Hunter wanted lunch.
  23. Pierre Tours was pacing the room incessantly and his.
  24. Book tours and attractions together with your package.
  25. God in cold blood!' shouted Tours, losing his patience.
  26. Do you have tours in English? ¿Hay toures en inglés?
  27. It was the first time Tours had ever seen him lose his.
  28. You think we could chill with the tours for a minute.
  29. They were all on a house tour, maybe self-guided tours.
  30. Once Jean had left, Corrente poured himself and Tours a.
  31. Really, he told me he did some speaking tours, but I.
  32. Scuba tours are often offered for certified divers, but.
  33. PTSD brought about by his tours in Afghanistan and Bosnia.
  34. From an upstairs window of the Palace, Tours watched the.
  35. After the tours were completed they were returned to the.
  36. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you--it was one of Dent's Tours.
  37. Cardinal Tours was still shaking when he stormed into the.
  38. Cardinal Tours now entered the room and turned a quizzical.
  39. The group had tours to New York, Chicago and the southwest.
  40. Finally, after about three tours of the flat, I can stop.
  41. Cardinal Tours yesterday, it seems to me that it points to.
  42. Universities around the world invited you on speaking tours.
  43. There were even bus tours out to her place on rare occasions.
  44. But the battle of strategy was won by the Christians at Tours.
  45. A unit Vision should span a couple of COs tours or about five.
  46. I believe that there are guided tours of the building given.
  47. We are also expecting Korean and Australian tours in late summer.
  48. These tours are fully crewed and cater to a maximum of 21 guests.
  49. I loved the city, my tours to the Highlands and my stay in Kirkcaldy.
  50. Randomly Abducted Anonymous Volunteer: End of the World Tours vacationer.
  51. What about those star tours? Do the tourists come into the garden?
  52. The way the tours were stacked, meant Sunday would be their only day off.
  53. This I have used in my tours with the Indians, and it is always acceptable.
  54. Beth filled her days joining tours that assembled each morning in the lobby.
  55. Tours of discovery have often been made for other objects, and with success.
  56. A bright orange school bus that read DUBLIN TOURS was parked in the driveway.
  57. I spent two more tours, receiving more purple hearts than I had fingers on.
  58. He served 25 years in the Marine Corps, including two combat tours in Vietnam.
  59. Although their march northward was stopped at Tours in France in 732, over the.
  60. Coast Guard Station Erie (Pennsylvania) traditionally allowed pubic access and tours.
  61. He held the diplomatic rank of minister-counselor and had done several tours abroad.
  62. Bob put together some day trips and tours so we could see and experience the country.
  63. The Battle of Tours ended with the Franks victorious and ‘Abd-al-Rahman himself dead.
  64. The following pages will be based on the meeting of a fictional company called Paris Tours.
  65. Though Martel turned back subsequent Umayyad invasions, historically, the Battle of Tours.
  66. With only 90 days remaining in his three tours of duty in Bush's Sand Wars, Pachuco committed.
  67. His father gave tours through wannabe-rough river rapids, as they called them back in those days.
  68. They accompanied Peter to his campaign tours packed full in the Mitsubishi buses provided for them.
  69. As a lowly Private First Class, at first, Walker rose in rank, and served three tours in that theater.
  70. Health tourism is booming in Thailand to the extent that there are organized tours from Korea and Japan.
  71. There are certain online travel websites today, which can offer you tickets for tours and attractions.
  72. In addition to their tours with students, they went to the 15th of August celebrations in Fuentesnuevas.
  73. The dock echoes with the moans of dying engines and the shouts of Officials organizing Recruits for tours.
  74. I didn’t even know people went on tours until I went to college and others told me they’d gone on them.
  75. He had never travelled other than for a few short package tours to the Mediterranean early in his marriage.
  76. In one of his tours through Spain in 1985, Roger participated in the Festival del Botillo de Bembibre.
  77. He played in seventeen of the tours twenty provincial matches and in all three Tests against the Springboks.
  78. True, she said upon suddenly appearing opposite the door, at the rear of the Spiritual Tours entourage.
  79. Since then, I had two tours in the late 90’s working federal drug enforcement on the border in south Texas.
  80. Pointer started his service life as a pilot in the Marines, serving with distinction in Vietnam, three tours.
  81. In fact, he was starting up a travel agency specialising in cheap tours of European highlights for colonials.
  82. He explained to Jessie and Will that they couldn’t miss him as he ran the magical mystery tours bus company.
  83. Looking through her guide books and brochures, Elena discovered a place that gave public tours of their cellars.
  84. Why do this? Certainly, guided tours are helpful but it may be best to put together your own scheduled itinerary.
  85. She gave me small tours around headquarters, and showed me the library and how to search for different materials.
  86. Between tours there was still more than enough time for teaching, the tours were party camping vacations from it.
  87. Urging her horse on, she was soon out of the courtyard and on her way along the road to Tours, Orléans and Paris.
  88. SEAL TEAM 3 CHIEF CHRIS KYLE served four combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and elsewhere.
  89. Toulouse northwards, via Limoges to Tours then change and travel across country via Angers and Rennes and so on to St.
  90. I developed popularity within members of the organization when I started singing hip hop music in our camps and tours.
  91. I went down to Rockhampton once, and I went on one of the White Tours up to the Tableland, and stayed a night in Atherton.
  92. Pakenham was fond of walking tours in such places as Kenya, New Zealand and Mongolia since his wife passed on eight years ago.
  93. You can picnic near the waterfalls, enjoy the cool summer nights and enjoy guided tours to discover the beauty of the mountains.
  94. This happens during our crusade tours and conferences that took us to various parts of the country,’ I said, feeling satisfied.
  95. A tourist can sign up for any of the opal fossicking tours that are run by all major tour operators in Adelaide and Alice Springs.
  96. He counted eight of them, anchored in wait, ready to navigate and depart, that Saturday afternoon, for their various cruising tours.
  97. I wasn’t allowed to write my own music, plan my own tours, or make any more important decisions about my life, let alone my career.
  98. At first it took her right back to the pleasant days with Yiheeng doing festival tours in the countryside, before Rendrak and the pass.
  99. But it all got a bit much as tours of duty were extended and extended to the point he only saw his beloved family one day in each month.
  100. Okay, so, as you all probably assumed, we are going to wait until most of the tours have passed through before we have the staff picnic.

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